Saturday, September 26, 2020

Lowering Society's Standards Further for Gen Z

Soon there will be no standards or rigor in life.

And Gen Z will end up as the Millennials.


  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    At this rate the Air Force is gonna more hardcore than the Army.

  2. A Texan11:05 AM

    Maybe they could start with a group hug as soon as they get off the bus.

  3. I found myself interested in picking up a copy of a Boy Scout Handbook today; I found my father's old copy when I was a child and have fond memories of learning campcraft from it.

    After reviewing a number of sites that track the changes to the manual over the years, I had to go back to the 1967 printing - same as my father's - to get anything like actually useful camping advice. All the editions since water down the "how to do anything" parts in favour of trendy topics like sexting, sex education and environmentalism.

  4. I think civilization will have collapsed by this point. We're well on our way there now.

  5. You just better hope that we don't get into any more wars with a military comprised of zoomers. Ironically, its Trump who is trying to prevent our foreign policy establishment from getting us into any more wars and trying to downsize an unsustainable empire. If Biden wins, what do you think of our chances of getting into another war.

  6. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I entered the Navy 2 years ago in the hopes to learn a skill and better myself (I'm 29). Bootcamp, although not as difficult physically as the army or marines, had its fair share of stressful moments that require the recruit to think hard on their feet and not break down. I had a breaking point where I had lost hope in my ability to even do the most basic of tasks. I spoke to someone and they told me just to play the game and to seek help from my fellow recruits. I did that and everything worked fine.

    The Navy carries a very different mission than the Army so to compare the two would be apples to oranges. However I do think both branches need to adjust with the times. Like most government institutions they are out dated. However I'm not sure no shark attacks are truly the answer. Or if there aren't shark attacks there should be something equally stressful to get the recruits to comply. Sadly the real test of this will be time and thousands of people will be ill trained in the process of the branches trying to figure out what's best.

  7. We're going to take a lot of casualties in our next war against a peer enemy. If we're fortunate enough to continue the phenomenon sometimes summarized as, "God watches out for fools, drunks, and the United States," we may afterwards have someone recreate the WW2 drill sergeant in the name of survival.

  8. And they're going to put female DIs in charge of male recruits in San Diego. Let's place bets: how long until someone gets MeToo'd?

  9. Anonymous4:02 PM

    "And they're going to put female DIs in charge of male recruits in San Diego"

    White Male here. Did Army Basic Tng at Ft. McClellan in 1987. 5 Companies each had 2 Drill Sgts. Echo Co. had Black Female DI. So it's already been going on a LONG time.

    Did my 2 years active and left due mostly to anti-White racism and utter incompetence in the officer corps.

    1. I exited the Army in 1997 mostly because of the blatant anti-white racism of black females.