Sunday, September 01, 2013

Pleasure in Others' Pain

I tried to be a productive member of society.  I really tried.  I worked hard, studied hard, majored in (what I thought) would be a wise subject, and I did my best to make capital markets efficient.  I also supported myself the entire time taking not a dime of government money or parental money.

But when all I got in return was a bunch of whinny bankers, socialists clamoring for more of my money, deluded and spoiled women demanding I pay for dates, and people who hate me because I'm white and male, I gave up.  My happiness was no longer going to be derived from success, riches, economic production, or status.  Not because I chose that, but because the new rules made it impossible.  It was all a scam.  There was never going to be any kind of "career" or "take home pay" or "white picket fence house with a sane wife and a stable economic future for my children."  It was just a way to keep you plugging along for a system fully intent on sucking every ounce of blood and youth out of you.

So what makes me happy now?

Well, enjoying the decline of course, but another thing I truly savor is taking joy in the pain of others.

People call me childish, immature, even petty or vile for taking joy from the suffering of others, but again, I didn't make the rules.  I'm just obeying them.  And until there is genuine economic opportunity to do my best WITHOUT ridicule and villainization from society for being an "evil, rich, white, male" I'm going to take what pleasures I can in my finite life as I watch the same vermin who stole my dreams destroy their own with their own incomprehensible ignorance and stupidity.

Enjoy the decline!


  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Incentives are a motherfu**er.

  2. Might I suggest that you just give every commie or govtard you meet a difficult time. Tell them what you really think of them, but don't use profanity. To me, the governmet...well...I don't have words foul enough to describe it.
    Whenever I met anyone like that, I make it a point to tell them just your stupid and ignorant they are and that I enjoy. Sometimes, I even call them stupid to their face. It usually will make my day. But to enjoy their pain, naw, because their pain rubs off on me. I don't pay anymore attention to these creeps anymore than I have to. I refuse to let them dictate my social order.

  3. One of your best posts IMHO. It's a concise manifesto identifying problem and solution. We have emotions for a reason. We ought to use them effectively. *muah, ha, haaaa* That's a big part of why I love Game.

  4. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Awesome post Mon Capitan! I have spent the last year working in the ghetto areas of Wilmington, Delaware. Seeing how these Fucking parasites live off the productive people is enough to make your blood boil. Free or reduced rent, subsidized heat, water and sewer, EBT cards, ad freaking nauseum.
    I have often said the existance of Wilmington, Delaware proves that there is no God. If there was a God, a mile wide enema nozzle would descend from the heavens and flush out this asshole of the world. Wilmington will never get any better since the city council is composed of Black Socialists who hate business and profit. I will enjoy watching this shithole become a ghost town.

  5. Hey,
    I'm reading "Worthless" right now. (Halfway through it) Excellent stuff. As pointed out in the post by Vox Popoli, some degrees are even WORSE THAN WORTHLESS. That chick IS a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  6. Anonymous7:13 AM

    I'm really, really confused? When I was looking at going back to school to get a degree; I spent some time researching the job market, spent some time talking with folks in different industries and generally getting a idea of my ability to get a job after school.
    What is it with these "gender studies" folks!?!?!? Do they just go into their studies programs with blinders on? Do they just expect that because there is a class for that degree; then there MUST be a job waiting? Don't they do ANY due diligence?
    Seesh, you reap what you sow....

  7. sth_txs7:15 AM

    Well don't forget there are plenty of people out there that work for private companies that also have 'government' jobs.

    For me, I'm a happy state of Texas public parasite. My last two private sector jobs were really government without the rest of the good stuff, so I'm happy to ride the gravy train!

  8. Like a G-610:54 AM

    My top two favorite forms of comedy, in order, are irony and schadenfreude!

    Schadenfreude is best when it's mixed with a touch of irony and cosmic justice...

  9. Anonymous2:12 PM

    CC, You have nothing to apologize for. These creatures are considered more valuable to this diseased society than you are. You are only responding rationally to the no-win conditions they have set.

    In your self-liberation, you have found some measure of security, independence and happiness.

    That pathetic wretch will never achieve any of those states.

    Gender Studies.... good God...

  10. I don't see why you derive pleasure in others' pain. You should derive pleasure from you own pursuits. After all, you have far more freedom now that you aren't stuck in the "rat race." No reason to dwell on other people's lives.

  11. Anonymous3:26 PM

    You don't want to admit that what prevents YOU from being productive is other people's Private Property !!!

    If it wasn't for the fact that the means of production are privately owned, that good land is privately owned, that natural ressources are privately owned etc.

    You could simply get to work and become productive.

    But because we live in such a property system you can't do that you have to be hired first.

    This has nothing to do with socialism and government, it's a fact that an economy organized as a private property scheme and which insists that everything must be marketed will end up as a ponzi scheme.

    You're just the late comer to the ponzi scheme and it is now collapsing.

    There is nothing good at first having to market yourself in order to become productive.