Friday, July 21, 2017

Episode #205 of The Clarey Podcast

In this weekend podcast special, Cappy doesn't want to write and opts to podcast instead.  Topics include:

Clarey's romantic as fuck.
Review of the movie "Crusher Joe"
SoundCloud's finanial troubles.
"Collaborative work environments."
Lumber 84's silently new CEO.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Curse Free Episode #25

In this "sorta" curse free episode:

Why doesn't Canada build some roads?
Seattle's income tax is a GREAT idea for leftists.
Men leaving the marriage market hurting Vegas wedding chapels.
A cashless society is not all that bad.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Job Hopping is Good for You

I loved it when all the gray hairs told me "you don't want to be a job hopper do you????"

Yes, actually, yes you do.

How Much Does the Stock Market Have to Increase By for Every American to Retire?

More than what it's gonna!

Can Muslim and Western Men Unite Against Feminism and Socialism?

"Any traditional man or woman, regardless of religion, must realize that we are facing the Borg when it comes to feminism and socialism."

Dotcom v. 2.0: Cryptocurrencies

I was on Kerry Lutz's show and we discussed, among other things, the Cryptocurrency market and how it's eerily similar to the Dotcom bubble.

None of them make money (because, they're well...currencies)
"New technologies" and fancy tech talk are the reasons they have value.
If you don't understand it, don't worry, I guess it's just over your head.

Oh yeah.   I almost forgot.

There's also 970 of them.

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Evil "White Plurality" Cometh

Understand that nearly all of the left's reasoning and rationality for the theft of other people's money is based on victimhood.  And this victimhood is defined by a trait or characteristic you were born with or have that is outside of your control.

Your race.
Your sex.
Your gender.
And the newest and fastest-growing trait, your made up mental illness.

This allows a leftist (regardless of stripe) to intellectually-dishonestly claim they are oppressed by the "majority" and are not only disadvantaged, but are also entitled to special privileges in society AND some of the majority's money.  Furthermore, any criticism or mere pointing out of this victim-whoring, is immediately met with accusations of racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, etc., as they cowardly hide behind their traits (and never own up to their personal actions that led to their lot in life).  The only thing more shocking or disgusting than this rank and cowardly parasitism is the right's failure to call them out on this as they are too afraid of being called  an "ist" or an "ism," and thus this pathetic strategy actually works..

But the left faces a long term problem with their victimhood strategy, particularly in its chief application - racism.  By about 2045 whites won't be the majority in the US anymore and victims who play the race card won't be able do so (at least honestly).

So how will the left go about perpetrating the race-victimhood racket?  Simple.

They will quickly discover and use the word "plurality."

Plurality, among many other definitions, means the largest segment or percentage of.  It doesn't mean an outright majority, including 50%+, but just the largest single group among many groups.  And while leftists may be too lazy to increase their vocabulary on any given day, I can guarantee you when the 2040's come, nearly every leftist is going to make this part of their daily language.

"The white plurality."
"You benefit from pluralism."
"The oppressive and privileged white plurality in this country..."

You get the idea.

What this belies is a larger trend, even genetic fact about leftists' DNA that every hard-working person in the world, regardless of country, regardless of race, and regardless of gender, better learn about leftists.  They will stop at nothing to get your money.  They will stop at nothing to get your wealth.  They will stop at nothing to live off of you.  Be it a mentally ill millennial college student majoring in "Gender Studies" claiming you're oppressing it because of a new gender that was created 30 minutes ago or Karl Marx's illogical and incoherent ramblings from 150 years ago, the left will come up with any excuse - nuanced, complex, completely fabricated, or otherwise - to excuse their living off of you.  Matter of fact, when you look at the amount of effort Marx put into his ramblings or modern day academic leftists put into entirely fabricated faux-studies, their commitment to parasitism becomes very clear.  They'd very likely make infinitely more had they just worked real jobs instead of becoming professional whiners, but their commitment to professional victimhood and living off of others is so fervent, so fanatical it becomes their religion, which guarantees they waste their one precious and finite life on this planet.

With this level of dedication - to come up with any lie, to create entirely fabricated academic studies out of whole cloth, to even waste their entire lives in the pursuit of other people's money - the productive people of the world better accurately comprehend and appreciate just what a threat to their freedoms and personal finances the left in the world present.  And "The Evil White Plurality" which is coming to a theater near you in the Summer of 2045 is just a mere insight into their total and fanatical commitment to continue living off of you.
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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Is It Moral for Conservatives & Libertarians to Collect Social Security?

Yes.  Hell yes.  Matter of fact, they're the only ones morally entitled to it.


I know it's a bit dated, but a friendly reminder to you boys, women with horses are not mentally stable.  Combined that with being a teeeeeaaaacheerrrrrr and there's nothing but trouble waiting for you ahead.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

In Search For Fool's Gold: The Saga of Progressive Credentialism

By Aleksey Bashtavenko
Academic Composition
            From Kindergarten to High School, America’s youngsters are taught that education is the key to success in life. The underlying explanation is simple and straight-forward. In order to land a high-paying job, you must be able to think critically and display a good deal of mental agility. After all, if you want to be engineering, you must have a solid grasp of science and mathematics. If you want to be a lawyer, you must be verbally proficient and if you intend to enter medicine, there is an altogether different body of knowledge you must master. What about all of the other, less intellectually rigorous professions?
            As for that, our guidance counselors would say that a degree makes you stand out. If you want to be a book-keeper or a financier, you’d have a much higher chance of getting hired with a degree. Today, more people have academic credentials than they did decades before. Previously, a degree offered one a way of standing out from the crowd, today, it has become the new norm. In other words, a Bachelor’s degree is the equivalent of a High School degree in the 70s.
            As appealing as this comparison may seem, it is a false equivalency. In the 70s, employers had considerable confidence in the quality of education High Schools offer. As such, they were able to justify their preference for applicants who finished High School over those who did not. At that point, it seemed clear that High School graduates displayed superior intellectual, practical and interpersonal skills to those of Middle School graduates. Yet, can one say that today’s graduates are superior to High School graduates in these respects?
Managers routinely complain that College graduates are deficient in basic skills required at the work-place such as verbal communication skills, mathematical calculation, writing proficiency, public speaking and interpersonal ability.
            ( In a rigorous academic environment, youngsters can cultivate all of such skills, yet it is no secret that the standards American universities employ tend to be woefully inadequate. This is evident in light of the proliferation of ill-conceived majors such as Women’s Studies, Queer Studies, Transgender Studies and so forth. Even students who pursue more respectable scholarly disciplines do not receive the quality of education that their parents and grandparents did (
In the late 60s, the self-esteem movement began taking root on America’s college campuses and the seeds of this worldview were planted in the minds of educators across the country. Shortly thereafter, a significant percentage of teachers and administrators believed that all disciplinary behaviors among children stemmed from a low-self-esteem ( To rectify this apparent problem, teachers lavished praise on youngsters and evaluated their students’ work in an exceptionally lenient fashion.
Since then, the trend of grade inflation has accelerated and now the students often display the kind of ignorance and intellectual incompetence that would have been unthinkable for previous generations of college graduates to show ( Despite the staff’s efforts to accommodate the dullest and least industrious of their pupils, the student body continues to demand further concessions. Today, the students are no longer satisfied with a curriculum where almost anyone can earn an A with a minimal expenditure of effort, they now demand to be sheltered from views that they may disagree with ( It is now customary for professors to issue “trigger warnings” about any readings they may assign that expose students to ideas that may be considered “sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist” and so on.
The foregoing generations not only had to be exposed to the conflicting point of view, they were required to consider them with an open-mind. Likewise, they were forced to display a much higher level of academic rigor and communication skills throughout their discussions in class than today’s student do. By the same token, students from 30 years ago were given far greater opportunities to learn to think in an objective manner and form a balanced worldview.
. In 1975, liberal  professors outnumbered their conservative peers by a ratio of 3 to 1 ( Today, this ratio is 12 to 1 and continues to increase. In departments where curricula are known to carry a heavy left-wing bias, that ration is often as high as 30 to 1. While a significant percentage of instructors in departments of finance, economics and engineering identify as conservatives, such pedagogues are virtually unheard of in departments of literature and gender studies.
Despite this, left-leaning “news outlets” routinely propagate the notion that even the professors of “soft sciences” are intellectually honest enough to refrain from forcing their views on students ( The reality is that the matter is much more complicated than that. Considerable evidence suggests that human judgment can often be influenced by subtle hints. ( For example, the effectiveness of an advertisement can be significantly changed if only one word is altered. Likewise, individuals tend to focus on ideas that they were most recently exposed to. In surveys where one is asked if they are “unhappy” with the product or experience in question, most people are likely to reflect on their negative experiences. Yet, the opposite occurs when the question is phrased in a way that emphasizes the positive elements of one’s experience. These findings prompt the question of how the views of students may change when they are constantly exposed to ideas that subtly reinforce the left-wing perspective. Even if the instructor does not explicitly articulate their point of view, they often unwittingly leave subtle hints or assign readings by authors who are sympathetic to the leftist perspective. In other words, the professor does not need to openly claim that “right-leaning Americans are racist and sexist”, all he needs to do is keep on bombarding the students with readings that imply this premise.
At Academic Composition, we’ve served over 10,000 different students, many of whom called for our help with their papers for “electives” and “general studies” courses. Instructors who teach these “disciplines” tend to show much less restraint than those who are in charge of more respectable scholarly m├ętiers such as economics, history, philosophy and political science. Karl Marx infamously declared that the philosopher’s task should be not to understand the world, but to change it. Remarkably, 18% of social science professors identify as Marxists and many others have been influenced by Marxism in subtler ways ( Such academics now subscribe to the ideology that can be broadly described as post-modernism (
Unlike the Marxists, post-modernists deny that reality is objective and can be understood in an unequivocal fashion. However, they embrace the Marxist premise that human nature is malleable and the human condition is predominantly a consequence of environmental rather than biological influences. Building on that assumption, they maintain that the most powerful people in society have the capacity to control the destiny of all others. Similarly to how Marxists regarded the capitalists as the oppressors of the working class, the post-modernists impose the same condemnation upon the “privileged white males”.
In large part because of the alliance between Marxists and post-modernists, professors of the humanities can openly support socialist policies without openly endorsing Marxism or communism as it was implemented throughout the 20th century. Without offering clear-cut policy prescriptions, such academics champion vague slogans such as “fighting the right”, “redistributing the wealth”, “taxing the rich” and “doing away with capitalism” ( In light of the post-modernists’ rejection of objective truth, it is now acceptable for instructors to parade such platitudes without taking responsibility for their intellectual negligence (
The fusion of Marxism and post-modernism not only creates an environment where professors tend to be biased to the point where they are likely to skew the students’ ideological orientation to the left, even if they do not intend to do so, but also that the collegiate milieu is unlikely to foster the youngsters’ intellectual growth. In a classic on education, “The Closing of the American Mind”, Allan Bloom has shown that the attitude of cultural relativism dampens the students’ passion for the truth ( The underlying rationale is simple and straight-forward: if one believes that there is no objective truth, there is no reason for anyone to spend their time wrestling with the big questions of life. As a result, learning becomes perfunctory, routinized and aimed at the achievement of extrinsic results.
In light of these developments, it is clear that today’s generation of college students will not receive the quality of education their parents and grandparents took for granted. Although employers may harbor nominal expectations that “college educated” applicants are better workers, they are starting to question this assumption. With every passing decade, employers become more cognizant of the gap between what academic credentials putatively represent and what they empower graduates to achieve. Hence, a Bachelor’s Degree is no longer the ticket to a middle-class living that it used to be.
Despite the diminished economic value of academic credentials, the apologists for the Ivory Tower continue to insist that formal education bestows intangible value upon students that they cannot receive elsewhere ( In other words, it is often maintained that the humanities “teach people how to think” in an environment where such lofty skills cannot be acquired anywhere else. It is a well-documented fact that ideological bias is a significant impediment to intellectual growth and multiple academic departments are immersed in it. Moreover, in the minds of many academics, the dogma of post-modernism appears to justify the rapid decline of academic standards. In light of the proliferation of ill-conceived majors and abysmal standards that students must fulfill in order to graduate with distinction, the suggestion that “humanities teach people to think” is risible.
Although it is true that numerous employers see academic credentials as an indicator that the applicant in question is capable of “finishing something” and in this sense, an impractical university degree may not be entire worthless. However, attaining such credentials is seldom worth the cost. In the amount of time one devotes to a degree in order to show that they can “finish something”, they could have learned a trade and acquired considerable work experience. Regardless of what skill one chooses to pursue, there is a considerable advantage to postponing formal education in favor of entering the work-force. First of all, this is a great way for a youngster to obtain relevant work experience and determine if a university degree serves their purpose. Secondly, if college education seems appropriate at that point, it will become easier to see which specific major is worth pursuing. Thirdly, real-world experience should inoculate most people from the ideological indoctrination that takes place in the general education courses. Fourthly, students who have practical experience will then see formal education as merely one activity they could pursue. Unlike those who enter college straight out of high school and think that earning a degree is their only viable option, the world-weary students will be in the position to evaluate all of their options and commit to a judicious course of action. 

"Cultural Incompetency"

All I ask is that Western Civilization keep the lights on for another 35 years.  You can go to pot for all I care after that.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Why Major Metros Deserve $15 Minimum Wages and Municipal Income Taxes

There's been three major municipal events over the past year.

1.  Seattle approved a $15/hour minimum wage.
2.  Minneapolis approved a $15/hour minimum wage.
3.  Seattle approved a municipal income tax on it's richest citizens.

Republicans, libertarians, and other assorted "non-leftists" are in uproar over these items and tender the same, and correct, arguments against them.  They will drive away businesses, employers, rich people, and others.  They will lessen the amount of employment offered to the public.  And they will actually hurt the poor, the disadvantaged, and the ADHDDHADHDDHD people's the left so loudly claim to want to help. 

It is a rare instance where the right is actually trying to help those on the left.

But let me offer an alternative viewpoint.  One that is in agreement with the left, the $15 minimum wage, and a municipal income tax on large metro area's richest.  And one that might even get the non-left to agree with, as well as calm their nerves.

Let them have it.

I don't know if you noticed, but socialist utopias like the Soviet Union, Venezuela, modern day Zimbabwe, and America's own Detroit have a tendency to punish the stupid.  If you're so dumb and naive to think "magically" jacking up the minimum wage to some arbitrary number or taxing the rich "just this much more" is going to overcome the problems and consequences of having children you can't afford, majoring in stupid shit, being lazy, or any one of the numerous mistakes leftists make, then you deserve the hell you wreak upon yourself.  And while I know philosophically, fundamentally, and morally you might be against a minimum wage or municipal income tax, I ask you, who is this going to hurt?

If you look at large metro areas they are predominantly populated by liberals, leftists, college students, and trust fund babies.  And those that make enough money to be taxed in a municipal income tax are also likely goodie-two-shoes-obedient-leftist-sheeple who just can't wait to buy some kamboucha at Pioneer Square. 

So why are you trying to stop them from hurting themselves?

If there is a complaint to be had it's for you moron NON-leftists that still decide to live in major metropolitan areas where they hate success, they hate freedom, and they hate whites and males.  I know your downtown condo is really cool, and I know the coffee is just fabulous at that little cafe.  But if the handful of non-leftists were to simply have the self-respect to leave leftist shitholes like Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, and Denver, then these "smarter-than-thou" leftists could tax the ever living hell out of each other and bring upon the Detroit-fateism they so rightly deserve.

The issue of a $15/hr minimum wage or a municipal income tax is not one of economic policy, philosophy, or politics.  It's poetic justice.  It's just desserts.  It's effortless vengeance.  You just have to be smart enough to step out of the way and not live in a major liberal metro area when leftists get in a circular firing squad.

Men's Reluctance to Marry Hurts Nevada Wedding Chapel Industry

It's the longest, but nicest story of poetic justice ever told.  Where women were so debauched and raised so poorly, even those slow poke men started waking up and eschewed what they were programmed by 2 million years of evolution to want. 

Keep going ladies.  I don't think we've heard enough of "fish bicycle" yet.

Monday, July 10, 2017

An Audi R8 or Your Nephew?

In this episode of The Clarey Podcast I ask what's wrong with people who buy Range Rovers and Mercedes instead of support their nephews and nieces. 

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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Your Weekly Amazon Shopping Reminder

Your weekly reminder to do all your online shopping through Cappy's online Amazon program.

YOU pay nothing more.

CAPPY gets a 7% cut.

EVERYBODY is happy.

So sit down, put together your online shopping list, and click this here link.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Nobody Invests. Everybody Speculates.

You can buy Poor Richard's Retirement here.

CNN is an Evil Entity Getting Exactly What It Deserves

CNN has been lying to Americans and the world for far too long. This has been apparent to anybody with true critical thinking skills or just the ability to look up and verify things on the internet.  But, thanks to Trump provoking them and stirring their leftist ire, they have done fucked up.

Now 4Chan is doxxing some people at CNN (a practice most people at CNN no doubt long as it's against republicans).

And after the WWE and Russia debacles, CNN is now rated below Nick at Nite

Apparently the fake-but-hates-you Anderson Cooper veneer is wearing off and even the American sheeple are starting to realize they've been lied to.


Thursday, July 06, 2017

Gay Pride Month 2017 Was Overkill

Allow me to tell you the tale of two different gay men.

The first is about my long time friend, "The Talented Mr. Le."  There really isn't a story to tell about him aside from the two decade's worth of anecdotes and experiences I have with him being my friend.  He is an avid hiker, and outstanding artist, and to make money offers his services as an architect.  He's incredibly intelligent and there's not much more I enjoy in life that hiking with him and sparring intellectually.  Mr. Le is defined by his artistic ability, philosophical mind, child-like mischievousness, passion for hiking, and passion for life.  He just happens to be gay, and most people don't know that about him as he doesn't really bring it up.

The second is about some dickwad that walked into what was yet-until-that-moment a quiet bar me and the GF were trying to enjoy a cocktail at.  We were in the middle of a conversation and, like some cars or loud jet engines, you heard him LOOOONG before you saw him.  He had the perfectly forced and faked gay accent "HELLLLO EVERYONE!!!!!"  His attire was so loud it drowned out the fact his fashion was originally meant to convey he was gay.  And he made sure to have a conversation loud enough with the bartender so everyone in the bar KNEW his thought process on choosing a drink.  These boisterous traits duked it out between one another to let you and everybody in earshot that this man, was indeed gay.

Did you know he was gay!?

HE'S GAAAAY!!!!!!!!

Did he tell you he was gay?

These two drastically different gay men convey an important lesson for those in the gay community, as well as those who are not.  One is about achieving equality, acceptance, and right to a normal life, the other is one of attention whoring, virtue signaling, politics, professional victim-whoring, ulterior motives, and preferential treatment at the expense of society.  And Gay Pride Month for 2017 indicates it is the latter at least the "professional" gay community wants, which raises some interesting questions as to where the larger gay community wants to go and what they want to accomplish.

Understand the best and most optimal outcome for gay or any other marginalized group in society is parity.  One of equality.  To be normally accepted into the culture.  You can go down and get a fish sandwich at "Bob's Sandwiches" and nobody is going to raise an eyebrow.  This is what most struggles for equality have been for, and they've largely been achieved.  A black man can go and sit in a theater with white people.  Gays can attend a baseball game with straights.  Women can drive and vote.  But the question is when is this goal of parity achieved?  When is this movement "successful?"  And therefore when can people from said aggrieved group go back to living a "normal life" with the rest of society?  And though there are certainly instances of religious people not willing to cook a cake here, or a particularly close-minded city or state denying gays the right to marry there, the gay community has been largely successful in getting equal treatment within society.

This is exemplified with The Talented Mr. Le.  He lives a normal life.  He does normal things.  He doesn't flash his sexuality in people's faces or demand celebration because he has more going on in his life than his mere sexuality.  Additionally, and I know this is going to hurt a lot of you in the "professional" or "activist" gay community, but...

nobody cares you're gay.

Gays have been so successful in getting society to accept them that you are now very welcome, even celebrated in many parts of society, and so celebrated nobody really cares anymore.

"You're gay?  Meh."  And thus is the incredibly boring, yet accepted life of The Talented Mr. Le.

However, like many movements in society, many people make their living off of it.  And once the movement is over and achieves its goals, these people are faced with the prospects of finding a new career and a new job.  Sadly, many of these people would rather keep an obsolete movement going, no matter how unnecessary it is, even if it damages the group/people/original members of the movement, because they're, frankly, too lazy to return to the real world of work.

For example, is there a more hated group in the world than feminists?  Sure, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton were feminists, but at a time when they were calling for the right to vote and the right to own property.  Once those rights were achieved, the women's rights movement has since morphed into a warped and twisted monster where everything is rape, women are always oppressed, the false "wage gap" is constantly hounded upon, and men are enemy #1.  The costs to society of propagating this obsolete movement past its usefulness are horrible.  Families are now broken up.  Divorce is on the rise.  False rape accusations are more common than real ones on college campuses.  Government checks have replaced fathers.  Schools have replaced mothers.  Men don't trust women.  Women don't trust men.  And we've effectively ruined the sexes for one another.  But it's all alright, you see, because thousands of women's studies professors, activists, lawyers, and other professional feminists got decades-long careers out of this past-its-due-date movement.

And do not think it's merely the temptation of a life-long job as an activist or professor that keeps obsolete movements alive.  There are many and HUGE entities and institutions within society that can profit off of obsolete movements.

For example, similar to the financial incentives associated with an activist career is the point, purpose, and agency in life that a "crusade" or "movement" offers people.  You can work in an cube writing TPS reports for Initech, or...


This sexier, more romantic career has condemned millions of college students to join political crusades that don't pay as much had they majored in Electrical Engineering and just worked a boring job at General Electric.  And if you know any professional "activists" you know the pursuit of their passion has cost them mightily in compensation and finances, but arguably more in life and mental health.  Placing your entire life's value on a trait you were born with (female, skin color, sexual preference) and nothing you earned (built a business, become an accountant, raised a family) is an express ticket to depression and other mental problems.

Politicians, shocking, I know, like to divide people into groups so they can advertise directly to said groups.  And the strategy they most often employ is how one group of people is "oppressing" the other group of people, and by god, the only way that will end is if you elect Joe Blow for another 30 years in the senate.  You may think the politician espousing his or her support for "Group A" really like's "Group A," but just look at a Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or any other professional politician and ask if they really helped, let alone cared about the people they purported to.

And then there's corporations.

No more than a decade ago I can still remember when corporations were "The EVIL CORPORATIONS MAAAAAAN!"  But now, corporations like politicians, have realized the marketing potential of (predominantly) leftist politics.

By gosh, these corporations just care so much about diversity, and feminisms, and women, and the children, and the environment, and going green.  They've even dedicated entire departments within their corporate structure to virtue signal to you sheep the people just how great and caring and green and pro-women and pro-gay they are.

But in the end, no matter what they call it ("CSR," "carbon foot print," "diversity,") it's just lies and marketing to get you to part with your money because they think pandering to your skin color, you sexual preference, your ethnicity, or your politics will loosen your purse strings.  It's truly insulting when you think about it.

When you tally this up, it behooves the question, is this where the gay community wants to go?  Because if June of 2017 was any indication, it most certainly seems it is.  I've been a life long supporter of gay rights and gay marriage.  I (obviously) have gay friends.  I want gays to live normal and unharassed lives just like straights.  I wish the gay community nothing but the most success and happiness in life.  But I don't need the entire City of St. Paul putting rainbow flags on the bridges for the entire month of June.  I don't need to see two lesbians, who I've never heard of, throw the "starting pitch" at a baseball game because it's gay pride month.  I don't need commercials, advertisements, billboards, or every form of media reminding me it's gay pride month.  Not because I'm against gay rights, but because I don't need political sermoning or lectures shoved down my throat.  I don't need that loud, boisterous dickwad ruining my time at the bar.

Gay Pride Month of 2017 was that loud boisterous dickwad.  May I suggest a Gay Pride Day just like St. Patrick's Day or Cinco De Mayo?  The Irish and the Hispanics are accepted into this culture, and they only have one day.  Gay are also accepted into this culture, may I suggest paring it down to a day as well?
Aaron Clarey is a mean evil right wing libertarian who supports gay marriage.  Check out his other works below:
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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Cappy and DT's Podcast "Crossing the Streams" Special

I sit in with DT for our podcast as we aim to save time because we're both lazy and didn't want to do separate podcasts.  You can tune into the podcast here.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Happy 4th to All You Magnificient Bastards

Coincidentally today I'm mortgage free.  Can't imagine a better way to celebrate the 4th:

Friday, June 30, 2017

Economic Analysis of Minneapolis' $15 Minimum Wage

Minneapolis passed a $15/hr minimum wage.  I'd go into economic, mathematical, statistical, and empirical detail.  But this is much more efficient:

Dear Baby Boomers, You Will All Work Until You Die

There is however, hope.

Bad Decisions, Another Case for Evil

Mr. Piggott pens a great piece about how society doesn't want to admit they made bad decisions, which opens up an opportunity for profit. 

It was inspired by a post by good Ole Dalrock, which was in turn prompted by this article written by a mentally ill "power-you-can-have-it-all" divorced mom.  Boys, PLEASE pay attention to the comments section in the "power grrrrrl" article so you KNOW that we are not "hating on women" or making this stuff up.  Realize just how many women support/are inpsired by/believe the BS and REALIZE that is your dating market.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

I Am Officially on Steemit

In the never ending list of new social media platforms, I decided to get an account at Steemit as I think it might have a slightly better than average chance at becoming something.

You can find/follow me on Steemit here.

Why Spending is the Future of Retirement Planning

You don't control the stock market.
But you do control your spending.
And that will be the future of retirement.

"Poor Richard's Retirement" can be purchased here for 1/100,000th the price of your actual retirement.

How Smart People Can Find Happiness

Remember, "Curse of the High IQ" is always for sale.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Rise and Fall of the Zulu Nation

Found this particularly interesting, especially if you're like me and have very little background on the history of South Africa or colonialized Africa in general.

LinkedIn Life: "Tell Me Why We Commute Again?"

"The issue of telecommuting I find cute, removed, and academic. The reason why is because I work from home and I largely view telecommuting to be for the sheep and the shepherds that employ them. But as I approach my now 9th year since my last appearance in rush hour traffic, I'm so far removed from it that I see a commute much like an abused wife sees her ex-husband for the irrational, damaging, and ultimately pointless waste that he is. The only question I have is:
Why do you guys commute?"

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Curse Free Episode #25

There is no money, only time.
The life philosophical consequences of vicelessness and no booze.
Google gets treated like a "Big Evil Corporation."
Wanna Be Dude Bro Businessmen Fraudsters


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Corporate Offices are No Longer Needed

And like 70's music are old, outdated, obsolete, and completely unnecessary.

Nose Hair Trimmers Sunday


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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Is the HR Ditz FINALLY Extinct?

From my latest article at LinkedIn:

"I personally could not care less about the plight of these HR ditzes. They proved nothing more than a huge impediment to the labor force, the advancement of the economy, and the advancement of millions of people's careers. They were predominantly spoiled rotten brats from the suburbs, given undeserved and uncalled for power which they abused and went power-tripping with. And while I certainly know and appreciate some REAL HR professionals (benefits and compensation and employment law ARE real fields), the extinction of "Barbie the Know Nothing HR Ditz" and the idiot employers that used them will not be mourned."

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Another Case for Stay At Home Parents: The Elimination of Schools

Of the many statistics and calculations I ran for my latest essay, perhaps the most interesting one is that:

after going to college for 4-8 years
and working hard to get that coveted non-profit or government position
and after putting in 10 years of work to make your career a go

when you factor in

extra commuting costs
and especially daycare

the average woman's job brings home a big, huge, whopping extra....


Never mind your kids are ill-reared.
Never mind you never got time to spend with your kids anyway.
Never mind divorce is all but guaranteed.
And never mind the tragic irony that many women's careers are simply taking care of anybody else's kids but their own
Nor the doubly rich irony that your labor is now taxed on what was previously untaxable labor

Nope, that Masters is Social Work, pending divorce, broken family, wasted youth, and children that will grow to hate you was totally worth it because...well, dude...come on!  THAT'S $4,000!!!!

Now admittedly it's not always the woman working her pittance of a make-work government affirmative action job at the expense of her family.  Often times it is the woman who is obvious breadwinner and there's a stay at home dad.  Often times there are traditional families where one person stays at home to (GASP!) raise their children and the other works the 9-5.  But given there's such a small financial advantage to outsourcing the rearing of your children, even in today's "hectic career obsessed world," it doesn't pay (well, OK, $4,000) to have that second income.

Dedicate one parent to stay at home.
Dedicate one person to rear your children.
And the amount you'll save in Ritalin, Adderall, and psychologist visits alone will easily recoup those precious $4,000.

But then the ole Captain got thinking again.  Specifically, about the handful of women he knows that home-school their children.  They do an infinitely better job than the public schools do.  Some of their kids are already learning to program and code at age 12.  Another one knows how to inseminate, milk, and tend cows.  And all this from stay at home moms who "shockingly" don't have degrees, certifications, or licenses.  So if for the vast majority of families it doesn't pay to have a two income household, and kids are better educated when home-schooled, would there not be a case for eliminating schools altogether?

This is not only simple logic, nor wishful right-wing thinking.  It's simple economics.

In the olden days before time saving devices such as vacuums and washing machines, being a home-keeper (male or female) was indeed a full-time job.  There was cleaning and maintenance. Rearing the children.  And one that I like to highlight in particular (because it was just as important as how much the family made) was the budgeting and spending of the family finances.  Couponing, budgeting, making meals at home.  All of that was just as important as the (traditionally) male role of being the breadwinner.

But with the advent of washing machines and vacuums, hours were freed up for your typical house-keeper.  And with the push of 1960's feminism and the commensurate outsourcing your children to day care, the (traditionally) female role of house keeper was obsoleted.  Women were to enter the workforce just like men...even if the plurality of their jobs were to effectively be government-compensated mothers to other women's children...and now you'd be taxed on it.

But add to this rapidly evolving mix of sex roles and true game changer.

The internet.

The internet not only saves households even more time in terms of shopping, banking, and a nearly limitless number of other chores.  But it also makes entire industries obsolete.

Education for example.

There is no godly reason colleges and universities should even exist anymore.  College degrees in all reality are obsolete, it's just the rest of the outdated and lethargic economy hasn't realized it.  But while the real world slowly catches on that colleges and universities are going to go the way of the dinosaur, I contend we should also turn our focus to the public schools of K-12 because they too are obsolete.

Since it only pays an extra $4,000 to have a two income household, and there is so much time freed up for the home-keeper with appliances and the internet, what if every family had a stay at home parent that would not only maintain the home, rear the children, but educate them as well?  The internet has the ENTIRE world's knowledge a fingertip away.  There are tutorials and MOOC's online that could teach you and your children literally everything the K-12 can and more.  Even Tom Woods (though the home schooling site links here) on a dare created an entire home schooling curriculum.  This would not only result in much better educated children, but in eliminating the public schools, save Americans billions in unnecessary property taxes.

Of course, I know this is politically infeasible.  There are too many people vested in their make-work-government-careers and degrees to give it up and raise their own children.  I know Big Education has a trillion-dollar per year vested interest in fleecing the taxpayer to keep up their inferior and obsolete industry.  And the democrat party alone needs public schools and universities to continue to brainwash and make future democrat voters.  There are huge political, psychological, sociological, and just plain evil hurdles to bringing about happier families and better educations to children.  But just like the internet and e-mail technically made commuting an unnecessary chore in about 1999, it doesn't mean society is fast, sharp, or visionary enough to capitalize on it.  And if commuting or the higher education bubble is any indicator, it's going to be at least three decades before the American sheeple wake up and realize K-college education can all be done at home, with a loving father or mother at the helm.
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