Thursday, December 17, 2015

Project Cuckservative

Hello All,

Working on a new project.  But I need a list of the top cuckservatives in the US.

Right now my list includes:

Chief Justice Roberts
John Boehner
Jim Jeffords
Arlen Specter

Any others would help.  Please list below in the comments.

Thank you,



  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Paul Ryan

  2. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Doesn't a cuckservative have to be someone who at least claimed to be conservative? I don't think Boehner is in that group. Same for Specter. Even if he claimed it once or twice, no one believed him. I think this title legitimately belongs to people like Cal Thomas who sacrifice their conservative stances for the sake of supporting the establishment republican party.

  3. Anonymous10:19 AM

  4. Anonymous10:27 AM

    John McCain
    Lindsey Graham
    Mitch McConnel
    Bush (any)

  5. Bush Rubio kasich Christie graham def graham lol more to come but those for now

  6. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Jeb Bush
    George W Bush
    George Will

  7. Every member of the GOP except Jeff Sessions, Trey Gowdy, and Ted Cruz.

    It will be a long project.

  8. William Bennett
    George Will
    Charles Krauthammer

    Every single house republican who votes for this omnibus budget bill.

  9. Anonymous5:37 PM

    What about Paul Ryan, who just created another million Trump voters this week?

  10. Anonymous6:04 PM

    I absolutely concur with the list from anonymous above. But let's add a few others he left off, shall we.

    Orrin Hatch - this guy's been in govt so long I can't imagine how much destruction his voting record has contributed to.
    Marco Rubio - Pure neo-con slimeball
    Alan Grayson – oops, sorry he a dem
    Peter King - A top neo-con, super gun grabber, and a real POS.

    Those who are close to making my list but deserve honorable mention nonetheless are:

    Ron Johnson – tea party turncoat
    Bob corker – scumbag
    Lamar Alexander – scumbag & a Orrin Hatch clone
    Pat Toomey – super tea party turncoat who purportedly claimed to be a libertarian when running for office
    Mitch McConnel – what can I say
    Mark Kirk – yet another tea party traitor & turncoat
    Mike Crapo – a Mark Kirk clone from Idaho
    Tom Cotton – I hear he’s a real prick

    In the non-political category you can include everyone at Fox News, save for the Judge. Their motto of "fair & balanced?" is a complete joke.

  11. Anonymous6:37 PM

    David Frum

  12. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Pat Toomey
    John Kasich
    Bob Corker
    Jeff Flake

    Every Republican U.S. House of Representative who voted for FY 2016 spending bill.

    In other words, it's a target rich environment. They all suck, and I am "Enjoying my Decline! It's inevitable, we're screwed, so might as well enjoy TEOTWAWKI.

  13. leeholsen7:16 PM

    2nd paul ryan.

    he's not even a month in and he's given Obama all he wants to skate out the door on a magic spending ride.

    and ryans going to be around for years, his patheticness is just getting started.

  14. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Erick Erickson ( editor-in-chief)

  15. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Erick Erickson

  16. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Kelly Ayotte
    John H Sununu

  17. Kayak Craig9:47 AM

    You can add Fred Upton, Kelly Ayotte, Olympia Snow, Steve Scalice. This is going to be a long list man.

  18. You are all forgetting THE KING of Cuckservatives:

    Behold! The Architect of Cuckservatism!


    And for good measure, let's throw Scooter Libby under the bus too, again.

  19. Ras al Ghul11:34 AM

    You're going to need a bigger blog...

  20. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Paul Ryan
    All members of congress.
    All the Bushes
    All the Supreme court Justices except Thomas and Scalia.

    In the commonwealth:

    Malcolm Turnbull, PM Australia, Justin Trudeau is overt liberal scum, David Cameron PM of the UK, and John Key, PM of Australia.

  21. Bechtloff hasn't said Glen Beck yet?

    Oh well, Glen Beck then.

  22. Anonymous8:36 PM

    weka beat me to it,ryan
    It's the system baby, enjoy etc.

  23. Mark Matis7:41 AM

    I would postulate, weka, that one might consider removing the Republicans who voted AGAINST the Ryan giveaway from your list. In the House, and in the Senate. But understand some of them may have only done so due to their Presidential aspirations...

  24. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Hugh Hewitt.

  25. Stupid word, cuckservative. Implies that there is some purity test for conservative and if you don't meet mine then you aren't really. Sort of like MGTOW. You, of all people, should be familiar with this type of campaign.

    Many of the people listed above would have been a conservative's wet dream to have in Washington fifteen or twenty years ago. Now we have a black president who is shielded by the media and the Republican's are losing everything, left and right, and anyone who tries to avoid being crucified as labeled as a "fake conservative". Meanwhile even the people on the lists above have probably done more to actually advance conservative ideas than any of the "anonymous" people making the lists.

    I have a better idea for you. Continue to help advance conservative ideas and the American people won't care what the media says, they won't elect a closet Marxist (twice), and we can maybe appoint a couple more Originalist SCOTUS judges, elect a conservative president, and get some conservative ideas through.

    Or we can make lists.

  26. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Look at a list of neoconservatives. There appears to be a lot of overlap.

  27. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Ryan is a cuckservative for sure. What the GOP is doing is trying to out democrat the democrats so as to get enough votes from the middle is 2016. They already know they have votes on the right, but they want to win, so pussies like Ryan are put in the game to win the middle.

  28. bill crystal
    paul ryan
    hugh Hewitt
    Michael medved
    the list goes on.

  29. Jim Jeffords is dead, so you can , you know, delete him.

  30. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Nobody has yet mentioned someone who should be at the top of your list: S.E. Cupp.

    She's awful.

  31. Republican Party. Pretty much all 'conservative' parties in the Western world. Pretty much all neoconservatives.

  32. Flyover Resident2:00 PM

    How about Mr. "Border fence for 'our country' but not for yours" himself - Sheldon Adelson?

  33. Bluenose Blue10:15 PM

    Spector & Jeffords are both dead kind of a disqualifying factor