Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Curse Free Episode #25

There is no money, only time.
The life philosophical consequences of vicelessness and no booze.
Google gets treated like a "Big Evil Corporation."
Wanna Be Dude Bro Businessmen Fraudsters


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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Corporate Offices are No Longer Needed

And like 70's music are old, outdated, obsolete, and completely unnecessary.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Is the HR Ditz FINALLY Extinct?

From my latest article at LinkedIn:

"I personally could not care less about the plight of these HR ditzes. They proved nothing more than a huge impediment to the labor force, the advancement of the economy, and the advancement of millions of people's careers. They were predominantly spoiled rotten brats from the suburbs, given undeserved and uncalled for power which they abused and went power-tripping with. And while I certainly know and appreciate some REAL HR professionals (benefits and compensation and employment law ARE real fields), the extinction of "Barbie the Know Nothing HR Ditz" and the idiot employers that used them will not be mourned."

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Another Case for Stay At Home Parents: The Elimination of Schools

Of the many statistics and calculations I ran for my latest essay, perhaps the most interesting one is that:

after going to college for 4-8 years
and working hard to get that coveted non-profit or government position
and after putting in 10 years of work to make your career a go

when you factor in

extra commuting costs
and especially daycare

the average woman's job brings home a big, huge, whopping extra....


Never mind your kids are ill-reared.
Never mind you never got time to spend with your kids anyway.
Never mind divorce is all but guaranteed.
And never mind the tragic irony that many women's careers are simply taking care of anybody else's kids but their own
Nor the doubly rich irony that your labor is now taxed on what was previously untaxable labor

Nope, that Masters is Social Work, pending divorce, broken family, wasted youth, and children that will grow to hate you was totally worth it because...well, dude...come on!  THAT'S $4,000!!!!

Now admittedly it's not always the woman working her pittance of a make-work government affirmative action job at the expense of her family.  Often times it is the woman who is obvious breadwinner and there's a stay at home dad.  Often times there are traditional families where one person stays at home to (GASP!) raise their children and the other works the 9-5.  But given there's such a small financial advantage to outsourcing the rearing of your children, even in today's "hectic career obsessed world," it doesn't pay (well, OK, $4,000) to have that second income.

Dedicate one parent to stay at home.
Dedicate one person to rear your children.
And the amount you'll save in Ritalin, Adderall, and psychologist visits alone will easily recoup those precious $4,000.

But then the ole Captain got thinking again.  Specifically, about the handful of women he knows that home-school their children.  They do an infinitely better job than the public schools do.  Some of their kids are already learning to program and code at age 12.  Another one knows how to inseminate, milk, and tend cows.  And all this from stay at home moms who "shockingly" don't have degrees, certifications, or licenses.  So if for the vast majority of families it doesn't pay to have a two income household, and kids are better educated when home-schooled, would there not be a case for eliminating schools altogether?

This is not only simple logic, nor wishful right-wing thinking.  It's simple economics.

In the olden days before time saving devices such as vacuums and washing machines, being a home-keeper (male or female) was indeed a full-time job.  There was cleaning and maintenance. Rearing the children.  And one that I like to highlight in particular (because it was just as important as how much the family made) was the budgeting and spending of the family finances.  Couponing, budgeting, making meals at home.  All of that was just as important as the (traditionally) male role of being the breadwinner.

But with the advent of washing machines and vacuums, hours were freed up for your typical house-keeper.  And with the push of 1960's feminism and the commensurate outsourcing your children to day care, the (traditionally) female role of house keeper was obsoleted.  Women were to enter the workforce just like men...even if the plurality of their jobs were to effectively be government-compensated mothers to other women's children...and now you'd be taxed on it.

But add to this rapidly evolving mix of sex roles and true game changer.

The internet.

The internet not only saves households even more time in terms of shopping, banking, and a nearly limitless number of other chores.  But it also makes entire industries obsolete.

Education for example.

There is no godly reason colleges and universities should even exist anymore.  College degrees in all reality are obsolete, it's just the rest of the outdated and lethargic economy hasn't realized it.  But while the real world slowly catches on that colleges and universities are going to go the way of the dinosaur, I contend we should also turn our focus to the public schools of K-12 because they too are obsolete.

Since it only pays an extra $4,000 to have a two income household, and there is so much time freed up for the home-keeper with appliances and the internet, what if every family had a stay at home parent that would not only maintain the home, rear the children, but educate them as well?  The internet has the ENTIRE world's knowledge a fingertip away.  There are tutorials and MOOC's online that could teach you and your children literally everything the K-12 can and more.  Even Tom Woods (though the home schooling site links here) on a dare created an entire home schooling curriculum.  This would not only result in much better educated children, but in eliminating the public schools, save Americans billions in unnecessary property taxes.

Of course, I know this is politically infeasible.  There are too many people vested in their make-work-government-careers and degrees to give it up and raise their own children.  I know Big Education has a trillion-dollar per year vested interest in fleecing the taxpayer to keep up their inferior and obsolete industry.  And the democrat party alone needs public schools and universities to continue to brainwash and make future democrat voters.  There are huge political, psychological, sociological, and just plain evil hurdles to bringing about happier families and better educations to children.  But just like the internet and e-mail technically made commuting an unnecessary chore in about 1999, it doesn't mean society is fast, sharp, or visionary enough to capitalize on it.  And if commuting or the higher education bubble is any indicator, it's going to be at least three decades before the American sheeple wake up and realize K-college education can all be done at home, with a loving father or mother at the helm.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Episode #203 of The Clarey Podcast

Why do country clubs exist???
Not having problems is a problem.
Ex Cons to sit on Oakland Police Board.
Ben and Jerry's gets attacked by leftists.
Minnesota's balless male republicans.


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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How Leftists Waste Their Lives

A more recent rabbit hole of political thought I've been going down has been how the majority of leftists waste their lives.  This is caused by the primary driving force in their life - the fear of work, labor, and toil.  And though nobody likes labor, toil, or work, avoiding it is simply avoiding a necessary evil of life.  It is also a way to guarantee you'll never achieve anything of value, worth, or greatness in life as genuine accomplishment requires labor and toil.

This then presents a leftist a very important existential question - if you're not going to work, then what are you going to do?

And the only answer I've been able to see in their behavior is

"Become REALLY REALLY REALLY good at avoiding work and REALLY REALLY REALLY good at coming up with excuses as to why you're entitled to the fruits of other people's labor."

Which in all honest means your life not only sucks, but is completely wasted.

For example, the same people who tried to ban Ronald McDonald A DECADE AGO (because he is the cause of childhood obesity) cite accomplishments that in all reality, aren't accomplishments, but sad, pathetic excuses for wasting time.

There's the local chapter of the Sierra Club that for 15 YEARS tried to stop a bridge from being built over the St. Crois River....which was inevitably built anyway.

The eulogy of a leftist whose life I pointed out was nothing more than a waste.

And more recently, a student protest that has been going on for 17 years in Mexico.

As a fellow human, I'd normally try to help out these leftists, explaining why they're wasting their one and finite life on this planet achieving literally NOTHING.  But they're leftists.  They not smart, they're not intellectually honest, they're lazy, and they'd yell at me for trying to help them.  They're also hate-filled and would not doubt accuse me of an ism and being a white male.  So I guess the worst thing to do to them would be to...

cheer them on.

When Leftists Try to Run Businesses

Though later today I'll be coming out with The Clarey Podcast, pour yourself a nice cup of coffee, charge up your cell phone, and listen to this excellent story about a leftist who wants to launch a grand opening party for his theater.  The story isn't great because of the leftist's delusional expectations, but the poor protagonist who has to deal with him.  It's truly shocking just how little leftists ever deal with money, let alone using their own to pay for things that they are so far removed from the true cost of things.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Your Parents Don't Know Jack Shit About College

Language warning in this video, that if there was any justice in this world, would go viral:

LinkedIn Starting to Resemble a Night Club, More than a Career Site

I like how 12% just completely lie.

How much you want to bet they get more than their fair share of job offers?

"Chief People Officer"

For the Patron Saint's Name of Frick.

In case you were wondering, young lieutenants, no, I will never be working for a company with a "Chief People Officer."

How to Lower Tuition by 88%

Allow me to take what has historically been a complicated economic concept, and make it simple - inflation.

Say you travel into outer space and come across a whole new, but inhabitable world.  "Clarey World."  And in "Clarey World" the only thing of any value produced is Rumpleminze.  There are no cars, paper, houses, shoes, video games, OR ANYTHING.  The ONLY thing that is produced on this utopian planet is Rumpleminze.  Period.

The inhabitants of Clarey World pay and exchange for Rumpleminze with "Clarey Bucks."  These Clarey Bucks are made with gold, no different than the coinage of the Earth 100 years ago.  So let's keep it very simple.

Clarey World produces Rumpleminze.
Clarey World uses gold "Clarey Bucks" to buy Rumpleminze.

That's it.  That's all this economy is.  Stop over thinking it.

So upon your intergalactic discovery of the Clarey World planet, you find that that year Clarey World produces 1 million gallons of Rumpleminze per year and the ENTIRE gold supply of the planet has been mined, resulting in precisely and only 1 million ounces of gold.

That's it. That's all there is.  Stop over thinking it.

So the exchange rate in any given year will be ONE Clarey Buck to ONE gallon of Rumpleminze.

So while visiting this planet, you volunteer to work at the Rumpleminze factory, earn some Clarey Bucks and buy some Rumpleminze because...well...there's literally nothing else to do in this lovely planet.  After a while you get bored and decide to fly back to Earth and spread the good word of Clarey World.  You also sing the praises of the galactic quality of Clarey World's Rumpleminze, and soon people also want to fly to Clarey World to sample its Rumpleminze.

But oh no.  There's a problem.  How are all of these new-comers going to buy Rumpleminze!?

"No problem," your ignorant space-exploring ass says.  "We'll just grab some gold here on Earth and use it to buy Rumpleminze on Clarey World."

So you and a fleet carrying 1 million people carrying 9 ounces of gold each, for a TOTAL of 9 million ounces of gold, fly to Clarey World with dreams of imbibing on the universe-famous Rumpleminze.

You guys get there, start spending your gold to buy Rumpleminze, and the economic question I ask of you is:


Some of you intuitively know "well the price has to go up" but in this incredibly controlled environment where there is NOTHING but gold and Rumpleminze, you should be able to figure out, TO THE PENNY, what will happen to the price of Rumpleminze on Clarey World.

It will go from 1 Clarey Buck (or ounce of gold) to 10.

The reason is simple division and IS THE VITAL CONCEPT OF INFLATION I (and many other Austrian economists) are trying to convey upon the masses.  The total supply of gold went from 1 million ounces to 10 million ounces over night, but the supply of Rumpleminze remained at 1 million ounces, thus a ratio of 10:1.

Forget, "velocity" forget "who spends the money first."  Just harken back to your "probability" math class back in the 7th grade where you put various colored balls into a bucket and calculated the "ratios" "probability" etc, of "pulling a green ball from a red bucket."  "Clarey World" is no different than a bucket where you have two colored balls.  Rumpleminze-colored and gold/Clarey Bucks-colored.  Before the discovery of Clarey World, the ratio of gold to Rumpleminze was 1 to 1.  One ounce of gold to one gallon of Rumpleminze.  And just like the math problem you had in the 7th grade:

"When you add 9 more "gold" colored balls to the bucket what is the ratio the price of gold to Rumpleminze?"

And BOOM!  10.  You have 1,000% inflation.  It is merely the change in supply of dollars/currency/Clarey Bucks to the amount of goods and economy or market can produce.

Of course, Clarey World is a very simple economy.  It only produces Rumpleminze and it's economic infrastructure is only currently capable of producing 1 million gallons per year.  But how is this any different than the US higher education system?

At any given year there are only so many parasites professors, so many vampires deans, and so many lampreys adjuncts that can provide only so many degrees and educations to X amount of students.  And just like Clarey World, when you flood this particular market with money, the result is not an increase in the number of degrees being conferred, but merely a price increase.  So in an ironic sense, if you want more affordable tuition, the key is NOT to flood the market with EVEN MORE GOVERNMENT/TAXPAYER MONEY, but.... (try really hard boys and girls)


This is perhaps the biggest misunderstanding about why tuition keeps going up, not to mention the primary cause of why it continues to do so.  People, completely ignorant about economics, think flooding the higher education market with more money, more student loans, etc. etc., will help "solve the problem," but this is EXACTLY the same thing as giving an alcoholic more booze to stop his drinking problem.  IT IS THE PROBLEM.  And when you consider all the sources of financing a college education and how students today pay for college, you find out that tuition is overpriced by 88%, almost identical to the famous "Rumpleminze Bubble" occurring on Clarey World today.

This chart shouldn't be viewed as "How to Students Pay for College."  It should read, to the decimal point, "Causes of Tuition Inflation."  And while here at Cappy Cap we all love to blame the government for everything, the truth is the government is actually NOT the primary culprit in this one.  It's ironically




If parents and various scholarship-offering entities simply refused to pay for their children's tuition, that alone would lower tuition OVER NIGHT by nearly 2/3rds.  I've argued for this before, where idiotic calls to "Boycott Big Oil for a Day" won't work for Big Oil, but SURE AS HELL WOULD WORK on colleges and universities!  However, convincing SUV-driving-soccer-moms and Dude-Bro-turned-MBA-wage-slave-simp parents of basic economics is impossible.  Also convincing crusaderist, non-profit do-gooders to end their enabling of children to pursue worthless degrees is also impossible.  So we can continue to expect the higher education market to be flooded with these ignorant-billions of dollars every year and tuition costs to skyrocket.

But what I found particularly interesting (and shameful of most students) was just how little they actually contributed to their own education.  12%.  They're either borrowing money that isn't theirs, taking from the taxpayer, or completely hammocking off of their parents and charities.  It's no wonder students today think they're entitled to a free education, because they're practically getting one! But the 12% number is much more important from an academic and economic perspective.  It's the what the price of tuition should be.  If left to pay cash for their own education and not rely on the hyper-inflation-causing outside sources of financing, the REAL price of a college education would only be 12% of what it is today.  It's what an uninterrupted, untainted market would be without the intervention of well-intended, but ignorant monies from various external sources.

Of course, for this "real price" of tuition to be realized, we'd actually have to end the scourge of "progressive credentialism" where we demand everybody has a bachelors degree (though "Masters Preferred") to work an entry level job.  Employers would also have to become more merocratic, allowing people to self-study, self-certify, and self-train for free on the internet, and apply for jobs without wasting 4-8 years in college.  And it would also require some ballsy moves on an entire generation to say, "No, screw you Big Education, we're boycotting you for a full year and going to work in the meantime for a gap year instead."  THAT right there would land a powerful one right in the groin of Big Education.  But, alas, the world is filled with sheeple and such independent thought and maneuvering is beyond them.  Nothings too good for American parents' "precious little children" and they'll do whatever they can so daddy's little princess or mommy's little prince can go to college and get "the college experience."

Just don't complain when Rumpleminze on Clarey World costs 400 Clarey Bucks per gallon.
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Interview with Dr. David Perrodin

Was on Dr. David Perrodin's podcast where we talked about conducting reconnaissance for middle aged men, growing up as kids in the 80's in Wisconsin, forging Robin Yount's signature on your glove, and a little bit about Poor Richard's Retirement and how putting humans first in your life makes your finances infinitely easier.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The "Steve Jobs is Dead" Principle

Work is your enemy.  Not your friend.
Your boss is your arch-nemesis.  Not your colleague.
Your career is your slavemaster.  Not your life.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lies are Free. The Truth Is Gonna Cost You

A friendly reminder that if you are having troubles, or know somebody that needs a swift kick in the ass (but of course, you don't dare delivering it to them), visit the Ole Captain at Asshole Consulting!

Why You Never Invest in St. Paul or Minneapolis Reason #5,833

"we want you to be able to rent out your property, absolutely. But...."

The Left Will Gladly Eat It's Own

Like professors getting the shit kicked out of them at Middlebury, now those "cool, hip, leftist capitalists" are getting a taste of their own medicine.

Don't worry Ben and Jerry.  There's still enough hard working, rich, SWPL, suburban, ignorant republicans to keep buying your ice cream.