Monday, December 17, 2018

Is There Anything More Empowering than Divorcing a Prince?

Let it be known here that the Ole Captain predicted this woman will divorce Harry because it will be the most empowering thing a woman ever did by today's standards of empowerment.  I say "today's standards" because Margaret Thatcher had real power by real standards.  But the day is coming, boys and girls.  The day is coming.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Elkins Hour #5 - "Prostitution is the New Normal" Episode

Seeking Arrangement/prostitution will be the new normal.
Cappy cleans his house...A LOT.
The Scared Accountant.

Friday, December 14, 2018

The Clarey Podcast #277 - The "Lonely Baby Boomers" Episode

People's fear of "normal mental illness."
Parents going into debt for their childrens' worthless degrees.
The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment.
Britain bans "stereotyping advertising."
Baby Boomers OFFICIALLY the "Most Lonely Generation."

and MORE!!!

in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Your Destiny with Maslow and PTSD Awaits

The Marathon

To be blunt, I am successful.

I am not rich any any means, but I will spend a higher percentage of my life being free compared to 99% of the people in the world, even rich people.  I answer to no one.  I have no debts.  I have complete and utter freedom.  I wake up when I want.  I eat what I want.  I ride my motorcycle wherever I want.  And I make my money however I want.  And when the seconds are tallied up at the end of my life, I will have spent a higher percentage of my life doing what I wanted even compared to Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and certainly Steve Jobs.  Because time is all the matters.  Money is a close, yet at the same time, distance second.  And the person who wins at life is the man who spent the highest percent of his life free.  Not who has the most money.

But this success was not sudden.  It was not as if I inherited the lottery or found out I was related to the Daytons and had a trust fund.  It was the result of long term planning, frugality, minimalism, and fiscal discipline.  It was decades in the making, and even though it took decades, the end result was a rare achievement most humans never experience.  But whereas my path to this "successful life" was a long road, much like a marathon the part where you attain success was rather immediate.  Almost a blink of an eye.  And so very much like a marathon where 99.999% of it is the struggle and toil of running, and .0001% is "POOF you pass the finish line," so too is success in life.  But unlike a marathon that has an ending, life continues on well past the finish line.

And that's when the monsters, nightmares, and demons really come out.

Blasting Through Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Most Red Pill men today face an interesting dichotomy.

On one hand you are almost guaranteed to be (or have been) brought up in a dysfunctional, if not outright hostile environment.  A broken home, a single mom, a deadbeat dad, poverty, drugs, and/or the prison euphemistically called "Public School."  And this says nothing about the lies and propaganda beaten into your skull by 17 years of K-college education, not to mention the blatant lies from the media, government, and society.  And these lies are about everything important in life.  Dating, career, marriage, politics, economics, family, philosophy, and education.  And because they're lies about everything in life, it prevents you from even being marginally successful at life.  At BEST you come out a brainwashed leftist from college with a worthless degree and $75,000 worth of crippling student loans.  At WORSE you are a young black man whose mom is using your social security number to open up credit cards and will disown you if you go to college because she will collect less Section 8 housing money (true story).  The point is upon entering the real world you are incredibly disadvantaged to succeed because of the lies you've been fed.  And this disadvantage is so great, its debatable whether it's your crippled finances that makes it worse, or the mental insanity you endure when the lies you've been told prevent you from making any progress or success in the real world.

On the other hand, never have men (and women) had such easy access to truth and reality.  In the pre-internet days if you were brainwashed it was nearly impossible to figure out you were.  Soviet and Red Chinese citizens actually believed America was the enemy and they were free.  Baby Boomer men actually believed women wanted sensitive 90's men and Baby Boomer women to be treated like men.  And young Gen Xer's were convinced we were all going to die because of the Amazon rainforests or the ozone hole.  But now with the internet you at least have access to different opinions, theories, and philosophies.  You have access to people who offer explanations WHY you're not finding a job, why you're not finding women, and why you're not having success.  Certainly, many of these theories hurt, but AT LEAST it's not propaganda and lies that keep you down.  And AT LEAST it offers a solution to your problems.  Alas, while you may be brainwashed into failing at life, the red pill truths you can get on the internet freely and immediately make recovering from the aforementioned lies and propaganda easy (if you decided to take said red pills).

Now when you take these two variables:

1.  Generations who have never been so lied-to, propagandized, and thus disadvantaged, and
2.  An easily accessible, direct, and blunt solution to their problems via the internet

you get a rapid, almost lightning speed recovery (for anybody bold enough to take and embrace the red pill).  This is great in that you are not left to wander, aimlessly, confused and insane, ultimately wasting your life.  You know what reality is.  You know what the truth is. You have a clear roadmap and path to success.  But the speed at which you recover is so rapid it actually can cause damage much like a SCUBA diver surfacing too quickly or even Truman Burbank realizing he's merely part of The Truman Show.

This is going to (if not already has) happen to thousands, if not millions of young men (and some women) today.  You were lied to about nearly everything in life.  You were a miserable failure at it in all regards.  But once you get on track, once you see the Matrix for what it is, you can excel and succeed in it.  Soon you're changing your degree to something employable.  Next you're working a real job and a side gig to pay off your debts.  Then you're dabbling in entrepreneurship to make yourself independently employed. And before you know it you're sitting on a house where your renters are paying your mortgage.  It may take 5, even 10 years, but the speed at which you are going is literally blasting through all of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs that most normal people don't ever do in an 80 year life expectancy.  You're no longer living in the ghetto where it's unsafe and you don't know where your next meal is coming from.  You're no longer striving, working some late night job to help lower your tuition costs.  You're not slaving away at two jobs to pay down your debts.  And even soon enough you're not even answering to a boss as your contract business is doing very well.  And with enough work, effort, dedication and sacrifice, soon you "make it."  You  make it past the Maslowian "finish line" to "self actualization."  You no longer have to worry about food, clothing, shelter or money.  You can FINALLY relax and enjoy life for what it was meant to be.

But there is a problem.

You've had your nose to the grind for so long, you didn't see what was on the other side of self-actualization.  You never thought to look ahead to think what would happen at the end of the marathon.  You've been stuck in the lower stages of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, your only dream was to survive and merely get out of them.  You never contemplated what was on the "other side."  YOu always assumed that it was going to be a utopia.  A "haven" where the pilgrims or some adventurers in a movie would reach their "final destination" and all would be well.  But like many of those movies, upon arriving at their final destination, they find out it either doesn't exist, is in fact a hell, or is a dystopian nightmare, and thus the real challenge begins.

The Demons Come Out to Play

The first thing you will notice is how few people make it past this metaphorical finish line.  Yes, thousands, perhaps millions of men in our lifetimes will take the red pill, leave poverty, gain success, but it will be a small, precious percentage.  Most of the people you will have in your life will still be stuck on the propaganda hamster wheel of life.  They will think they need a big, fancy McMansion with a big fancy McMortgage.  They will need luxury items that will only put them into debt further.  They will need advanced degrees, only making it impossible for them to ever retire.  And thus they will forever be wage slaves incapable of joining you or ever operating at your level.

The second thing you'll notice is most of them will still be stuck in the matrix, being true believers in the propaganda they've been sold.  Education is freedom.  It's more important to have a luxury SUV than raise your own kids.  Your career is what defines you.  And perhaps the cherry on the brainwashing-sundae is "you're all intelligent, independent-minded people."  This will provide you VERY few genuine colleagues who can even keep up with you intellectually.  There will be very few minds you'll be able to appreciate and enjoy.  And while every one around you is mocking you for buying cheap, used cars, or being a stick in the mud, they'll wonder how you paid your house off at 40 and how you can afford to ride out to Alaska at the drop of a hat.

Third, you will be lonely.  While you have actually made it to this nirvana, the population is almost always zero.  And this can mean you're by yourself adventuring about, living your life, or surrounded by people, but having absolutely zero intellectual interest in them because they're sheep. You will attend company Christmas parties where worker drones drone on about their careers, mindless things, or how their children are going to go to an overpriced college for a worthless degree.  Your truly amazing adventure of how you undid your brainwashing, took the red pill, and achieved success becoming a truly free individual will bore them, perhaps even make them think you're a braggart, when in reality you are by far the most interesting person at that table.  And do not even bother telling people about your journey because they simply aren't interested.  They will say "that's nice" and move on to other more mundane and pop-culture topics, perhaps the latest sportsball game or what the latest Hollywood harlot tweeted.

Finally, you will have what I would consider a very watered down version of PTSD.  I don't like ascribing PTSD to people who did NOT fight in war or suffer a truly traumatic event.  But being poor for most of your youth, being brought up in a broken home, being perpetually under debt, wasting 17 years on an education that doesn't pay, and living a life founded in lies does inevitably take a psychological toll because it's a constant state of stress.  You won't notice at first because you'll be too busy plodding one foot in front of the other to win this marathon of life, but once your financial, security, and biological needs are met, your brain will actually have the time to get out of "emergency crisis mode" and look back.  And your only question will simply be "why?"  "Why did older people lie to us about our education?"  "Why did politicians tell us to love the state and socialism more than the individual and family?"  "Why did we get programmed to value our careers more than the love of life our any theoretical children we might have?" "Why did they do this to us?"  It is at this point you will realize just how much (if not all) of your youth was wasted towards tragic or at least futile ends.  It will further depress you when you realize just how much society feeds off of its young.  And remember, only a very small percentage of people will be capable of seeing this for what it is.  You will be alone with these constant reminders, like a mythical Cassandra that nobody is going to believe or listen to.

But Never Go Back

You may be tempted to go back and join the herd.  To live an ignorantly blissful life.  But this isn't The Matrix where you can be plugged back in.  Once you took that galvanizing trek to figure out the real world for what it is, and then make that arduous journey to succeed in that new real world, you cannot undo the process.  You will always see how people are screwing up.  You will always understand why people are not happy.  You will always understand why you will have so few peers.  You will not ever be able to tolerate the tedium of normal people talking ever again.  You will not be able to work in a corporate career, vainly hoping for some sort of comradery.  And you are not going to be able to go back to college to find intellectual stimulation.  The only thing that will do it, is the presence and company of equally independent-minded people who went on their own journey.  These people are precious and few.  So hold onto them when they come across your life.
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Boy Scouts Getting Sued

I like the last part.  They're getting sued by the girlscouts for allowing girls into the club.

Stay woke, go broke.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Cappy's Bored Podcast

Random podcast I put together because I didn't want to write:

The Older Brother Podcast #31 - The "Short Guy" Episode

When dating was fun.
Dating for short guys.
Seattle and Portland people.
Chivalry is old hat.


in THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother Podcast

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Putin Was a Bad Ass

I love how the media and the world hate a man who was...well...manly.  He may not have been on the "good side"(though democrats could not masturbate enough to communist Russia or the GDR in the 80's), but there is no doubt Putin is a real man.  And not only a real man, but a judo champion and agent of the KGB.  He's a guy men can trust.  Not to NOT be a tyrant or dictator, but to be a man.  THAT is what really scares the global media left about Putin.  A man with zero fucks to give and a "go fuck yourself" attitude.  Russia has not been better served since Peter the Great.

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

But a step mom was available.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Roosh Has Written the Most Pro-Female Book in History

If you don't know what it is, then you haven't been paying attention, but "Game" is the latest literary work of Roosh V, the epitomal world playboy of our time.  It has gained more attention than his other works in that this book has been banned by Amazon, Barnes and Noble, along with the author himself being deplatformed from various monopolistic and oligopolistic big tech cartel platforms.  However, Roosh has also spearheaded a new frontier in this regard making his book easily accessible in all formats, proving success needn't depend on Big Tech.

To the seasoned "Manospherian" or "Red Pill" man, there will be nothing new in "Game" that you hadn't already gleaned from either consuming red pill literature or through empiricism dating in the real world.  I could recommend it to these type of readers only on the ground you would want to help out Roosh for being censored by people and entities that do not truly understand or appreciate free speech.  But if you are new to the red pill community, or are just a young man about to embark on the pursuit of women, it is a mandatory stand alone work that improves upon his original, Bang.  "Game" is more thorough, more complete, and especially more updated in that it accounts for the real and increasing risk of women falsely accusing men of rape, rape hysteria, and a genuine hatred against men.  It also accounts for the accelerated arms-race of sorts where smart phones and social media is quickly rendering traditional women (both domestic and aboard) mass-produced, attention-addicted, NPC leftists who require exponential levels of game to be wooed.    Despite these improvements and considerations, the book is inherently flawed (by no fault of the author) as within 10 years time the goal posts of the Battle of the Sexes will invariably be moved even further left, to which insane heights I cannot even begin to fathom.  The only real complaint I have about the book is the unnecessary and overly crass segment on having sex with women on their period.  I believe Roosh is too obsessed about helping people get their notch count up, whereas I personally would sacrifice 3 or 4 extra lays if it required having sex with a woman on her period.   Overall, I give the book 4 out of 5 stars.

But here is the interesting twist.

The most interesting part of the book was not the level of experience Roosh displays in nearly every facet of dancing, dating, and doinking.  Nor is it his very precise and succinct use of the English language (which I actually did appreciate very much).  It was that he has quite literally wrote the most pro-female book I've ever read or heard of in my life.

And when I say "quite literally" I mean that in the literal sense of the words.

Roosh has written the most pro-female book ever written, and that includes anything written by feminists.

I came to this conclusion when I noticed I was becoming increasingly pained, even depressed as I read "Game."  In part it was because it reminded me of my past and just how much effort, energy, and resources I poured into chasing women (with varying levels of success).  In part it was the painstaking detail Roosh applied to every whim, desire, outcome, and variable of women and what they wanted.  In part it was the new and Orwellian countermeasures men had to take as precautions against fake rape, assault, and harassment accusations.  And it was the fact that Roosh has been at this for 15 years, reminding me of not only what he had to have gone through, but what I and millions of other men have as well.

I couldn't put my finger on it until I was almost done with the book, but the reason why I was so pained, even depressed was because it showed how Roosh, of all people, had dedicated his entire youth to making women happy.  Admittedly, this was all in the aim of getting laid.  He wasn't doing it for charity.  But the result was a man whose entire youth was living on the pins and needles, guessing, theorizing, reverse engineering, honing, calculating, identifying, and inevitably delivering on



of women.

The book could almost be read through two times in two different mind sets.  The first being a rookie kid who the book is intended for. The second, however, would be if you are an aspiring manager of only the most elite hotels and restaurants in the world..  Like a 5 star hotel or the elite Michelin restaurants, Roosh has considered, accounted for, tailored, and even predicted every possible want, need, desire, and even angle women could possibly want in nearly EVERY situation.  Of note was noticing what color her jewelry was, to crafting loose (but highly designed) questions to keep the conversation going (because, why should a woman be inconvenienced to carry on the conversation?), to changing that conversation based on country and even city, to bringing extra money to provide for the contingency the girl may not have cab fare to go back home, even going to the extents to make a woman feel comfortable having sex while on her period.  No amount of chocolates on pillows with champagne with the most awe-inspiring cityscape views could come close to the level of detail, attention, care, consideration, and service Roosh has put into making women happy.  The only difference is the hotel wants your money and Roosh wants to have sex.

This then brings up a very important philosophical question all men must ask themselves, and one I hope even veteran red pillers ask when (not if) they read this book

Are women worth this level of dedication and sacrifice?

Women may not like Roosh.  Feminists may even hate him.  But I have never seen a man dedicate this much energy, time, youth, thought, money, and psychological resources into doting on their every desire and wish.  It's laughably and unbelievably tragic this book is viewed as misogynist, when in reality it's subservient to women.  Admittedly, Roosh unlocking the secret to seducing women to such a literal formula is a lifetime achievement, and I'm not saying he wasted a second or cent of his life.  But if "Game" is what it takes to become a player and get laid, the price is simply too high for any self-respecting man.  Roosh, in a very Jesus Christ way, suffered so we don't have to.  I suggest EVERY man read "Game" so you can realize and avoid the price Roosh paid.
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Friday, December 07, 2018

The Clarey Podcast #275 - The "Cappy Dream Team" Episode

Cappy's Global Domination Dream Team.
Oprah is powerful.
Facebook bans sex.
Cappy would become a Jew if he had to choose.
Slamming on Minnesota Vikings fans.


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Leave Your Husband if He's a Republican

Or, even if he doesn't hate Trump as much as you.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Big Tech, Worse than the FCC

Good Christ, Big Tech won't stop until everything is Rated G.

The Best of Captain Capitalism Trio

There are officially now three books where I have conveniently compiled the best posts of this blog.  The main purpose of these books is to back up some of my life's work in case Google, Amazon, or the government censors it, or just simply deletes it.  But it is also to save you time as a reader where you won't have to sift through 5,000 posts looking for the most intellectually stimulating ones.  And of course there is the profit motive which is largely my sole motivator in life.

However, I have redone the covers to all be themed around pinup girls, showcasing the talents of three different artists.  Again the primary purpose was to back up my work, not make a killing, so I wanted them to be a bit more presentable and classy, so I went with the pinup girl motif.

Regardless, whether you buy them for intellectual reasons or you just like the cover art, you can purchase them below in both paperback and kindle.  The only one that has a separate Kindle listing is "Captain Capitalism Top Shelf" which you can find here.  Certainly feel free to share and tell friends.

The Man Who Would Not Be King

Aw, that's too bad.  Guess you won't be running for president, eh Mike?

Asshole Consulting Live #2 - Special Guest Consultant John Steele

Cappy and John Steele field questions and superchats including:

Should you buy investment property or an IRA?
Motorcycle patches and jackets.
Marrying overseas women and dating them.
Nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners, and sorta nurses.
Picking on Chad Elkins.

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Nepotistic, Spoiled Rich Kids Ain't Worth a Shit

Matter of fact, they end up costing more than they ever produced in life.