Monday, July 06, 2020

Ladies, No Man is Coming to Save You


  1. Older and Wiser11:24 AM

    They said that they're strong and independent, and "don't need a man". Make them have what they said they wanted.
    Western women aren't worth the risk or the stress.
    Let their plantation burn...

  2. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Ladies, you wanted this. We tried and now we have the message, loud and clear.

    1. "Maybe it's up to you traditional women to go save your sisters."

      There's no "maybe" about that one. It absolutely IS up to the traditional women to rein in the younger feral feminists, if that's even remotely possible. Just like it's the responsibility of older women in the church to teach the younger women to be godly wives (Titus 2:3-5).

      As you've pointed out, men are no longer armed for such a battle, have no incentive to fight it, and feral little feminists won't be receptive to correction by men anyway ('cause mainsplaining). It just won't happen. Women in the western world NEVER hold each other accountable, or do anything for the greater good. Women simply aren't wired to see the bigger picture, and reinforcing traditional beliefs that have sustained human civilization since the dawn of time are not on their agenda.

  3. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Hi, great podcast. Thanks for confirming what I have been observing in today's culture
    more than ever and in the last 30/40 years. You nailed it!

  4. A Texan4:02 PM

    It's a good question as to how much productive men pay in taxes to support dumb single mommy whores with their bastard brood. And in the aggregate, most women would vote for communism if given the chance.

  5. And in the aggregate, most women would vote for communism if given the chance.

    They already do. Nearly 80 percent of them vote Democrat. Same thing.