Friday, July 20, 2018

Episode #262 of The Clarey Podcast - "Streamlabs Virgin Voyage Episode"

Cappy trial runs his new "streamlabs" technology and it goes off without a hitch.

huh, who would've thunk it.

Anyway, Cappy talks about:

"All You Have to Do"
Building Your Own Battleship
Website Programming Blues
Henry "Caving" Cavill
Women Make Shitty Men
Fan Mail
Fathers Who Bat 1.000
How YouTube Lost to Stream Labs

AND MORE!!! in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

How Women Put Politics and Careerism Over Love and Life

An insightful little video I had here:

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bachelor Finances 101

John Steele had me on his show and we discussed how we two old farts paid off our houses early, practical minimalism, "what constitutes an investment," "what constitutes and asset," actions you can take, and other brass tax basics of bachelor finances.  If you have not read Bachelor Pad Economics, I'd strongly recommend tuning in below:

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Episode #10 of The Older Brother Podcast

Faking Air Raids in the 1980's.
Doc's Bomb Shelter.
Ann Becomes a Conservathot.
Why Does Kitten Holliday Want to Kill Ann's Cat???
Southern's Tits Beat Molyneux's Brain According to the THirsties.
Wynona Ryder vs. Jennifer Anniston.

and MORE!!!

in THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother Podcast!

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Monday, July 16, 2018

How Conservative Fathers Failed America

Two years ago there were two instances the Ole Captain made an attempt to help out the republican party.  In both instances he was prompted by his buddy "DT" to check out some local republican meetings where they claimed they were looking for new blood and could use his economic and political expertise.  And so Cappy went forth to the northern hinterlands of the Twin Cities metro where he was asked to deliver speeches on how to get young men interested in conservative politics.

The results were laughable.

One group was essentially a group therapy session/fund raiser for a local community politician.  And the other was a bunch of old white guys who just wanted to hear things they agree with said.  My speech was bombastic, entertaining, and insightful, but more importantly it was exactly what they needed to hear and painted a path for them to actually "DO SOMETHING" as they all claimed they wished to do.  And so I sat, waiting to hear back from them to see what kind of role or capacity I could play in helping reinvigorate northern metro conservative politics annnnndddd....


Last I heard both groups still gather weekly to mope about and feel sorry for themselves.

I had already written "Enjoy the Decline" by this time and had already written the US off as a viable, long term entity.  But the complete lack of spine, vigor, passion, professionalism, and work ethic within the republican party itself only reconfirmed in my mind that the US was in terminal decline.  Additionally, it made me kind of depressed and angry when even the guys on "our team" were losers not worthy of the country they were purporting to save.  But there was a silver lining in this otherwise depressing realization.  And that silver lining was that if these guys were the ones the country was presumably worth fighting for, then by any logical sense of justice, the US deserved to decay and die because nobody in this country deserves the United States of America.

This epiphany - that even the non-leftists in this country are losers - has recently helped me philosophically accept, even enjoy the decline of the US.  I see presumed "republicans" at the local dive bar horking down their wings and light beers during "The Game" as they mindlessly cheer on "their team" as i pay more in taxes for their sportsball stadium.  I see Mitzy and Madison driving their republican dad's car downtown "partying" and of course they too vote republican.  And then there's the "dude bro" business majors and $30,000-lanaire salesmen.  All republicans, all Chip and Thadeus, all parasites faking it cause they'll never make it.  Matter of fact, if I think back through my life the vast majority of jerks, bullies, assholes, and enemies I've had in my life were republicans.  And thus I've advanced my philosophy enough to take a flippant and sadistic enjoyment in the decline rather suffer, fret, or worry because nobody (democrat or republican) deserves the US.

Still, hope springs eternal and there are times I catch myself having some.  Or perhaps there's an unconscious, inherent and infrastructural care about humanity's freedom and the advancement of society.  Perhaps I just don't like seeing a perfect piece of economic art such as the United States destroyed just like you wouldn't like to see the Statue of David marred.

And so perhaps if a Trump gets elected...
the economy grows a bit and a touch there...
maybe even we grow a pair and actually defend our own borders like every other country in the world...

I'm soon tempted once again to have real, genuine, and long term hope in the future of the United States.  You might actually begin to think there's reason to fight again.  You might even have a country, a society, a community you belong to and want to fight for.  Hey, it's time to get the band back together again!

So let me introduce another reality that will quickly squash your hopes.  A dose of reality that will douse the flames of a potential future.  Not because I want to be a Debbie Downer or that I'm the perpetual cynic, but there's nothing more wasted than a life of let downs.  There's nothing more painful than a life of failed expectations.

Conservative fathers.

Right when I was starting to get a little bit of hope in the future of the United States I couldn't help but notice that concurrent to these "good economic times again" was a complete decay and dysfunction amongst the younger generations.  Yes, GDP may have actually grown above 4% this quarter, but this doesn't account for an underemployment crisis.  Yes, unemployment is below 4%, but the sexes could not be more at war with each other.  That's nice we lowered taxes, but you have adult-kids who can't figure out which of the 38 flavors of gender they are.  And we could be defending the sovereignty of the US, but women are more obsessed about working away their lives than they are having fun, while "men" are more obsessed about playing video games than they are getting a job and supporting themselves.  Matter of fact if you remove "Trump and Russia" from CNN's news stream the vast majority of the news is a mere chronicling of the complete dysfunction and destruction of the millennial generation.  And with an entire wasted crop of a generation, precisely how do you expect to have a functional future country to have faith and hope in?

You may at first be tempted to identify the culprit of this decay as single motherhood, absentee fathers, K-12 socialist indoctrination, media, or just rank leftist parenting.  And you would be right.  The majority of the decay of the millennial and Gen Z generations can be chalked up to these things.  But again revisit "our team."  Revisit "Team Republican."  There SHOULD be at least a contingent of traditional, conservative patriarchs in the form of Ward-Cleaver-esque fathers who lay down the law in their household, and bring up well-reared, well-anchored, non-tatted up freaks who can hold down jobs and don't need to live at home at 30.  There should be the republican half of men raising future generations of Americans who deserve the title.  That for every half-shaved, purple haired, arm-sleeved tatted up, obese Communications Majoring 21 year old, there should be a svelte, in shape, comely, Accounting majoring 22 year old ready for kids and marriage.  In short there should be something to fight for.

Not by a long shot.

While there is the occasional traditional, republican, old school father who managed to raise functional adult children, they are exception, not the rule.  For every real, conservative traditional father I could tell you a score of stories of other "conservative fathers" who failed miserably in the rearing of their children.

There's the powerful lawyer in Dallas who can crush the nuts of his adversaries in court, but lets his wife, son, and daughter run roughshod over him.  I've seen his son ignore his commands without the slightest bit of concern, his daughter will grow up to become a stripper, and his wife admonishes him in front of the children.  It doesn't matter that he is politically conservative, he doesn't have a spine to actually be a father, be a husband, lead his family, or discipline his children.

There's the rich republican donor who in a completely hypocritical sense thinks like a leftist in that "throwing money at it" will solve the problem.  That "problem" was "raising his child."  After 25 years of shipping the kid off to a nanny, shipping the kid off to private school, and shipping the kid off to private grad school, his "Precious Little Princess" is now a social justice warrior who actively votes against his financial interests, likely hates him, and, oh yes, of course, "is a lesbian."

And then there's the co-host of a conservative talk show who sent his kid to an overpriced, worthless liberal arts college. An over-priced liberal arts college that ended a female leadership symposium when they found out there were too many white women speakers in the symposium.  This was perhaps the most debilitating of all because if a co-host of a CONSERVATIVE TALK SHOW can't grow a pair to protect his very own daughter from the leftist liberal arts college scam, then who is going to protect their children??

This is the point where I can no longer muster up the care to give a damn.  If conservative fathers are too lazy to raise their own kids, too lazy to discipline them, even too lazy to bother educating/warning them about the horrendously damaging college education scam, then why should I invest in America?  It's like being on the front lines and rushing back to command to inform the higher ups of a break in the enemy's lines only to find out the officers are drunk and having a gay orgy.  And conservative fathers can explain it away be it their kids won't listen to them, they don't want to interfere with the upbrining of their children, wifey poo might divorce them, or just honorably admit you're too damn lazy and spineless to raise your kids right, it doesn't change the fact that if conservative parents are not going to invest in their own damn children, then why should lone-wolf renegade conservatives like me invest in the political future of the country?  It would simply be a waste of time and intellectual effort.

The left is particularly despicable in what they've done to the United States and freedom all around.  And they are to blame for the majority of the problems the millennial Gen Z'ers face today.  But spineless conservative fathers who could only manage to raise SJW, leftist failures for children are arguably worse in that they're hypocritical on top of it.  It doesn't matter what you "say" it matters what you do.  And all I've seen the majority of "Rah Rah Fox News" conservative fathers do is abdicate their responsibility of fatherhood out of laziness and cowardice.

Enjoy paying for your little princess' degree in Creative Writing.
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Friday, July 13, 2018

Episode #261 of The Clarey Podcast - "If You TRULY Loved Your Wife" Episode

Perpetual Fat People
Perpetual Noise
The Battle Against Bees, Flooding, Computers, and Mold
Drunk, Arrogant White Contractors
Slamming on Piggott and The Great One


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast

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"Ask for Angela"

Can't women just get up and leave or call 911 if there's a genuine threat?

It's just become such an amazing show to see what solutions are arising due to a non-crisis.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Judge Not Someone By the Color of His Skin

But whose genitalia he licks.

When You Apologize You Lose

You never apologize.  Especially when you're right.
You never ever ever apologize.

How California's "Cal-3" Initiative Will Expose the Left's True Nature

The nation should pay attention and pay attention closely to California's "Cal-3 Initiative," because it will be one of the rare moments an entire political party will expose its true nature to the world.  This is a rare sight, even rarer than last year's total solar eclipse, because most political parties have to hide their true nature, lest moderate voters find out what their true agenda is and vote them out of power.  In this particular case, "Cal-3" - the initiative to split California into three separate states - will force the American left and democrat party to show Americans their true colors.

How will this happen?

Well the left faces a paradox when it comes to California.  It claims California, specifically the cities, are leftist political, economic, and sociological successes.  They have banned bags, have emissions standards, pay for illegal aliens' education, and a whole host of other socialist merit badges that renders these municipalities "socialist utopias" in their minds.  But these socialist successes are the coastal cities of California, not the ignorant, heathen interior of the state that wishes to secede.  And the Californian left LOATHES the "ignorant, CIS gendered, white hick scum" that populate said interior.

So here's a question any moderate...or any American for that matter...should ask themselves:

If the left is so confident in its policies AND it detests the conservative scum in the interior of California, wouldn't they WANT to divorce themselves from the rest of the state?  According to them those rural and suburbanite ignoramuses are only holding the intellectually superior left back from achieving their true utopia.  Besides, I know I WOULD LIKE to get rid of leftists out of my state/city/county/country, so why wouldn't the left want the same?

And here is where their hypocrisy (and a complete debunking) of their socialist ideology lies.

Deep down inside the left knows it needs those "no good dirty, hickish, ignorant, suburbanite scum" because the left is completely financially dependent on them.  They don't want to admit it.  They don't even want to admit it to themselves, but the professional left knows an entire "theoretical leftist utopian state" of social workers, guidance counselors, politicians, teachers, environmentalists, non-profits directors, welfare recipients, students, and other varied sorts of parasites cannot survive without an economic host to tax and live upon.  The California coastal cities, and their socialist utopian dream, NEED the people they hate the most.  The reverse is not true as conservatives do not need socialists because hosts do not need parasites.

This is going to create an interesting situation for California's leftists.  They're going to be forced to tacitly admit to the world they need the rest of the state more than the state needs them.  This is doubly terrifying for them because it will also prove their "socialist ideology" (which is all these people have) is unsustainable, unfeasible, and simply wrong.  But ultimately if the left votes against Cal 3, it shows what they truly want - the continuing of the partial enslavement of other people.  And if the voting public can make that connection people will vote in droves for Cal-3 and kick California's coastal cities out into their own little socialist beds they made for themselves.  So what's a leftist to do?

Well one thing they can do is come up with red herrings that have nothing to do with what Cal 3 is fundamentally about (sovereignty, freedom, and the right of people to choose).  One such measure is already underway where these morally-better-than-you leftists are citing environmental concerns as to why they need to keep sucking off your taxblood you shouldn't break up California.  You can expect more cowardly moves like this to obscure their real reason in keeping Californians enslaved to the socialist coastal towns as the vote approaches.

But the biggest thing leftists can do is simply "nothing" because I have some good news for my fine Californian democrat friends.  And it's what has been saving the democrat party since the JFK years!

Americans, especially Californians are ignorant, low IQ morons.  And nobody is going to be paying attention.

In addition to convincing millions of people to commute and enslave themselves into traffic-congested leftist municipal hell holes, I have to tip my hat to the left in another regard.  You have done a SPECTACULAR job in brainwashing a full three generations to become non-thinking conformists who simply...don't think.  At best they spew simplistic, feelings-based leftist talking points they've been conditioned to in K-College, but most are more concerned about what's happening on Game of Nice Chairs, their addiction to social media, or what the latest idiocy is in sportsball.  And to think the average American idiot, let alone his inferior Californian cousin, is going to be smart enough to make the connection between the left voting against Cal 3 and their continued economic enslavement of working Californians is laughable.

So don't worry California leftists.  Your socialist fiefdoms and slave plantations are safe.  The slaves aren't even smart enough to realize how California welfare spending has resulted in California traffic, so you have a green light to vote against Cal 3.  Nobody is smart enough to see what's really going on.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Older Brother Podcast #9 - SCOTUS Episode

Cappy, DT and TJ talk about fathers who let their daughters major in the liberal arts, Trump's SCOTUS pick, the life purpose of a leftist, and the state of journalism.

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Monday, July 09, 2018

The Great Millennial Rent Scam

I do not care for the millennials.

I'm fully aware their generation was the most lied to.
I'm fully aware they were trained and indoctrinated to be complete tools of socialism.
I am also fully aware they were essentially trained to be obedient hosts to other parasitic generations.

These handicaps aside, it's the arrogance and cockiness of this smug generation that gets me.  Never has such a generation been so completely brainwashed and easily duped, yet been so completely convinced of their faux intellectual superiority.  And so I watch them with great amusement as this generation suffers all while assuring me they know exactly what they're doing.

There is no more justified punishment for them than their own existence.

But there is more punishment on the way.  And while there is a chance millennials might listen and avoid this punishment, I'm going to have faith in their arrogance and assume they're too ignorant and close-minded to heed this warning.

The millennials have transferred roughly $10 trillion in their wealth through the higher education scam.  Yes, some of those trillions were indeed spent on quality degrees.  Yes, some millennials (1 or 2 of them, perhaps even 3) are gainfully employed, working real jobs and contributing to GDP.  But the majority of them wasted said $10 trillion on worthless pieces of paper, enriching baby boomer deans and Gen X professors.  What's worse is there was no said "wealth" to transfer.  Nearly all of them had no wealth to give and thus had to mortgage their futures to borrow the money to pay their Baby Boomer and Gen X socialist indoctrinators.

But if this wasn't enough they're about to fork over (by my estimations) twice that amount.  And this ever-so-roughly $20 trillion in wealth will come from the devil that is known as "luxury apartments."  Aka "rent." 

Understand that rent unto itself is not a scam like worthless college degrees.  Rent is a real service that provides real value and people should be happy to pay for it.  The real issue is whether that rent is worth it or not.  And here several clouds are forming to create the perfect storm of wealth-transfer from the smartest generation ever to its predecessors.

First, you had Obama (owned completely by the millennials) triple the money supply and expand upon (admittedly) GW's quantitative easing.  This has flooded the global asset markets, driving prices of stocks, bonds, mutual funds AND real estate up to pre-bubble levels.  While the artificially low interest rates and "free money" was meant to get the economy booming again, all it really managed to do was inflate asset prices.  And since housing prices are at all time highs against, this only drives up rents since low interest rates on high mortgages balances result in high rental rates. 

Second, we have replaced genuine economic growth and investment with bubble spending.  Be it government spending, quantitative easing, welfare or education spending, there is not any real investment occurring.  This may mean low unemployment, but don't expect wages to come up anytime soon.  And certainly don't expect company pensions and 30 years working at the same place.  In other words, millennials can expect to rent because they don't have the employment stability of those evil nasty racist and sexist 50's.

Third, and this is the key one, "where all the action is"

"Where all the action is" is a big lie that older generations have told younger generations for generations.  In the 80's baby boomer land lords in LA told my generation California and Los Angeles was where all the cool hip kids went.  In the 90's is was the Sex and the City gals that convinced thousands of Gen X women New York was the place to be.  But wherever it was, it was a major metropolitan area, with over priced rent and over priced drinks that all 20 somethings were convinced to move.  The only difference is in 1998 I was paying $300 for a studio apartment in downtown Minneapolis.  Today, it goes for $1,200.  But!!!!

"That's where all the action is kids!"

And this is how more wealth will be transferred from naive Millennials to Gen X and dwindling Baby Boomer land lords.  With housing prices so high, taxes so high, and all self-inflicted by the socialist voting millennials, nearly every major US town is unliveable.  You need $100,000 just to survive in San Francisco, $80,000 to make a go of it in Seattle, and New York is still the preserve of privileged white grad students or white women who have rich husbands as they finance their faux journalism career at XOJane.  But the millennials will line up in equal droves as they did for worthless college degrees in the 00's because "that's where all the action is."  The cool night clubs are there.  The completely-conformist-but-not-conformist hipster brew pubs are there.  Hot chicks that you're not supposed to like, but like anyway even though you fakely claim to like your tatted up nose-ringed roller derby millennial girlfriend, are also there.  And didn't you see the TV shows and listen to what your professors all said?  The cities are the most open-minded and progressive places on Earth!  That's where all the action is!

And so to capitalize off of this migration of sheep land lords and land owners are rushing to provide millennials the luxury and over-priced apartments they so desperately want.  Some so pricey they don't even list the price...because if you have to can't afford it...(but it's where the action is!!!).

The question is whether the millennials, who are now thoroughly ensconced in their 30's, are going to wise up and start becoming adults.  Are they going to buy property at reasonable rates?  Starter homes in blue collar neighborhoods?  Are they going to move to states where standards of living are higher, but not as exciting as Seattle or Portland?  Are they going to learn to fix their own properties and actually invest in something long term and more valuable than their Creative Writing degrees?

Or are the going to keep on keeping on like they have?

I know many of you millennials who tune in to the ole Capmeister are already well down the path of investment and adulthood.  I know you guys are well ahead of your peers when it comes to exercising true independent thought.  But for the rest of your generation, they are going to borrow $30,000 to buy Chevy Cruzes, add it to their $45,000 in student loans, and shell out $2,500 per month for a luxury apartment in the "cool, hip uptown area" because (say it with me now) "that's where all the action is."  Oh, and they'll be stuck in traffic-jammed shitholes like Portland and LA because they won't want to live in fly-over country with the loser "hicks" and their $150,000 ramblers.

I just don't want to hear these same millennial brats when they're 63 making the same complaints my baby boomer clients do today about "not having enough saved up for retirement."  But something tells me they will and they'll blame it on "patriarchy" or demand the government bail them out of their life-long track record of horrendously stupid decisions and mistakes.

Oh well, enjoy the decline.
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Capital Flight from California

Still not enough.  138 people is not enough.  You need every hard working, self supporting individual to flee that state.

Sadly, most Californians are sheep and will stay there "for the weather' while the state enslaves them to over 50% of their working lives. 

It's good to see how socialism has become successful in getting people willing to enslave themselves to such an extent.

"The Speakeasy"

From Terror House Magazine.

There is also "The Busker" but it's written by that no good, dirty Ozzie, Adam Piggott.  So fuck that guy!

Anyway, if you're interested in NON politics and just want a short story, check out the links above.

Sunday, July 08, 2018

The John Steele Show

Cappy has been dealing with an unfortunate mistiming of bad things that required repairs, tradesmen, and other such things.  He also wanted to spend time with his nieces which he loves dearly.  And, oh yeah, it's the 4th of July weekend.  In the meantime may I recommend that you all tune into The John Steele Show if you were looking for some intellectual entertainment.

John has been a regular on The Older Brother Podcast and after some ass kicking has finally decided to use his incredible voice for his own purposes. 

He recently interviewed TJ Martinell and this podcast I found particularly enjoyable even though I do believe the holocaust happened.

Anyway, if you would subscribe and like his channel that would mean a lot.  And what I mean by "mean a lot" is that he could get his channel monetized sooner than later.

Cappy will be back to normal starting Monday. Tune in then.

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Cappy's 5th of July Post

There will be no posts today because Cappy has a flooded basement, a broken water heater (which he recently fixed), a computer that is dying, moldy carpets, a car that isn't working and a ton of other amalgamated shit that has decided to shit upon him CONVENIENTLY ALL THIS WEEK.  Cappy is VERY angry and wishes some SJW, ANTIFA pussies would show up at his door because there would not be much left of them at this point in time.

In the meantime enjoy the consented week long 4th of July week vacation the "Wednesday-Falling" 4th has allowed.  Posts will go back to normal as Cappy takes a week or so "vacation" to deal with this. If you feel pity upon Cappy there's always the patreon, but you can just share, like, and subscribe his stuff he does like books and shit.



Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Episode #8 of The Older Brother Podcast - Punching Proto-SJW's Special

Cappy and the Gang talk about:

Telling Your Employer "No"
Vengeful ex girlfriends.
Antifa and Ancient Military Tactics.
Windows 10 sucks
The Internet is Losing Its Value
Ann Punching a Proto-SJW in the 90's.
People "Ghosting" at Work.

in THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother Podcast!

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The Left Will Eat It's Own

I have told my story many times that while at the Wisconsin State Fair in 1986 I vividly remember a lamprey in a tank attached to a large and unfortunate fish.  Then, a smaller lamprey swimming about bit into, NOT THE FISH, but the LARGE LAMPREY ON THE FISH.  The large lamprey detached immediately from the fish and swam crazily around the tank for a solid 20 seconds until accepting its fate.

Lampreys.  Leftists.  Same thing.

Monday, July 02, 2018

You Can Have New Cars OR a Fully Funded Retirement. NOT BOTH

Choose wisely.

And if you're having trouble spending less may I recommend Poor Richard's Retirement?

How Trump Will Expose the Nobel Peace Prize for the Farce It Is

There's a problem with awards.

"Awards," by their very definition, must award something.  That something would logically be something of noteworthiness, accomplishment, value, or excellence.  And something so noteworthy or valuable, that it stands out from the rest of normal people's accomplishments that it deserves recognition.  So a person with a perfect SAT score, a hero in a war, or even a creative and savvy entrepreneur - those people are "awarded" with a scholarship, a medal, financial wealth, etc.

But achieving something of great value and accomplishment takes effort.  And effort, especially of the noteworthy variety, takes hard work.  And as well all know this goes against all non-blue collar leftists' nature.  So what is an egotistical leftist to do?

The answer is "destroy awards."  Not so much by eliminating them or actually destroying them, but by lowering and destroying the standards by which excellence is awarded.  So the elimination of the honor roll, participation trophies, completely made up awards, removing the swimsuit competition from Miss. America,  non-art, or the political co-opting of awards (such as the Oscars or anything ending with an "ammy") - all of these things are done so inferior people can avoid hard work, but still bask in the glow of "achievement" and "celebration."  Meanwhile, genuinely amazing humans of great accomplishment and achievement are overlooked for these politically connected, horrific inferiors.

Which brings us to Donald Trump.

Again, for the 38th time, I am no big fan of Donald Trump.  But I am a fan of the world having objective standards by which we measure and recognize excellence so that society may not only advance, but enjoy the accomplishments of truly amazing people (not "Oprah Amazing").  So it is with great curiosity I look forward to the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.  For while there is a great many things to criticize Trump over, his ability to bring a prospective peace to North and South Korea is easily the pinnacle act to bring peace to this world in 2018.

I want to emphasize the conclusivity and concreteness of that statement..

It is a fact that Donald Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.  Nobody has done more to advance peace in 2018 than Donald Trump.  That's not an opinion, that's not my bias.  The man brokered the end of the Korean War and did more to bring the two countries together in the past 6 months than thousands did in the past 68 years.  Oh, and he may also have resulted in the freeing of the world's most oppressed people without firing a shot or costing one human life.  I'm sure there's a very nice lady teaching poor third world children how to read somewhere, but unequivocally Donald Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

But the point of this article is not about whether Trump deserves the prize.  That is fact.  That is truth to anybody who still is capable of independent thought.  The real point of this article is to highlight and preemptively expose the frauds in the Nobel Prize Committee who will continue on the leftist tradition of co-opting awards for political purposes and deny him the award.

This is not that brave or ballsy of a prediction.  The Nobel committee's track record already exposes their ulterior political motives.  Awarding Barack Obama the Nobel prize in 2009 for essentially "being Barack Obama" was perhaps the ultimate slap across humanity's face that woke people up to the worthlessness of the award.  But like newspaper articles, atrocious legislation, or shutting down lemonade stands, nobody investigates and profiles the people behind such acts, merely that the act happened.  And so I want to profile and expose the members of the Nobel Peace Prize committee so we can all understand who they are, how they simple political ideologues, and the LAST thing they care about is "peace."

Berit Reiss-Andersen - She is the chairman of the committee, lawyer, life-long government worker and politician, and a member of Norway's labor party.  She has never spent a second in the private sector working a real job, working with real people, yet politically espouses beliefs to help the common man like many limousine leftists do.

Henrik Syse - If you thought Ms. Reiss-Andersen was a privileged limousine leftist, allow me to introduce you to Henrik Syse.  Like Ms. Reiss-Andersen he too has never set foot in the real world suffering one second of actual physical toil or labor. A  lifelong academic he has never left academia since the Cold War where he currently is a "professor of peace."  Oh, incidentally he is Norway's Chief Nepotist as he is also the son of Jan Syse, Norway's former prime minister.

Thorbjorn Jagland - Ensuring there is no political diversity in the Nobel committee is another labor party member, Mr. Thorbjorn Jagland.  He stands out from other party members in that he worked extra hard at avoiding work, opting to go into politics at the age of 16.  There is literally nothing else of note about Mr. Jagland as he's done literally nothing else in his life.  He has arrogantly insisted (and Norwegians naively capitulated) to tell other people what to do since he was a child and has never gone through any galvanizing experiences that would have otherwise turned him into an adult.  My 13 year old cousin has more work experience baby sitting that this adult child.

Anne Enger - A bit harder to find a thorough biography on, Ms. Enger is AGAIN another career politician.  In office since 1985 (assuming my Norwegian was correct) she has wallowed in the halls of public sector privilege since the Cold War.  In all intellectual honesty she is NOT a member of the labor party, but instead was the one-time leader of Norway's Centrist Party.  Regardless, no mention of having any real or tangible employment was found in any of her biographies.

Alse Toje - Like Ms. Enger, Mr. Toje is also not a member of the labor party, but he has pretty much everything else in common with the rest of the Nobel Peace Prize committee.  In my 43 years of life I have worked as a landscaper, security guard, analyst, banker, dance instructor, author, laborer, radio show host, clerk, and window washer.  Mr. Toje at the same age has been a....


That's it.  That's all he's done.  He's cushily been parked in academia his entire adult life ne'er setting one foot in the world of real work.  His politics may not align with the rest of the committee, but his work ethic (or lack thereof) most certainly does.

You may certainly research these people in more detail, but the point is these are not real people who worked in the real world and actually care about world peace.  These are Norwegian bureaucrats who are deathly afraid of labor and toil, yet want to be popular on the international stage.  And since their primary motivation in participating in the Nobel Peace Prize is not peace, but self-servance I can guarantee you they will not award Donald Trump the Nobel "Peace Prize," but somebody else more politically aligned with them and popular amongst their academic, political, bureaucratic circles.

Alas, the Nobel Peace Prize will continue on being the joke that it's become.  The question is whether the rest of the world will be duped into believing it's anything but.
Tune into "The Older Brother Podcast"

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Sunday, July 01, 2018

Student Loan Default Rates By Race

A pretty good synopsis here, but the actual study is here.

The statistics will not surprise you, but two items of note to help advance this conversation towards a solution and helping those in need (and I don't mean that in a socialist or Christian way).

1.  Default rates were atrociously high among students (regardless of race) who did NOT finish college.  You can chalk this up to poverty, disadvantaged backgrounds, lower intelligence, etc. etc., but I'm also going to throw in laziness because that's the main reason, as well as the politically incorrect reason (which is how you can tell if it's the real reason).  I know sociologists, professors, teachers, and counselors are all going to blame it on the environment because that abdicates people of having the responsibility of owning up to their own mistakes (and gets them votes/more funding), but it will not solve the problem until you crack the whip, crack some skulls, and teach these kids to have a work ethic.  until then, all the government money in the world won't help their education.

2.  In a very literal sense minorities (and especially women, and ESPECIALLY minority women) are for once actual victims.  Worthless liberal arts degrees masquerading as "higher education" are being sold to economically disadvantaged youths who still have to sign their lives away on the student-loan-dotted line.  And if the standards of college are lowered so low that "everybody has to go to college" you are admitting people who are not going to complete their degrees.  This puts them in debt WITHOUT A DEGREE TO GET A JOB TO PAY THOSE DEBTS OFF.  Worse, some people might actually get degrees, but they're completely worthless resulting in even more debt with no improvement in their chances of employment.

Again, when society wants to get serious about helping America's youth with college and higher education, you can start by reading this book and spreading it around like the plague.  In the meantime, do not even bother wasting your breath talking about "loan forgiveness" or "more money for education" because it shows you haven't given it any thorough thought and are too lazy yourself to really investigate and diagnose the real causes for this atrocity foisted on America's youth.

(hat tip - though I will warn you this podcast is very not-politically correct, controversial and I disagree with some of the statements made therein)

Friday, June 29, 2018

Episode #260 of The Clarey Podcast - THE SCOPRIONS STRIKE BACK Episode!

The world's most profitable hike.
Women value work and career more than fun, love, and children.
Going overseas to avoid paying your student loans.
Cappy's Pacific Northwest Motorcycling Adventure.
The Scoprions STRIKE BACK!!!


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Lifetime of Panhandling

I had cleared Chinook pass on my bike and was coming down off the Cascades enroute to Tacoma.  And the first exit I took the first time ever entering Tacoma I saw a site that was common in the Pacific northwest area - a panhandler.  Not that I hadn't seen panhandlers before - they are a permanent fixture of the Pacific northwest - but what got me about this one was how old he was.  You could tell he had been a panhandler his entire life and the toll it took on him was certainly showing.  He wasn't some spoiled 24 year old "crusty" from the suburbs, panhandling because it's what all the "cool hip" kids do in Seattle.  He was old, he was disheveled, he looked rough, and he most certainly had mental issues.  All I could think to myself was "Man, this is how all hippies end.  No matter how cool you were in 1968, the life of a parasite ends poorly if you never grow up and get a job."

The light turned green and so I motored into downtown Tacoma and the scenery did not improve.  There were more bums laying around, the architecture was minimalist and 70's, and what normal civilians that were there all dressed like the weather - ugly, depressing, and dark.  But as I saw more and more bums I realized how laziness was explaining nearly everything I was seeing.  Laziness made bums waste their entire lives.  Laziness made the Tacoma girls fat and the Tacoma boys skinny fat.  Laziness made the buildings ugly because beauty takes effort.  A complete lack of effort, if not an outright fear of it, resulted in the ugliness that was Tacoma and I was thankful I was only staying there a couple days.

But as I made my way through the city of ugly, I realized that laziness explained something a bit more fundamental about leftists..  Because if you're lazy you by default will have a political ideology of socialism.  And that laziness fundamentally forces you into a particular profession.  Ergo, regardless of their title or job, regardless of their profession or degree, nearly every leftist out there is functionally, fundamentally, and economically a panhandler.

Certainly the panhandlers in the Pacific northwest are begging for money.  You can criticize them all you want, but they are at least honest about it and don't hide it.  But how does panhandling for money differ from being a director or worker at a non-profit?  A liberal arts professor teaching a worthless class?  Social workers constantly lobbying for more money?  One of the 237 "diversity hires" at the University of Michigan?  Or any "employee" that needs government funding or grant money so they can not have to work work some kind of made up job?  It is the constant begging for money that makes you a parasite/panhandler whether you're an honest panhandler off the interstate exit or a cowardly hypocrite hiding behind some fabricated cause like "global warming" or "feminism" demanding your program get more taxpayer money.

There is however some good news and a la an "Enjoy the Decline" philosophy I'm trying to get people on the non-left to see this and take joy.  For the old man panhandler I saw upon entering Tacoma holds a lesson.  And that lesson is "lazy people work twice as hard."

I've alluded to this before in my consulting.  There's the hard way.  And the REALLY hard way.  There is NO EASY WAY.  The "hard way" is to take your bullets up front, pay the price, and get it over with.  Major in engineering, laydown the foundations for success when you're young, and do so while you're young and have the energy.  The REALLY HARD WAY is the way most leftists go.  Major in easy crap.  Live off of student loans.  Beg and plead and panhandle for other people's money.  Get a masters with more student loans.  Then go and beg and plead for some more taxpayers money for your completely unnecessary and made up job.  Yes, you may get lucky and be a Betsy Hodges, becoming one in the 1,000 leftists that gets a cushy government job, but most of you will end up like the old man panhandler stuck under a bridge in Tacoma.

This is the good news for those of you who are non-leftists.  Yes, an entire class of these people live off of you in a veritable parasitic way.  But their lives are condemned to ruination just like the bum under the underpass in Tacoma.  Because begging for other people's money goes against reality.  Begging for other people's money does NOT have the world working for you.  It goes against the world's best interests and you only get crumbs that are occasionally handed out because (shock of shocks) taxpayers want to keep their money!

Thus begins the lifetime of panhandling, which would be better described as "tooth pulling" because you don't have the real world working for you.  A highly skilled computer programmer has the world BENDING OVER BACKWARDS for him because he offers a good service.  A beautiful woman who put effort into her appearance has men slaying themselves to marry her and support her.  People who live in the real world and offer real value avail themselves of the real world because it will work for them.  An entire global economy and infrastructure bending to your beckon call because you are skilled and offer something it wants.

But if you're a bum.  If you're lazy.  If you're just another worthless person with a worthless liberal arts degree, you have to go begging. You have to go panhandling.  You have to live a life where the real world and people's best self interests operate against you (because remember, you ARE a parasite).  And thus the life of the old man I saw in Tacoma.

Of course not all leftists end up like the old man in Tacoma.  Many of you get your pet projects funded.  Many of you get grants and taxpayer money to make-believe-play "real adult in the real world" as you do some non-profit thing or another.  But there's never enough.  There never will be enough.  And only a select few like a Mark Dayton, a Hillary Clinton, or a Betsy Hodges will get the 6 figure salary and truly avoid a life of work, labor, sweat and toil.  In other words the axiom "lazy people work twice as hard" will hold true for most leftists.  The vast majority of leftists will be damned to a life of panhandling be it under a bridge or filling out grant proposal forms.  And like all panhandlers they will achieve nothing of value in life because that is the definition of being a parasite.  You will not solve poverty.  You will not end global warming.  You will not close the wage gap.  You won't help out minorities.  But that has never been your intention. It's just the tool you use to get other people to part with their money.  And even when you get it, you'll end up just as old, haggard, beaten, and destroyed as that panhandler in Tacoma.  And you'll have wasted your life just like he did.
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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Older Brother Podcast #7 - Male Purpose and Existence Podcast...And Hot Soviet Chicks

"Fuck Trump" celebrities.
Hot Russian chicks.
Christian Missionaries accomplish nothing.
Leftists are indeed evil.
Doc Visits South Dakota.

AND MORE!!! in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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When the Millennials Lost Social Skills

Good christ.

We made friends in the 90's and 80's by going outside and playing.

Now you fuckwits need a fucking app and website and meetup groups for this to happen.

Heaven, please do NOT help this generation.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Good Night Ole Man

This guy, if you ever watched the show, was an economic genius.

"Comments Disabled" = Fake News

I get sick of faux-journalists that write rank propaganda and advance political agendas, but then are too cowardly to allow for a comments section:

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Cappy's Lake Tahoe Adventure

Got to bum around with Seth Hymes and "Atham" in the Lake Tahoe area.  Finally back at the southern command where the war against the scorpions I guess is going to continue.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

"Seattle Nice"

If you're looking for a break from politics (and you don't want your life ruined like Trump has ruined most leftists' lives on social media) may I suggest a break from politics and dropping by Matt Forney's new site "Terror House Magazine."

It has nothing to do with terror, but it is merely a new site that solely focuses on short story fictional pieces.  One of particular note is "Seattle Nice" written by our good friend TJ Martinell, but there are many others as well.

Regardless, if you're looking for a break from politics and just want to enjoy life instead, check out Terror House Magazine.

Cappy's Northern Californian Adventure!

The best pics however are from southern Oregon along highway 58:

Friday, June 22, 2018

Don't Try Until You Have Gray Hair

You may also want to read Bachelor Pad Economics for other wise old man advice.

Episode #259 of The Clarey Podcast

Cappy and TJ Martinell chit whilst Cappy is on his motorcycling adventure in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Cappy's Silver Falls Adventure

Went out shooting guns and hiking a 6 mile loop at Silver Falls State Park near Salem, Oregon.

Remember, work hard, get a masters, borrow lots of money for expensive cars and clothes, and you too can never see this wonderful place.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Older Brother Podcast Episode #6

In this Episode of The Older Brother Podcast the gang talks about:

Permanent Resting Bitch Face
The Formula for Hallmark Romantic Comedies
Jews in the Ancient Olympics
Author talk.
Selling Lies to the Masses

AND MORE!!!  in THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother Podcast!

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Cappy's Pacific Coast Highway Adventure

Continued my Pacific Northwest adventure by taking the 101 from Tacoma to Salem. I did NOT take this route because I wanted to see the scenery.  I quite literally took it so I would not have to deal with Portland and its leftist traffic.  The scenery was a close second however.

Enroute I did find a couple things of interest.

1)  Evergreen College, famous for its bigotry, was one of the first stops. The campus is HORRIFIC in terms of architecture and layout.I could see why mentally insane and suicidal people attend.

2) Astoria, home of "The Goonies House" was also along the way. The house however has been sectioned off from the public.

3)  Cannon Beach is also the filming location for the truck race in Goonies.  It was open to the public.

4)  If you are a motorcyclist I cannot recommend highway 22 out of Hebo to Salem enough.  It is better than the Dragon's Tail and would be a great substitute for people on the west side of the country who don't want to drive to Tennessee.

Why Traveling is the Future of Dating

You may find similar such wisdom and insight checking out Bachelor Pad Economics.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Life is Too Short to Chase Women

I've received enough requests from men at Asshole Consulting it behooved this video.

Consider purchasing "Bachelor Pad Economics" if you wanted greater detail and advice.

Rape is Bad


Friday, June 15, 2018

Episode #258 of The Clarey Podcast - Greasy Pole Special!

Cappy sits in with The Great One and Adam Piggott on their "Greasy Pole" podcast! We chat about strip club stories, $1 million in student loan debt, white water rafting and MORE!
THE INITIAL AUDIO IS A BIT LOUD so maybe fast forward a couple minutes into the podcast.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Cappy's Cascade Adventure

A long drive from Leavenworth, Washington to Tacoma Washington via Yakima.  It was quicker to go that route than deal with traffic in Seattle and I wish I was joking.  Also got to drive Yakima Canyon and 410 over the Chinook Pass which still had about 8 feet of snow on it.