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Why Blacks Should Take Advantage of SWPL Leftist White People

Keep gunning for Starbucks and taking advantage of stupid leftist people.  They deserve it.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

You Can Return to 1950's America Anytime

The 1950's is incredibly telling of the quality, caliber and sanity of any American today.  You either view it as an ideal, a goal, a target to shoot for, or you loathe it, detest it, hate it, and view it as the epitome of evil.  The first group of people are true Americans.  They love the nuclear family, booming economic growth, progress, fashion, beauty, low crime, excellence, achievement and all that is classically American.  The later are nothing more than parasitic socialists who fear the 1950's more than anything else because it is the single largest, brightest, and blinding bit of empirical evidence that contradicts their socialist religion.  If you point out the virtues of 1950's America they rush to tell you it's racist, while tripping over themselves to nervously-laugh at the presupposed "barbaric sexism" of the 50's.  You can try to reason with them and point out you're talking more the familial stability, economic growth, low unemployment, fashion, etc., and would do away with the bigotry of the times.  But they will have none of it because if they concede that the 50's were better times in general, then that would mean they were wrong about their socialist ideology and can no longer collect their government checks.  Alas, they will always cower and hypocritically hide behind the 50's being racist and "You just want women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen" (you ignorant neanderthal you) because otherwise they'd have to get real jobs.

Sadly, with a high enough percentage of the population voting for socialism, not to mention an increasing percentage of the population preferring to celebrate inferiority over excellence, we as a country cannot return to the "glory days" of the 1950's.  Millennials are not capable of living on their own at 18.  Women prefer to outsource kids to day care instead of raise them.  Men have been replaced with government checks.  And what men are present in their nuclear families are usually Soy Boy jokes which cannot compare to a strong, but fair 1950's Ward Cleaver.  Without the based, anchored, and galvanized WWII generation, the generations of Americans that remain are simply too inferior and lazy to achieve what Americans did in the 1950's.  And so you assume we can never return to those halcyon days of yore and are condemned to Enjoy the Decline.

However, I have a bit of good news for you, and it is one of those rare bits of good news indeed.  For while "we" as a country can't and never will return to the 1950's, YOU as an individual can.  And there's nobody who can stop you.

The main reason anybody can return to the 1950's at any time is because while on a national or macro level the US may be turning into a childish, socialist shithole, on the local or micro level the average American still holds considerable sway and control over their immediate and local environment.  You don't have to live in California where the insane people put cancer warnings on coffee.  You don't have to live in Seattle where the city council obviously loves parasites more than the producers.  You can simply choose to live in towns that aren't socialist, have low crime, low traffic and don't vote to tax their citizens all the time.  But returning to the 50's goes well beyond simply picking the right municipality to live in.  It boils down to individual life-style decisions that are even more personal, more "micro" and will more directly affect the quality of life you live.  And if you make the right decisions, there's a good chance you'll enjoy a 1950's life replete with 2020's technology and conveniences.

Location, Location, Location

The first and most important step in attaining a 1950's lifestyle is refusing to live where liberals and leftists are.  Leftists and liberals are simply antithetical to a 1950's lifestyle and mindset.  This obviously eliminates entire states like California, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, but also eliminates nearly every major city in the United States.  Being away from major metro areas and America's centers of commerce may put a crimp on your career opportunities, but less so than you might think.   The suburbs exist for a reason - hard working people who want safe communities, good schools, low taxes, and low crime, also want to be reasonably close to these hubs of commerce for their careers.  This is possible if you're willing to commute or simply take the bus.  Furthermore, advances in internet technology has made an increasing number of jobs location independent.  This allows you to move yourself (and your family) to smaller, even safer, even lower-taxed hamlets where you can still do our job remotely, occasionally dropping in on the city for whatever culture or entertainment you may want to take in.  These small towns can offer a 1950's "Andy Griffith Mayberry" lifestyle for you and your family...assuming you're done living the "Sex and the City" or "Friends" lifestyle that you were sold on TV.

Career Choices

Closely related to where you live and work is your career.  To be blunt, if you want to return to the 1950's that means a one income household.  One person is going to go out and make the money, the other is going to keep the home and raise any would-be children.  This means you have to major in the right thing and today 2/3rds of American students major in worthless, unemployable slop.  So it is vital you choose the right profession be it the trades, joining the military, majoring in engineering or becoming a dentist.  If you don't, you condemn yourself to a life of the typical Millennial; constantly begging for work, pulling teeth to get a decent wage, crippled by student loans you'll never pay back, living paycheck to paycheck...heck, living at home at 30.  The (evil racist) 1950's American dream of homeownership will simply be out of your reach as you opted to major in an easy hobby rather than a rigorous, industrious and EMPLOYABLE profession.  You can make it even easier on yourself if you choose a profession like computer programming or networking which will not only pay, but give you the added benefit of location independent employment.

The 1950's Budget

In my book "Poor Richard's Retirement" I was amazed how people in the 1950's managed to raise full, nuclear families on incomes that are a third of today's household income.  When people say "it takes two incomes to raise a family today" what they really mean is...

"When you account for my student loans for my worthless masters degree in human development and my husband's MBA, and the luxury SUV lease, and our McMansion mortgage, and the kids' day care, and the pool boy and the lawn care and our annual vacations to Disney World, Mazatlan, and Italy and the designer clothes for all our children, we need two incomes to pay for everything."

In short, people today replace people with stuff.  In the 1950's the parents actually raised a family and spent their money on people.  Not things.  They knew family was more important than materialism and consequently put it at the center of their lives.

This translated into budgets that were mere fractions of what people spend today, but even more shocking to modern Americans, families in the 50's had money left over.  This frugality required living in homes that had 1/3rd the square footage of today's modern homes, owning only one car, taking the bus, children sharing rooms, cutting coupons and budgeting, hemming and darning clothes, and not outsourcing your children to daycare which (ironically) usually costs more than what paltry income a wife brings in when she goes out and works whatever part-time non-profit job her liberal arts degree affords here.

Thankfully today's housing technology allows you to buy more home for the same inflation-adjusted dollar and automotive technology allows you to afford more than one car.  But buying vanity in the form of BMW's, McMansions, designer clothes, trips, and pointless masters degrees is what enslaves most people to their debts and prevents them from living a 1950's, person-focused lifestyle.  If you simply buy what you need, spending less than you make, all the financial problems that plague modern debt-addicted Americans will go away and happier families will be the result.

Yes, You Will Raise Your Own Damn Children

I've always wondered why the majority of people in my generation even bother having children.  They don't raise them.  They simply have them and then juggle them in between both of their careers, hobbies, vices, and daycare.  Half of my parental peer group took a page from the Book of Baby Boomers and end up getting divorced and so now the kids are raised in broken homes...optimistically assuming the mother and father were married in the first place.

So why did you even bother to have kids?

More important than location, more important than your career, more important than you yourself is the children you decided to bring into this world.  I cannot logically deduce anything except that your children should be the most important thing in this world.  Ergo, I would presume if you had them you would like to actually spend time with them, certainly before they turn 18 and you don't see them again.

So please, if the Baby Boomers and Gen X'ers taught us anything, it should be that you should raise your own damn kids.  Don't outsource them to daycare.  Don't outsource them to pre-pre-pre K.  Don't put your career ahead of them.  Actually spent time with them and raise them.  You'd be surprised how well-raised children bring happiness into your life.  You might even be shocked to find out they're more rewarding than your masters degree.

Yes, You Will Remain a Nuclear Family

Appalled as I am watching friends have kids they simply don't want, it enrages me when parents obviously decide they are more important than their children and get divorced (or "split up" because, why get married before having kids anyways, amirite?)  Not only does this wreak havoc upon the psychologies of any children you might have, single parent households are the most inefficient way to raise kids.  The sheer calories of energy I see divorced parents spend not only trying to time-share their children and maintain multiple homes, but battle and fight one another over pure selfishness, pettiness, and pride is argument enough that you should fake being married until your youngest is 18 no matter how much you hate each other.  It would be less painful, less costly, less time consuming and much better for all parties involved (including those kids you had - remember them?).

But there is a much more important argument to maintaining a nuclear family and one that is based in the selfless consideration of others in society - the quality of your children.

The consequences of divorced or broken homes is the scourge of ill-reared children that are then released into the real world.  At best they might be slightly depressed, faking a mental illness like "social anxiety disorder" or whatever the new one is this week.  But at worst (and more typically) they are the cause of nearly all sociological problems.  Poverty, drugs, crimes, STD's, high taxes, mental illness, murder, lost economic production, deficits, future illegitimate children/single parent households, nearly EVERY major problem society faces today has its genesis in broken homes, single moms and dead beat dads.  Failing to maintain a nuclear family results in raising liabilities in the form of your dysfunctional children that you then send out into the real world where they proceed to wreak trillions of dollars worth in damage.

I'm going to assume that the love of your children is argument enough to guarantee your children will be raised under a nuclear family.  The peace, calm, serenity and love that comes from the resulting familial stability would also be a convincing fringe benefit to ensure this trait of 1950's America.  But if that's not enough to convince you, perhaps the guilt that your failure to raise your children properly is guaranteed to cost society trillions will ensure you keep your family together.

Choose a Traditional 1950's Man/Woman

Key to having a stable marriage and a nuclear family is choosing the right person as your spouse.  And to be perfectly honest, the qualities and traits that make a good spouse have been bred out of Americans the past three generations.

This forced-political denial of the differences and thus complimentary natures of the sexes in today's America is laughable and should be ignored if you wish to life a 1950's lifestyle.  Millions of years of human evolution, billions of years of the evolution of life on our planet, and our environment has made it PHYSICALLY CLEAR there are indeed (and in general) two sexes.  And not only are there two distinct sexes, there are some major differences.  In the 1950's these differences were used to help form a nearly-unstoppable duo in the form of a husband and wife with their own unique strengths and specialties.

With their strength, energy, resolve and mathematically inclined brains, men would work and make money.  And not only work and make money, but innovate, create, and experiment resulting in dramatic increases in standards of living.  Women with their care, compassion, kindness and acute awareness of resource management would typically raise the children (don't know if you noticed those things called "boobs" they have), maintain a home, support the husband, but also through budgeting and economic guile make the money the husband made go far as possible, increasing standards of living for all family members.  This isn't to say that men couldn't cook or women couldn't be scientists, but in general these two roles took advantage of the division of labor, playing to each others' strengths, while compensating for each others' weaknesses.

Now that has all be abdicated in the pursuit of the political lie that men and women are not so much equal (which they are), but that they are interchangeable (which they certainly aren't).  Regardless, the point is not one against the folly of feminism or socialist politics, but that if you do indeed want to live a 1950's life you need to find a traditional masculine man for a husband and a traditional feminine woman for a wife.  Not only will this result in a more successful marriage, you have 2 million years of human evolution working for you which is better than the 50 years of delusional feminist slop theory that's been peddled since 1968.

But what makes a traditional man or woman?  Simple, you simply pursue traditional values.

A traditional man supports himself, doesn't rely on a government check, works out, is physically fit,  demands sex, and is going to demand that his wife stays in shape.  He is also fair and just, puts his family ahead of himself, will die for them if necessary, but in the end will inevitably insist he is the head of the household and is going to be the final arbiter of all decisions, not for tyrannical or dictatorial reasons, but simply because there can only be ONE leader and it is in the best interest of everybody to only have ONE leader.

A traditional woman also supports herself, learns a skill or trade, doesn't rely on a government check, and also loves her family more than herself.  However, she is also acutely aware of the sexual demands of men.  She ensures she remains physically attractive for her husband knowing that is one of the most important things in his life.  Additionally, instead of questioning, nagging, contesting and arguing with her husband she supports him. She cares about him and wants to make his life easy as possible whether that's through love and compassion, remaining the physically beautiful muse to inspire him, or simply permitting him the calm serenity and peace in life that comes without having a nagging harpy for wife.

In short, it is selflessness and loving your spouse more than yourself that makes for a stable and happy marriage.  Today that has been bred out of us.  We love ourselves, our careers, our educations, our soy, and our things more than we do our spouses.  But if you want a happy and successful 1950's marriage you will revisit traditional values of excellence, selflessness, beauty, physique, and support.  And I strongly suggest you do because you will be spending the majority of your time with your spouse which will make it the #1 determinant of your happiness.

Friends and Colleagues

Finally, it is not only your family and location that can ultimately provide you with a 1950's life.  It is the friends, colleagues and associates you surround yourself with.  This is somewhat accomplished in choosing smaller, conservative, traditional towns far removed from the country's tallest buildings.  But in addition to your family it is your friends and other non-familial (brotherly) loved ones that will also play a major role in the quality of the life you lead.  And it is here there is one simple rule - no low-quality people in your life.

One might think "no leftists" in one's life would be a rule to follow, but there are some good democrats out there who are good honest souls, simply misinformed or perhaps too optimistic about the reality of people and the economy.  Blue collar democrats, factory workers, union workers.  These are honest men and women who can make great friends and add great value to your life.  But when it comes to welfare recipients, SJW's, activists, politicians, non-profit workers, professors, students, or people who think they're entitled to a free ride, it's very simple - ensure they are not a part of your life.  Life is too short for parasites and ensuring none are around will go a long way in recreating a 1950's lifestyle.

In general, the point is that whatever happens in Washington or your state capitol ultimately doesn't matter because it is the people immediately around us that determines the majority of the quality of the life we live.  It may be annoying what the idiots of California vote to do to themselves.  Or it may make you shake your head that Seattleittes really like punishing themselves.  And you can only sit and wonder at times why college students pay $100,000 to essentially destroy themselves.  But you do not have to participate in their delusional worlds.  With today's technology, old school frugality and wisdom, and simply seeking out traditional people with traditional values you can enjoy a 1950's life very easily.  And while the leftists and liberals mock and ridicule you for having a house paid off, a pretty wife/handsome husband, well-reared kids, as you "live in the sticks," let them enjoy their traffic jams, their $7 mochas, the $125,000 in student loans, and their miserable anti-American lives.  Life is just to short otherwise.
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If Adam Smith Was a Tailor

Social Security is the largest Ponzi scheme in history. Sort of. A proper Ponzi scheme is
a fraud perpetrated on willing victims. Bernie Sanders Madoff is a great contemporary
example. Early "investors" are cashed out using the money from larger number of later "investors",
then their success stories are used to get even more "investors". People from the earlier stages do
well and people from the last few lose their hat. It's a felony in most places. In Washington D.C.
it's standard practice to get elected.

Social Security is a case of the old eating the young, enforced
at gunpoint, excused as a Ponzi scheme by beneficiaries and the more foolish victims. Of
course it will fall apart eventually; no pyramid scam can grow forever. The most unfortunate part of the
Social Security Ponzi scheme is that the first few generations to benefit got away clean. As much
as the Boomers are hated, they didn't start Social Security. They weren't even born yet. But Boomers
just may be the first generation to get screwed, and by their own votes no less. The Social Security
system is still in place, but over last few decades the Boomers have inflated the dollar so much
that their Social Security and pension checks will barely be worth enough to subsist on cat food.
(Which of course they have, being the reigning All-Time Divorce World Champions.)

"Oh, but Social Security is inflation adjusted!" I hear you say. It's nice that you bring that up
because the inflation numbers have been rigged for decades, and it's only getting worse to hide
the devastating effects of Obamacare and the Bankster Bailouts. Beef prices will raise the official
inflation index by two cents while medical and housing prices will have silently quadrupled.

The relative weight of various commodities to the CPI are listed on page 8 of this document:
Food, which as the Captain mentioned recently is nearly free, accounts for 13% of the CPI. Medical care,
which can quickly bankrupt you, accounts for less than 7% of the CPI. Rent, which has skyrocketed
in most places, is less than 8%, despite housing costs averaging 30-40% of Americans' income. The
Owners' equivalent rent of residences figure listed below, at 23% weight, is just a survey where
homeowners are asked what they feel their house would be worth if rented out. Very scientific.

So what can you do to avoid being on the losing end of the Ponzi scheme? Besides being born in 1899
or subsistence farming a remote island in Panama, not much. The best course of action is to not waste money on
  The only exceptions to living minimally are of course getting  

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"Adam Smith"
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Why Women Can't Find Men

Because women love the word "no" and hate the word "yes."

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Episode #249 of The Clarey Podcast - "The Saint" Episode

The Year Long Endorphin Rush Caused by Lies.
The Saint
The Speed at Which Culture Decayed in the 1960's vs. the 2010's
Why Can't I Find a Man????
Starcucks Virtue Signaling Doesn't Pay Off.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!

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Laughing at Seattle's Homeowners

For your listening pleasure this morning and perhaps your commute home later this afternoon, TJ Martinell has a good podcast about leaving Seattle to live in the Cascades.  It also includes meeting a dog who loves to go hiking and the importance of giving up your smart phone to re-connect with real people in the real world.  You can find that episode here.

Also, TJ put together the first in a series on the history of the James Bond films.  He got everything right, except that Goldfinger is NOT "gimmicky" but is in fact the best James Bond film ever.  Of course, Mr. Martinell is a younger man and thus prone to being wrong, but it was a good history lesson on Ian Flemming, Sean Connery, and how President Kennedy helped bring the James Bond films into reality.

Finally, if you're looking for something a bit more crass for your listening pleasure may I recommend The Greasy Pole hosted by The Great One Himself and Gentleman Adventurer Adam Piggott.  Depending on who you want to give the traffic to you can download it from The Great One's site or Adam Piggott's site.  I'm still debating who to promote more based on gifts and favors they've given me.  At least The Great One has provided me lodging in the past.  Mr. Piggott however has only mocked and ridiculed me for liking Irish Spring soap, of which my fragile feelings are still trying to recover from.

Blowing Your Life Savings on a Stupid Business Idea

I know many of you are interested in entrepreneurship as a means of not only employment and freedom, but retirement as well.  However, working in banking for the 15 years I did I can assure you that the VAST MAJORITY (i.e.-98%) of the small businesses I dealt with were nothing more than money-wasting hobbies that destroyed families, finances, and futures.  Many of these businesses were original ideas, started from the ground up, where a client's "passion" overrode logic, common sense, and math.  But more commonly was where some dreamer thought they were going to buy an already-existing business and "make it rich" running a bar, a trinket shop, a restaurant or some other such money-losing concern, only to be blinded into bankruptcy as their "dream" drained their 401k's and IRA's dry


Consider contacting my friend David Barnett at Business Buyer Advantage

The short version is Dave has been working as a business broker for the past 20 years and knows the ins and outs of buying businesses, franchises and other concerns.  He's seen everything and has classes, books, and a YouTube channel.  PLEASE consider contacting him BEFORE you buy a business and put your IRA, 401k, or RRSP at risk.

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Episode #248 of The Clarey Podcast - The "I Totally Didn't Lift This Idea from Adam Piggott" Episode

Fan mail.
Need 3 years experience for entry level work.
Will Gen Z stop the education bubble?


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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The Three Labor Classes in an AI Economy

The Artists.
The Servants.
The Engineers.

Don't be a servant unless you're happy being a minimalist.

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Dan Piepenbring: Posterchild of the "Miserable Left"

The city of Fort Collins faced an incredible and immediate crisis!

There wasn't enough female street names in their fair city!!!  And so a rapid response team was put in place to end this oppression upon the People's Republic of Fort Collins.

Lists of female names were drafted.
Historical records of the city of Fort Collins were consulted.
And initiatives to form committees to start a dialogue about raising awareness of the blatant sexism in street names was achieved.

All is well now and "there's nothing to see here, citizens, " so you can all return to your homes.  But for those of us living in the real world with real problems, it makes us wonder how the hell it's come to this?

We can chalk this inanity of municipal leftist politics up to the US already having too many laws and leftists with too much time on their hands.  "Female street names" rank up there with non-problems such as banning plastic bags, genderless pronouns, bike lanes, and removing George Washington's plaque from a church.  But an interesting observation must be made about the genesis of these "problems" - precisely, who the hell drives down the street and has such an easy life, has so little problems in life, that it occurs to them to poll street names based on gender and find offense in that?

So let me introduce you to the newest evolution of our socialist-loving counterparts which explains their childish and petty behavior - The Miserable Leftist."

The "Miserable Leftist" is nothing new to me.  I've been unofficially polling people with leftist bumper stickers for the past 20 years.  And what I've nearly-always found (quite literally 95% of the time) is if a person has a leftist bumper sticker on their car, if you catch up to them and get a glimpse of the driver they are:

1.  Frowning, and
2.  Ugly

Now you may be saying "Why is the left so unhappy?  Aren't they winning?  Don't they have socialized medicine?  Don't they own the public schools, the youth, minorities and women?  Isn't their dream of bringing down the US inevitably going to come to fruition?"

And the answer is "yes" to all those questions.  But you misunderstand the "Miserable Leftists'" psychology as much as they do.  And so let us delve into the real reason leftists are so miserable, and we will use the newest member to the Miserable Left to explain why - Dan Piepenbring.

Ms. Piepenbring wrote a piece in The New Yorker about the "creepiness" of Chick-fil-a opening more and more stores in New York City.  I won't link to it because they are a socialist rag and her thoughts quite literally hold no value, but it belies just how


and ultimately

pointless Ms. Piepenbring's life has been.

I don't know about you but I have much more pressing matters in my life to worry about than the increasing number of franchises opening up under a fast food chain.  My life is also too short to worry about the ratio of male to female streets named in Fort Collins.  And though I do throw plastic bags into the garbage, occasionally even into the recycle bin, if I were mayor of any major city, I would not waste one second of the taxpayer's time/money/resources banning them.  The reason why is I have a life.  I have important things going on, and more important than that, I have important people going on in my life.  And though economics and politics play a hobby-like role in my life, the same cannot be said of leftists.  For the reason leftists are so miserable, the reason you are guaranteed to see RBF on a woman driver with leftist bumper stickers (and the soyboys who try to woo them) is that all they have in life is their leftist politics.  And trust you me, it is a world of hell.

Ms. Piepenbring is the epitome of this.  Admittedly, she doesn't have a profile about her background available to the public.  Admittedly, I tried to find a bio, of which there was none.  And at best you'll get her page at the New Yorker which tells you nothing.  But we don't need it.  We know everything we need to about Ms. Piepenbring (though at anytime she can come in here and correct me).  And the reason we can be so presumptuous is she is a "Miserable Leftist."

First, she majored in the liberal arts, likely journalism.  Leftists do this for two reasons.  One, they're lazy and don't want to work hard.  Two, they're egotists and need to do "something" heroic or crusader-like.  They can't just be a good, humble parasite, collecting a government check, watching daytime TV, and refrain from lecturing us real world working adults.  No, they must have some kind of SJW job like "journalist," "teacher," "activist" or counselor where they "change the world" or "change minds" or "help the children."

Regardless of their reasons, it doesn't allow them to evade the realities of the labor market.  The liberal arts offer no tangible skills or trades the world demands.  Additionally, the market is flooded with them.  And though Ms. Piepenbring works for AN ESTABLISHED, MSM MAGAZINE, she has a mere fraction of Twitter followers a lowly hobbyist, citizen journalist like myself does.  This means most leftists are always low on funds.  And though they are the first to rush in and yell "IT'S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY YOU CAPITALIST PIG!!!!" it most certainly is about the money if you can't feed yourself, can barely pay your bills, have to work multiple jobs, demand the taxpayer pay for your student loans, and can barely make rent.

Two, speaking of rent, could Piepenbring be anymore cliche by living in Brooklyn?  I thought 30 something empowered, NYC women, all writing for fashion/gossip blogs with a feminist bent, had either their daddy or hubby paying for their rent.  But Ms. Piepenbring (who is not female, btw) does not have such a benefactor.  He has to make rent on his own.  Still, leftists insist they live where there is post-modernist degenerative slop "culture" and other leftists, condemning them to live in the most expensive and overpriced rental markets in the world.  This again adds incredible financial and psychological stress, making them even more miserable.

Then there is physique.  Yes I'm going there not because it's a low shot, but because it's vitally important to happiness no matter how much we try to sweep it under the rug.  Being pretty/handsome and getting laid regularly, not to mention scoring an attractive spouse is a huge advantage in people's lives, especially to men.  It makes us happier, makes us healthier, and it just makes life a lot more fun.  The problem leftists face, however, is that while they can distribute wealth they cannot distribute looks.  They could be like us, going to the gym, dieting right, and putting forth the effort to make themselves be attractive to the opposite sex.  But that takes work, and remember, leftists fear labor, work, and toil above all other things in life.

The result?

Pure insanity.

Fat acceptance.  Big is beautiful.  Slut walks.  Fish bicycle don't need no man.  Soy Boys.  Sapiosexual.  And 31 other flavors of gender.

They can lie to themselves all they want, but in the end they have a deep-seated hatred, anger, and - above all else - envy of good looking people and their superior sex lives.  It's just over-powered by their fear of the work and toil that comes from hitting the gym.  Which in turn condemns them to bad sex lives which in turn compounds the misery of the Miserable Leftist.

Fourth and final, is agency and purpose in life.

The left loves to use the phrase "first world problems" as a means to remind us real-world working adults that our problems are petty by world standards.  While I agree with them, it's not like we didn't  work hard to ensure we didn't have the problems that second and third world shitholes have.  Over the millennia western civilization, though often at war with each other, inevitably figured out things like freedom, capitalism, free markets, low taxes, republics, and government for the people by the people.  And over these millennia western civilization solved most of society's main problems.

War (ehhh, well sorta)
Economic progress

you name it, the majority of the first world's problems have been solved.

Logic would then dictate that with most of the world's problems solved, we move onto production, innovation, and creation.  We work to solve cancer.  We work to put a colony on Mars.  We perfect solar or clean energy.  We build a better bridge out of composite materials.  But the problem with "production, creation and innovation" is that those things are hard.  And the reason they're hard is they have to improve upon 2 million years of human evolution, experience, and experimentation.  This typically requires majoring in a tough field, learning hard STEM related disciplines, and putting forth years of effort, work, and toil to get to the cutting edge of technology to truly advance society.

But UH OH, fellow readers! Did I just say,"Effort, work and toil?"

Well we all know what that means.  Leftists simply can't do that.

But do you also remember what I said about leftists?  That they can't just be a good, humble parasite and quietly collect a government check? That they NEED some kind of arrogant, SJW, crusade or purpose to go on?  Well that explains why leftists are going after plastic bags, "female street signs," confederate statues and other "first world problems" they so mockingly deride. It also explains why Dan Piepenbring is going after Chick-fil-a.  They're too damn lazy to put forth the effort to actually advance society and civilization, and would rather feed their egos tearing down her institutions in a fabricated and bogus moral crusade because (and pay attention boys and girls) it is easier to tear down society's institutions than build them up.

The tremendous amount of arrogance, hubris, and outright evil is appalling.  Many leftists, Ms. Piepenbring being one of them, have no moral qualms about masturbating their egos by attempting to take down productive, producing, and employing institutions and people that are doing overall good for society.  They are not saving anyone from anything, they are merely avoiding real work in the real world, while lying to themselves about the value they offer this planet.  And this is where I believe the majority of their misery comes from.

They know it.

Deep down inside you can lie to yourself all you want, but in the end you know whether you're a parasitic scumbag or not.  Mayors know banning plastic bags are bullshit, but it allows them to ignore the much more challenging problem of solving black urban poverty.  Journalism majors know they chose their degree because they're lazy and arrogant, but it allows them to lie to themselves about being a "professional."  Fat acceptance champions can say "big is beautiful" but they are just as disgusted as you'd imagine when they look in the mirror.  Feminists can say they don't need no man, but they cry themselves to sleep at least thrice a fortnight.  Nearly every leftist out there knows they are living a lie, and it is their fear of working a real job that prevents them from doing anything about it, condemning them to a life of hell.  I've wrestled with some mighty dark demons in my life, but none as strong, long, vile, or permanent as that.  And if I had to live a lie like only leftists can, I too would be incomprehensibly miserable too.

In the end Ms. Piepenbring is guaranteed to waste his life on this planet.  While we are hitting the gym, having sex with 7's and up, he will be drinking his soy in a posh little hipster cafe choosing between which hairy armpitted women's study major to hit on.  While we will have worked hard to contribute to adequately funded 401k's, he'll celebrate paying off his student loans at 47.  While some of us will have kids, raising strong, nuclear families, he will fail to adequately pay for his...assuming he finds a wife in the first place.  While we will leave legacies as doctors, nurses, mechanics, chefs, accountants and soldiers, he will just be another unmentionable "millennial blogger" from the 2010's that will die into obscurity.  But where I'll celebrate the most I'm not a "Miserable Leftist" is that I'm simply not allergic to reality.  I can wake up everyday, go outside, interact with other people, and not be constantly offended by everything and everyone.  I won't worry if a fast food joint opens up a shop, I won't worry about the gender ratio of street names, and I won't worry about a statue in the park.

That's a world for leftists.  And I can't think of a world they deserve more.
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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Retirement, Recovering from Divorce, the Pursuit of Excellence

and more as I sit in on The Red Man Group with Rich Cooper, Rollo Tomassi, Donovan Sharp and Rob Says.

Direct link here.


We got hit with a foot of snow with 4 foot drifts in the Twin Cities.  I was victorious.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Dealing with Bullies at School and Work

The Fake Rich

I cannot emphasize how much I saw this in my 20's and then later on in my banking years.  Having to work from the ground up and pay for everything myself I know PRECISELY what it takes to afford things like BMW's, McMansions, and bottle service.  76% of Americans maybe living paycheck to pay check but I would claim nearly 95% of the vehicles you see on the road are leased, borrowed, or otherwise "not affordable" for those who are driving them.

If you want to be rich, and I do mean that, then buy this book and freaking read it.  You'll be richer both in terms of financial wealth and "a wealth of happiness."  If you want to keep doing what you've been programmed to do, and pursue materialism, things and other stuff that won't make you happy, by all means, continue being the "fake rich."

Friday, April 13, 2018

Do People Hate Libertarians???

An interesting question I got from a client today:

Advice Cappy Would've Given Himself in High School

A request from Asshole Consulting that proved to be post worthy, especially if you have any loved ones in high school.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Nobel Prize Was Bullshit Anyway

This is just drama.

Cappy Going Live this Weekend on Rich Cooper's Show (Entrepreneurs in Cars)

If you want to tune in live, I'll be podcasting with Rollo Tomassi and Donovan Sharpe this Saturday



on Rich Cooper's channel.

You just clink on this link here at that time to tune in!

Career Uber Alles

Ignore those whispers of desiring children, a husband, and a family.
Ignore those whispers of playing with your children and bonding with them.
Ignore your desires of what you want and what you desire.

Your career is more important.
Your career is uber alles.
Your career is more important than yourself.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Orion's Cold Fire - A New Blog

I'd like to introduce a new blog/sponsor - Orion's Cold Fire.

It's a new website on right leaning politics, but I particularly like his photography page of which I can readily identify several of the places he's been.

Consider adding Orion's Cold Fire to you blog feed!

Why Do People from Communist Countries Not Like Communism?

 A piece from Ms. Sterzinger

"Even back then, when the local young socialists were cumming in their chinos to meet me because I had once worked a temp job in a real live factory (I took the beer they bought me; did not take their ideology), it was obvious that even if there is a way to create a pure meritocracy, whatever created the USSR is not going to be it. Communism doesn’t even hit its stated goal of making things “fair,” whatever the hell they mean by that. No one I’ve ever met who has had anything to do with communist countries personally has anything good to say about it."

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Episode #247 of The Clarey Podcast - Happiness Fun Episode

Cappy has fun and skips social media.
Why Cappy doesn't use Uber or cabs.
When girls never tell you that dumped you.
Antidepressants are addictive??? NOOO!!!
Why the Millennials should sue Big Pharma.
Smoking will make movies "Rated R"


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Cappy's Death Valley Adventure

Took out the Southern Command Motorcycle to Death Valley, specifically Shoshone, California.  It was once again another horrible day of not bothering with Facebook or teh social webz.

Monday, April 09, 2018

Boycotting Big Oil vs. Boycotting Big Social Media

I had received an incredibly rare call from an associate of mine.  He is anti-social, a veritable hermit, pulling it off so well we call him Eeyore.  He was concerned because my last podcast was "too depressing" and that he hadn't seen anything from me on Facebook for a while.  I assured him I was fine and that everything was OK.

I then received a text from a much happier and outgoing friend of mine from Reno.  He too was inquiring about my mental health and wondering if everything was OK.  I hadn't been responding to his Facebook messages and was wondering if I was banned recently or put in Facebook Jail.  I also assured him I was alright and everything was OK. 

Then a female friend of mine contacted me, wondering if she had upset me somehow and why I was giving her the silent treatment.  She hadn't heard from me in a while on Twitter, nor saw any updates or posts. "Did I go ghost?"  "Was everything alright?"  "Was I OK???"  I now thricely assured her I did not go ghost, everything was alright, and I was indeed OK.

This is what happens when you simply take a week vacation from social media.

This is shocking to me because neither I, nor the majority of my friends/fans are attention-whoring social-media-addicted teenagers.  We have lives (well, except for Eeyore), we have careers, and it is no secret that the Ole Captain has many adventuring hobbies.  It should be perfectly expected that a 40 year old adult male occasionally doesn't log into his social media accounts because he's hiking, motorcycling, mountain climbing, golfing, or all of the above.  But apparently it isn't because of everybody's concern for my well being this past week.

This revelation is important, however, because it tells me NORMAL, SANE, MATURE, ADULTS have mentally changed.  They've mentally migrated from a state of pre-social media "meatspace" stability to a post-social media state of irrational concern.  They've moved from assessing the real world around them by assessing the actual real world and are now instead assessing the real world around them indirectly via the digital world.  In other words the vitally important relationships we have with friends, family, and loved ones are no longer primarily held in physical, personal proximity to one another, but in the artificial environment of social media.

Which is why we need to boycott social least for a little bit.

There are many reasons to boycott social media.

Facebook's track record of effectively stalking you, likely invading your personal life more than what you contractually agreed to.

YouTube's history of shutting down free speech (of typically rightists), making dealing with the platform akin to dating a bi-polar 25 year old suburbanite princess hottie.

The sheer time-cost and lost efficiency in life as you waste more time in Digital Lala-Land than a 70's housewife wasted watching soaps. 

And fake news (on BOTH political sides), angering and enraging us, making us all more hostile towards one another, not to mention shortening our life expectancies in the process.

These reasons alone merit boycotting social media regularly and for weeks at a time.

But the true cost is the literal loss of our humanity as we replace the physical human touch with a cold digital replicant. 

The mental and physical costs to our health as we replace our loved ones with bits-and-bytes versions of themselves was recently highlighted in an outstanding piece by Jean Twenge.  Using the first generation to be brought up online (Generation Z) Ms. Twenge exposed a nightmare of symptoms when you force a specie used to living in the real world for 2 million years, rapidly and suddenly into a fabricated one.  Depression, over-prescribed drugs, impossibly high levels of mental disorders, completely new mental disorders, decay in the familial unit, decay in social relationships, lethargy, sloth, addiction to video games, a lack of sex, a lack of dating, a lack of social activity, a lack of exercise, the inability to support oneself, and the list goes on and on. 

We can try to categorize these problems, diagnosing them with a cute "science" like "psychology," conveniently coming up with new "mental disorders" for the DSM LCLXXIII, but as far as my thinking takes me we are doing nothing more than slowly (or perhaps not so slowly) converting humans into plants.  Where we no longer physically engage with one another either via sex, play, conversation, debate, competition, sport, or even fighting in an outside world, but simply plant roots into a metaphorical "digital ground" to find our purpose and meaning in life.  We no longer prefer to explore, adventure, and engage one another in person and in an unlimited real physical world, but instead opt to anchor ourselves in one place, sucking digital nutrients out of the social media-ground to feed our soul.  About the ONLY time we venture forth into the real world is to  forage for that annoying food, the purpose of which is solely to sustain our decaying bodies and brains so we can extract more digital fixes from the roots we have planted into social media.  And even that we are finding bypasses around as we can order food over the internet and have it delivered to our homes.

The problem however is that while digital fixes conveniently acquired through some mere clicks of a button take very little energy, this diet of simulated human interaction makes us precisely that - simulated humans. 

Porn is not sex.
Madden 2078 is not sport.
Twitter wars are not debate.
Long distance relationships are not relationships at all.
Skyping is not conversation.
Podcasts are not seminars.

Even the much-envied dream job of "location independence" has its drawbacks as I and any other digital nomad will tell you that you can't stay at home all day and MUST leave the house simply to interact and see other humans. 

Thus, it was no surprise to me that after I abstained from social media for two weeks and instead spent the past week hiking, motorcycling, golfing and dining with friends, not only was I in a much better mood, but I was drastically healthier both mentally and physically.  And the reason why is that I was simply being a human.

This then introduces a very important (I'd say necessary) call to boycott "Big Social Media."  I'm not saying give it up totally (as the internet has no doubt drastically improved our lives in many ways) but that if you don't unplug and detox from it on a regular basis you will become a simulated human.  But boycotting "Big Social Media" also brings up an interesting political/economic observation...

"What if we boycotted it all at the same time and for a two week period?"

Boycotting social media has merit unto itself, but no doubt many of you have a bone to pick with "Big Social Media."  Namely those of you who appreciate the freedom of speech who have either been banned, put in Facebook Jail, had your YouTube channel demonitized/canceled, or had your Twitter account eliminated.  There are many political arguments from across the political spectrum for the free exchange of ideas.  There is also the political arguments that "Big Social Media" is a monopoly that should be regulated much like public utilities.  Many of you have established careers using social media, relying on it much like we do the public roads for your survival.  And to add insult to injury, Big Social Media has an incredibly arrogant attitude when it comes to answering public inquiry as to their ever-changing, completely opaque usage rules.  They may be the all-powerful FAANG companies that oligopolistically dominate the modern world economy, but they could stand to sustain a lesson in humility and customer service.

So why not kill two birds with one stone?

If you recall the indescribably stupid calls to "boycott Big Oil for a day" back in the 00's, you'll remember the leftist "logic" was that if we all didn't buy gas on one day, that would bankrupt "Big Oil."

Never mind people would just buy twice as much the next day.
Never mind Big Oil had the cash reserves to last a day (months at times).
And never mind the world, whether they liked it or not, was dependent on fossil fuel technology and that if Big Oil did "go away" we'd be sent back to the stone ages.

In their 89 IQ minds, they thought that not buying gas one day would bring down a multi-trillion dollar industry the world was completely dependent upon.

But "Big Social Media" is not "Big Oil."

First, we don't need social media.  It's not food or gas or medicine or electricity.  It's a convenience.  It's a luxury.  It's an admittedly fun addition to life.  But if it's become an addiction (which I claim it has) it is incredibly damaging to humanity.  We can ALL, EASILY go on a "social media diet" for a month simply because we have to.  You can't do that with oil.

Two, if you had a bone to pick with Big Social Media, boycotting them for a month at the same time would at least affect their monthly payrolls, vendors, and other payables.  It wouldn't bankrupt them (and I don't think we should want to), but it would remind them that they are not there to promote social causes, political crusades, regulate speech, and choose political or elitist winners and losers.  They are a natural monopoly and can either charitably choose to act as such, or get arrogant and snooty randomly nitpicking things they do and do not like, discriminating against customers, or otherwise stepping outside the ethical bounds of what they should be doing.

In other words, a boycott against Big Social Media is not only necessary for the health of humanity, but is also completely feasible.  Of course there's just one problem.

You're all completely and hopelessly addicted to it.

Much as I'd like to see my friends in the real world again, much as I'd like to grab some beers with my buddies, and much as I'd like to go hike with my pals, I know it's just easier to click on pictures, post pictures of cats, and engage in "intellectual debate" with <144 adults="" adventuring.="" and="" arguments.="" at="" because="" blog="" boys="" br="" cell="" character="" club.="" continue="" conversation="" d="" decided="" derive="" digitally="" easier="" engaging="" espouse="" fatter="" from="" get="" girls="" going="" goods="" have="" humans="" in="" instead="" it="" joining="" joy="" just="" kids="" kiwani="" life="" lion="" live="" look="" majority="" more="" nbsp="" nearly-passing-out-sex.="" netflix="" night="" of="" or="" out="" phones="" political="" porn="" positions="" producing="" raising="" rather="" real="" reality.="" s="" soy-y="" soy="" spouses="" tangible="" than="" the="" their="" they="" to="" uglier="" value="" vlog="" watching-y="" watching="" will="" with="" world.="" would="">

But for my friends, and even my enemies who happen to have independent thought, for your own mental sake, you need to boycott social media for at least a week a month.  You need to return to the real world. You need to grab beers with friends, engage with rivals, visit family, and physically be with loved ones.  If you do not unplug your lives will be what they are now - ruined.  And your current state will be no different than when you're in the nursing home - a vegetable. 
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Seattle: The White Detroit

Ahhhh municipal socialism.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Black Mountain in Las Vegas

The Captain isn't dead.  Just hiking and enjoying the decline.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Honorary Member of Gen X

You millennials can leave your generation officially:

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Episode #247 of the Clarey Podcast - Nieces Special!

When Cappy had a heart.
The Carlson School of Management Will DIE!
Nieces at the airport in the 80's.
Fake rape accusations are antithetical to equal treatment of women.

in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast.

Direct MP3 link here.

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Monday, April 02, 2018

Popularity is Not Excellence. It's Conformity

Why Americans are So Easily Offended

Because they're weak, soft, inferior people with nothing of value to offer society but their virtue signalling and pompous politically correct religions.

Enjoy the decline.

The Fathers Could Not Be Reached for Comment

I'm surprised this is even news.

It's bad when the father isn't around for comment.

But when multiple fathers of "one family" are not around, don't act surprised what that one family is dysfunctional to the point of death.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Academic Composition is Hiring

Remember, if any of you Cappy Cappites are looking for work you can do from home, Alex is always hiring.

Once again, we call upon your support.

We have been undergoing difficulties with marketing, as our advertising platform is changing rapidly.

Many of you have seen our promotional messages before and the matter was fairly straight-forward.

To some extent, our basic process is still the same.

To get started, all you need to do is follow these four steps. 

  1. Set up a new gmail account with your initials in the title of the email address
  2. Edit the forwarding features to ensure that all incoming emails are re-directed to
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However, the services of marketers has become more valuable now, so you will have additional opportunities to display your creativity, initiative and grit. Needless to say, you will have ample incentives to do so, as we're willing to pay generously for quality marketing work.

Email us today for any further questions,

Academic Composition management

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Neither Your Plumbing, Nor Skin Color Earns Respect

You actions and accomplishments do.

A very good (and relatively clean) podcast from Cynical Libertarian Society, though language warning as always.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Law School

Fair warning, this is easily the lengthiest video and request I've received.  It's 1 hour and 40 minutes long, but that's a mere fraction of the time you'll waste if you decide to go to law school without thoroughly thinking it through and researching all your options.

This is ABSOLUTELY A MUST VIEW for all young people considering attending law school.  Share it with any young man or woman who is contemplating spending $100,000 and three years of their lives pursuing a law degree.

Christian Sex Lives

Once again living up to the stereotype of tapioca pudding.

If it's come to having to follow those 6 steps, find yourself a mistress and enjoy a happy sex life before you die.

Why You Never Invest in California

Reason 4,593,920.

Africentric Math

You must really think blacks are stupid if you have to tailor something that is truly untailorable to a race.

Comments of course are not available.  It is the CBC.

What Did I Tell You About High IQ's?

It's "science!"

You can't argue with it!

And buy the damn book already!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

It Took too Long to Identify the Education Bubble

Out of America's 320 million people there are enough independent, intelligent adults who can and have identified various asset bubbles in the US economy.  Some not only identified them, but they also had the foresight to predict them warning people long before the bubbles burst.

Had Normie and Conformie Americans listened to these people we would have avoided a world of pain.  The Great Depression, the Dotcom Crash (and the subsequent recession) and the most recent "Great Recession."  All of these bubbles and their consequential economic pain could have been avoided if the mainstream media, government officials, academics and just regular common folk...stopped...took a big breath...thought...and stopped buying into the bubble, ending the bubble in its tracks and thus limiting the economic damage it would wreak on the economy.  Sometimes it takes months, usually, it takes a couple years, but most people alive today have cummulatively and unnecessarily paid trillions in lost economic production and potential to these bubbles.

But the education bubble is different.  And the reason it is different is the APPALLING amount of time it has taken the American sheeple to wake up and get hip to the scam known as higher education.  Worse, our presumed American institutions that are to serve and protect us, failed the American people spectacularly.  The mainstream media was (as usual) asleep at the wheel, too busy peddling socialism under the guise of brown journalism.  Our politicians, as usual, are too stupid and short sighted to see what flooding the labor market with degrees would do.  And academia, who should presumably be studying education and the labor market and warning us about it, were complicit as much as bankers during the housing bubble as they were the drug peddlers profiting off the education bubble.  Without America's effective "nervous system" to tell us what is going on in the economy, country, and the labor market, the same worthless outdated advice was given to our children "the future"

"Any degree's a good degree!"
"It doesn't matter what you major in, it's what you do with your degree that matters."
"Follow your heart and the money will follow."

And thus we Idiot Americans kept our hands on the educational stove and for the past 20 years shoveled ever-so-roughly-around $6.5 trillion of our money on worthless degrees - much more if you consider the interest paid on those worthless debts - and more than what we spent on the Iraq war.

The costs, sadly, are not merely financial.  Students released into the wild real world suffer an indescribable psychological toll as they cannot find a job, are crippled with debt, and often times must return for pointless "advanced degrees" to make anything of their undergrad.  Worse is the insanity that must ensure when you realize you've been lied to the entire time, your entire SEVENTEEN YEAR educational career was wasted, and you now get to relearn everything from the ground up.  But if this psychological torture was not enough, all one has to do is look at the insanity that happens to today's unfortunate millennials in college on a daily basis.  From denying people the freedom of speech, to fake rape epidemics, to blatant racism and sexism, to the delusional obsession of creating synthetic genders, not only has academia become a laughing stock to normal, sane, working Americans, they have mentally impaired nearly a generation, condemning them to a life of misery and mental torture.  And if I were to estimate it about half of Gen X, all of the millennials, and soon to be all the Gen Z'ers will have their lives sacrificed into this education bubble.  When the totality of the damage of the education bubble is taken into account, it is simply the most costly bubble in US history.

But there is hope, and by "hope" I mean on the level of hope offered by President Obama.  Merely, a theory, a potential, a possibility for educating the American people, bursting this bubble, making our decisions based in the real world, and preventing our current and future children from wasting their youth on worthless degrees.

The MSM is FINALLY waking up.

Though way too little and way too late, when you have an article in PBS written by a man who is a worthless-degreed victim of the education bubble himself, highlighting that EVEN HIPPY DIPPY CALIFORNIA is throwing a token $6 million towards an initiative to start a conversation to raise awareness to form a committee to start a discussion about the merits of vocational training, it could be the snowflake that causes the avalanche.  Of course Mr. Krupnick is not the first snowflake from the MSM to hint at an education bubble.  There has been the rare article on CNN and your local newspaper that has identified the education bubble.  But as I said these are merely woefully inadequate tokens of hope.  A sign that SOME in the MSM, government, even intellectually honest academics are aware of the bubble...but the heck if anyone is going to do anything about it.

And this is where I have further bad news.

It took 20 years for just SOME nerve cells in America's Nervous System to identify that America has had its hand on the higher education stove for all this time.  And despite my and other's best efforts, do you have any clue how long it's going to take for America and her institutions to do something about it?

First, Academia is THOROUGHLY entrenched in its mob-like shake down of America's children.  No honest studies or efforts at reforming themselves for the betterment of America's labor force and America it self should be expected.  Yes, there's WGU and a movement to go online, but these institutions should have been the norm, not the exception, A DECADE AGO.

Second, the likes of Mr. Krupnick and Joe Soucheray are the exception, not the rule in the MSM.  They're actual journalists.  And though it may sound petty and sad, I believe most people in the media today simply have too much pride to admit their degrees were worthless, and are too steeped in pro-education-forever indoctrination commonly found in their heavily-left biased environment.  They may know their hands are on the stove, but just can't bring themselves to admit it.  At minimum it will be pulling teeth to get the MSM to admit there's an education bubble.

Third, basic ignorance of the normies and conformies.  Specifically American parents.  I still cannot believe that Gen X parents today, who were likely the first victims of earning worthless degrees, regurgitate the same slop their Baby Boomer parents feed them 35 years ago.  "Any degree's a good degree."  "You need that sheepskin."  Even if 16 year old read the newspapers, the stereo brainwashing they get between their teachers and parents that they MUST go to college is deafening.

And finally, "the college experience."  I've pointed it out before and I'll point it out again, "college" is not viewed by young college-bound Americans as a means to skills and a career, but a birthright to a 4 year party after a 13 year prison sentence.  We have NOT painted our children with a picture of the future that is anything but "college."  Worse, we have made it like a "Promised Land of Canaan" as we force them into the legal prison system of K-12 education, putting way more value and emphasis on college than their degrees could ever possibly provide.  The MSM, government, parents, and academia itself could warn these kids in a coordinated, uniform cacophony about the perils of the education bubble, but students would still line up to pay $100,000 for a "Masters in Puppetry" anyway. 

And so while it may have taken America's "adults" 20 years to IDENTIFY the education bubble, I'm afraid it will take 20 more to deflate it.  Gen Z is currently now getting the finishing touches on its brainwashing in high school about the merits, nay, mandatory nature of college.  Millennials are still flailing around as fish out of water, slinging coffee, desperately clinging on and citing their socialist talking points as to why they can't find meaningful employment and why taxpayers should bail them out of their student loans just like the bankers.  Politicians, in an attempt to get elected, are going to say they're for more money for education...failing to realize how flooding the market with more money causes tuition inflation.  Academics have absolutely NO incentive admit to the realities of worthless degrees.  And the MSM, though the rare Mr. Krupnick and Soucheray may point out the folly of "African American Studies" degrees, is so far removed from genuine journalism its in the late stages of Huntington's disease offering nothing of value to America.

America and Americans can expect to wander the desert another 20 years as it slowly digests this education bubble.  And like the previous two decades before it, you can expect to pay an equivalent price, both financial and mental.  But if you dare to be a truly independent thinker and don't want to suffer the consequences of another bubble, ensure you or your children major in the right thing.  You don't have to sling coffee with a masters degree.  You don't have to be in debt until you're 40.  You don't have to eat like a college student until you're 45.  And you don't have to shamefully and parasticially demand the taxpayers bail you out just like the bankers.
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