Thursday, March 03, 2016

Blacks Have Already Received $8.3 Trillion in Reparations

A friend of mine has child in St. Louis Park High School.  He (a white kid) was forced to attend some black lives matter rally at the high school, and when conveying the story to his father said,

"It's like they think all white people are racist."

As his father conveyed this story to me he said at the end of it,

"You know, it's like they want us to be the slaves."

To which I responded to both,


So put on your economist hat lieutenants and economists, for the Ole Captain is about to lay down some of his serious Super Awesome Economic Genius.

It is a given that blacks receive government checks at a higher rate than the rest of the population.  It is also a logical given that this is unfair to the rest of the population as this makes the rest of the population at least "part time slaves" to blacks (though anybody paying taxes is a slave to anybody else collecting a government check regardless of race).


without even an nano-second passing, you can bet the national debt the immediate knee jerk response from the left (and the BLM, NAACP, etc.) will be "BUT RAAACISSSSSMMMMM!!!!!!!!"

Fine, which means this is a debate about....


It is at this point I would like to say, "as far as my logic takes me, any additional government monies received above the proportion of the population should be considered reparations," but I'm not going to "say" it because, frankly, that's precisely what it is.

Reparations (well, either it's that or slavery).

Thus, the real issue my economic spidey senses wanted to solve was just how much in effective reparations has been paid out to the black community over the years through the form of government checks they've received beyond the rest of the population in terms of proportion. And with some previous research and some good luck finding a key piece of data, I was able to come up with a figure quite quickly.

$8.3 trillion.

The math is actually quite simple.

According to the DAILY KOS of all people, blacks account for 32% of welfare recipients while only accounting for 12% of the population.  You would then think they receive thrice the amount of money they should, but it is not proportional math that is required here, but a "premium" calculation.  In short, blacks are entitled to 12% of the social spending budget, but receive an additional 20%.

But how much in social spending has there been?  And when do we start accounting for social spending?  Have blacks always been collecting a 20% premium over their non-black American peers?  There are all legitimate questions, but without over-complicating things, we'll just assume the vast majority of social spending has occurred since The Great Society.  And 1971 is as good a starting point as any.

Why 1971?  Because that's when I did some more serious research about all the social spending and it more or less includes the vast majority of social spending since The Great Society started.

The key thing is the total amount of federal government spending since 1971 is $63.3 trillion.  65% of that is social spending, so $41.3 trillion.  20% of that (using welfare as a proxy) has "unfairly" gone to blacks, or $8.3 trillion in reparations.

Now the predictable argument immediately coming from the left in the next nano-second will be, once again, "THAT'S FOR ALL THE RAAAAACCCCISSSSM!!!!!"

To which, I say, "fine, so shut the hell up about reparations, and while you're at it, shut the hell up about racism, BLM, and all the other bullshit."

If we are to be precisely mathematical, logical, and intellectually honest about it (idealistic, I know), blacks have been compensated for all the evils and ills of racism.  That's the whole point of reparations.  And since non-blacks have forked over $8.3 trillion over the past 50 years to blacks, it should at least buy white kids in St. Louis Park High School (who weren't alive long enough to commit any racial atrocities of the past) a reprieve from the false accusations and propaganda by hate groups like BLM.

Naturally, because it really isn't about racism, but rather the professional victim/race whore industry doing a generations-long shake down, I fully expect the specious and predictable response of "$8.3 trillion isn't enough."  Because, well, it's never enough.

And you're right, it isn't.  Because that's just the amount of reparations blacks have received from the FEDERAL government.  Imagine if we included the state and local wealth transfers!

The larger point is people on the right (or those of you sick of paying reparations for sins you never committed) have to argue past the narrative that blacks are discriminated against and entitled to some kind of compensation and blood from innocent people.  This is nothing more than a naked attempt by cowardly thieves who hide behind the color of their skin (or in the case of feminists, their vag), and bring shame to those black people who don't resort to such cowardly and shameful tactics.  It is merely a humble request that in my lifetime I see Americans grow the balls required to free themselves from this part-time slavery and tell these professional victims to take a hike and shove it. 
Before making any accusations of racism on the part of the author, please go here and pull your foot from your mouth.
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Will said...

Have blacks been at 12% of the population steadily since 1971, and have they been getting 32% of it the entire time?
You can't take a years worth of data, and apply it to years in which the data isn't from.

Something is overly simple in your calculations, but the basic premise seems sound.

Survivorman said...

Let's not forget the 300,000 white men that lost their lives in the American Civil War.

That was a pretty big check we wrote to free African Americans from slavery..
a pretty.. big.. check!

Marshallaw said...

Hey what about the Micks...the Brita never gave us Jack shit for the famine...1 million starved to death then countless millions emigrated.....but da bruthas get trillions cuz they rap about 3 acres n a mule....

Anonymous said...

I have tried to quantify the numbers myself some time ago, and simply gave up. 8.3 Trillion is not even close, off my maybe a factor of 10.

Once you start to figure in the "after-effects" of the original 8.3 trillion dollar spending, the white flight, rebuilding a new city 20 miles away from the old city to get away from crime and to have access to better schools, the time spent committing, the gas and energy, wasted resources, and the fact that the money "spent" is not fully paid off but is accruing interest somewhere, either as government debt, bad paper on the Federal Reserve books, the number gets even higher.

Anonymous said...

Black LIES matter.

mts1 said...

I've heard from far too many blacks that no matter how much the Man pays, it'll never be enough, and the Man will still be the White Debil.

Like anon above says, when you factor in the cost of white flight, the number mushrooms. But you know what frosts my pumpkin? All of these urban renewal grants with zip to show for the money, billions of dollars of good housing stock once the pride of white ethnics now burned out shells (Detroit, once the richest city now a moonscape), money poured into schools with people coming out as dumb as if you left them in the forest for 18 years, functioning business districts now gone where anyone has to drive 10 miles to grocery shop.

How much must one hate to destroy a once in history "gift" of being sold 1965-1975 most every inner city, the most valuable part of the city anywhere else in the world, for but a fraction of its value, then to within 15 years lay waste to them like Hiroshimas and look to the collar suburbs as "next" which they soon became? If you did me wrong and I somehow guilted you into selling me your new car for $500, I'd baby it for 300K miles, not slam it into a wall at the first chance. I see once prosperous parts of Gary now being reclaimed by prairie. How much black hate is there to rather reduce where they live to a pit? And you know why recovery hasn't come to Gary? I've heard it from enough people feeling free to speak with me that they're afraid if success comes, the whites will move back and they'll lose "their" city.

Peoples have displaced others back and forth, but the new ones coming in would keep it up and make it their own. Boston saw Irish supplant English, then came Italians, still a nice city. I have no answer for this.

And it's not just some old Anglo slave owner. Many blacks hate Koreans, Mexicans, and Jews to boot. So Mr. Sanders, they were never going to feel the Bern and BLM felt totally comfortable stepping onto your platform and taking it over for they knew there would be 0% blow back in the black community for they aren't too keen on your kind, though when you figure what many Jews did to help the Civil Rights movement, I'd feel back stabbed if I were you.

So what have 50 years of Johnson's Great Society done for whites or blacks?

deb harvey said...

the irish didn't just emigrate. many were sold as slaves, chiefly, it seems, to the west indies.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Not Guilty Yt.


Unknown said...

Table IND 1c. Percentage of Total Income from Various Sources by Poverty Status and Selected Characteristics: 2011

"For all persons of the racial/ethnic category, X% of their total income came from the respective source."

Non-Hispanic White
TANF, SSI and SNAP 0.9%
Earnings 82.7%
Other income 16.4%
Non-Hispanic Black
TANF, SSI and SNAP 5.0%
Earnings 78.4%
Other income 16.6%

Taking the White number as the baseline for legitimate welfare and considering the rest to be reparations, we can see that in 2011, fully 4.1% of all Black income was from reparations. Astonishing.

Jay Nix said...


Your numbers are further skewed by the assumption that all of the 13% of US Blacks are receiving welfare. That said, BLM is a pity party for individuals who have made poor decisions and refuse to own up to them. Its collection of people with fragile egos looking for any excuse for why they haven't achieved their imagined greatness.

Their hated of white people is a reflection of an weak psyche.

Anonymous said...

Worst move ever made was enslaving the blacks. The resulting mess is immeasurable. One can only dream of how much better this country would be without them.

YIH said...

This ''reparations for slavery'' has been going on for about 30 years now. It's origin is the reparations granted to Japanese Americans over WWII internment. They, even if US citizens or US born, were arrested and placed in internment camps after the Pearl Harbor attack. Often, legitimately owned property such as businesses and real estate were seized as well - and often with little or no compensation.
The difference being there were identifiable people involved and reparations were paid to them or if dead, their estates. Not their post-war children, grandchildren, ect.
With Africans how do you identify who were enslaved, and who are their direct descendents? Verifiable birth/death records simply don't date back that far (government birth/death/military/marriage records only exist back to about 1850 and typically didn't include slaves) and BTW who owned who? And who didn't?
So Africans IN America (Really, do you consider those who rioted in Baltimore/Ferguson ''fellow Americans''? Really?) ''moved the goalposts'' to count those in ''the Jim Crow era'' as also worthy of payments.
And where are all these funds supposed to come from? The Federal Reserve's 'magic money machine'?
To top it off even if being a direct descendent of a slave can be proven, what is to be done with that payout? All that will be is ''lottery winner syndrome'' on a much larger scale - an example is Mike Tyson, made about $600 million during his boxing career, broke and homeless today.

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

You white people are hilarious. Reread these comments then you'll understand why most black people hate your ignorant fucking asses. How can a population of only 12% make up 32% of all welfare rolls when 100% of blacks aren't on welfare. Not to mention, anyone who does work for a living also pays for welfare recipients, so that's like saying blacks should pay for their own reparations. Not even close to the same thing, but hey, white ignorance and arrogance says it's true than it mist be true. And lastly, the largest welfare recipients are people who receive farm subsides and military families. Dept of labor and statics is where you can find this information out. Lots of negative comments and shit throwing but not one single graph or link to any Gove study or private study to correlate your position. Smh. Ignorant ass white bastard. These lies you continue to spew is why people fucking hates your dumb asses. Next time you want to argue a point, bring facts and not your narrow minded way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Black lies matter. Now go fuck yourself.

Captain Capitalism said...


I'm sorry you can't do simple 4th grade division/math.
I'm sorry your inability to do understand this math has led you to hate white people.
But you want to talk about ignorance?
Dude, you are the epitome of it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cappy! As a Negroloid who has greatly benefited from your works I first must say thank you for all the good you've done the world. Well I don't "have to" because I already paid for your damn books but thanks anyway . Perhaps as my economic situation inevitably improves from your advice I'll become a monthly Patron of yours. Nonetheless, you just stepped on a landmine of an issue. If you really think about it in an America ruled by spineless cucks like Mr Sanders that also has angry, "Pro Black" kool aid sipping black "activists" the inevitable result will be reparations. Now, as youtuber David Carroll has pointed out, the Democratic Party will eventually have to face the reparations question if they continue to give in to BLM. I'm certain that this will never happen because on average black people are politically ignorant (other special interest groups know how to play the system "we" don't). Any Black people who are intelligent enough either don't care about reparations because technically our money will be going towards them (government programs are funded by taxpayers BTW) or because they are in the racial agitation industry (reparations would damage the viability and legitimacy of their trade).

But let's think about what would happen reparations were made. For starters would someone like me, whose ancestors were enslaved not in America but the West Indies, be entitled to muh 40 acres? Legitimately, not. Besides I'd demand muh free shekels come in gold. Secondly despite both the outright acceptance of Blacks and non acceptance of everyone else, mongrels like Mr Obama and Beyonce aren't technically "Black." But hey if you're the result of a master banging a slave maybe you're MORE entitled to Massa's money. Third are only the descendants of slaveholders required to pay up? Less than 4 percent of whites owned slaves in the south and most of "you" showed up here AFTER the Civil War. Finally, if Black people in America had the power to take reparations from white people would we even care about doing so. The white race, if enough of you wanted to, could literally exterminate every Black person in this country or world for that matter. Maybe instead of begging and pleading to whites for anything "we" should learn how outcompete them (a la the Jews) or at least learn from them as much as we can (like everyone else). If this reparations ever becomes a campaign issue I'm leaving this place.

Kwashington said...

Cool. 8.7 Trillion. Great, only another 300 trillion more to go. You can't go around kidnapping, raping, pillaging, killing and enslaving people for hundreds of years, then go about the systematic genocide of said people under the auspices of the Federal government and expect to pass off this minuscule amount as some form of compensation. The reason no former slaves was able to make demands for reparations is because of this little pesky government sponsored set of laws called Jim Crowe. Blacks couldn't vote, were essentially considered partial human beings and were routinely discouraged or even killed for trying to participate in the democratic processes that might have given the reparations initiative legs. However, last I checked there is no statute of limitation on murder and genocide. If you were a Nazi bell boy and you're 102 years old, the government will snatch you, your IV, and your walker and haul you into international court to answer for your collaboration, it doesn't matter whether any of the so-called victims are alive or dead. The Nazi's and Germany paid dearly for their crimes against Jews. America has never answered for, apologized, compensated, or been punished for its involvement in a form of genocide that is no different from that which Hitler engaged. Reparations is a legitimate claim and it will continue to gain traction as Black people are awakening by the masses. Stay tuned, it's not over...

Captain Capitalism said...

Kwashington, do they teach math or economics in the inner city?

The entire country never even made $300 trillion in its entire existence. Keep pulling shit out of your ass.

Anonymous said...

"kidnapping, raping, pillaging, killing"

Like what happens in the inner city every day? Looks like you got three fingers pointing back at you.

Same deal with reparations. We're going to hold you responsibility for every crime every black ever committed. Wanna go down the blame road, pal, fine. Plenty to go around.

Unknown said...

If you really want to help America join the fight to end the federal reserve. They are the ones who make welfare possible!

Unknown said...

Mike lost a good chunk of that money but he made a comeback and is more humble these days.He is not broke and homeless.

Unknown said...

Listen reparations is wrong but this article has already blamed every Black for what other Black's do and think.

Unknown said...

Antonio made some good points. Fact is Black people are individuals. We should not have to carry the weight of what other black people do on their shoulders. We all have to stand before Almighty God by ourselves! A real capitalist would join the fight to end the federal reserve! Without them reparations can never happen. No doubt they paid a few blacks to bring up the subject of reparations to take the limelight off of themselves and how they are gaming all of us!

Unknown said...

Captain Dumb Ass! How can you believe in God! Read your bible ignorant white people. You don't have any clue of what's right is right, and what's wrong is wrong. When go to the doctor, they ask you a series of questions about your families medical history such as Cancer, Diebeties, etc...., the same goes as the spirit of our past ancestors. READ YOUR BIBLE PLEASE!!!!

Unknown said...

White people who have not experienced a black inner city playground have no point of reference or idea what black residents are fed and do. None. By now the 1964 most sneaky eugenics project ever devised (The War on Poverty) has run a full 50 years - 3 gerations of illiteracy, increasing poverty, hate and misery. On purpose. They have been taught their plight is all white bread's plan to keep them down and himself in power. So when some paid Marxist agitator, social worker or feeder politician comes along with sweet words (like BLM) to get even and more stuff they are eager to take the hook. What's to lose? Every riot and burning before has resulted in a new round of government housing, benefits, pretend job training and cash. All without any effort on their part or time away from what they do now. They never realize that the cops in general are not their problem, their accepted massa's are. Jail? Only working people fear jail. That is why they protest and loot for the most criminal of their pretend victims & heros, no matter what they did to end up that way. And who othrwise they would step over as a speed bump blocking their way into Wal-Mart if shot or stabbed by any community neighbor. Believe me.

Quite a while ago I patrolled the streets of Compton and surrounding areas near Watts, CA. as a uniformed white LA County Deputy Sheriff. Life there is cheap. As cheap as a pair of tennis shoes, a TV, a woman, some drugs or a car. That is their daily reality that middle America cannot fathom. They have been indoctrinated by our politicians, their own 'leaders' and every social worker & program that has been conceived. All to spend ever more money to feed the system - for now going on three generations without improvement. Any claims to the contrary are grand 1 million+ full time paycheck and grants government buracracy propaganda lies - and some extra guilt trips to send tax payers on. Why are the women paid only when they (1) keep children under 18 around the house and (2) only if there is no man to help. That is a lot of incentive when mama don't have to worry about who pays for little Tyron or Tyisha and gets that rent, doctor care and food money every month. Every month guaranteed, if she just keeps doing the same as before. There are hundreds of programs with fancy names and buracracies but end up promoting the same end product. And a big disincentive to get off the free stuff, because as soon as they get some paying position or bring a working dad in Uncle Sam pulls the benefits packages all at once. And mama never got too far in school herself, so this is normalcy bias to the extreme. She didn't have to. Government incentives are designed to never let the victim crawl out of the web. I saw it first hand and know what they are told and by whom.It will never end because it is designed only to get bigger every year.

Until tax payers demand real honest education and performance for their dollars it will continue as before. Only worse after 2016, because they have been given sanction to act up and kill by the country's leader. Not so? Just look at the (almost never reported in the media) beatings the BLM crowd hands out at the sight of a Trump yard sign, bumper sticker or T-shirt. That is ignorant, raging, animal fear on parade comrades.

Government incentives use human nature to destroy the human. Nothing will change until the black community crawls out of the pit, gets truely educated and wants to change their own reality. No white, Asian, Syrian or Hispanic can do that for them.