Monday, March 10, 2014

The Truth Industry

Working in the financial services industry sucks.  While you would think it is a viable career, an industry that is vital and necessary for the economy (and it is), it has been overrun by incompetent morons, charlatans, and politicians.  It's why the dotcom crash occurred, it's why the housing bubble occurred, it's why the Fed is debasing the currency, and bar a parasitic class, it is the number one reason the country will collapse.  I am incredibly thankful I'm out of it and have the career I do today.

But what is that "career" precisely?

Blogging guy who writes the occasional book?
Social media guy who blogs and charges for advertising?
Schmoe who wakes up at 11AM and screams at the internet?

It's amorphous and hard to define, but after much contemplation and thought, I finally realized what me and all the other blogger/podcaster/youtubing people are in the various spheres of the internet:

The Truth Industry.

Oh, claim I'm being grandiose and thinking highly of myself, but that really is what our industry is - the truth.  And if you think about it, that is precisely the product we offer. 

The irony of course is how this industry even formed and, even more so, to whom me and all the other people who work in the truth industry owe our new-found careers.  For if you think about it, we owe our success to (by my estimation) 8 groups of people.  These people have allowed me and hundreds of others to sleep in till 11AM, work from anywhere in the world, tell our bosses to shove it, have 100% freedom in how we work, and, above all else, given us a monopoly on the largest and most untapped market.  These 8 groups are:

Parents Who Divorce
Absentee Fathers
Wimpy Fathers (those who stick around, but are emasculated and not real men)
Public Schools
The Media
and the University System

And the market they've kindly handed to us on a silver platter are:

Delusional people who they've all lied to and are now desperately seeking the truth.

Permit me to explain.

There is the real world.  This world is based in reality.  And governing this real world are not only physical and scientific laws, but hardline economic and social laws that cannot be violated:

Everybody needs to work
Men don't like fat chicks
Women like strong, manly men
The nuclear family is the best unit to raise children
Specialized skills are in higher demand


The closer people or a society live by these rules, the better and more successful their lives will be.  And over the eons humans have slowly reversed engineered these social laws and incorporated them into society either through actual law or passed-down "wisdom."

But what if somebody wanted to circumvent these laws?  What if somebody was lazy or unethical and wanted to profit off of society?  Well, they'd simply realize that the real world is very tough, sometimes, not fair.  Heck, the real world is brutal often times.  So an unethical/evil person would capitalize on these unfortunate facts of life and lie to people telling them what they WANT to hear, and not what they NEED to hear:

You don't have to work for a living.
Fat is beautiful
You are oppressed and entitled to other people's money.
You are not responsible for your own mistakes

And these lies are perpetrated on society by the aforementioned 8 groups of people.

Socialists/Democrats tell people lies about not having to work for a living, not having to carry their own weight, and are masters at seeding division and hate among racial, sexual, and religious lines.  They are also masters at concocting the most outlandish rationalizations such as "social justice" or "racism" for what amounts to nothing more than theft.  Anything to keep their voting block ignorant, impoverished, and therefore the socialists in power.

Feminists love nothing more than lying to women about the nature of themselves and men, because it prevents them from having to expend any effort in life.  Work hard to stay in shape?  Work hard to get an IT degree and support yourself?  Work hard to support a family?

Hell no!

Better to claim you're beaufitul, smart, intelligent, and independent *just the way you are* as you bloat over 300 pounds, major in and therefore offer nothing of value to society, and by consequence need constant taxpayer subsidy from the government.  Meanwhile in your path lay millions of dysfunctional men and women completely clueless about what the other wants in terms of attraction, love, support, career, and family.

Divorced Parents are also wonderfully deluded people.  Lying to themselves and their children that "you're the number one thing in our lives" when their actions prove anything but.  Piss-poor selection in mates resulting in completely dysfunctional families and damaged children.  Now we have two full generations of children brought up with a damaged concept of family and marriage which not only ensures their lives will be handicapped, but their childrens' lives as well.  But remember, divorce is "empowering" and 40 is the new 30 and the grass is always greener on the other side.  Besides, your spouse was such a bastard/bitch that your children are WINK WINK *much better off* now that you're divorced.

Absentee Fathers/Wimpy Fathers are also complicit in the lying.  Either too lazy to stick around to raise their own kids or so influenced by feminism they just "assume" mothers and feminists know best, they relegate themselves to wage mule, rarely, if ever, dispensing the real world advice their children need.  Of course, this assumes they had real male wisdom in the first place, but it is more likely they are spineless kowtowing wimps, rarely asserting their authority and telling their children the "harsh truths of life," because like a tail-behind the legs Ray Romano, that might rock the boat.  And so their sons grow up to be the pansified, weak, timid men their fathers were, replete with a female-only rearing that is sure to feed them to the meat-grinder when they reach adulthood. 

The Public Schools are also masterful liars.  So good are they, they are better called indoctrinators.  Working in tandem with the socialist parties of different countries, they train youth not to think, but to obey and vote more power to the state.  They fool young children into thinking the real world owes them a living just by the fact they were born, and also use any propagandist tool they need to advance their political aims - rich are evil and unfairly advantaged.  You're "privileged" if you're of a certain race or sex.  Boys and girls are the exact same and there are no differences whatsoever.  Global warming, etc.  Even if you did have a strong father in the housebold, he simply cannot fight the lies and propaganda teachers feed his children 6 hours a day, 9 months a year.

The Univeristy System is merely the public schools v. 2.0.  But this time instead of being told lies for free (well, on the back of taxpayers anyway), the children get to pay tuition and cripple their financial futures doing so.  Again, the leftist lies continue, but the university system advances the ratioanlizations and conspiracies to ludicrous and idiotic levels.  CISgendered, the cabal of "privileged" categories, 1 in 1 women are raped every week, you name it.  Things that would be laughed at with 50's common sense are vehemently defended and insisted upon by faux-accredited professors in the most fabricated of studies.  Worse, though, however, is the biggest lie told to the youth - that they are going to go on to become something great.  Nay, they are entitled to go onto to do something great.  That "Masters in Zombie Studies" is going to pay off big, and if it doesn't it's George Bush's fault.  But before we blame George Bush, better get your doctorate just for good measure.

And finally, when the youth are no longer under the government auspices of the K-College industry,  there's always the Media to keep the lying going well into adulthood.  Confirming that there is global warming, Miley Ray Syphillis is a female role model, fathers are bungling idiots, and chicks can become the 110 pound "Round-Housing-Kicking Chick Cop."  And let's not forget the hundreds of billions that is spent keeping women deluded.  Madonna is still hot, cougars and MILF's, you just need this new creme, 50 Shades of Grey, and EPL mind-porn fantasies. Whatever lies are necessary to keep people's egos from getting smashed are told by the media, hopefully until the victim dies of natural causes.

In the end, you have what I would estimate to be a full 60% of an economy dedicated to deluding, lying, propagandizing, deceiving, and misleading the entire population.  PLaying off of everybody's desires and innate preference for leisure over labor, the aforementioned 8 entities aim to profit off of these natural human weaknesses.  Moral or not, supportable or not, the aforementioned groups of liars don't care.  They're making their money and will destroy the country if they have to, and they're succeeding on both fronts.

But there's just one problem.

Did you noticed how most of the effort and lying these groups do are aimed at children and youth?  That most of the lying occurs early on in a very despicable and evil way as they're targeting the children?  That's not by accident, it's done on purpose.  Children are easily brainwashable and once you instill lies into their minds, their minds and mental structure grow around it, making the resulting adult mind almost impervious to reality, and consequentially, deluded.  This is merely economics as the "Lying 8" know an ounce of brainwashing early on prevents a pound of propaganda later.  However, targeting children is also their biggest weakness and this is where the Truth Industry comes in.

What happens when the children leave the University System?

From there on out the Lying 8 heavily rely solely on the Media to continue to brainwashing.  But post education, their victims are no longer under their educational auspices for 8 hours a day.  Worse still, no matter how many lies and how much government money go into keeping up the facade that the real world doesn't exist, the real world does in fact exist, and the kiddies are at least exposed to it on some levels.

For example the labor market.

All those "independent minded, open minded college students" that majored in English?  What the Lying 8 told them was that they were going to make $60,000 a year teaching English in a warm foreign country.  The real world tells them they're going to work for $7 per hour serving coffee while still being unable to pay off their student loans.  

Another example, the dating/courting market.

All those empowered 20 something women who put career head of humans, family and love?  They're now 35 and "finally" ready to settle down after they got their masters and their certifications and want to start a family in the next 40 seconds because that's what they scheduled.  The Lying 8 said they could simply snatch up a husband at this point, but the real world now delivers them the crushing blow that most men would not touch them as they're too old, not wife or mother material, and are instead chasing after their 25 year old baby sister.


Remember the Lying 8 told men they just had to be sensitive caring 90's type guys with great personalities and a decent income.  No, don't work out. No, don't lay down the law.  Good lord, no, don't be a man.  Women will respect and marry you if you're kind and caring and obedient.

Well, they'll marry you, but the real world will quickly show you she won't sleep with you. However, she WILL sleep with the guy who

does work out,
who does lay down the law,
and is actually a man.

THat's the real world.

We could go on, but in short the Lying 8 cannot keep up the facade.  Their false world starts to unravel because it has to.  It's not sustainable.  Divorce goes up, children become dysfunctional, Detroit files for bankruptcy, Millenials fill up the unemployment line, men are fat, women get lip, and everybody is sexually frustrated.  The empiricism builds up to the point the victims of the Lying 8 are completely confused.  They did "everything they were told."  Believed in every one of their sweet-tasting lies.  And when life does not turn out the way the Lying 8 said it would, the sheeple are forced into one of two things:

Cognitive dissonance or accepting reality.

There isn't much The Truth Industry can do with people infected with cognitive dissonance.  No amount of reality, empiricism, data or statistics will convince them.  They have become so emotionally and psychologically vested in the Lying 8's lies they are beyond hope.  They live out the rest of their lives as the basement dwelling troll, the embittered feminist with her cats, the political activist who never gets promoted because of their lack of connections, or the corporate cog who gets divorced and pays alimony to his ex-family that hates him.  They live the rest of their lives wasted, progressively and increasingly becoming more wedded to something as stupid as an ideology, religion or politics.

But there is something The Truth Industry can do for those who genuinely seek out the truth and have the capacity to admit they may have been brainwashed.

The young man who inevitably gets so fed up doing what "women told him to do" when chasing girls and dares to try different tactics.  He then lifts weights, doesn't return calls and calls women on their BS.

The hen-picked husband who has enough and decides to Lester-Burnham up and start laying down the law.  Tells his wife she's fat and needs to lose weight, otherwise there's the door.

The young female college graduate who realizes her degree isn't making her an empowered woman, and there are no quality suitors pursuing her.  She then majors in STEM and hits the treadmill and starts to ponder whether having kids is all that bad.

Whoever it is and wherever they are, people who have the intellectual honesty to sit back and say, "There's something wrong here, something is off, is it possible I missed something and I am wrong?" are the people The Truth Industry can help and serve.

And let me tell you what a joy it is serving them.

When they find "The Manosphere," read up on economics and finance, or however they find it, 100% of the time they always say, "THANK GOD FOR EXPLAINING THIS TO ME!  I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO VIEWED IT THIS WAY!"  The Truth Industry takes away the confusion and the psychological torture of not being able to explain what's going on for literally 3 decades in people's lives and for once explains the lay of the land, the reality of life to them, so that they may not waste the next 3 decades of their lives.  My consulting arm, "Asshole Consulting" has prevented more than one young soul from majoring in a stupid degree, selling his soul to a soulless corporate employer, or wasting their lives "being nice" and instead told them to hit the gym.  And the blunt, impolite, directness of The Manosphere has helped save easily thousands of would-be marriages for men and women (and subsequent children) from being the trainwrecks they were fated to be had people merely listened to the Lying 8.  The Truth Industry is undoing the brainwashing the Lying 8 has perpetrated on generations, saving people from wasting their one and finite lives and waking them up to the lies that they've been fed since cognizance.

But the best thing about The Truth Industry is not the irony that our adversaries made this all possible.  It's not that without these evil vile scum we wouldn't have been here and otherwise would have had boring cubicle jobs.  It's that the Lying 8 can't do a damn thing about it.

You see, if the Lying 8 wanted to nip The Truth Industry in the bud, it would have basically sacrifice itself.  It would have to admit it was wrong the entire time, it had an ulterior motive, a political agenda, which ultimately means it would have to admit they were lying and abusing society for their own profit.  They would have to admit they were selling sweet lies and in the process destroying lives all for personal financial gain.  And if they were to do that, they would then face their worst nightmare - they'd have to get real jobs and actually work for a living.

No more pontificating professorships.
No more "professional activists."
No more "non-profit champagne sipping fund raisers."
No more benefit laden political careers.
No more "won't somebody please think of the chillllllldreeennnnn."

They would actually have to work and toil like the rest of society.

And that prospect scares them more than the amalgamation of spheres on the internet that constitutes The Truth Industry.

In other words, we here in The Truth Industy have life-long employment security.  The Lying 8 will continue to lie to the children, the youth, and the susceptible.  Feminists will still lie to women about fat being beautiful.  Socialists will still lie to their parasitic constituents about victimhood.  Teachers will still lie to their students about global warming.  Divorced parents will still to their children.  And the Media will still continue to lie about...well...everything.

And I sincerely hope they do.  Because I don't ever want to go back to banking or real job ever again.


Felid Daddy said...

Excellent post Aaron!! Spot on. Great read...

chris muir said...

This was...Truth.

Junkyard Dawg said...

I think you meant to say disillusioned people instead of delusional people, but you're right.

Anonymous said...

this post reminded me of something in one of Robert Ringer's books.
Don't know if you're aware of him, but he wrote business and self-help guides influenced strongly by Ayn Rand. He talks about reality, and why many people avoid it, in "Winning through intimidation", a good if out-there book.
He has some podcast or other, I haven't listened to this but his writing is interesting and useful

Paul, Dammit! said...

I tend to not be at home as much as I'd like, but when I am, I always make sure that I meet with my boy's teachers- he's a problem child, you see. Traditional nuclear family, foreign-born stay-at-home mom, well educated, relatively stable sea captain for a father. So my kid is smart, humble, a worker, and willing to argue when he believes he's correct. Am I bragging? Damn right I am. I get phone calls, emails, etc- my boy doesn't want to work on group projects, he argues, he corrects the teacher, he misses school for religious holidays, etc. Teaching critical thinking skills will prevent kids from becoming servants. A child's healthy ego is born of a healthy parental marriage. This is stuff your grandma told you, and yet we're told it's not so.

So, yeah, this is the truth industry- the thousand little voices that make up our little counterculture are united by the wise use of critical thinking skills- but as a whole, there is little in the manosphere that directly deals with how to go about doing exactly that. There's a niche that badly needs filling there.

Anonymous said...

God Damn. This is brilliant. The so-called "Truth Industry" will be in very high demand going forward here. One thing we know about the truth is that it is consistent. Somehow the truth, no matter how ugly it is, ALWAYS finds it's way to the surface.

Anonymous said...

God Damn. This is brilliant. The so-called "Truth Industry" will be in very high demand going forward here. One thing we know about the truth is that it is consistent. Somehow the truth, no matter how ugly it is, ALWAYS finds it's way to the surface.

Anonymous said...

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Wraith said...

In the words of the immortal Samuel L. Jackson, RPFMFT. (RePosted For MuthaF*ckin' Truth).

Anonymous said...

Or you could just read the Koran to find eternal truths

abprosper said...

Great post as always.

One caveat, in reality the extended family the clan or other kinship and sharing networks are the best ways to raise kids, not the nuclear family.

The Capitalist and saner Statist systems prefers the more atomized nuclear family since it has less resourcing sharing and less resilience integrated into the model yet is still stable enough to produce high investment offspring.

Also nuclear families are highly vulnerable and state dependent for security compared to more robust structures.

You don't have as much need for the police or global corporations when you have many homicidal cousins and your own means of production.

That said regressing to that older mean has consequences, it leaves fractured societies more vulnerable to imperial ones and they create measurably less wealth since it becomes quite difficult to get ahead. Kinship societies are often fairly zero sum

Still they have been pissing off the elite since probably Rome and with the upcoming implosion, they might be worth considering.

Anonymous said...

THE TRUTH IS LIKE A LION.... you don't have to defend it...turn it loose, and it will defend itself.