Wednesday, September 18, 2019

How Men Can Own All Reproductive Rights

I cannot claim to understand the cacophony and clamor over reproductive rights.

If the past 30 years has taught me anything it's that women really, really, REALLY want to have the option to abort their babies.  Being libertarian and a misanthrope, I'm not going to stand in their way.  Furthermore, though I am pro-choice, I cannot think of a better albatross to throw around the neck of a more deserving group of people than women who are proud to abort their children.  It's a horrific decision.  It indicates poor planning on their part.  And the consequences include something that borders on murdering a human life.  If they desperately want that right, then by all means let them have it.

However, the vehemence by which women defend their rights to abortion, birth control, even getting to the point they demand government paid tampons, indicates to me that there's a psychological, cult like obsession with "reproductive rights."

I take the foolish, idealistic notion of doing what maintains the freedom of the individual, balanced with what's in the best interest of the children.  And to show you how literal I am, that means aborting children whose mothers are so bad they forgot to take a birth control pill, or are the types of mothers to abort their babies.  Life is not precious in my opinion, especially if it will be tortured by a single mom who really, truthfully doesn't want you, or is so irresponsible that they will abort you in the third trimester.  A non-existent life is better than a life replete with being brought up by an incompetent single mom.  So by all means, abort away.

But it goes beyond that.

Modern day women, feminists, and even our rank and file women are more than willing to draw blood to protect their precious "reproductive rights," unrightly spilling it over to demand other people pay for their birth control, abortions, and unfortunate children who make it past the finish line.

I have a much more efficient, simple, and fair solution:

Mandatory vasectomies for all men.

I've wrestled with this for many years in my life because I was told a vasectomy was 40% permanent.  Meaning that only 60% of vasectomies could be reversed, and thus you REALLY REALLY REALLY had to know that you did not want to have children if you went forward with this.

But logic and common sense made me question this.  And though not a doctor, I wondered, "can't you simply just take a syringe and extract some semen to artificially impregnate somebody if you wanted to, even though you had a vasectomy?"

Turns out you can.

There are 3-4 ways to extract sperm from a man who has undergone a vasectomy.  They are not all successful at first, but after 8 tries studies have found a 100% rate of successfully extracting sperm.  And though there will be exceptions where an individual or two cannot ever get sperm extracted post-vasectomy, the numbers brought about an interesting epiphany.

If every guy got a vasectomy,
And the only way to get sperm was with one of these 3-4 unconventional methods,

we'd all be able to still have children, but.....
men would completely own and monopolize reproductive rights.

For some reason, that simple statement right now is sending shock waves down the spinal chords of many women today.  Perhaps all of them.  And I really to this day don't know why.  Women wanted reproductive control and rights and men gave it to them.  So why should the prospect of men universally getting vasectomies "screeeeeee" women?  Furthermore, shouldn't the consequences of sex (that would be "the childrenzzzz") be of ultimate importance?  I cannot help but see how giving men equal authority to women (since women have the nuclear abortion option) as to whether a child is birthed or not would make so many people upset.

But it does, and so let me enumerate the reasons why.

First, there is this feminist (more or less) based cult that obsesses about reproductive rights.  Any sane man long ago would have said, "OK, you got the same rights, now let's move on and make a great society."  But most within the leftists/feminist political world are so pathetic they don't want to move on.  They CAN'T move on.  Because all they have is complaining and playing the victim.

Putting reproductive rights in the hands of men denies them of all the steam in their professional victimhood-oppression engine.  It completely negates and neutralizes them because it makes it a non-issue.

You don't want kids?
You want to have consequentless free sex?
You want to determine whether a kid comes into this world or not?

Well, worry no longer sister.  It ain't even getting to that stage.  All men are shooting blanks!  Rest easy sister, you can have all the child-free sex you want.

It would take away their pet cause, their core reason for oppression, and they simply don't want to go and find/concoct another.  And they CERTAINLY don't want to go out and find a real job!

Second, there would be no more baby-daddy black mail.  No more givemedats.  Single mothers, who never had any intention of raising their children or being a good wife, whose SOLE purpose was to get some government cheese by breeding would simply be denied and then (once again, the worst nightmare of a lazy person) be forced to get a real job and support herself.

No more "accidental pregnancies."
No more "oops, I forgot to take my pill."
No more "but I want a baaaaabbbyyyyyy!!!!"

No my fine good sir.  Unless there is a syringe stuck in your balls, currently extracting semen for the EXPRESS purpose of impregnating a woman, there is not "oops."  There is no "accident."  And with that, the multi-hundred-billion-dollar industry of undesired child support goes away.  It's just a question of whether you're a smart enough man to drop $1,200 on some vasectomy insurance.

Third, ask yourself where most women are employed today.

The truth is a disproportionate plurality is simply employed taking care of other women's children they couldn't take care of themselves.  This is a huge, MULTI-TRILLION dollar industry per year that includes the education system, child care, day care, pre-k, and other government leviathans that have been expressly and purposely made to replace men while employing women.

The millions of barren women employed in these industries would have to forfeit their jobs if there was not a constant supply of unwanted children being birthed by women who "oops" forgot to take the pill.  These women, no doubt feminists, leftists, and democrats, who ALSO have nothing else to live for in life, will scream BLOODY MURDER if you men dare to get vasectomies on a national level and put control of reproduction completely into the hands of men.  Without all these illegitimate children, all social workers would lose their jobs.  All day care operators would lose their licenses.  Every woman who aborted their children and have nothing left to live for, except their professions, would have to give up their professions of taking care of other women's children.  Men, en masse, getting vasectomies would force these women to realize their complete and utter pointlessness and worthlessness, and they simply are not going to have any of that.

They need dysfunctional boys.
They need gangsters.
They need all you boys and men suffering.

Because how else would they legitimize their "Masters in Social Work" or "Masters in Psychology?"

There are very few options real men, real Americans have left to fight against the marxist, oppressionist, and simply hate-filled left.  The most powerful of which I believe is that all men get a vasectomy and then "we'll talk" about having children later.  It puts reproductive rights squarely into the hands of more somber, judicious people (that would be us - men) and it would end the welfare state within a generation.  Shoot, you might even have families where BOTH parents (that would be the "mother" and the "father") actually wanted to have children and all the societal ills of socialist feminism and single-mommy-hood would go away.

Of course, you boys understand WHY modern day women, with all their indoctrination and brainwashing are going to fight tooth and nail if you dare to all get vasectomies.

But then I ask....

Well, isn't "choice" the ultimate principle and value within the women's movement?

Seriously, you men want to strike back at this socialist, feminist, anti-male nonsense?  Talk to your urologist and seriously think about getting a vasectomy.  You're statistically not giving anything up.  But you sure are depriving feminists of the vital hill of "children" they so cowardly hide behind.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Older Brother Podcast #59 - The "Post Office" Episode

Cappy's health scare - stress-induced ulcer or STAGE 4 CANCER???  Tune in next week!
"Meh" about death.
Atham tells us about Mexcian wrestling.
Men who fill the void with women.
How men can control all reproductive rights.


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Oh, and By The Way She Ran Pepsi

It's almost as if there aren't companies to run as much as there is to fawn about vagina all the time.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #308 - The "Enjoy the Show" Episode

Black teens beating up dopey white minneapolitans downtown.
"Enjoy the Show" - Girl successfully murders new born.
How DARK can Chad get???
Glass Steagal
Millennials believing in astrology.


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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Older Brother Podcast #58 - The "Cat Wine" Episode

Door County - the Pinnacle Achievement of White People.
Walter Matthau Sexually Harassed Sophia Loren...and SHE LIKED IT!
When students beat up their TEEEAAACHEERRRSSSS!!!!
Joe Biden reaps what he grew.
Fitbit causes a Health Scare in Cappy.
Cat Wine - "Purrrrrlot" GET IT?????
Jacob Scheier - The Poster Child for Millennial Parasites


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Monday, September 09, 2019

Behind the Post: Marcie Bianco

You may have noticed that outlandish articles about outlandish things are being produced at a machine gun rate by both the mainstream and click-bait media.  It really is just a shock-and-awe, post the most outlandish shit, bring in the clicks and eyeballs type of brown journalism, so much so you can't call it journalism.  You can only call it what it truly is - tabloid.

But unless the article is in a magazine on the rack in the check out line at the grocery store, people think these articles are legit, especially if they have "NBC" or "CNN" on the URL.  Most are easily duped if the website just looks professional.

But instead of getting pissed off at this constant barrage of rage-instilling BS brown pieces, I like to look at who wrote them as I think that has more genuine journalistic worth than the slop they're writing.

Today's article/person is Marcie Bianco.

Marcie wrote a piece at NBC that Miley Ray Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth divorce was a blow to "patriarchy."  

I know. I know.  It's dumber than a sociology major taking 7 years to graduate, but hear me out.  The point of my article is to get you to the point that you never get even slightly irked at such a stupid article ever again.  She's trying to goad you.  She's purposely being obtuse and dense to get a rise out of you.  And with the controversial position she's taken (one she may not even believe in), you're going to click bait it, post it, and bring her in more clicks.  Do not be tempted.

Instead, look at who this person is.

Marcie Bianco is predominantly a lesbian/feminist activist. 

Which is fine.  Which is cool.  Which is OK.

She is, however, NOT a journalist and her opinions are not that of everyday America, let alone every day women.  She has an agenda, which means the article - no matter how click-baity-tempting it was to click - was not worth the click.  Matter of fact, it's not worth anything.  It's propaganda.

It is here I'm trying to get some people to "Enjoy the Show" and make some lemonade out of the seeming lemons we've received.  And I'm not even going to connect the dots for you.  I'm just going to tell you what to do whether you see a Marcie Bianco or any other shock-piece writer's crap masquerading as legitimate editorial or journalistic commentary.  

Find out how successful and happy that person is.

How many twitter followers does this "journalist/writer" have?
Does s/he work for a firm that actually PAYS their writers or do they writer for free (ask Huffington Post "journalists").
Are their "award winning books" REALLY award winning?  Look up their sales rank and the number of reviews they have.  You'll be SHOCKED how many "best selling authors" have sold jack shit in terms of books.
And look at their resumes/linked in profiles.  Is it all work work work and at welfare-make-work-non-profit-government jobs no less?  Do they have any fun?  Any life?

And then finally...

Ask yourself the question, would you trade lives with them?

Chances are you wouldn't.

The industry of making insulting, enraging, angering, agitating articles simply to be controversial, get a rise, and thus get click-traffic is arguably the worst social scourge we have in society today.  It's no better than fake news, and sadly all of media is guilty of it.  It angers you, raises your blood pressure, makes you depressed, and on both sides of all political aisles.

But before you even let your heart rate jump up 1 beat per minute more than it has to, I ask of you to at least look at who wrote the article.  Chances are you'll see they have no authority, veracity, integrity, or anchoring in the real world, and are just writing a screed to either get a political point across or bring in the sheeple's eyes so they can sell their traffic to advertisers.  And in addition to that, they're usually people you'd have no respect for and thus, wouldn't give a shit what they wrote.

So again, look behind the post and "Enjoy the Show."

Thursday, September 05, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #307 - The "Positive" Episode

Cappy and DT try to find happiness and something positive in the news and are marginally successful:

Fantasy football
The Beastie Boys
Eels are the Lochness Monster?
BBQing by a Vegas in Oz
Not tolerating office politics of anykind


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Could AOC be "Laci Greened?"

Possible, but not likely.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

A Linear 10

 A fair amount of effort and resources has gone into measuring a woman's beauty using the traditional "1-10" scale.

"She's a 9."
"She's a 6, but can upgrade to a 7 if she gussies herself up."
"I won't date below a 7.5."
"She's about an 8.2."

But the problem with this scale is two fold.

One, it's exponential/hyperbolic.  Meaning, that it's not a straight line measurement proportional to the population, and is instead much like a statistical bell distribution curve.  You can see this in what men consider a "10."

What men consider a 10 is not the "Top 10% of women."  It's usually the top 1%, or even one half of the top 1% as "the perfect 10" has taken on a different and non-numerical meaning in the eyes and lexicon of the American language.  A "10" is "perfect."  "Flawless."  Almost "unimaginable."  But when you see one you know it, because she is so rare she can only be described as "the perfect 10."  Chances are you have only seen maybe 20 "10's" in your life time, but you've likely seen hundreds of thousands of women close enough to assess their beauty.

Two, the human eye and mind does not pay attention to anything it doesn't want to.  And that includes ugly people.

I often recommend to my readers and listeners to walk into a Wal-Mart, a gas station or a grocery store and force themselves to look at EVERYBODY.  Not just what the eye is attracted to, but EVERYBODY.  And what usually happens is incredibly depressing.  You realize that the largest group of people in the US is ugly people.  40% of both men and women are obese, and that says nothing for the utterly average and common looking folk who only manage to make up the background to what your eyes are otherwise focusing on - the pretty people.

What this means is that when it comes to judging beauty, you're not even considering about half of the population to begin with.  And when your mind goes back to what it remembers in order to gauge what is a 6 or a 3 or a 9, it's highly skewed towards the pretty people, meaning relative to the total population you're likely understanding their true score.

To account and adjust for this, I put together a 1-10 linear scale of women (though I'd be curious if somebody put together one for men).

1's - This is usually for people who have some kind of physical ailment that is not any fault of their own.  That or they are so morbidly obese/tatted up/purposely-marred they obviously have given up, or perhaps never had any interest in finding somebody to date of the opposite sex.  This is not to pick on this group or belittle them, but to merely point out that when you add up people who have a genuine physical ailment or simply don't wish to date, you will come up with roughly 10% of the population.

2's - Absent a physical impairment or no interest in courting, you have people who may have "normal" genetics, but either through obesity, bad hygiene, or simply not caring, they are not physically attractive people.  Andrea Dworkin comes to mind as somebody who does not have a physical impairment, but also had no interest or incentive to pursue physical beauty.

3 to 4's - I combine these two as there is no clear, linear difference between a 3 and a 4 on a spectrum, but these are girls that somewhere have a tacit interest in finding a man, but not enough to seriously put forth effort into becoming physically attractive.  They'll do their nails, hair, make-up, but only insofar as no real work is needed such as dieting or hitting the gym.  Usually their fear of the toil and work it takes to become physically attractive is stronger than their desire to attract a man and it becomes apparent which force wins in the end.

5 - This is what the AVERAGE woman looks like.  This is by statistical reality the largest plurality of the population.  She is neither inspiring, nor "shocking" in that it will turn your head either because she's so pretty or so ugly.  She is truly background and you will not notice her unless (once again) you are forcing yourself to take note of everybody at the grocery store.  These women will likely have an interest in men and perhaps when they were younger would go to some lengths to invest in their physical beauty.  But usually with work, school, kids, family, etc., there isn't enough time to eat healthy or exercise and they just revert to the "average looking mom" nobody really pays attention to.

6 to 7's - These women will not turn your heads, and most will be somewhat overweight, but they are now at least starting to look feminine.  There are no "shockers" and typically this is what you would have thought would pass as a 4 or a 5, but again, this is linear world.  Not geometric world.  These women ARE ABOVE AVERAGE simply in the fact they're not obese, are identifiably feminine, and put some modicum of effort into their beauty and looks.

8's to 9's - These are feminine women who are putting significant effort into their physique, both in terms of diet, exercise and fashion.  They will typically have longer hair, will don feminine attire and they will do their make up, often times increasing themselves from a 7.5 to an 8.5  (which is entirely possible)

But most of us would have considered these women merely "cute 6's" in the old 1-10 scale, when linearly, they are approaching the top echelons of female beauty.  Women who are 8-9's today are simply in shape, look like women, and present themselves so, but there is a horrific epidemic of "Permanent Resting Bitch Face" today that prevents many from being in the top 10%.  You would likely ask these girls out, but you would not be jumping out of your seat to do so.

10's - Normally reserved for that top 1% of the top 1%, the truth is a girl you would have considered "pretty" or "beautiful" in the past is by statistics a "perfect 10" today.  No tattoos.  No weird hair color.  Not fat.  In shape.  Wearing a dress.  Looking feminine.  And for god's sake, she's smiling.  That short-and-otherwise-expected list, my fine red-blooded America male friend, is what constitutes a 10 today.  Yes, within the 10%, there is that elusive "perfect 10," but not all of these women are model quality - just simply pretty girls.

The reason I wanted to go through this exercise was to highlight something that I think unconsciously affects men.  And that is your physical expectations of women is too high.  Normally, I'm not on the side of feminists or pro-women's groups and would not parrot this common critique women have of men.  But mine comes from that of mere statistical, mathematical reality, not pie-in-the-sky hope of what we'd like things to be. If you look at the total population - not just what your eyes focus on - there are simply not enough pretty girls to go around.  Most men would not date anything below a linear 8 (which I can't necessarily disagree with because you have to be physically attractive to your mate), but I am merely point out that today, in the current year, most women are not going to meet your beauty requirements as they would say in the 1950's, positing an interesting question to all men -

If you insist on getting married are there enough pretty girls to go around?  And if there isn't, are you willing to forgo marriage since, well, I don't see that you have much of a choice.

As always, Enjoy the Decline.

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The Clarey Test #57 - The "Big Inheritance Store" Episode

"Getting you to the next level."
Life Coaches, thought leaders, story tellers, and journalists.
Chad's new way to get laid.
Sportsball rage.
A Parasite in Toronto


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Pay Attention Boys

You'll learn.

Monday, September 02, 2019

Liberal Arts Majors are a Legal and Financial Liability to Employers

While I know the fashion and fad in Corporate America today is to flash your leftist political credentials, remember that in hiring liberal arts majors you are not hiring ponderous, intelligent, educated communicators and thinkers,

but brainwashed, low IQ, ideologues who are capable of...well...literally nothing.

Well, they are capable of something.  Suing your ass for a bogus discrimination complaint because all they've been trained to see is how they're a victim and you are the oppressor.

By all means, hire these mentally ill people.

Friday, August 30, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #306 - The "Early Morning" Episode

Cappy chats about:
True misogynists who hate anything female or beautiful.
Cappy graduates to SUPER MISANTHROPIST!
People who are NOT-A-DOCTOR
Lowering standards for women is sexist to both genders.
Chicks who never save Africa.


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Thursday, August 29, 2019

"Addicted to Relationship Drama"

You can hire Asshole Consulting anytime.

But Marijo costs extra.

Are ANY Psychologists Mentally Healthy?

An interesting article at Campus Reform.

Short version-

One Daniel Barrett wrote a piece at The Good Men project lamenting his whiteness.  Said piece is now gone (here's just click on this link AGAIN to see it's been taken down) because, well, it was stupid and it shows that the academic left and The Good Men Project are truly mentally ill and more or less hate white people, even themselves.

But whereas the left, the good men project and academia has long established they're merely worthless, leftist political organizations, I have another question.

Is ANYBODY in the psychology profession mentally healthy, or are all of you just a bunch of mental fuck ups?

Look again at Daniel Barrett.

This is not a mentally healthy man.  This is not somebody I trust, nor would trust educating my children.  This is a weak, effeminate, self-loathing ideologue who should not be an authority on ANYTHING to do with mental health.  It would be like me being poor and giving you investment or financial advice.  Or Maggie De Block being the Belgian Social and Health Minister.

Academia is rapidly doing its best to debunk itself as an authority on anything.  I remember the days when "lawyer" or "professor" carried some significant weight with it.  Now, those titles are jokes and (if you're smart) should raise concerns, distrust, and doubts.  But there's still going to be some dupes who actually believe because you're a "psychologist" or a "professor" that somehow you are an intellectually honest expert and not a mental reject who could only survive with government handouts in academia. 

I shall leave you with this one little study.  Just shy of 2/3rds of psychologists  reported having some kind of mental illness (depression mainly).  Nearly 1/5th debated suicide.  And given the self-loathing of Mr. Barrett (I refuse to call him "doctor"), as well as the outright hatred for men with the APA's "toxic masculinity" report, can you possibly trust these people? I think the psychological profession, in general, has about as much validity as astrology, communism, essential oils, and tarot card reading.  They're a hypocritical bunch, truly mentally ill people masquerading themselves as experts on mental health.  And while it is vital to at times have an independent, third party person to talk to about mental health issues, I'd suggest talking to a real doctor or the grizzled Vietnam vet psychologist who deep down inside knows it's all bullshit.  The misandrist, mentally ill, weak children who never set foot in the real world who claim to be mentally healthy?  Yeah, fuck them.  Get your ass kicked at Asshole Consulting instead.

Interview with Piero San Giorgio

Was interviewed by Europe's closest cousin to old school America, Piero San Giorgio.  We talked IQ, survival, reconnaissance and why Italian roads suck.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

But this one has a special flair!

You see, she waited until the child was born to smother it and kill it.

Now think about this.  If she had just gotten an abortion 5 minutes before going into labor, she would have been celebrated as a hero. 

She was too stupid to get an abortion, and that 5 minute difference made her a murderer instead of a hero.

Enjoy the freaking decline.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Incalculable Value of a Woman Who Can Cook

Question - Is There Enough Food?

My relationship with food has been pretty simple - is there enough?

For some key critical years in my life, there wasn't.  Many of you know the ole story Cappy tells about college where he dropped from 147 pounds to 118 because of a severe lack of finances, and thus, food.  The other story of when I was patrolling campus one Saturday night and came across a wedding party that was winding down, and the bridesmaids offered me as much leftovers as I could carry (which I did).  And then there was my freshman year of college where I found out where the staff left the tea cabinet unlocked.  Many-o' times Cappy would pour himself some sugar laden teas on the St. Paul campus which provided enough energy to get to the next day.

In my late 20's my finances improved that I was no longer border-line starving.  Bagels and ham sandwiches were cheap enough to make.  Frozen pizzas were no longer a luxury.  And a single bachelor making $30,000 a year can afford more than enough microwave entrees to survive.  I thought I had "made it" when Subway came out with their "$5 footlongs," but little did I know much about nutrition, let alone why I was so skinny fat whilst living off of a nearly 100% carb diet.  It wouldn't be for several years later that we'd learn carbs were the cause of obesity and ugliness, but Cappy was happy eating his bagels and whey. 

Today with much more ample finances, no debts, and minimalist tastes I can literally afford anything I want to eat.  Sushi, poke bowl, steak, lobster, and the over-abundance of "bleu cheese bacon burgers" that EVERY bar in America seems to serve.  Only problem now is that I'm getting old and even though I can afford to eat anything I want, my health, decreasing metabolism, and cholesterol will not allow for it.  Alas, I am sadly relegated to veggies, chicken, fish, and hummus.  And given that nearly every restaurant serves atrociously unhealthy food, I'm eating two-thirds of my meals at home.

However, drawbacks of a carb-free, sugar-free, cholesterol free, and taste-free diet aside, this latest stage of my relationship with food has made me think of food more philosophically.  Previously, it really was just a matter of "is there enough?"  "Are you going to finish that pizza?"  "What about the crusts?"  "Hey, look ,the sub shop is selling day old bread for 50 cents!"  "Who the fuck doesn't love the super pack of ramen!?"  It really was the long forgotten battle against hunger most Americans were too obese to worry about.  But now it was about health.  Now it was about quality.  Now it was about nutrition.  It wasn't just "get the next meal so you can live to the next day," it was "eat the right thing or else you might not see the next day you cholesterol laden-fuck."

Enter Lidia Bastianich

While my health was more or less forcing me to look at nutrition and not just necessarily "sustenance," my health was also forcing me to look at lifestyle changes, namely in terms of stress, time, and my schedule.  This past year with selling a house, moving, building a new one, maintaining a third, maintaining the Online Media Empire, writing books, and all that is entailed in that, the ole Capmeister's 45 year old bod was simply not able to keep up.  It was mentally draining and physically draining, and Cappy was not the 21 year old who could once work 24 hours straight at the drop of the hat.  And so not only did Cappy become even MEANER and ANGRIER than he was before, his blood pressure jumped to 138 over 90.

Upon seeing my new blood pressure and knowing I was miserable, I realized I needed to make some changes.  I needed to philosophically understand that I was going to die in about 25 years and the last third of my life could NOT be as miserable as the first two.  It NEEDED to be enjoyable and happy, otherwise this entire life would have been wasted.  So I throttled back and forgave myself of the workload I had heaped upon myself.

I would only (try) to write one quality post per week.
I would only do two podcasts per week.
I would write a book in my own good time (not the 3 month limit I normally set for myself).
I would work out when I felt like it and not pressure my body into it.


I would take a full hour off doing absolutely nothing before I went to bed.

It could be video games.  It could be listening to music.  It could be sitting on my patio.  But I could not be working.  It could  be ANYTHING but work.  Frivolous things that I could not see possibly doing because there simply was no time, were now mandatory "calm-down vices" I would enjoy before I went to bed.

And Lidia Bastianich was one of those vices.

If you don't know who she is, Lidia Bastianich is a portly Italian woman who has a cooking show.  After binging on the Mission Impossible series, the girlfriend recommended we just watch one episode because they were short and Lidia was charming.  Reluctantly, I agreed to watch "just one episode" but found her show very calming and soothing.  Soon we were watching more and more of them because I found them calmer and more soothing than a Mission Impossible episode.  It has even come to the point that the girlfriend wants to watch Magnum PI (because of Tom Selleck's 80's era shorty shorts) while I have to lobby for Lidia.  Regardless, though the show had no functional point or purpose, I found watching a grandmotherly woman cooking Italian meals to be a helpful aid in getting me to relax and calm down.  And though she is not the only reason, my blood pressure has since dropped to 110 over 70.

Lessons from Lidia

At first I didn't really think about watching cooking shows, Lidia Bastianich's or not.  All I knew was that I enjoyed watching this elderly woman take raw ingredients and prepare a tasty meal.  Her presentation (both in terms of speaking and presenting the food) was entertaining, but also relaxing and educational.  But it wasn't until I was running one day that my mind wandered and started to connect the dots as to why a seemingly pointless show that I would otherwise have no interest in captured my interest and calmed me down.  And it was a combination of a lack of food during my youth, my high cholesterol, and the incredibly dearth of free time I had in my life that made me realize the economic epiphany I was about to have.

Women who can cook are an invaluable treasure.

First, if you'll permit me to live a bit in Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda-Land, I would not have starved if there was a quality woman cooking me a meal back in my late teens and early 20's.  Yes, yes, I know that that was not an option back then as other women in their late teens and early 20's were in school.  And yes, yes, I know today any woman who cooks for a man is being oppressed, but my point is more of a historical and philosophical one.  In the (oppressive, patriarchical, sexist) olden days a woman, of some kind, would have been "at home" preparing a meal for the family.  This could have been a June Cleaver-eque 1950's mother. This could have been a 1920's poverty east coast gangster Italian grandmother.  Or it could have just been a romantic interest beautiful young lady, but more or less throughout American history, there was a woman cooking a good meal for the men in her life.

This was an AMAZING service and labor of love because it allowed men (once again, in the sexist, patriarchical, woman-beating past) to focus on work, focus on their profession, and then be replenished and simply loved by some woman in the house. It not only would fuel men in the form of calories, but would be a huge psychological boost giving a man incentive and reason to go out and support his loved ones.  Sadly (and I'm being quite literal here, not trying to begat pity) myself and most men were either too poor or too busy just trying to get by to even contemplate such a luxury.  We just needed fuel to get to the next day.  It never even entered our minds about how nice it would be to have a meal ready for you at home.

Second, health.  Yes, congratulations. The economy has become so efficient we have Arby's, Applebee's, Perkins, Sajiya, Sawatdees, Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel, Boston Market, the Crooked Pint, and any and all manners, forms, and varieties of restaurants in the US.  You NEVER have to go home to eat or cook ever again.  Cooking has been completely outsourced, even to the point lunch boxes are a thing of the past.

The food is all shit.

It takes some time and effort to eat healthy. You have to educate yourself about nutrition.  You have to find food, ingredients, and dishes that are healthy to eat.  It takes at least a year to make healthy food taste good.  And even then, if you are really busy (say working two jobs to pay off your student loans, or two jobs to earn enough because taxes are at 40%, or you live in California and enjoy paying those rents) you simply do not have the time to sit down and invest 30 minutes to make a healthy meal, three times a day.  But, if you had a dedicated person, a dedicated wife or mother who would make healthy meals from healthy ingredients everybody in the family would eat much healthier.

This is not something to poo-poo or dismiss so rapidly because of the long term health and financial consequences of eating healthy vs. unhealthy.  Herman would not develop diabetes if his wife cooked him healthy meals, as opposed to him eating at McDonald's every lunch hour.  The children would not be obese smart-phone addicts because their diet would not be middle school cafeteria food.  The wife herself would probably stay in shape, lessening chances of divorce.  And the health/insurance costs over the long run would be a fraction of the time and money spent by this theoretical cooking Wonder Woman.

Again, yes, I know.  This is all horrifically sexist, bigotted, misogynistic, and anti-woman.  But it doesn't change the fact that if you have a woman who can cook, and cook healthily, there are amazing benefits to any man lucky enough to have her.

But speaking of saving money on doctors bills and health insurance...

Third, finances.

Behind wasting money on worthless degrees and cars you can't afford, the third-largest expenditure of most young (and older) people today is eating out.  I've looked into this before and there are a lot more savings than what people first realize when you eat at home. First, yes, there is the explicit outlays and expenses you incur by eating out.  Those alone are the third largest wasteful expense on most people's budgets and most people will not argue with that.  But there are also other costs you incur when you go out.  There is the gas you have to spend driving to the "newest" restaurant because you're sick of the same old ones within a 40 miles radius of your home.  There are the drinking costs that typically come with the meal as you "deserve a drink" after that long day. There is the time costs associated with having two people stuck in a car for 80 minutes each on a round trip to a restaurant.  And there's the other people you must tolerate when you're dining at (what are becoming) increasingly loud restaurants.  If proficient enough a "Wonder Woman cook" can have a meal ready in merely 20 minutes of her time, sparing the team 140 minutes total time and darn well near saving 80% of your eating budget, booze included or not.  I've delved into the detailed finances before, but if you can force yourself to buy cars with cash and eat at home, you can save up enough money to have a fully funded retirement plan.

And finally, the woman herself.

To be honest Lidia does not cook anything that is healthy.  It has tons of butter, tons of sugar, cheese, and meat, and just looks absolutely heavenly as it is sure to clog my arteries.  I do not know if she was married and if her husband is still alive, but if he's not he sure as hell died with a smile on his face.  And this speaks to the emotional role a woman who can cook brings to a man's life.

You can tally up the financial savings, save all your good report cards from the doctor or insurance companies, look at the family budget, or look at your waistline, they all fail in comparison to simply having a loving woman cook you a meal because she loves you.

Not that I know Lidia personally (I don't), nor do I have delusions that she is some how my "grandmother" cooking a meal for me, but simply having a woman who at least LOOKS like she cares and is grandmotherly on the television I'm sure helped lower my blood pressure by a couple points.  You throw in a real woman in the real world who's a real cook, and I can't imagine the psychological and mental health benefits that would come with it.  Yes, it's healthy. Yes, it's affordable.  Yes, it's saving us time. But is it served with love?

Alas, today it truly is sexist to demand, insist, or merely mention you "prefer" a woman who can cook.  And the younger you get into the generations that are of courting/dating age, I'm sure the worse it is if you dare approach these beaches.  But if you're lucky enough to find a woman who can cook, and a woman who doesn't find it degrading, and a woman who serves up all the benefits of being a good cook with a healthy dose of dessert in the form of love, you my find young man are one lucky man indeed.  As that woman simply cannot be replaced.


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Monday, August 26, 2019

Is Her Pussy Worth Physical and Child Abuse?

Apparently so.

I'm sure some day, decades into the future I will realize that some of these requests are causing some psychological damage unto myself, but eh, the money's good, right?


Friday, August 23, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #305 - The "Cappy Has No House" Episode

Cappy's house is no more.
Subtraction and addition for adults.
$45 off mowing
Ladies, give it up already.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!
Direct MP3 here.

Posting Your Gender Pronouns on Your Work E-mails Helps Us Know Who Not to Hire

Yep, "trend that isn't going away."

I'm going to ask you people to reread my article about "The 1099 Superior Race" and how Corporate America will simply NOT be able to survive the forced politics the millennials and Gen X'ers has forced upon it.  And not only that, but you should know that such an entity will not offer ANY real opportunities to smart people who just want to excel at their job, be the best they can be, and work hard.  Politics will be the future of large corporate employers and any sane, talent should steer far away from them. AT BEST using them for a resume booster early in your career, but PLEASE, save your talented later years for yourself via 1099 employment.

Honk Honk, Trans Version

He is not a she.
He is a he who wants to believe he's a she.
He doesn't even believe he's a she, he just wants to believe he's a she.
But he will stay in men's jail anyway.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Episodes #55 and 56 of The Older Brother Podcast

Episode #54 (Technically 55) The "Return of DT" Episode

Stream Yards beats the shit out of YouTube
Days of Zero GDP production
Allowing literal mental retards into college.
Vynil vs laminate.
Ingredients of revenge.
Vineyards, waterfalls, and stripper poles.

Podcast located here.
Direct MP3 here.
YouTube here.

Episode #55 The "Return of Super Chads" Episode

Doctor Huxtable's House vs. Cappy's.
Running into OJ Simpson.
Portland Trader Joes - the definition of hell.
The world's dumbest journalism major.
Men want sex...believe it or not.
Soundcloud's UGLY models they have on their main page.

Podcast located here.
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YoUtube here.
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Friday, August 16, 2019

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

Healing crystals.
Herbal medicine.
And liberal arts majors.

These are thing things to avoid before ejaculating into a woman.

The Clarey Podcast #304 - The "Ingestion Settings" Episode

"Ingestion Settings"
YouTube regretting closing Hangouts already.
You can judge people by looks. Absolutely.
Why Adam Piggott is wrong again - let your women dress you Part 2.
Millennials chasing the White Dragon of Careerism


in THiS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!
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Thursday, August 15, 2019

I Have Social Anxiety Disorder

No you don't, your dad isn't around.

Again, I don't pay attention to the news, so I'm going to just assume the dad was not available for comment of the Dayton shooting.

The Road Trip Podcast BONUS for Patreon Members

Decided that when I have the extra time, which is usually only when I'm driving, I'll put together a little rambling called "The Road Trip Podcast" and upload it as a bonus for any of my kind and charitable Patreon members. First episode is up and YES, it is the exact same slop quality podcasting you've all come to know and love.

You can find the latest episode here (though unless you are a member, it will merely take you to a login/sign in page).

Chasing Your Dream Job Will Turn Into a Nightmare

I love this.

All the young foolish people idiotically chasing their "dream job" thinking there's more than compensation to a job.  Sacrificing their lives and their families all for "their passion."

Keep chasing your passion and dreams kids.  I'm sure "someday" you'll find that "dream job" that will have made abandoning life for work all worth it in the end.

Monday, August 12, 2019

The Older Brother Podcast #54 - The "What Books Should Be in the Red Pill Bible" Episode

Sociological Limit to Your Success
Cappy starts watching cooking shows.
Fan Mail.
Earning the right to say "Dayday"
Gen X Parents force loud obnoxious mentally ill child on diners.


In THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother Podcast!!!
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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

The Older Brother Podcast #53

Cappy unleashes an unholy terror upon a naive black couple that ruined their lives with worthless degrees, student loans, and $718,000 in wage slavery.

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Monday, August 05, 2019

Revenge of the Millennials

Perhaps it was Starbucks, or perhaps some obscure Minneapolis coffee store in the 90's, but I'm pretty sure the first instance of a company using politics as advertising was a coffee store.  I didn't understand it at first as I thought it was common sense you didn't introduce politics or religion into business was bad for business.

Why alienate 1/2 of your potential customer base with politics?
Why alienate 4/5ths of your potential customer base with religion?

Not only was it bad business talking about politics or religion when you're trying to sell somebody something, but it's also rude to sermonize or lecture your clients about anything.  Serve them their cup of joe, do it for a fair price, do it with a smile, and leave them the fuck alone about politics, religion or anything else personal in their lives. 

But now corporations sermonizing the rest of the world about leftist politics has gone viral.  And it behooves the question why.  Why would corporations take such a risk?  Why would corporations be so foolish?  And you can call me an ole fuddy duddy, by why are corporations so arrogant and rude?  How dare you assholes lecture me about anything outside the purchase of your product or service, you smug, cocky, arrogant assholes?

At first I speculated it was because republicans and conservatives are not only pussies, but lazy.  Republicans will never boycott their precious Starbucks.  Conservatives will never give up their precious Apple products.  They can't wait to mortgage their house so their precious children can attend worthless liberal arts colleges to brainwash their own children to hate them.  It's almost as if Republicans hate themselves so much they can't wait to prostrate themselves in front of corporations that arguably hate them more.

But this is only part, if any of the explanation.  There's no advantage to "punish" or "mock" non-leftists from a marketing sense.  So why risk bringing politics into it at all?  There had to be a reason, an upshot, a positive side to choosing socialist/leftist politics, alas there was something more afoot.  Something compelling corporations to take (what would seem a foolish) action and bring politics into their advertising.

And there was.

The Millennials.

A Valueless (Though Highly Profitable) Generation

Millennials are the largest generation alive today.  They are also in that "sweet spot" of being young enough to still be "hippish," BUT also old enough to make money to spend (well...ok, let's be honest, BORROW money to spend).  They are  the largest consumer group in the US and the western world both by numbers and dollar volume amount.  They should be the most targeted group of consumers by corporations around the world, and they are.  But for all their youth, numbers, and purchasing power, they have one tragic and horrific flaw.

They have no value.

The Millennials by all accounts are a failed generation.  A failed crop.  The butt-end of a joke in American history.  They're so bad, it's now tiring and old hat to make fun of them.  Like the boomers, it's almost perfectly legal to discriminate against them.  And now that most of them are out of college and into the real world, most of the non-Millennials don't even bother making fun of them because life is kicking the ever-living shit out of them.  About the only true thing that is annoying about them is their constantly whining for a bail out of money they fully intended to steal from other people in the form of student loans, but this aside and bar a Super Bowl-51-Tom-Brady-esque comeback, they will die a generation, arguably more pathetic than the Baby Boomers.

They are truly valueless.


In every way, shape, and fashion, the Millennials have no value, core, soul, or purpose.  The generation truly offers nothing of value to society or history.

How Do You Sell to Nobody's?

This presents a problem to corporations.  How do you sell to the largest consumer group that has no values?  How do you sell to a generation that has no definition?  On what grounds do you promote and propagate your wares to a generation who's only defining characteristics are living at home, demanding bailouts, worthless college degrees, tattoos, and soy?  And the answer is very clear.


In every generation before the millennials, it was pretty clear what grounds marketers and corporations would advertise their products based on.  Strength, excellence, beauty, achievement, wealth, successful, fashion, and ease.  Your product would make you more beautiful.  More sexy.  More intelligent.  More manly/feminine.  The products would IMPROVE you as a person (or at least sell you on those grounds).  But the millennials have no traditional core values that used to drive humanity.  They do not care about excellence, they care about acceptance.  They do not care about beauty or physique, they care about fat acceptance.  They do not champion toil and overcoming hardship, but hand-me-outs and BGI.  And they do not value beauty.  They merely value the lowest common denominator.  And the reason they value the lowest common denominator is because the only value they've ever been given has been leftist politics.  Politics of envy. Politics of laziness.  Politics of parasitism.  Politics of sloth.

You can't even say it's politics as much as it is really just a rationalization to excuse not having to work for a living. And since they've been given nothing else in life. all they celebrate is their politics.  It is the only thing of "value" they have.  It is their only religion.

And corporations know this.

A Very Special Hell

The problem is corporations don't care about this hypocrisy or laziness or utter worthlessness of politics as a "core value" to a generation or society.  Worse, these marketers know that the largest consumer group today is a generation of people who only have politics as their sole value in life.  SO while to old fuddy duddies like us who want products advertised to us on their merits and how they will improve our lives, corporations do not care since we are no longer the largest consumer market.  They will be rude, they will be insulting, and they are going to force feed politics into every ad, every job posting, every commercial, and every advertisement you see.  While the rest of us have jobs, careers, families, love, physique, excellence, or achievements in life, we are currently doomed to be assaulted with advertisements for

"going green"
"orgainics/gluten free/non GMO"
"fair/free trade"
"open borders/Anti-Americanism"
"anti-male/pro-feminist movements"

because that is all the millennials have in life.  Their worthless religion of politics

Sadly, it's not going to be relegated to commercials or super bowl ads.  Because nearly every major institution and industry in the US also wants a piece of that millennial borrow-and-spend money.

The Democrat party
They psychology profession

They all want the millennials to part with their money.  And the only way they can achieve that is by playing to the only thing MIllennials have in life - socialist politics.

This means for the rest of us adults, we are going to be forced to tolerate, endure, suffer, and listen to a cacophonous and complete echo chamber of childish, parasitic socialist politics in nearly every aspect of life.  The media, our movies, our TV shows, our education system, our government, and yes, every your groceries or morning cup of joe.  It is guaranteed that instead of respecting us as adult consumers, they are going to force feed leftist politics into every facet of our lives because that is the only way they can get millennials to part with their money.

I personally avoid most of this by being am minimalist.  I do not shop at Target.  I do not attend sports games.  I go to an increasingly rare movie.  I do not watch TV or news.  And I will never attend a sexual harassment training seminar. I simply refuse to accept or tolerate a company or any other institution lecturing me about politics in a thinly veiled marketing attempt to dupe dopey millennials out of their money.  But even then, it is so thorough and complete (because the brainwashing of the millennials in K-college education was also so thorough and complete) it is pretty much unavoidable.  You, me, and every other non-millennial American are doomed to be pelted and berated with condescending leftist politics for the rest of our days because millennials need said politics to have any point or purpose in life.

Well Played Millennials

It is here I must tip my hat to the millennials.  Because as much as I hate their parasitic asses (and they are parasitic because socialists always are), they never stood a chance given the horrific, if not outright absent parenting their baby boomer and Gen X parents failed to give them.  The millennials did not grow up in a vacuum.  They were molded and formed by they-yet-as-of-then shittiest generations America had ever generated.  Parents simply refused to parent.  Parents simply refused to tell them hard truths.  Parents didn't want to spank or punish or put in the hard work that was required to be "bad cop."  And parents did absolutely NOTHING in terms of preparing millennials for financial and personal fiscal management.  In short, the parents of millennials simply wanted to fuck, breed, and then leave their kids to the government or the schools to be raised (because remember, education and careers are more important than your children).  And the results can hardly be shocking.  Surprise, surprise, when you don't have stable nuclear families, and outsource your kids to the public schools, all that generation will know is government care, not parental care.  It's no shock socialism is all they have.

But the rest of us will pay the price for failing to bring up the millennials properly.  We will pay more in taxes (whether we bail them out of student loans or they die with a balance).  We will pay the price in terms of socialism as they follow the thorough indoctrination and programming they were brainwashed to have.  They will continue to value politics over human interaction, experience, and love.  And yes, until most of us die, you can expect Nike to use Colin Kapernick to hate on America, Target to continue their hatred of white straight males, colleges and universities to be money scamming operations of Marxism, James Bond to become a black female, and Starbucks to insist we have a conversation about race.  Every facet and corner of your life will be infected and infiltrated with leftist politics because that's all the largest American generation has.  And I'd like to say you didn't bring it upon yourselves, but you did.

Enjoy the decline.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

College as a Cult

Along the lines of the scandal where rich celebrities were paying millions to get their children into college (which behooves the question - why not just give your kids the MONEY because it's well beyond the worth of college), it's becoming apparent college has morphed into something beyond what it's possibly capable of providing students.

And as I like to call it "the economically identical nature of a wedding."  AKA a birthright.

Here is yet another example of where people have lost their collective minds legally destroying their families just so their snot nosed, trust fund baby kids and pursue worthless degrees that will never pay nor provide their kids with viable careers.

Children and their parents have become completely untethered from reality when it comes to college, forcing me to conclude that college is merely a cult, a religion, where worthless, pointless children go on to extend their adolescence, as well as to give themselves some kind of agency or purpose in life (without having to work for it of course).

If you love your children, or you yourself are a student please kick your brain back into reality and buy this book.  It's a critical conversation America needs to have about the merits of college education and is a way to ensure you do not destroy yourself financially through the lies of college.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Scoundrels Last Refuge is Religion

I love it when people who fuck up their lives so badly RUN to Christianity because it forgives them and gives them a get out of jail free card.

Though, this one more invoked the word of god than actually joined a church.

College Students Lying to Lower Student Loan Repayments

No!!!!  Say it ain't so!

Monday, July 22, 2019

The Older Brother Podcast #51 - The "Can Rags to Riches People Enjoy Life" Episode

Cappy and Elkins chat about:

Can rags-to-riches people enjoy life?
Turd Flinging Monkey and YouTube
Advertising in the Red Pill Economy
"Free Finance Degrees"
An Idealistic Economist


in THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother Podcast!

Direct MP3 here.
YouTube here.

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The Piggott Effect

The Two Reasons Men Have to Live

After observing my elders and going through a fair amount of life myself, I have come to the conclusion there are only two real reasons men have to live.

The first is women.  For a gloriously uninterrupted first-decade-and-change of life, young boys are allowed to operate as truly free intellectual agents. Allowed to think for themselves, be independent, be uninfluenced by anything but pure curiosity, novelty, adventure and fun, boys enjoy the most care-free part of their lives playing with frogs, playing baseball, biking all over, and building forts for their first dozen years.  Then they hit puberty and until the day they die, all of their decisions are henceforth influenced and impinged by women.  They abandon their dreams.  They abandon their lives.  They ditch their bikes, frogs, and forts, all so they can "get da gurlz" and thus spend their days in the doldrums of marriage, or perhaps the purgatory of divorce.

But whether they're married or not, divorced or not, single or not, inevitably they get to the age where they abandon the pursuit of women, giving rise to the second reason men have to live - busting each others balls.

Oh, mock it if you must, but I am supremely confident in my assertion.  Because if you watch men of retirement age, a "certain age," or pretty much any age, if women aren't around the SOLE AND ONLY reason we have to live on this planet is to rip other men apart.

I came to this epiphany while hanging out with Adam Piggott and The Great One Himself in Louisiana.  While the pretense of this meetup was to meet each other in person, what it inevitably became was a mere Ball Busting Fest between the three of us. 
  • Mocking Adam because he doesn't convert his WAV files into MP3's.  
  • Polling cute 20 something girls in New Orleans about my horrific choice of deodorant and Irish Spring soap.
  • Buying Adam the "gift" of Irish Spring soap.  
  • Gay and homosexual jokes abound.  
  • And of course, pointing out Adam Piggott's uncanny ability to drive just like a post-menapausal American woman in a mini-van in the left lane. 
Not one genuine compliment was exchanged in the entire three day ball bust fest, and we are merely sharpening our knives for the next one.

This ball busting, however, is not relegated to our little shindig in Louisiana.

My old man, though retired, still works to this day SOLELY to bust the balls of his co-workers and insult his buddies.  I know this because that is WITHOUT FAIL the first thing he will talk to me about when we catch up.  Not his wife.  Not his health.  Not his retirement. But how he "got Willy in accounting the other day."

When I golf with the old guys in Vegas I have never once been greeted with kindness or civility, but usually questions about whether I'm "old enough to be out by myself" and questions about whether I've hit puberty or not.  And instead of being appalled, these old guys laugh when I retort, "Hey, those are nice clubs.  Can I have your clubs when you stroke out on the 15th hole?"

And when going on the Masculine Geek Podcast, you will not find a group of kind, caring, supportive friends, but a hornet's nest of insults, ball busting, mockery, ridicule, and hurtful words!  In their hours of podcasting, not one kind word has ever been uttered to another man.

All of these anecdotes prove that once men get over women, insulting and busting the balls of other men is all we have left in life.  And though not the idyllic times of our per-pubescent childhoods, it is a marked and happier improvement over the pursuit, capture, and ultimate divorce/boredom with women most of us are fated to have.

The Piggott Effect

However, something interesting happens within all this ball-busting, mockery and ridicule.  Something that does not happen in women.  For while we go out of our way to find any mistake, any flaw, and minor infraction within our male colleagues, and beat them down mercilessly for our own enjoyment, there is an unintentional side-process occurring that serves all men well in the end:

Continual improvement.

For example take Adam Piggott's incredibly - nay, UNRIVALLED - ability to drive like a 53 year old American woman in a minivan in the left lane with a "COEXIST" bumpersticker on her van.  The second me and The Great One realized he simply could not drive like a real man, we got on his nutz immediately.  Telling him it's MILES per hour, not his Australiany gay "kilometers" per hour.  Pointing out the Asian driver is passing him.  Speculating if The Great One could bike back to Colorado before Piggott would get us to the airport.  Though this may have hurt Adam's incredibly feminine and fragile feelings, it was the first step in solving any problem - identifying and acknowledging there was one.  And now, going forward, it is almost a guarantee Piggott will drive better than he was before.

Another example, my odor.  The Captain does not stink, but The Great One and Piggott both mocked and ridiculed The Captain for his choice in "basic bitch" soap and deodorant.  I use Old Spice deodorant and Irish Spring soap.  However, this is erroneous because Piggott suggested I buy a $40,000 deodorant called "Hermes."  Arguing against the cost and that my scent was perfectly fine, we surveyed some young ladies in the French Quarter only to find out that Old Spice and Irish Spring were "nasty," "gross," and "disgusting."  Unlike Adam Piggott, my feelings were not hurt.  However, once again, a problem was identified and I am going to improve.

Even the old and very decrepit Great One, with his many more years of wisdom than Adam and I, had flaws that needed improvement.  Of note his burning ALL of the podcasts he listens to on ONE, SINGLE rewritable CD's so he can listen to it on his 1992 pick up truck CD player.  Piggott and I pointed out to The Great One that for the cost of a wire, a new truck radio, or a bluetooth speaker, he could use an MP3 player or his phone and be forever rid of the chore of reburning CD's.

Be it driving like a middle aged woman, smelling like your grandpa, or using 1990's technology in 2019, men's desire to constantly identify, hunt down, and expose the failings and flaws in other men, means we're on a trend of perpetual improvement.  One day Cappy doesn't stink as bad as he used to.  Another day The Great One saves himself 15 minutes of his finite life getting a blue tooth speaker.  And another day New Orleanians are spared 2 million hours in cumulative commute time because there isn't an Aussie driving like a middle age American woman with a minivan, while texting her BFF's in the left lane.  And over the course of days, weeks, years, and decades, men improve a considerable amount to become interesting, productive, and less stinky members of society.  All because we we bust each other's balls and are forthright in pointing out the flaws and shortcomings of our fellow brothers.

The Anti-Piggott Effect

Women, it is opposite.  And I would argue that behind choosing poor degrees and working less hours, this "Anti-Piggott Effect" would explain a bit of the wage gap.

Women do not have their knives out (at least officially anyway).  Women are not constantly looking for flaws in their female colleagues (at least officially anyway).  And even if they do find a flaw, they will never say anything about it (to your face anyway).  Matter of fact, it's quite the opposite of men's ball busting, where it is a constant "Compliment and Fawning Fest" where women sing one anothers' praises and tell one another how "amazing" they are.  This sole focus on complimenting, praising, celebrating, and "positive reinforcement" overlooks flaws, errors, short-comings, and outright mistakes, denying women that perpetual self-improvement The Piggott Effect affords men.

Worse, since there is not this rabid hunting down of errors or mistakes just to bust one anothers' balls, but rather an obsession about praise and celebration for merely existing, the "Anti-Piggott Effect" allows problems, mistakes, and errors to fester, ultimately harming, even destroying the entities.  For example (though behind a paywall), when women are put in charge of a college, delivering
  • the highest quality education 
  • for the cheapest price possible 
  • to as many students as possible
is NOT the primary concern of the administration.  It's "safety rooms," and "safety zones" and communal decision making, and avoiding making fellow women's fee-fees hurt, and "no such thing as leadership" as that would imply superiority.

You can see this elsewhere in western society where the gushing complimentfest outranks profit, efficiency, and just plain reality.  We tell women (and men) to "follow your heart and the money will follow," misleading millions of poor young women into debt-slavery for worthless degrees.  Entire corporate divisions are created that at BEST can be considered "marketing" or "PR," but functionally are affirmative action make-work welfare jobs programs where women can compliment each other all day - CSR, Diversity and Inclusion, HR, even Google's Orwellian "Department of Employees and Culture."  Television has long been a gush-fest of avoiding harsh truths and reality (Oprah, The View, daytime soaps, etc.).  And the Democrat party (and all socialist parties of the first world) do nothing but sing the praises of women, never constructively criticizing them.

Of course, this is not to say that all women are just running around reading their People Magazine, complimenting one another, majoring in Public Health, and telling each other how "amazing and brave" they all are as they all attend masturbation-festivals.  There are some authentic women, who live in reality, seek and deliver constructive criticism, major in the right things, work real jobs, and never fell for such BS.  But even then it is not in women's nature to purposely hunt down and bust one another's balls to such a ferocious, olympic level (if at all) like men.  And even if men were allowed to "bust women's balls" (which we're not because that would result in an immediate sexual discrimination case), both would be considered "rude."  Alas, because men and women ARE DIFFERENT, women are denied the benefits of "The Piggott Effect."

Fee-Fee's or Reality

The truth is The Piggott Effect is simply about the truth.  And though men enjoy busting each other's balls to find it, this blunt reality does give men an advantage over women.  We don't placate one another, lie to one another, or try to make each other "feel" better.  We tell one another the truth so that they might DO better, ESPECIALLY if we can laugh at them at their expense.  And while poor degree choices and fewer working hours explain the lion's share of the wage gap, perhaps women could use some ball-busting and "The Piggott Effect" to help close that gap.

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