Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cappy's Second Adventure into Dinosaur National Monument

Pictures from my hike down Jones' Hole.  Saw some pictographs and made some friends at the end of the hike which you should see if you look closely enough!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Episode #228

Cappy "recaps" his past week of adventuring.
Cappy realizes broken and/or bruised ribs really hurt.
A segment live from Dinosaur National Monument.
Why don't kids like petroglyphs!!!???


in this ADVENTURING EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!

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Monday, September 18, 2017

A Job Posting for All Cappy Cappites at Academic Composition

You all know Alex, he's on his fall hiring (and selling) spree as the kiddies in college finally realize that "oh wait, I have to study" and the fun times are all of the sudden not so fun anymore.

Anyway, if you have a laptop and can write or you're willing to tolerate a tedious posting of jobs to the internet, you can make a little coin that will hopefully cover any spell of unemployment...or if you live in Cambodia, cover your rent!  His message is below:

As many of you may know, we have been expanding our business quite a bit. To be sure, we owe a great deal to all of you who regularly visit Aaron's blog and help us reach our goals. Academic Composition is ready for another fast-paced and a grueling semester.

The Fall season is starting and most of our clients are resuming their classes.

Although we rely heavily on the support of returning customers, we are always looking to expand and this is the ideal time to pick up new clients.

Students are now much more likely to contact academic writing services such as ours than they were before.

October and November are the busiest juncture of the academic year, so we're definitely looking for more marketers.

The arrangement is simple. We'll provide you with the ads and you'll post them.  You'll then get paid a flat fee for posting the ads and a bonus for each prospective client who will respond to your posts.

To get started, follow these basic instructions.

1. Create a new email address with gmail

2. Set up the forwarding feature to make sure all incoming emails come to me

3. Send a test email to yourself to make sure the forwarding works

4. Use the new address to create a CL account

Once you are done, contact us at and we'll walk you through the rest of the procedure.

On average, our marketing associates spend about 30 minutes a week on these tasks and given how busy the Fall semester is, many earn over a $100. Not a bad bargain considering that these tasks require very little effort.

Thanks again and we look forward to working with you.

Ladies, Your Career is More Important Than ANYTHING Else!

Hey, it's Sheriff Peterson!

An Actual Example of Racism

And stupidity on top of it.  How in f#cks name do you shoot yourself in the SHOULDER???

The Emmy's and Stephen Colbert's Obsession with Trump

Hollywood's, and particularly, Stephen Colbert's obsession with Trump blinds them to the fact that America views them first and foremost for entertainment.  And when all you know is "slam Trump/slam Republicans," after 12 years of that schtick, it gets mighty tiresome and people tune out.

Of course, this is merely belying the fact Hollywood and the likes of Colbert really have no talent, innovation, or anything new to offer the American public.  Just like most of today's artists, they suck, and then use leftist political messages in their paintings, sculptures, poetry, and architecture to obscure this fact.

Yes, Stephen, I know you and everybody younger than you were brainwashed to hate conservatives, republicans, America, and white people in K-college.  But even with this huge indoctrinating/marketing/religious advantage, people get sick and tired of politics and sometimes actually want politics-free entertainment.  Alas, I'd like to say, "so get your monkey ass back in the cage and do a little dance," but you and most of Hollywood can't even muster up the artistic creativity to do that.

But by all means, please do make your life career "slamming Trump," and thus letting Trump define your lives.  Nobody is watching anyway.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Cappy's Adventures in Dinosaur National Monument and Harper's Lookout

Long day today where I visited both the Colorado and Utah sides of Dinosaur National Monument.  The Colorado side has the actual town of "Dinosaur" in it, though no dinosaur bones have been found.  But Harper's Corner or Lookout provided some of the best views of this trip so far. 

The Utah side of the park is very pretty, but is most known for a gold mine of dinosaur fossils that you can take a shuttle to see which are preserved in the original stone where they were found (the pictures does not do their size justice).

The Left Will Eat It's Own

Though I'm starting to wonder that instead of some kind of deep philosophical economic survival reason for leftists eating their own, maybe the simpler explanation is they're just batshit insane.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Why Minimalists are the Superior Race

Also related, if you want to learn about minimalistic retirement planning.

The Colorado Utah Hinterlands Adventure

These were taking from the town of Gateway, Colorado, which is near the border with Utah.  Took a road bike on a dirt road, which is not advisable, but did get some epic shots.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

All That Virtue Signaling for Nothing

Poor Google, despite all the lip service and espousing the correct leftist values, feminism still comes a-knockin' for it's danegeld. 

Again, the left will eat its own because it is programmed to put itself and its enrichment ahead of everybody else, even fellow leftists. 

The Biggest Lie Sold to Women: Part 2

Saw this come up on my blogroll feed, but Roosh exemplifies an irony most young (and old) women do not understand about non-feminist, non-leftist, traditional men.

They're not your enemy.

Matter of fact, men advocating traditionalism (or heck) merely pointing out biological reality, are actually better friends and allies to women than most feminists are.  And it has nothing to do with ideology, politics, philosophy, or some newly discovered epiphany.

It's merely that they're speaking the truth.

The good news is that I'm past the point of caring whether young women waste their lives or not. I, along with thousands of other men, have said our peace, tried to toll the bells, sound the alarms, and help women of our generation in the past, only to be eviscerated, yelled at and called "sexist."  And after a decade or so of that, not only do you tire of trying to help people, you soon realize it's too late for the women of your generation. And not only is it too late, they got precisely what they deserved.

I suggest you younger men try to reach this same epiphany and understanding.  If young women want to waste their lives chasing worthless degrees and replacing the emptiness in their lives with socialist/feminist politics, let them.  And not only let them, encourage them.  You are only going to be accused of misogyny if you try to introduce biological or economic reality into their lives, so cheer them on.  And when they're 53, finishing up that "Masters in Health Administration", and only have $100,000 in student loans and 4 cats to show for it, THEN you make the case for traditionalism, but while also saying...

"Of course, this is academic, for it's too late for you."

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cappy Rides from Silverton to Ouray to Telluride

Telluride, btw, is oozing pretentious assholes.  I cannot emphasize enough how you should NEVER visit that place unless you want to see rich trust-funders, old hippies (with "EBT Accepted here!" at the farmer's market) and makeup-less women.  I snapped some pictures, turned around, and headed back out to the parts of Colorado where people work for a living.

The dog at the bottom was worthless, but completely lovable.  

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Asshole Consulting

This is not a post.  Had some issues with Flickr and just uploading this image.  Remember, though, it's always better to pay Asshole Consulting $35 now than it is to pay back $150,000 in student loans tomorrow.

Climbing Engineering Mountain

Banged out Engineering Mountain.  12968 feet.  Not bad for an old fart.  Video is up top, pics below:

Charging Mohamed Noor Is Racist

If you don't remember the drama, an Australian woman who was betrothed to a Minneapolis man was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer, Mohamed Noor.  The Australian woman was a hippy dippy lefty into peace and alternative medicine and no doubt her Minneapolitan family was as well (lefty I mean, not alternative medicine).

This presents the family and the citizens of Minneapolis a quandary.

Do they charge Mohamed Noor with manslaughter or murder, which would then abandon the holy religion of diversity, and be racist?

Or do they champion Mohamed Noor, stick with their diversity principles, but then admit, their leftist religion is more important than their own lives and livelihood.

It looks like they will choose the later.

Naturally, I'm being a bit tongue and cheek, but not by much given how fervent, obsessive, and radical lefties are about diversity and are a mere butterfly's wing flap away from accusing everybody of racism.  I've opined and theorized before about how deep lefties' politics go into their personal psyche and (given their typically unaccomplished lives) serve as the only thing that gives them value in life.  And so if they or a love one are assaulted, raped, even killed, where do their loyalties lie?

Their own survival and self respect?
Or their religion?

Feminist women being raped in refugee camps choose their religion of socialism over their own selves.

And Justine Diamond's American family's call for charges against Mr. Noor, choose the other option.

Too bad (if we were to use the EXACT same standards Minneapolis lefties love to apply to everybody else) that's racist.

Episode #226 of The Clarey Podcast!

Soap and Shampoo for Bachelors
Equifax's affirmative action costs America
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