Saturday, June 25, 2016

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Congratulations to the Brits Who Voted for Brexit!

And fuck the 49% of you who voted against your own country's sovereignty you traitorous fucks:

Friends Don't Let Friends Attend Law School

Arguably my biggest and best beat down of liberal-art majoring lawyers in terms of what incentivizes them and how they deserve the financially crippled life they bring upon themselves.  Feel free to share with any lawyers you may know! ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Job Posting for Pastors and Priests

The Ole Captain is looking to hire.  If you happen to know any (especially the kind that get back to you and have hustle). the Ole Captain should would appreciate it.

Fan Art!

A young man named Arjay was kind enough to draw this picture for me since he appreciated Bachelor Pad Economics.  I sent him an e-mail to see if he had a website in case some of you were interested in hiring him but he has yet to respond.  I will post it immediately once he sends it over.  In the meantime, consider buying Bachelor Pad Economics since it's now available in AUDIBLE meaning you don't have to read and can do something else while taking in my Super Awesome Economic Genius that has saved the financial lives of thousands!

It's Not the Single Mother's Fault

that she married the man who would murder her child.

See, he was just a great guy, so great you just had to exchange vows with him, and then all of the sudden, POOF!!!!!  He totally changed 180 and killed her daughter.  Out of nowhere!! No signs.  No hints.  Just BAAAM!!! Dr. Jeykell and Mr. Hyde!

See, so there were absolutely NO warning signs and this woman, who let the murderer of her daughter into their home, is not to have any guilt whatsoever because single mothers are never wrong about anything ever.

All I ask of you fuck up baby boomer (and now) Gen X parents is can you at least not murder your children or step children and leave them alive long enough so they seek help from Asshole Consulting?  See my business needs future clients, and you guys have been doing a GREAT job fucking up generations of children.  I appreciate it, I really do.  But if you kill them then how am I supposed to make money on your shitting parenting job?

Abuse them, beat them, scream at them, steal from them, and give them the WORST advice possible.  But for the love of god, don't kill them.  I need them alive!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cappy Explains Brexit

With lot's of cursing, swearing, and simple common sense:

It's Come to This: Don't Date Girls On Campus

However, while I was more focused on trying to figure out if he just naturally looked creepy, failed to read their signals, or truly was the victim of an increasing feminist-anti-male-rape-hysteria-drama, a solution recommended in the comments section to my consult hit me as it is a depressing portender of things to come.

Don’t date girls on your campus.”

Michael Steven Sanford - Pushing the Envelope

Normally I would say "the father could not be reached for comment," but there is more going on here than the standard scum of the earth that are begotten by the lack of a father.

1.  I love how they are pushing "autism/asperbgers" as a reason for pleading mental insanity.  Now any one of these idiot emo millennials will be able to plead insanity because of a mental disorder that may exist, but normal people fake-claim to have to get the feelz/attentions/government check.

2.  Of course he's here illegally

3.  Another pussy of a man without a strong/real father who doesn't hit the gym will have trouble with girls.  Since women play the largest role in a man's life at least genetically, failure in this arena will send some of the weaker minded "men" into despair and result in stupid behavior like "killing Trump."

4.  I couldn't find it, but how much you want to bet this worthless human isn't majoring in something that will produce a good or service other people want?

Monday, June 20, 2016

Episode #152 of The Clarey Podcast!

The Muppets were on drugs
Target and Chipolte are better than you
Qdoba tries to hard to be Chipolte
30 hour days
Percent of professional athletes who go bankrupt
Hot babes who have hustle and a work ethic


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!

Reason Not to Attend Mizzou #478

Too many white people in the crowd.

I Hate Teachers

Especially the lazy, fat, marxist slobs holding Mexican children hostage as they fake being "educators."

Friday, June 17, 2016

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Interview with Kerry Lutz

Kerry had me on his show this week.  Remember to visit Kerry if you're looking for your daily dose Financial Survival!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Another Reason Not to Shop at Target

They're just so smug about how open-minded and progressive they are, aren't they?

Obama Just Can't Get It Up...GDP I Mean

With only two effective quarters left of the Obama presidency, I wanted to see what RGDP growth looked like so I could update my famous "Rolling 20 Year Average RGDP Growth Rate."  Once again, this takes the past 20 years of economic growth and averages them out to see what kind of long term, "generational" growth rate our country is producing.  And with last quarter's GDP coming in at a paltry .8% growth rate, I wanted to see what effect Obama's past couple of years has had on this measure.

And it's what you'd expect.

As you know I have largely given up trying to sound the alarms and toll the bells to wake the American sheeple up to the major economic and financial problems we have.  However, this chart is the one I want to be remembered for when I die, because it speaks so directly to the major problem we as a country have.  That we are increasingly lazy, slothful, entitled, and incapable of producing the historical economic growth this nation once did.  And while the only real solution to our immense financial problems is economic growth, this modern day American economic engine is so replete with:

1.  immigrants who go on the government dole more than they work
2.  divorce which begets single motherhood which produces more criminals than engineers
3.  entitled, spoiled little millennial and gen x brats who genuinely think economic wealth just grows on trees
4.  a non-profit/public sector/activist unproductive class

that it's just too weak to produce the growth necessary to solve our financial problems.

So the next time you get involved in some kind of economic debate.
Or you are in class and your professor is talking about how Obama saved the economy.
Or some idiot republican says we need to "grow ourselves" out of these problems

Just point to the chart
Pour yourself a scotch
Take a sip
And tell the fucker to have a cup of STFU.

Here's a Foreigner I Want in My Country

Surgeon and sues the TSA.

Buy this man a cigar, some apple pie, and an AR 15!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Bet for Mr. Conan O'Brien


The Day's Just Keep Getting Better

At least for those of us in the "I told you so" crowd.

Trump is so going to win this one.

Is There Another Housing Bubble?

Because of the news and talk and social media and anecdotal stories about the return of NINJA loans, people have been asking whether there was another housing bubble and whether we could expect another crash.  So, since this has become an increasingly common question, I decided to put some research into it and the answer is

"No, not really."

The primary measure by which we gauge whether or not housing prices are sane is the "price to rents" ratio.  Very much like a "price to earnings" ratio for stocks, the price to rents ratios does the same thing by comparing the value of a house versus the rents it can generate.  And if we look at this ratio today we can see that though a touch above historical averages, housing prices are nowhere near a bubbly as they were in 2006:

Normally I would stop here because this would provide the definitive answer, but whereas the above chart looks at the demand for housing that drives values (rents), I also like to look at the other side of the economic equation - supply.  And here, once again, we are nowhere near the insane levels of supply we endured in the mid 2000's:

So while yes, there is technically a bubble, I would not be freaking out just yet about an imminent housing collapse like we saw in 2007.  I would be more worried about the collapse of our currency than the collapse of housing prices at the moment.