Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Rocky Mountain Collegian

"I are smart.  I go too kollig."

Perhaps Doug Hawkins could benefit from this.

hat tip.

Episode #212 SOLAR ECLIPSE SPECIAL! The Clarey Podcast

The girlfriend is ACTUALLY ON TIME!
Cappy's Solar Eclipse Adventure
Delving into the Psychology of Sheeple
Jack Donovan and Tribalism
Gentlemen's Clubs


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Monday, August 21, 2017

Academic Composition is Hiring Digital Nomads

Alex from Academic Composition is hiring, and for many of you your life goal is to work remotely.  Well, now's your chance.

The pay is shit and the hours are boring, but if you're looking to get paid while traveling this is the job.  I've posted Alex's ad below, feel free to contact him and let him know "The Captain sent you!"

Academic Composition is always hiring and we are looking for new marketers. The Fall season is right around the corner and we'll be in need of all the help we can get.

Moreover, you'll be able to generate more leads in the Fall than in the summer, so this is an ideal opportunity for marketers to help us bring business in ways that will be lucrative for both parties. You will be paid a bonus for each customer you'll connect us with.

You can do all of the work remotely and we'll provide you with all of the material you'd need.

Here is how you can get started: email us at Academiccomposition@gmail.com

Then, follow these three steps

  1. Set up a new gmail account with your initials in it
  2. Edit the forwarding features to ensure that all incoming emails are re-directed to Aleksey.Bashtavenko@gmail.com
  3. Use that new gmail account to set up a craigslist account

Ask us for clarification, if necessary.

Payout: $5 for each lead you'll generate.

Base pay: $1 for each day you post, so $7 per week

Most marketers average four leads a week.

Time commitment required: less than 15 minutes a week

Work required: receive our ads and post them
Aleksey Bashtavenko
Academic Composition
Owner & Principal Writer
(540) 300-1253

Saturday, August 19, 2017

"The Nice Guy Episode"

Adam Piggott is finally back "on the air" after taking his sweet Aussie ass time moving to Europe.  Anyway, he put together a hilarious podcast titled "The Nice Guy Episode" which will keep you snickering as I go and chase the solar eclipse this weekend in Kansas City.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

How "Good School Districts" Ruin Families

Out of boredom I found myself walking on a newly paved path in a newly constructed development of suburbanite bliss.  The paving was perfect. The houses were perfect.  The yards were perfect.  It was just so perfectly perfect it couldn't be perfected anymore.  And though this particular development wasn't one of the elite suburbs of the Twin Cities such as Edina or Wayzata, it was one of the up-and-coming where the starting price for a BASE house was $530,000.

I'm no longer in banking, so I'm no longer paid (nor bored at my desk enough) to study the housing market like I once did.  But these type of "Perfectly Perfect to Perfection" suburbanite developments are popping up everywhere.  And it is not uncommon for the starting price to be on the higher side of half a million.  And since this has been going on for the better part of 5 years, my spidey senses have been tingling.  There's something amiss because there just isn't enough "Doctor-Accountant" couples out there to afford all of these high-end homes.

Still, not really having any vested interest (professional or financial) in the outcome of the housing market, I contacted my Realty Agent in the Field to see what he thought was going on and he uttered just one phrase:

Good school districts.

Perplexed I looked at him, but my mind had already raced to the conclusion.  So before I could speak my face went from one of being confused to that of "no way."

He looked back at me and said, "Yep, Precious Princesses' kids just "HAVE TO" be in a good school district."

I was then regaled with instances and explanations of the phenomenon I was seeing.  There was one development where houses sold for an extra $50,000-$100,000 across the street from an identical development because one was in Wayzata while the other was in that filthy, no good "Plymouth" school district.  The developments and trail systems I've been walking about are in Woodbury, Lakeville, Eagan, Lakeville, Lino Lakes, and far-flung Carver, all of which are far-flung, all of which make for hellish commutes, but all of which have "great school schools."

My Realty Agent in the Field and I know each other well enough, plus my finely honed cynicism skills are advanced enough I was easily able to figure out what was happening while my buddy just nodded his head.

"Gen X'ers and what modicum of older millennials who can afford kids need a bigger house."


"A lot of them bought during the depths of the housing crash, and some actually have seen gains on their starter homes."


"But they don't want their kid going to Fridley, St. Louis Park, Richfield, or other leftist-shitholes they voted for and ultimately created and are now jettisoning out for the suburbs."


"And now that wifey poo has kids of her own, all that leftist rah rah diversity bullshit is out the window and they have to move to these picturesque suburbs."


And then I looked at him and said, "But there just CAN'T be that many doctors and surgeons and electrical engineers.  I know low interest rates help people afford more houses, but there's no way all these people can actually afford these homes."

And then he spilled the beans.

Half the purchases are a proto-wanna-be power couple where they need two incomes to afford these Neo-McMansions.  The kid is dropped off at daycare.  Wifey gets to work and pursue what's more important in her life.  Hubby works the real job to help keep the lifestyle facade up.  The other half is wifey poo is a stay at home mom, but hubby's income is juuuuust enough to pay for the car PAYMENT, house PAYMENT, and credit card PAYMENT.  And bar 5-10% of genuine rich people who can actually afford these houses, 90%+ of these house are afforded by the same material used to build them - plastic.

And this is where good school districts ruin families.

Though sclerotic, economic growth has at least been consistent.  And while most millennials and some Gen X'ers have dropped out of the labor force, those that remain are facing a pretty tight labor market and can make decent money.  But as you know, I know, and any introductory student of economics knows, economies do and will go into recession.  And since these people are leveraged to the hilt, living paycheck to paycheck, the slightest hiccup, the slightest bump in the economy can result in lay-offs, furloughs, or pay-cuts, any of which will through a monkey wrench into these perfectly-perfect-plastic suburbanite plans.

Wifey poos across the country, I doubt know this.  I saw this in banking in the 00's where wives and girlfriends had NO CLUE their hubby or lover was technically insolvent.  They simply didn't care.  They also didn't know the difference between debt and equity spending.  Long as their man was spending money on them, affording them this unsustainable lifestyle, wifey was happy.  But whereas in the 00's it may have been luxury cars, McMansions in the suburbs, or downtown condos, it is now the insistence that wifey's precious little children have ONLY the BEST schools, which forces a bunch of pussy-addicted husbands to buy houses they can't afford in school districts that are really no better than the blue collar ones they left behind.

This then paints the picture anybody who's been divorced or seen their parents get divorced is all too familiar with.  Tight finances.

Finances (in case you didn't know) is the number one reason cited for divorce and marital problems.  And in case you didn't know, ALL financial problems are caused by debt - ie - spending more than you make.  And whereas it may have been material things such as luxury cars, trips to Europe, McMansions, and fancy clothes, my abbreviated research is telling me its school districts that are disproportionately driving this particular bubble.

"Nothing's too good for my children" even if it means redlining your family finances, dramatically increasing the chances of divorce.

"But it's a good school district" even though it's not better than the burb next door.

"We need to get Jr. into the ABC School District!" even though the kid is doomed to bad grades because you're bad parents and never spent time with the kid and are stupid enough to think "Magic Dirt" theory will overcome your absentee parenting.

It's not that I'm cheering on the demise of these fake, picture-perfect Ken and Barbie doll families.  It's not that I'm jealous of having car and mortgage payments eat up 98% of my take home pay.
It's my defeatedly-reluctant acceptance that you humans, even the presumably "smart ones" are truly idiotic sheep, incapable of independent thought, and will just do what you're told, even if it is at the expense of your family.  That wifey-poos across America are seemingly incapable of GENUINE critical thinking (not the bullshit they told you in college) and hubbies across America are seemingly incapable of not letting pussy impair their thinking.  And that your kids (which, again, you just love SOOOOO much) are going to end up suffering either because you get divorced, or your effectively absent anyway because you're always working to afford these stupid things in life.

You vice presidents in banking with your part-time assistant-reserve-deputy-director at the non-profit wives enjoy sending your kids to those "great school districts."  The rest of us are going to enjoy the decline.
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Eliminating Materialism

The complete work in it's entirety here.

Mexico Still Can't Get It's Shit Together

This is why I just go to Florida when I want sun and beaches.  The tourist traps just aren't worth the time, cost, flight, scams, and constant salesmen of every freaking knick knack on every corner.

Episode #211 of The Clarey Podcast!

How social media and politics are like soap operas.
Cappy chooses to enjoy life.
Former trust-fund governor's wife broke.
Global warming NOT blamed for an environmental problem!
Bees coming back!


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Monday, August 14, 2017

Bringing Children Into an Evil World

Solar Eclipse Causing Insane Hotel Prices

Like many of you, I am going to drive towards the latitudinal center of the country in order to see the upcoming solar eclipse next Monday.  I've never seen a solar eclipse, and so before I depart this mortal world, I think it would make a nice little check box on my bucket list.

There's just one problem.

It seems everybody else in the US is doing the same.

Numbers are impossible to estimate, but if hotel prices are any indication it seems the entire country is going solar eclipse crazy.

St. Joseph, Missouri, originally where I aimed to view the eclipse has NO VACANCY in the entire 76,000 person town.

If I'm willing to drive two states over and one up, I can find lodging in Casper, Wyoming for around $1,500.

 But if I'm willing to go over one more to scenic Idaho Falls, Idaho, I can find much more "reasonable" accommodations for around $700 per night.

About the only place I could find somewhat affordable lodging was in Knoxville, Tennessee, but with a 94% vacancy rate, I doubt there will be any rooms left in the inn for procrastinators.

If you had plans to see the solar eclipse it looks like it's time to start couch surfing with buddies. And for those of you savvy enough to avoid lines and traffic jams, it might prove wise to view the eclipse from some small remote town in America's farmland rather than the larger metro areas which promise to be zoos.
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The Three Worst Things About Corporate America

And how to counter them:

Thursday, August 10, 2017

How Does an Economy Grow?

An Asshole Consulting request that I thought would prove beneficial to everyone: