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Getting Fired for Your Political Views

In this episode we interview the Great Matt Baldoni and talk about:

Getting fired for your political views
Why Laughlin, NV is the future of America
Taking a Kia Rio off road into the desert
Striving to succeed as self employed
Behind the scenes of Las Vegas
The Las Vegas DJ Bubble


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Friday, July 18, 2014

42, Female, Unmarried, Professional...Miserable

How's that feminism thing working out for you ladies?

On a sad related note, perhaps it's because you put a career and material items ahead of human relationships and interaction.

I'm going to say it again - feminism is a mental disease.  And that's not hyperbole or rhetoric.  It's a warning to younger women and girls.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Recession Talk on the Kerry Lutz Show

Latest interview with Kerry Lutz.  We talk about various metrics and measures of how the economy is either stagnating or in recession, and how to adapt to it.

The Pornification of Jesus

I had this sent to me and I originally scoffed at it, dismissing it, thinking it was cute.

Then I realized,

"Holy shit, there's like millions of naive, young, Christian, but hornier-than-hell,dudes out there who are constantly compared to this perception of Christ by the "only" women they're allowed to sleep with - Christian women."

So as a gesture of goodwill and faith between us secularists and our religious brothers, I thought I'd provide my two cents about this to perhaps maybe advance their cause to nail some hot Christian ass breed more Christians.

Boys, this is the key problem you face with modern day "Christian" women - the pornification of Jesus.

Look, you're already a nobody compared to Jesus.  I got it beat into my head I was not Jesus.  You got it beat into your head you were not Jesus.  We all got it beaten into our heads we were not "perfect in the eyes of God." However, while this should not have an effect on your romantic relations, there's a disturbing trend amongst young Christian girls where Jesus is not just their spiritual "savior," but their:

soul mate
and, crass as this may be, masturbatory material (any takers that this is not the case sometimes?)

So how precisely do you compete against that?

The answer is - you don't.

You cannot compete against perfection.

And it is here that I humbly request that you consider a humble secularist's opinion.  Primarily that:

1.  These self-proclaimed "Christian girls" really aren't Christian and instead use the religion as a tool to leverage power over you


2.  If you choose to be ignorant of their un-Christian intentions you will be taken advantage of by fraudulent, faux, fake Christians

The truth is that most 20 something girls (and boys) are not capable of the mature, adult, indepdent thinking that is required to fully vette and think through something as soulful and important as religion.  Ergo, nearly 100% of the self-proclaimed "Christian" women you're trying to date really do not deep down inside believe what their parents have shoved down their throats the past 20 years.  Ergo, my humble, evil, heathen, secularist opinion is, that any women, especially under 30, who adamantly proclaims to be a Christian does not do so out of geniune deep and ponderous thought, but rather manipulation and self-advancement.  Perhaps not consciously, but it IS DEFINITELY not for Christ.  The social benefits that come from joining a religion, the mental calm not having to ponder a godless universe, and the mental stability in having an always loving, always forgiving father/husband figure around.

While these things ancillary benefits to religion can be considered "good" things, the problem is there's a dark side to believing in a religion for ulterior purposes.  Namely to view/abuse Jesus/Christianity as an excuse, a perpetual forgiviness, but worst (and most tempting of all) a tool by which to abuse, extract resources from, lord over, and control naive people who actually believe their claims of faith.

No doubt many of you young Christian men have ran into arguments where your logical and well-reasoned points were mooted, if not, completely dismissed with a mis-interpreted quote from the bible.  No doubt many of you have been told "they just don't see Christ in your heart."  No doubt you've been compared to Super-Alpha Jesus.  And, like everybody out there who's dating a Christian girl, you no doubt have a story where she "just couldn't date you" citing religious reasons, but then went out with some guy who violated thrice the rules she had placed on you (mine is one who got drunk, made out with an illegal alien, then complained to me he was calling her.  But we couldn't kiss after a second date because we weren't engaged).

The larger point is that I simply request you stop, take off the Christian goggles for a second, step back and look at what is happening empirically. 

Are the majority of Christian girls you date using religion and Christ as a means to enhance your relationship?  To be a better person?  To make your time together more enjoyable?


Are they using it as a tool, if not a weapon, to constantly keep you on edge, criticize you against Christ, lecture you, berate you, and ultimately control you making the relationship painful and like pulling teeth?

Perhaps you can see it from this here secularist's viewpoint.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Left Has Officially Become "The Man"

And I think it's about time to take them down.

Yes, Bob, American Bankers are Still Idiots

What primarily invigorated me to write "Behind the Housing Crash" was the unbelievable levels of stupidity on the part of bankers.

Seems things haven't changed in the past 8 years.

They Found Peggy Joseph

And she admits she was wrong.

Thanks Peggy.  We could have told you that.  But thankfully you have children and they will pay for your ignorance.

When the Stock Market is Divorced from Reality

This is hands down the best article on economics and the current state of the financial markets I've read this year.  Arguably the past three.  It explains many different things that are going on, but key above all of them is how central bank intervention in interest rates and quantitative easing distorts nearly all pricing in the financial markets guaranteeing them to become bubbles.

The stock market is no longer a "market" wherein investors try to find companies to finance.  It is now a tool of multi-billion dollar companies to purchase back shares (because of a lack of any genuine new investment), a place for QE dollars to inevitably be parked, and a retirement vehicle for mindless-zombie-money for mindless zombies who think capital gains is what retirement planning is based on.

I am already getting ready for the people who say after a crash, "well how did you know!!!??? There were no signs!!!!"

I suggest you all stop watching state-endorsed news and go with genuine independent thinkers.

How Do I Math?

I don't like The Maths.  The Maths are tough!

I'll let its own idiocy speak for itself.

My Response to Librarians Banning "Bachelor Pad Economics"

My response to this is simple because the reality of this situation is simple:

If you want to "fight back" I suggest buying copies of Bachelor Pad Economics.  Already these librarians caused a little rumble on teh interwebz that has bumped up sales.  I would just like enough in sales to rationalize sending a thank you card to the librarian in a very smarmy and Cappy-esque manner.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Men Really Do Compete Against the Government for Women

In an indirect manner of course.

You're Not Being Discriminated Against. Life is Just That Tough

A very important video for everybody, especially the younger folk:

Straight, Hetero Sexual Men Determine the Beauty Standards for Women

I love how women just "decree" that they will determine what is beautiful and men have no say.

Yeah, have fun with that and let us know how that works.

And an aside. This isn't cute, or funny, it's a truly psychotic delusion, a GENUINE mental problem women are having if they think they can just "decree" what is attractive absent of men. 

Again, have fun with that.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Let Max Temkin Be a Lesson to You Boys

You boys paying attention?  Are you?  Good.

Because the last person you'd want to be is Max Temkin.

Feminist Librarian Discovers "Bachelor Pad Economics"

And all hell breaks loose.

You can purchase your copy of Bachelor Pad Economics, and thus advance the patriarchy and peeve lefty feminist librarians, here.

The Economics of Caloric Return

I have two buddies.  Both are in their 40's.  Both recently divorced/broke up with their significant others.  Naturally the course of conversation invariably comes around to "you looking to date any girls?"  And the answer is...


Not out of recency from the divorce/break up.
Not out of time to let the wounds heal.
Not out of time to get their head straight or figure some things out.

The real reason?

They're just too damn tired.

I don't know about you but when I broke up with/got dumped by a girl in my 20's the very next NANOSECOND it was go find another.  There was no down time, there was no "time to heal," it was an immediate, OK, what lucky girl is next?  But fast forward 15 years and men in their young 40's who recently find themselves single are in no rush to go back to the bar, back to the night club, spruce up their POF profile, let alone gather the courage to make an approach in broad daylight.  They're just too damn tired.

The first excuse would scramble to find would be age.  The next would be healing.  The third might be "losers."  And the fourth might be "lack of choice."  But the reality (as we're often finding out) does not lay in psychology or biology, but rather economics.  The real reason they're too tired is one of a cold economic calculation.

A cold economic calculation of what?

A cold economic calculation of caloric ROI.

Recently, I've been giving more and more credence to biology, genetic programming and Darwinism to explain human behavior and decisions.  And when you analyze these thoughts through the lens of economics you start to make some interesting discoveries.  And this is one of those instances.

Understand that while money has been used in society for thousands of years, human evolution, genetics and biology has been evolving for 2 million years.  Ergo, while we'd like to think our frontal lobes (the most advanced part of our brain) makes all of our decisions in a logical and rational manner, the remaining 65% of our brain is driven by instinct, survival, and raw desire and still (more often than not) overrides the most advanced part of our brains.  Thus,just because money is a (relatively) recent human creation, doesn't mean the laws of economics and limited resources didn't apply to pre-currency humans (let alone EVERY creature on this planet).  Therefore, even before the grain receipts of ancient Egypt served as the first currency, there was the ultimate currency that has governed all creatures on this planet and is the prime directive the governs 65% of our brain:


Until agricultural advances made food a non-issue, the vast majority of human-kind's experience has been finding food.  Finding calories.  Finding the energy to stay alive.  It's why, despite having adequate food, we simply can't "turn off" the natural, darwinistic, survivalistic desire to eat more.  It's been there for 2 million years (2 billion if you consider us descendants of previous creatures facing the same problem) while adequate agriculture methods have only been around for 300 years. 

However, while the main problem with human's genetic programming to maximize caloric intake in a time of plenty is obesity, there is another problem.  On the OTHER side of the cold caloric economic decision is one of expending calories of energy.  Or more so, conserving one's energy.

View it from the perspective of an American Indian 10,000 years ago.

Tonto has a choice.  Chase after the antelope with his bow and arrow or not.  However, it's not one of whether he'd like to hunt, it's a 100% purely economic decision.  Specifically, is it worth Tonto to expend 1,000 calories of energy to MAYBE get 4,000 calories of energy in antelope meat?  Because if he chooses poorly too many times he won't have an adequate ROI on his caloric investment and will mathematically starve.

Naturally, over time humans developed less-caloric consuming hunting techniques that yielded more calories in return.  Traps, spooking buffalo to run over a cliff, guns, and agriculture.  But that still doesn't change the fact that for nearly 2 million years humans have had it beaten into their brains that calories expended damn well better result in a surplus of calories returned.  Again, starvation was the other consequence.

Now return back from 10,000 BC to revisit my two 40 something buddies.  They are no longer Tonto facing the decision as to whether they want to chase after antelope.  They are two men who have to decide whether to expend the calories of energy chasing women.  And when faced with the caloric demands of:

Going on line for 2 hours a day to "wink" at girls
Go to the night club to chat girls up
Go to a "Meet up" group and learn a new social skill (dancing, crafts, etc.)
Making approaches 10 times a day

not to mention the 8 year vetting process wherein they have to date 100 women to find "one"

you can see why they're "too damn tired" and are just shutting down.

Admittedly there is of course other reasons as men age they just don't go out clubbing anymore.  They're getting older, a decrease in testosterone, a decrease in energy, the novelty of dating wanes, their 18 year old idealistic naivete about dating expectations was crushed with the drama, flaky, reality of dating, etc., etc.,  But I contend there is a Darwinistic aspect as well.  One where the hindbrain is making astute economic calculations, demanding an adequate return on its dwindling supply of calories and time, and sadly coming to the conclusion that it just isn't worth the chase.

So light up those cigars instead,
Pour yourselves a glass of scotch that won't "flake" on you
And head out on the boat and go fish,
because the caloric rate of return on those things are 100% guaranteed, ensuring you
Enjoy the decline!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Conservative and Libertarian Outfitter

Howdy All,

I'm a big believer that if conservatives and libertarians just simply consolidated their purchasing power and bought only from "conservative, libertarian, and pro-freedom" companies, then the rest of the companies in America (which go whichever way the wind blows) would stop bending over backwards and kowtowing to leftist causes.

Would you not like to see the elimination of every idiotic company's "CSR" department?
Would you not like to see the elimination of lip-service they pay to "diversity" and "community reinvestment?"
Would you just like to see a company that says, "We love America.  We love profit.  And we're not ashamed?"

Well, let's start right here and right now. 

I know a lot of you are outdoorsmen, hunters, fishers, and hikers.  I would very much appreciate if you would visit and patronize the outfitter for conservative and libertarians - DaWabbit.

DaWabbit has pretty much everything you need in terms of hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, survival, prepping and everything you're going to find at Cabela's.  Don't get me wrong, I love Cabela's, but I have to drive there and spend money on gas.  With DaWabbit you don't have to AND you know that 100% of your sales will go to support a conservative and conservative causes.

No liberals are employed by DaWabbit
No feminists are employed by DaWabbit
No American haters are employed by DaWabbit

It is 100% pro-American, conservative, and libertarian beneficiaries.

Let's keep the money in house and let's do it by starting with DaWabbit.

Friday, July 11, 2014

What the Maxi Dress Tells Us About Conformity, Architecture, Individualism, and Negative Externalities

Progressive Credentialism and Genuine Racism in Law Schools

I love this article in that it highlights two things:

1.  The ABA forcing students to jump through (and pay for) unnecessary hoops ergo financially benefiting the law school profession, not the legal profession

2.  My observation that bubbles hurt minorities and women the most because they are usually late to the party while (in this case) whites and Asians see the writing on the wall and are bailing.

The irony is that the lefty law professors actually believing closing the "lawyer gap" between minorities and whites is a good thing. 

It's like saying "we need to close the Soldiers at the Front Line Gap in WWI between whites and minorities."

Keep charging into law school my fine minority friends.  And when you're done through the meat grinder, don't say you weren't warned.

When Good Money Has Nowhere to Go

Tis Thursday night.

And Thursday nights are just as good as any to get rip roaring drunk as you look upon this once-great society and, after much deliberation and thought, come to the same conclusion you have previous Thursday nights that this country is completely screwed and nothing can be done about it.

By the way, pour me another Rumpie.

Anyway, something that has been bothering my economic mind is why has the stock market constantly been going up?

Naturally logical theories are abound, many of which I subscribed to out of laziness and cynicism, but inevitably that damn thing called "intellectual honesty" gets in the way and makes you want to PROVE your suspicions true.

So off I went to the FDIC where I fully expected to see in the aggregate banking reports TONS, MILLIONS, BILLIONS, nay, TRILLIONS of dollars being flooded into our stock markets because our inept, incompetent, and bail-outtable-affirmative-action case bankers:

1.  Had gotten bail out money that they
2.  Had nowhere to lend because
3.  The economy isn't booming and ergo
4.  There's nowhere left to invest it but the stock market.

So I thought.

But the truth is anything but.

Banks have not been increasing their marketable securities holdings and so the boom in the stock market does not come from there.

This perplexed me because I was sure the bail out money was being parked there.  But since it was not true (now leftists, pay attention to this), I accepted it as fact and looked elsewhere for the real reason for the boom.

My logic led me to two places or "institutions" that could explain the massive cash inflow into the stock market and thus its ludicrous valuation.

1.  The central bank which has been printing off a ton of cash because....WTF not and "where do we put it?"


2.  Profitable non-financial corporations that had nothing better to do with their cash

And shucks howdy if I'm not the Sherlock Holmes of economics!

My first guess about the central bank dropping money into the stock markets proved false.  They're too busy bailing out the parasitic class, welfare bums, bankers, loser liberal arts majors, single moms, and other degenerates *ahem* investing in "government bonds" to invest in the stock market.  Politicians need money to bribe the masses to vote for them, and the wise use of money a la a genuine "investment" doesn't achieve that.  So all that QE money is NOT ending up in the stock market, but the EBT cards of fat, bloviated trailer, ghetto, and barrio fatherless trash the single mom matrix keeps spewing out.  So that money does not boost stock prices as much as obesity rates in the lower classes.

However, I DID find the true cause of inflated stock prices after sampling Apple, Microsoft, and other "cash cows" of the corporate world in their "marketable securities" holdings (read "stocks).  Said holdings have skyrocketed as their profits are up but they have no real genuine NEW investments to reinvest said proceeds.

Since we hate corporations, profits, innovation, success, etc., profitable corporations today face a conundrum:

Do they invest in a new venture?  A new company?  A new innovation?


Do they just "park" the money somewhere in an already existing company with political and cronyistic connections that guarantees them a rate of return?

And now you know (at least in part) why the stock market keeps skyrocketing.

Who, precisely, would invest in a new venture in this county?  What idiot would dare to invest in a virgin endeavor that has no political connections, lobbyists, or other scum to secure the ordainment of the government?

The sad truth is that any genuinely new invention, endeavor, innovation, venture or business faces such obstacles as regulation, taxation, labor law, not to mention corruption, why would you invest in something new?  An old, established, networked, and connected company, with nowhere near the potential, is a more reliable and provides a higher rate of return than some idiotic young go-getter.  Worse still, even if said corporate monies were to be REINVESTED in their own plants, why would they invest here?

Obama and the NLRB effectively nationalized Boeing for daring to set up a plant outside union control.

Seattle just passed a $15 minimum wage.

To hell with the hassle, bother, and politics of setting up a new shop, a new plant, or a new facility.

Corporations would rather just take their trillions and park it in the boring ole stock market where NO NEW INVEMENTS OR COMPANIES ARE MADE, and therefore NO NEW JOBS, but


at least you get a 2% dividend yield.

Again, I no longer care where this country is heading.   Matter of fact, I've so thoroughly thought it through I now fully appreciate and enjoy the suffering Americans have brought upon themselves.

I just want to be like Voltaire and write for posterity.  Enjoy that freaking and well-deserved decline kids.  Enjoy that freaking decline.