Monday, July 13, 2020

Up to 28% of American Women Have Children from More Than One Man

Crocodile tears for all those women who have to drop off their babies with their respective baby daddies and the multiple families they now are forced to interact with.

"As the statistics show in the example of the Nordic countries, as a country becomes more egalitarian, this affects divorce rates, single parent households and female choice. The recycling of men into second and third groups of children with different women, something that has also become a trend in the United States where up to 28% of women have children by more than one man, in a form of reproductive mixed market, is perhaps facilitated more through the generous Nordic Welfare states. [18, 19]
A researcher states in a Jezebel article
“And Dorius herself went even further, saying that multipartner fertility isn’t just a byproduct of inequality, but an engine of it: “Juggling all the different needs and demands of fathers in at least two households, four or more pairs of grandparents, and two or more children creates a huge set of chronic stressors that families have to deal with for decades.”” [20]"

Good Morning Coronachan #29 - The "Can I Do Better Than Superman" Episode

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The Reject/Left Over Marriage Market

It's like the produce section has been picked over:

"The pool of people available for an LTR becomes more and more dominated by those who are not good prospects for an LTR. Once you get into your fifties there might be an influx of “fresh blood” in the forms of women and men who’s first partner died young, but it does little to better the outcomes in aggregate. This is why you often see older men marrying younger women, because the pool of women age 20 – 30% has not yet been hit with the full force of self-selection. It is for this same reason that some of the older gents I talk to often complain of slim-pickings in their own age group."

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Life's Too Short for Megan Rapinoe's Hair


Friday, July 10, 2020

Minneapolis Faces $156 Million Budget Shortfall


Also to make you happy, Robert DeNiro (who I like as an action) is also a known lefty...married to a woman...who is estranged...who is now asking a court to increase her alimony during COVID...while DeNiro's media company is obviously suffering from COVID.

I would just like to point out to Mr. DeNiro that (like his colleague Brad Pitt) having the correct political views does not protect you from the (largely) leftist feminist court system.

I would also like to point out to the rest of you boys, you NEVER GET MARRIED.  EVERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

In the meantime I sincerely hope you all enjoy the decline this fine weekend.

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Thursday, July 09, 2020

Dear Kids, You Can't Trust Your Teachers

If you have a young one whose parents are not filtering their homework from teachers, perhaps consider sharing this video with them;

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

The "COVID Challenge"

First it was the cinnamon challenge
Then the Tide Pod challenge.

Now it's the "COVID Challenge."

And it's more American than you think;

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Why Men Should Always Hide Their Power Level

Boys, you NEVER let a woman know:

you have money
you have a great career, or
you have assets/wealth

And you NEVER envy the popular or famous.

You hide your real wealth, power, and income, and you never seek fame, status, or prestige.

You are a poor, lower-middle income schlep who can barely get by and are beset by the same financial problems all your friends are.  You comment how you are happy you "made rent" that month, and cancel dates at the last moment because "it's just not in the budget."  And you just keep stacking coins unbeknownst to everybody else. 

You are not just the millionaire next door, you are the unknown millionaire taking her out for coffee as she criticizes you used-subcompact car, your average clothes, and your minimalist apartment.

Because if you flash your cash, brag about your "six figs," or dare to become famous or super wealthy, this is the result.

Now buy this freaking book below and make your financial life a hell of a lot easier.

And when you're done reading that book, for you younger boys out there, read this book next.

You can thank me later when you're sitting pretty and debating whether to retire at 40 or keep working.

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Saturday, July 04, 2020

Another Victory for Capitalism

If there is a key difference between capitalists and socialists, it's that capitalists come up with solutions to problems while socialists just bitch about them and demand other people's money to treat the symptoms of those problems...but never solve them.

A perfect example of capitalist ingenuity right here.

I hope whoever came up with the idea was given a $5 million bonus.  S/he deserves it.

Friday, July 03, 2020

Cappy is Moving from Patreon to Subscribestar

Patreon, like nearly every other Silicon Valley company, sent me a lecturing e-mail about BLM, privilege, etc. etc. etc.  That I understand.  You're paying your danegeld, your marketing majors know nothing but virtue signaling, like Hollywood you're fresh out of ideas and are regurgitating what your professors told you in the 00's was "cutting edge" marketing.

But I will not tolerate genuine racism where you (Patreon) are encouraging employees to donate money to black content producers AND are giving preferential traffic treatment to black content producers.

Thankfully, Patreon is not a monopoly and Subscribestar (a Russian company) is a competitor that just wants to make money and isn't going to lecture me.  Nor is it going to be bigoted giving preferential treatment to some over others.  And so that's why I decided to move, because I have self-respect and standards.

For all my Patreon donors, please download all the content you want from my Patreon account which I will leave up until July 15th.  Then, if you kindly would, consider supporting me on Subscribestar.  I will be uploading "Behind the Paywall" content there such as "The Road Trip Podcast," Marijo's pinups, and "Sanity is the Future of Wealth" at the same completely unreliable schedule I always was.

I'm sorry to do this to all of you who took the time to subscribe to me before.  It seems big tech and Silicon Valley are making it a part of daily life where people have to constantly move platforms, censor and edit themselves, set up new usernames and passwords, etc., all because these (predominantly) Gen X "leaders" put politics ahead of people, virtue signaling over viable business practices.  But someday, there will be enough competition in this big tech/content creator world that Patreon, YouTube, Facebook, etc., will have alienated too many people or censored so many there is nobody left.  And then maybe, someday, we adults can have an adult conversation, uninterrupted without worrying about some thought-police nanny-nazi sticking their damn noses in every sentence and word we utter to each other.

See you on Subscribestar and as always...

Enjoy the Decline!

Thursday, July 02, 2020

All That Virtue Signaling and Danegeld for Nothing!!!!

Black Youtubers file lawsuit against YouTube.

Perhaps YouTube can consult Target about how virtue signaling has helped with race relations.

Uh Oh...I Guess You Can't Just Defame and Beat Your Husband

Oh nosies!

Corporate Donations to BLM vs. Government Spending on the Black Community

As you may have noticed I don't do as much writing as I used to. This is in part due to writing the majority of a rather large book, a month-long cancer scare, the coronavirus, and the consequential podcast it spurred - "Good Morning Coronachan."  Throw in at least 3 consultations a day for Asshole Consulting, and there just isn't enough time left in the day to get to penning serious pieces of economic and political thought.

But I did want to write quick piece because it needs writing.  And when I say "needs writing," I do not mean that it needs to be brought to society's attention. Society never listens.  It needs to be written for posterity's sake and so we can reliably predict where yet another leftist idea will fail.  And that latest leftist idea that is doomed to failure is corporate donations to the NAACP, BLM, justice initiatives etc.

The short version is this - does the totality of all these corporate donations even hold a candle to the trillions of dollars the US federal government has spent on the black community over the past 50 years?

I do not have the time to go and calculate precise numbers but some back of napkin calculations boil down as this.

The largest donations from the largest corporations are coming in around $5 million (though amortized over 5-10 years).  Let's just assume all corporations in the Fortune 1,000 donate $5 million each, though very few are coming even that close. That adds up to a whopping...

$5 billion.

Contrast that with the TRILLIONS the government has spent on the black community.  There is no way to know precisely how much the government has spent on the black community over the past 50 years (using The Great Society as a starting point), but research I've done in the past ball park it between $4 to $9 trillion (it's a big ball park) in excess social spending on the black community beyond what their proportional population would be entitled to.

To give liberals and leftist a visual demonstration, I've put together a chart because I know most of you truly do not know the difference between a trillion and a billion.

Obviously, if the multiple trillions of dollars has not closed the:

life expectancy

gaps between black and whites, this pittance of a fart of $5 billion will do absolutely nothing the same.  It may enrich some black activists who sit on the boards of these non-profits, but it will not do one damn thing to tangibly improve the lives of black people in the US.

It is here I behoove anybody of any political or racial stripe to be intellectually honest with themselves and acknowledge what this laughable joke of "corporate donations" are - Marketing.  Placating.  Danegeld.  Virtue-signaling.  These corporations do not care about black people, they care about themselves and are capitalizing off of a tragedy to profit.

It is also here I further behoove anybody of any political stripe or race to ask if trillions in money hasn't helped the plight of black people, would trillions more help?  Or is there something else causing the various health/wealth/income disparities between blacks and other Americans that first needs to be accurately diagnosed before we further commit resources to tackling this problem so that it might be effective?

Sadly, I know the answer - nobody actually cares about improving the plights of blacks.  People just see trillions of dollars (black people included) and it blinds them to long-term, permanent solutions that would raise black standards of living.  However, if any of you have the courage and bravery to actually look past "more money" and apply a critical eye to black poverty with the goal of ending it, you can find a much cheaper and effective solution here.

Best of luck and as always, enjoy the decline.

Patreon May Be Bleeding Clients to Subscribestar

So there's no way to tell if this is indeed what's happening, but after Patreon put out it's utterly predictable "letter from the CEO" about how they were going to encourage employees to donate to POC's patreon accounts, donate to BLM and the NAACP, etc. etc., naturally this perturbed white Patreon members (or in general, just principled Patreon members) as it is the bonafide definition of racism.  It may be euphemistically called "affirmative action," but if a company ever came out and said, "we're encouraging employees to donate to white patreon members" the world would throw a hissyfit. 

Subscribestar is the natural second choice, but when I signed up for it, I got a message that account approval is delayed because they are being flooded with new requests.

This could be because of the virus and people setting up online profiles.  It could be because paywalled-content creation is a booming industry.  But I cannot help but think Patreon being the literal definition of racist (no matter how "well-intended") was too much, even for bend-over, amicable, guilty white people to tolerate.

Assuming my profile is approved, you will be able to find my subscribestar account here.  I will be moving all my content from Patreon to Subscribestar and inevitably closing down my Patreon account.  So for those of you who are subscribed to me on Patreon - thank you very much - BUT DOWNLOAD ALL THAT SHIT NOW before I take the site down.  And if you would kindly move your subscription from Patreon to Subscribestar once my account is approved.

Many thanks!