Monday, September 28, 2020

Why Leftists are Doomed to Poverty and Misery


As promised I have finally published my essay "Sanity is the Future of Wealth" on Amazon.  It is an essay and in being so is only about 55 pages on 5x8 paper, so I tried to get the price down as much as I could.  Unfortunately, for some reason Amazon won't let me price the paperback version of it below $6.95.  I will be trying to get it down to around $5.50 because then I only make a buck per sale.  Regardless, I'm not trying to make a mint off this thing.  So unless you really wanted to buy the paperback maybe wait a couple weeks and see if the price doesn't go down.

In any case, I've posted the book description below as it does the best job explaining what the essay is about and why you might be interested in purchasing it.  Additionally, you may want to consider purchasing it for a friend who is suffering from the political insanity of 2020.  This essay is one of the rarer bits of good news in today's political landscape that every non-leftist desperately needs, but is also a bit of philosophy that is required to be happy in today's psychotic environment.

I hope you enjoy the essay.

"Economics is being revolutionized to the point it's becoming obsolete. With production techniques and technology allowing man to extract exponentially more wealth from finite resources, nearly all our earthly wants and desires are satisfied making the concept of “wealth” and “money” obsolete. But while you'd think such an economic miracle would be celebrated, humans are forever petty, forever greedy, and forever jealous. And instead of enjoying a life of leisure nearly every first-worlder is practically guaranteed to enjoy, most seethe with envy over the petty and minor differences in the now-meaningless “wealth” others have.

Ferrari's over Chevy's.
Sushi over Chipolte.
Brand new iPhones over perfectly used Samsung's.
A rambler over a McMansion.

Tragically, this jealousy ruins the majority of people's lives as it blinds them to the great lives they have and the better ones they could live. Worse, today's political and educational system programs every young person with socialist firmware damning them to a life of misery and envy. But it gets even worse. Because the traditional (and increasingly outdated) concept of wealth only narrowly focuses on money and not the bevy of other things that truly makes a man “wealthy”:

Looks, athleticism, love, creativity, popularity, friends, status, great sex, beauty, innovation, health, family, legacy, a profession, skills, accomplishment, achievement, ability, excellence.

And when you consider this global view of “wealth” you will find out even if we achieved a socialist utopia, psychopathic and petty humans will still be obsessively envious of you, your family, your skills, and your personal life.

Thus, the insanity of 2020.

No doubt riots, protests, cancel culture, SJW's, Bernie Sanders, BLM, Antifa, professional victims, Californians, trait politics, or plain ole boring democrat politics is driving many of you mad, if not seething with anger. Be it because you intuitively know it's a scam or you're smart enough to see through the cowardly mental acrobatics socialists use to rationalize stealing your wealth, its clear these parasites of society want to partially enslave you for their benefit. But while partial enslavement is a necessary evil of democracy, there is a bright silver lining when you consider wealth is becoming obsolete. Because while the parasites of society may be successful in inevitably voting away your increasingly-irrelevant material wealth, it doesn't provide them everything else that matters in life. And without things like love or beauty or excellence or family, leftists are doomed to live not only miserable lives...but insane ones as well.

Thus, “Sanity is the Future of Wealth.

“Sanity is the Future of Wealth” explains to the productive members of society that it is non-financial aspects of life that matter most and are the key determinants of living a happy and successful life. But it also provides the reader with some much-needed vengeance that no matter how much socialists get their way financially, they will never have the things that matter most, especially when material wealth is increasingly unimportant. Alas, in misprioritizing their lives on greed, victimhood-politics, or simple envy, the average American leftist damns himself not only to a wasted life, but an insane one as his parasitic politics cannot provide love, excellence, belonging, achievement, comradery, beauty, or worth. And try as they might to claim “big is beautiful” or besmirch nuclear families or “redistribute hot spouses,” they cannot and thus their entire life will be nothing but a government check.

So revel in their misery. Revel in their insanity. And be happy you're not them. Realize you are truly wealthy as sanity is the future of wealth."

Friday, September 25, 2020

The Older Brother Podcast #82 - The "Violence Interrupters" Episode

Cappy tirades against 

"violence interrupters,"
the fraggie vaggies at Spotify who are triggered by Joe Rogan,
the difference between "on" and "off" strip in Las Vegas,
and promotes the 1099 superior race life.

He also talks about the necessity of men and his hiking with Atham and Elkins.

Direct MP3 here.
Podcast here.
YouTube below

"Achieving Minimalism: Theory and Practice" Is Now Open for Enrollment

"Achieving Minimalism: Theory and Practice" is now available for enrollment.  Simply click here or on the image below, and you will be taken to the class page where you can peruse the class outline and enroll if you so choose.  Enrollment will end on September 30th, but those who enrolled will have 45 days to complete the class.

The price is $499 and as mentioned before will not be of much use to veteran readers/viewers of my content.  However if you are new to my work and don't have the time to consume, let alone sift through all my material (which at last count tallies at 3,000+ posts and 4,000+ videos) this class may be of use to you, especially if you have trouble:

  • Spending more than you make
  • Saving for retirement
  • Mismanaging your time/procrastinate/never have enough time
  • Expending more mental energy/resources than you have
  • And in general have lost focus in life

 It won't solve all your problems, but I'm confident it will most certainly help.

See you in class!


This is NOT the Bursting of the Education Bubble We Need

2.5% is a slow deflation of it.  

Unfortunately, young people today have been so conditioned that college is not only necessary, but the only thing they have in life that a global pandemic that requires they stay home has still only taken enrollment down by 2.5%.

If you "conservative parents" had any balls, you would forbade your children from attending a physical college, let alone attending a liberal arts college period, which would deal the death knell blow you all so desperately want to deliver to the left.

But you won't because "nothing's too good for Daddy's Little Prince/ss."

This one simple thing you traditional parents could do, but you won't because in the end you're all a bunch of cucks.

Oh well.  I guess we'll have another generation of brain dead, NPC Millennials on our hands.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Case for California Communism

Even before the news that Governor Newsom decided to arbitrarily decree that California would ban the sale of gas cars by 2035, I was of the mind that California was already a quasi socialist state.  Combined with it's regulations, high taxes, and overall mental attitude that its political class/the state should not only own everything, but dictate what its citizens should think, say, or do, the State of California is the closest thing the US has to a socialist country.  But instead of fighting it, I argue we should take a lesson from our (in hindsight -very wise) forefathers and allow for "The Great American Experiment" where individual states can do what they want.  And of the now-50 states that we have, some of them - including California - should try communism, just to see what happens.

Against communism most of you may be, there is some incredible wisdom in letting some states go commie.  

First, you never know.  Communism might work this time in spite of it failing every single time before.  And if politicians and social scientists can find a way where nobody has to work and we can all be infinitely wealthy, by all means, try it out on a population of 40 million Californians before applying it to 320 million Americans.  And if successful, share your secrets to success and end poverty not only in the US, but the world forever.  You'll be the biggest heroes in human history and will have genuinely advanced society more than any humans in the past.

Second, failing that (which it will fail), why force the entire country to participate in this experiment when the track record of communism is so horrific?  More often than not, communism kills and impoverishes its participants, faster and more effectively than a hot war.  It's a drug like meth that has done nothing but destroy the lives of those who get addicted to it.  But instead of trying to argue with the average American idiot that they shouldn't take this drug, let's grab the 40 million guinea pigs of California, force them into communism, and see what happens.  Lets see what lab results occur when we give a state full control and ownership over its citizens, before rolling it out for the remaining 49 states.  I've always laughed at the occasional story where a "communist" or "commune" restaurant opens up, only to collapse a few short years later when none of their customers pay and their employees never show up for work.  And I've pointed this out to people advocating communism saying, "Look, you guys can't even run a taco shop, what makes you think you can run a state?"  I think a test group of 40 million datapoints would be more convincing than a mere one off socialist restaurant financed by government grants.

Third, I can't think of a state that deserves socialism more.  California with its Californians have been sanctimonious, arrogant, faux intellectuals who have pushed their politics not only on its citizens, but the rest of the country.  Be it through its large presence in the house of representatives, to the tech giants of Silicon Valley lecturing us via virtue-signaling over their platforms, video games, and movies, California and Californians think they know better. 

Well???  Prove it.  Stop talking about going full socialist and do it at your state, county, and local levels.  Vote in communists, confiscate all private land along the coast, nationalize all the farm land in the valley, take ownership of Google, Yahoo, Apple, and the entire tech sector, and implement whatever other non-financial communist policies you want like environmental laws, recycling laws, thought laws, educational laws, sex-relationship laws, everything.  If we're going to do this, let's do it right and do it 100% so we know what happens to a country when communism is implemented.

Fourth, and this is where Californians and Californian politicians will try to squirm out, you get no help from the other 49 states.  You do not get a bail out of a penny of federal money to trial balloon your socialist experiment.  You do not get to tax expatriates who leave California for Texas.  You do not get to complain about capital flight.  You do not get to complain about brain drain. You do not get any outside help from the outside world as that is proof positive communism is an unsustainable economic system.  These past 20 years Californians have not only wanted socialism, but they've made it their religion, sanctimoniously drawing personal and spiritual value from it.  If you're so invested in it, then make it work.  It reminds me of the speech Gregory Peck gave to David Niven in "The Guns of Navarone."

"They say you're an expert with explosives!  START PROVING IT!"

And finally, California's business owners.

I am not so much talking your local farmer or your small time restaurantier.  I'm talking the big, large, corporations headquartered in LA and Silicon Valley.  Most of the business owners are leftists, and not just leftists, but use their companies to advocate and push for socialism.  Through the media, Hollywood, or social media, every day the rest of America gets to hear your sermoning and lecturing about how the rest of the country should be socialist AND how noble and caring your company is for advocating the same.

Well then the Mark Zuckerbergs, the Hollywood studio owners, and the Tim Cooks of the world should gladly give their companies to the State of California, forfeit their own personal assets as well, and start walking the walk they're advocating for when they're talking their talk.  Those assets are the only and best shot of California raising the funds to implement a socialist society, and the very first people that should be dragged up to Sacramento to be told they're forfeiting their companies and assets to the State are those business owners who've been fellating the State and socialism this entire time.  

Idealistic as this sounds, understand this is already happening to a certain extent and is why I'm telling California to "just go for it."  California's taxes makes it the largest defacto shareholder of all private industry in the state.  Its state and local regulations make its non-financial world the Orwellian nightmare come true that many socialists want (consent forms for sex, hyper regulation, indotrination at the schools, etc.).  The people want socialism.  And even your business leaders are advocating for it.

So what's stopping you California?

For once we have the opportunity to see a real and large state implement communism without a shot being fired.  You have a "bold leader" in the form of Gavin Newsom who is obviously willing to implement communism.  And a population that is for it too.  Furthermore, it has been the dream of millions of social scientists, government workers, an ordinary American liberal arts majors to see socialism realized in the United States.  Welllllll???  We're waiting!

Naturally, I know this will fail.  Naturally, if Californians put their money where their mouths are, they will destroy their economy, society, and make the whole state look like feces-adorned San Francisco.  It will be the worst peace-time failure of an American state in all of US history.  But just like a child doesn't know eating too much ice cream will make him sick, you need to let these modern day petulant little children get what they want as there is no other way to learn.  And thus, instead of forcing communism on the rest of America, not to mention we could all save ourselves DECADES of life and time arguing about economics in the future, let's have it out right now.  Let's see California implement socialism.  Let's see what happens.  By all means gorge on all the communist ice cream in the world you want.  It will be the most productive economic experiment ever conducted in America and the entire country, even California, is bound to benefit from it.



Hey cool Gen Z'er kids! 
Want to end up like the Millennials? 
Well make sure you don't by reading the book below!

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Good Luck With That California

Elon Musk's stock just shot up.

But let me guess.  We're going to complain about him getting richer.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Minimalism and Sanity

A friendly reminder to some of the younger or newer viewers/readers of my material that my seminar "Achieving Minimalism: The Key to Happiness and Success in Life" will be launching September 25th.  Enrollment will be limited to 5 days so you can sign up from the 25th to the 30th, after which enrollment will close.  

As I've said before the vast majority of my readership would not tangibly benefit from this seminar, especially if you have your financial house in order.  But if you are young or simply want to stop spending as much as you make, this seminar would certainly be of benefit and profit to you.  It is $499 which is indeed pricey, but is designed to save you an equivalent amount of time/money/resources to actually get you to the point where you are:

- spending less than you make
- eliminating commutes from your life
- limiting how much worry/stress you waste in life concerning yourself over things that ultimately do not matter

Additionally, I will be publishing my essay "Sanity is the Future of Wealth" which is a good companion piece with this seminar on minimalism.  Once it's published, I will send you a copy in the mail if you so desire.

If you are interested or know somebody who is, e-mail me here and I will notify you when the seminar opens for enrollment.



Remember, The Boomers Created the Millennials

 And excerpt from "How Not to Become a Millennial"

But why were the Boomers so bad at raising the Millennials?  Why did they give such horrible advice?  Matter of fact, why were they so bad at life themselves?  They did more drugs than any generation alive. Raised the national debt to record peace-and-war-time levels.  Made divorce and breeding half-siblings an Olympic event.  Destroyed the nuclear family and millions of their children’s lives.  And a full 2/3rds of them can’t even afford retirement.  And keep in mind this isn’t the old trope of the younger generation always blaming the previous one.  The Boomers are empirically and objectively an absolutely abysmal generation (which is the subject of an upcoming book).  How, after having every possible advantage in life and insisting they knew better than everyone else, is it they were wrong about pretty much everything?

The answer can be found in a quote by G. Michael Hopf in his book “Those Who Remain,”

“Hard times create strong men.
Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men.
Weak men create hard times.”

And the Baby Boomers are indeed weak men.

If there was ever a generation born into good times it was the Baby Boomers.  The 1950’s and 1960’s were the golden era of US history.  Unemployment averaged around 4%, even going into the 2%’s for a couple years.  Economic growth was twice that of what we have today. You didn’t need a college degree to apply for entry level positions.  And those entry level positions could afford you the American dream on one income replete with a house, spouse, car and kids.  But perhaps the biggest advantage the Boomers had growing up is the incredible luxury of having both a mother and a father present in the house at the same time.  This nuclear family, combined with the other socio-economic factors, made the Baby Boomers’ upbringing the most idyllic the world had ever seen.  And with their WWII generation parents starkly reminded of the horrors of the Great Depression and war, it was a guarantee their children would be the most pampered and spoiled in then-as-of-yet US history.

The problem with good times, however, is that it destroys people’s ability to value.  If everything is handed to you, paid for by your parents, or the good times are just simply rolling, nobody has to suffer, sacrifice, or pay a price to get what they want.  And it is simply not mentally possible to value anything unless you have paid a price for it.  But if you have to toil, work, suffer and slave merely to stave off poverty or simply to survive, you become acutely aware of what does and does not have value in life, including things like food, clothing, shelter, freedom, your fellow man, and yes, even your children.

In this sense the WWII generation had an incredible ability to value.  They knew what was important in life because they had to work so hard to get it.  But the Baby Boomers had none, because (though in a well-intended attempt to make sure their children never suffered) the WWII generation deprived their children of their own ability to suffer, thus value, thus making them the weak generation the Boomers turned out to be.

The problem with being weak men, in having no ability to value, is that you inevitably need something of value in your life. You need a reason to get up in the morning.  Something to cherish.  A reason to live.  But if all your basic needs are met, and you’ve never had to pay a price for anything, you are mentally incapable of valuing or appreciating anything in life.  Thus, in the mind of a weak, spoiled man the only thing of worth, the only thing you have in your life is yourself.  And thus you become solipsistic, self-centered, and incapable of selflessness, altruism or love, because only you matter in your own mind.

This doesn’t mean that the Baby Boomers weren’t capable of loving their children, caring about society, or being well-intended.  But it does mean that for many of them their own self-interests trumped everything else in life, especially if push came to shove.  And if you don’t believe it, simply look at all the different types of Boomers you’ve ran across in your life and look at the actions they took, not the words they said.  What you will find, via their own actions, is that most of the Baby Boomers were primarily motivated by four things (or a combination thereof):

A fear of real work, toil, suffering or sacrifice (laziness)
Profit, and

And these things superseded everything and everyone in most of these Baby Boomers’ lives.  Including their Millennial children.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

When Economics and the Red Pill Collide

Was on Rollo's show yesterday and talked about how the internet, but especially webcam sites, have fundamentally changed the labor market.  We also discussed how "old order thinking" has forced young women into outdated corporate careers as the "pinnacle" of success, while the future economy is online as a 1099 Superior Racer.  Worth the listen, especially if you're a younger man or woman so you know where opportunity in the future lies, NOT where old washed up boomer feminists and professors says it does:

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Women and Tattoos: "Shhhhhhhoooockinnnnnng"

Doing more research for my upcoming seminar "Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women" and what do you know intrepid young Millennial and Gen Z'ers.  Women with tattoos have self-esteem issues (if you can even trust psychological studies such as these).

"Despite the limitations, our cross-sectional design provides preliminary empirical support for the notion that young women with tattoos have significantly lower self-esteem as compared to women without tattoos."

 Also, today is the last day to sign up for the Rule Zero online seminar, so e-mail me at if you wanted to.

They're Actually Trying to Promote Tourism in Minneapolis

You guys think I'm joking when I try to convey just how stupid and naive Minneapolis folk are, here you go.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Why Women Love Food More Than Men

On October 2nd through the 3rd I will be speaking at an online seminar with the guys at Rule Zero.  Each of the 10 speakers has their own topic.  Mine is going to be "Analyzing the ROI of the Pursuit of Women."

While my model is about two pages long and it's final number tallied at the bottom calculates the actuarial chances of finding a woman in today's market that will make you happy, the sub-data that goes into this monster of a formula is interesting (and depressing) unto itself.  Not so much because of the dire statistics it indicates, but because of what it tells us about young women today in terms of their behavior, choices, and desires.

In this case the percent of women that are both overweight and obese of child bearing age.

This is such a damning statistic because it tells us young women would rather eat food than attract a man.  This means, by choices women put forth in the real world (not what they may actually "feel" inside...whatever that means), women would rather eat more than fall in love.  Cryptic and cold as that may sound, it's true.  Women's public behavior today shows very clearly what their priorities are and attracting a man ranks below "Another Hoho" or "Exercise."

Now, admittedly, men are only slightly better when you look at their obesity rates.  And that is true, much as men might pine for a svelte women that's in shape, they are equally hypocritical when it comes to putting down the hohos and hitting the treadmill.  And while I could make the statement that men are more interested in a woman's physique than women are men's, thus it's incumbent upon women to lose the weight first, it's important to look at why both sexes are practically hurting each other being the overweight disgusting slobs they are today.


Right as it might be to point out the revolting levels of young-adult obesity, remember that until very very recently in human history, starvation was the number one problem facing all of humanity for nearly all of its existence.  The human body has evolved to become incredibly efficient with food, what sparse food it could find for the first 2 million years of human existence.

But with the advent of farming technologies, the agricultural revolution, and bio-hacking the genetic code of various crops and animals, we've been able to solve hunger. So much so I've seen "poor kids" go from genuinely skinny, underfed children to fat, bloated tubbies dining at the 7-11 on their single mom's EBT card.  Humans have not necessarily gotten lazier.  The technology to make food has just advanced that much quicker.  So quick our genetics cannot evolve fast enough to account for it, thus why your average young woman is 5'4" and 165 disgusting pounds.

Still, evolutionary or genetic reasons why only 40% of young women today are attractive, doesn't change the slim (or rather should I say "not so slim") pickings men have today.  Women simply cannot shuck their genetic conditioning and put down the food, thus making reality women prefer food over men.  Additionally, the same condemnation can be made at men, being the disgusting pigs they are.  So if either of the sexes wants to have a happy life (which requires a handsome/beautiful person from the opposite sex to attain), I suggest we all start losing weight.  But since it is women's beauty that prompts men to ask women out, and thus initiating a potential relationship, it's incumbent upon women to inspire men to do so.  Besides, you women love to lead and "change the world."  Let's see some of that "strong, independent, girl boss" leadership we've been hearing so much about these past 40 years.

(Oh, and if you are interested in attending the seminar, e-mail me at

Saturday, September 12, 2020

How Many People You Will Date Before You Marry

I was invited to speak at the Rule Zero seminar, which will be held online October 2nd and 3rd.  And while the lion's share of the speakers' topics will be on how to get the girls, mine will take a more actuarial and practical approach - "Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women."  AKA - "Maybe You Ought to Rethink Getting The Girls."

Regardless, mathematically calculating the "ROI on the pursuit of women" has forced me to dust off the ole economist skills, fire up my model programming abilities, spend hours pouring over data, and spend just as many hours merely thinking about whether said data and said model is calculating precisely what I want it to.  And while this is the first attempt of it's kind to measure "the ROI of the Pursuit of women," the data I've compiled thus far is amazing and insightful, just as it is depressing and tragic.

While you'll have to sign up for the seminar to find my complete findings (which you can do by e-mailing me here:, and to forewarn you, it's $597), I did want to share a unique subset of data as I believe it not only conveys to both men and women just how much work goes into finding your "special someone, but also shows two completely different dating strategies between the sexes, which in turn might help you adjust yours for better chances of success.

This subset of data is "# of people you will date before getting married."  It's key to calculating the ROI of the pursuit of women because dating is a very costly and necessary endeavor (for men) in order to find a wife.  Dating, however, takes on a very different nature for women because while it is a time investment on their part to go on dates, they actually profit from it economically as the majority of dates are paid for by men.  Additionally, women do not "get dates" as much as they accept or reject them, further reduing whatever time investment they need to find a potential husband.  This difference is made very clear in the number of dates the average man goes on before finding his wife compared to the number of men women date before finding their husband.  

Average # of Women Men Date Per Marriage = 70.22
Average # of Men Women Date Per Marriage = 10.8

In other words, men date roughly 7 times as much as women, implying investment costs 7 times that of women.

But whereas a 7:1 ratio is very interesting in any activity between the sexes, there's an additional interesting tidbit within the data.  For whereas the female data is relative stable averaging around 11 men per marriage, the men's data is slightly bimodal.  The vast majority of men only manage 20 women to date before marrying (a majority of which is 10 or under), but another group of "serial daters" forms breaking the 100 and even 200+ line.

Interestingly enough (when age data was provided) these are not necessarily your older men who lived long enough to date that many women, but men in their 20's, 30's, even 40's, who were epitomal "players" that just dated a TON of women, almost to the point it would have to be a part time job.  Furthermore, many of these men never reported marrying, just dating, posing the question if they even had intentions of marrying and should therefore even be considered in the analysis.

Regardless, if you have a keen eye you'll notice that there are not as many data points as a serious statistician would like.  And as is often the case in economics, "You don't go to the war with the army you'd like.  You go to war with the army you got" and this is the data I got.  The data comes from a highly un-scientific video I put together since there was no other data or studies available measuring how many people an individual dates before marrying, so (like many economists) I had to go and create the data myself.  But if you were a kind and charitable soul and wanted to help improve the integrity of the data, posting the following in the comments section would definitely help:

1.  # of people you dated
2.  # of times you were married, and
3.  Your sex
4.  AND NOTHING ELSE because I just need numbers, not a story or editorial about why or who or what....LADIES.

Additionally, if you were interested in attending this seminar, you can certainly e-mail me here at, but tune into a pre-seminar show where me and the other speakers at the seminar discuss our topics and provide a little bit more information:

Friday, September 11, 2020

Joining Rule Zero Tomorrow Morning

 I think 1030AM CST.  I'm in Portland and I'm all screwed up on the time zone.

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Psychology is a Completely Worthless Profession

 From the "American Psychological Association:"

“Every institution in America is born from the blood of white supremacist ideology and capitalism—and that’s the disease,” says Theopia Jackson, PhD, president of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi)."

You are a fool to think that psychology or psychologists are legitimate.  You are also a fool to think these psychopaths can help you.  They are a political entity that does not care about anything approaching mental health, and are a bunch of lazy fucks who just want to make a quick buck off of shamanism and witchcraft.


Why Large American Organizations Are No Longer Possible

As I get older I start to see society more as a machine with millions of moving parts.  Be it getting gas, buying a sub sandwich, taking a class, or just driving down the road, all of these things require millions of moving parts in the form of humans to do their job and do it well for these things to come into existence.  But also as I have aged, I have realized that this "machine of society" is not operating as efficiently as it once did.  Traffic is getting slower not because of a lack of roads, but because each individual is a much lower quality driver.  I have to send mail certified because of an increasing number of times the mail simply wasn't delivered.  Banking errors have increased at my bank for a myriad of reasons.  And of course many of you are familiar with my "Wyoming 3" where the sandwich artist at the Casper Subway shop will screw up your order twice in order to get it right the third time.

This has done nothing short of piss me off as I do not control the world and the people around me.  I am hopelessly dependent upon the individual people of the world to do their job in order for me to enjoy a certain standard of living. And so as the individual unit of society (humans) gets dumber, slower, lazier, and less competent, so too does my standard of living decay.

But if you think it is bad now, just wait until a "new and improved" generation of humans are released into society.  Because while Americans are indeed getting dumber, slower, and less competent, this "new and improved" generation of Americans have the added "special bonus" of one thing and one thing only - being psychotic.  And you cannot live in a society that is psychotic.

By "psychotic" I do not mean grabbing knives and stabbing people or setting buildings on fire (that would be Minneapolis democrats).  But a mental illness of sorts that prevents people from functioning normally within society.  And we're not talking one of the designer mental illnesses Millennials claim to have to garner special treatment, but one purposely and intentionally programmed into their minds starting in kindergarten - dysfunctional politics.

By "dysfunctional politics" I do not mean communism or nazism where the political system doesn't work and fails the society it's intended to serve/support.  I'm talking about a religion, an ideology, a mental conditioning that is programmed into a generation of young people's minds which renders them dysfunctional, incompetent, and incapable beyond their modern day counterparts.  And whereas laziness, sloth, or a lack of work ethic plagues the current-day schleps getting my subway order wrong or driving slow in the left lane, it is the "dysfunctional politics" of entitlement, identity politics, race/sex/gender-obsession, virtue-signaling, and above all else - "snowflakism" that renders this latest generation completely worthless as functioning units of society.

For example, take the Ellen Degeneres Show.

I do not personally watch The Ellen Degeneres Show, but there is no doubt the value, production, and service Ms. Degeneres has provided millions of American women...and gay men.  Her show has been on the air for 20 years and if you consider the number of people she has employed, the hundreds of millions, arguably billions of people she's entertained, not to mention the additional economic production in terms of advertisers, sponsors, video equipment, fashion firms, etc., this woman has contributed easily BILLIONS of dollars worth of production to society.

But whereas Ellen may be a hard-working, functional adult, not everybody in her organization is.  And while not everybody has to be a work-a-holic entrepreneur within the Ellen Degeneres Show machine, all it took was an allegation of sexual harassment and a toxic work environment to bring this machine to a screeching halt. 

Now keep in mind this was 36 separate people making an accusation against three individuals within the Ellen Degeneres Machine.  And also keep in mind, if true, people should not be sexually harassing anyone at anytime at a work environment.  But instead of taking this up quietly with HR or Ellen herself, a big kerfuffle had to be made about it, necessitating the shut down.  And while I do not have any proof (nor could I ever) I would bet $1,000 that these 36 people are of the snowflake variety, and instead of being stoic and controlled about it, were conditioned to be professional victims, hype over the drama, claim victimhood more than their was pain, and thus make the production of The Ellen Degeneres Show untenable.  

Another example is an entire university being shut down over a tweet.

That's right, a tweet.

One Jaden McNeil (also a young idiot) tweeted out "Congratulations to George Floyd for being drug free for a month."  This begat howls and cries of racism within the University of Kansas, where McNeil intends to study.  But not just howls and cries, but students saying they refuse to attend KU unless this individual was dealt with, but also the entire college football team boycotting the season if Mr. McNeil was not kicked out of KU.

Again, what Jaden McNeil did was wrong and idiotic.  But the mental illness caused by the dysfunctional politics of the entire KU football team, as well as who knows what percent of the student body, is so entrenched and so powerful, these people will sacrifice their own athletic and educational careers over an idiotic tweet.  They are so mentally pampered, so mentally delusional, they actually think in a world of 7 billion people, there isn't going to be some idiot saying something idiotic, and if there is, BY GOD SHUT DOWN THE UNIVERSITY.

And then there is the case of Joel Kaplan.

Joel Kaplan was a vice president of one of Facebook's many divisions.  He was (still is) a family friend of Brett Kavanaugh.  During Mr. Kavanaugh's heresay hearings about sexually assaulting Blasey-Ford in during the Taft administration, some Facebook employees saw Joel Kaplan sitting in the courtroom during these hearings.  Upon finding out he was there in support of Mr. Kavanaugh, some Facebook employees took to the internet to discuss their disgust that Mr. Kaplan was supporting an obvious rapist and how he should be fired and they would walk out on Facebook, etc. etc.

Facebook obviously didn't close, but I'm sure over the next few weeks inordinate amounts of resources (both financial and mental) had to be expended doting on the fragile sensitivities of their precious Facebook employee snowflakes.

And then there is the City of Minneapolis.

Larger both in terms of size, finances, and the number of people than Facebook, the City of Minneapolis - like any other corporation, school, or other entity - is a machine.  And a machine composed of individual human units.  So when George Floyd was killed while being detained by some Minneapolis cops, the mentally ill citizens of Minneapolis  decided to riot, loot, and burn down a stretch of Lake Street.

Again, never mind the cops involved in his death have been arrested and are being charged.

Never mind that justice is literally being served as we speak.  

Enough of the young citizens of Minneapolis have had their brains impaired by the dysfunctional politics they were spoon fed from K-college that it didn't matter.  They were so fragile, so snowflakey, and so void of intellectual honesty and critical thinking, their logical solution was to burn parts of the city down.

Minneapolis' inability to function as a city was further corroborated when a Minneapolis man killed himself, which prompted Minneapolitans to riot, loot, and destroy another stretch of Minneapolis - this time downtown Nicollet Avenue.  No cop killed this man, cops had nothing to do with his death.  But false rumors spread on the internet fired up the same perpetually-offended people to go and destroy their town.  And again, rendering a large municipal entity untenable. 

So sit back if you will and think about this logically.

We have raised one, arguably two generations of children and adult children to be so fragile, so dysfunctional, and so angry, that if things don't go precisely their way at all times they will tear down and destroy whatever organization they're with.  That Facebook division likely couldn't function for a week or so I'd imagine.  KU administrators had to look at the absurd-but-real fact that their entire football season would be canceled, not to mention their entire class of 2020 walking out of them over a bleeping tweet.  Some idiot guys did something inappropriate which triggered the sensibilities of 36 people to the point they had to shut down an otherwise successful show.  And an entire city is so brainwashed, so dysfunctional, so delusional, that even when an accused bad cop is arrested and facing charges, EVEN WHEN THE COPS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ANOTHER MAN'S SUICIDE, they still shut down the city, concluding rioting, looting, and burning buildings is the logical solution.

There are hundreds of examples, but what you are witnessing is a generation or two of Americans who are no longer capable of having a civilized society.  A group of NPC robots programmed to put their politics, victimhood, ideology, envy, and virtue signaling ahead of logic, ethics, legal behavior, law and order, or even the rights of their fellow man.  And while people are dumb and can't get my order right three times at the Casper, Wyoming Subway, these latest two generations of Americans are simply feral and dysfunctional adult children who are driven by a mentally ill ideology and not reality.  And so what you're witnessing is not so much people driving slow in the left lane or the post office losing an occasional package, but a decay into a second world country with all of it's rights and privileges.

Without large organizations able to function efficiently or at all, our economy will collapse or at least be severely impaired.  Governments unable to protect its citizens, build roads, or build infrastructure will fail into decay and dysfunction much like Minneapolis has (just search all the firms closing or leaving, or look at the laughably inept Mayer Jacob Frey of Minneapolis).  Corporations and employers who focus more on the color of your skin, politics, and virtue signaling will deter the best employees giving rise to a slow but inexorable decline of that corporation (via lower profits, lower quality, poor customer service, increased price, etc.).  Colleges are already a lost cause where nearly all degrees conferred by them are worthless, not to mention they are bastions of dysfunctional childish insanity.  Even the institution of the family is no longer functional as it takes two mature adults to successfully raise children, which Americans have been laughably failing at since the Baby Boomer generation.  Americans have decayed so much on the individual level, we are simply no longer capable of forming functional teams.  And it is teams of people, working together for a larger organization with a larger goal (not constantly looking to be aggrieved, offended, or triggered) that has led to nearly all the advancement and progress we enjoy today in society....not to mention it is teamwork that simply keeps the electricity running and society functioning.  

Still, Precious Priscilla's feelings are more important than whether or not she shows up for her job

Oppressed Opie's victimhood is more important than him getting a job and supporting himself.

And Fragile Fran can't possibly be expected to go to school for a real skill, but instead needs to protest the "patriarchy" because it's wrong engineering pays more than sociology.

And you now have legions of these non-functioning adults entering the real world.

We are not going to enter 2nd world status.  We already are entering it.  Our national (and state and municipal) debts are proof we are unable to support ourselves.  The laughable college degrees and bogus "professions" our youth pursue show adult children believing in the world of make-believe instead of the real world of hard economics.  Parents abdicating their responsibility to raise their children to the state school system is almost as disgusting as raising their children in broken homes.  And modern day young adults are so worthless, so void of anchored purpose and meaning, they place more value on traits they were born with than production or good they can do for society.  

Without a doubt, this latest generation of Americans are the most dysfunctional, unanchored, irresponsible, retarded, psychopathic, and ultimately worthless generation America has ever seen.  And you couldn't even pick a decent team for kickball, let alone a team of people to run "Team America" from this lot.  Expect institutions to fail.  Expect corporations to decline.  Expect governments to become more oppressive.  Expect families to disintegrate.  And expect all of this to be couched in an increasingly insane environment as the precious snowflakes you raised make their way through society.


When you get your head out of your ass, check out some of my cool stuff below:



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What Economists Do in a Pinch

So it's harkening back to the 1980's where there was no internet and thus you actually either had to go and look up microfiche or compile your own data when doing research.  Well...the internet doesn't have the data I'm looking for.  And the HELL if I'm going to the library to look at microfiche.  Time to dust off the ole economist skills in me and get some polling data.

Your participation and sharing is appreciated:

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Achieving Minimalism Seminar

Hello Lieutenants and Economists,

After having some kind friends and colleagues take my seminar and give it the once over, I will be officially launching "Achieving Minimalism: Theory and Practice - The Secret to Happiness and Success in Life."  I made some minor changes, but the price has been somewhat reduced from $599 to $499 as it was actually quite universally agreed the material within the course was absolutely worth the money.  

As I've stated before, this seminar is NOT LIKELY to be of any value to those of you who are regular consumers of my content or veteran readers of my books.  And it's certainly won't be of any value to those of you who spend less than you make, have your financial act together, and have your debts paid off.  However, if you are relatively new to my channel/site/podcast/etc., and don't have the time to sift through the thousands of posts and podcasts I've done, this seminar may be of value to you.  Additionally, if you're the type of person who just can't stop spending more than you make, this class is definitely for you and definitely worth the price.  So while $499 is a steep price, so is going into debt, never saving money for retirement, and filing for bankruptcy.  Just sit and think about it for a bit.  Is it worth $499 today to stop spending more than you make for the rest of your life?

Registration for the class will begin on September 25th and end September 30th.  Those of you who sign up will have 45 days to complete the class.  There are no refunds.  I strongly recommend you take notes, though there is a Power Point presentation that comes along with it that should suffice.

I will make an announcement on all my channels/sites when registration is open.  If you want me to notify you via e-mail, e-mail me here and let me know -



Why the Stock Market Keeps Going Up... in Spite of COVID

This is some economics 101 for our regulars, but for any new people you may find this insightful.

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"Everything Is Your Fault"

This is an excerpt from the book "How Not to Become a Millennial."  It's an important philosophical lesson because while everybody is acting like a soccer player, always injured and playing the forever oppressed, for those of you who wish to not piss away your life feigning being a victim, it is important to understand the concept of "agency."  For without agency and responsibility, you will never be successful.

You may find the book here.


We do not live in “Shoulda-Land.”  Only fools believe in “should.”  Because while the concept of “should” is real and we should always be aiming for an ideal, what is infinitely more important is what is.

Yes, you “should” be able to park your car running without it being stolen.
Yes, you “should” be treated with respect and professionalism from your boss.
Yes, you “should” be able to walk down a dark alley wearing fishnets and heels and not get raped.

But when your car gets stolen, your boss lies to you about the job, or you get raped The World of “Is” becomes much more real and important.

The concept of “should” also removes all power and control from the individual, giving it to society and fate, delusionally expecting the 12,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 lbs planet and its 7 billion inhabitants to operate in your best interests.  You naively and optimistically assume the rest of the world will do your bidding, be fair and just, and oblige by some moral obligation to take care of you.  But tempting as that idea might sound, it will not happen.  All you really manage to do in outsourcing your decisions and responsibilities to “fate” or “should” is relinquish all your power to others, putting you 100% at the mercy of others.  And if Chapter 33 taught us anything, the real world is evil and most people will take advantage of you instead of take care of you.

Still, most people want to live in “Shoulda-Land” because it plays directly to the most powerful force in the human psyche - laziness.  They like the sweet-tasting lies that we *should* be guaranteed housing.  We *should* be able to have a career in what we’re passionate about.  Government *should* make education free.  Men *should* like fat chicks.  And people *should* drive fast in the left lane.  But as we know from The Reality Principle, people who base their decisions in “Shoulda-Land” instead of The World That “Is” are doomed to fail in life.  And while a booming economy, with a large welfare state, and a naïvely democratic population can support delusional people for quite some time, in the end the real world wins, “is” trumps “should,” and millions of humans waste their lives.   

Therefore, if you wish to avoid the fate of:

    • a Millennial hoping for a bailout,
    • a 48 year old spinster who is resorting to a turkey baster and her frozen eggs, or
    • some sad pathetic Boomer hippie who’s reverse-mortgaging his home to eat that week

it pays for younger generations to commit to living in the world that “is” and to leave the idealistic poppycock of “should” behind.

Everything is Your Fault

This is not difficult or hard as much as it is being disciplined and principled.  Just as you commit to losing weight by working out and dieting right, you commit to living in the real world by accepting what is and accepting you are the one who is responsible for his/her own destiny.  But just as dieting can have some key tips and tricks to succeeding in losing weight, there are some bits of traditional fatherly advice (you *should* have received) that will help you the same in achieving success in life – specifically that everything is your fault.

What is meant by this is that if you abandon the concept of “should” what the world really becomes is an environment, even a video game, where you are the only true independent variable.  You don’t control what congress does that day, you don’t control whether the sun comes up, you don’t control the weather, and you don’t control the truck that just jumped the curb and is barreling down on you.  But you do control you.

This ultimate agency, this ultimate self-ownership means that though you don’t control everything in the world around you, the one thing you do control is you and your reaction to that world.  And no matter how unfair or how unjust the world may be around you, since you do control yourself and your reaction to it, at the most fundamental level you are responsible for everything in life.  Everything is your fault.  Simply because that’s the effective reality you live in.

Admittedly there is some nuance to this concept in that factually not everything is your fault.  If you get cancer, a meteorite hits you in the head, communists take over and shoot you, etc., these things are outside of your control and are thus not your fault.  But just as important as realizing that you are the only independent variable in your life, it’s equally important to be able to assess what you do and do not control.  Because if you try to influence things in life you have no control over you will not only fail and waste precious resources, but you will suffer unnecessary stress and frustration.  And in order to achieve this critically important ability to identify what you do and do not control, you need to master a philosophy called “stoicism.”

An excellent example and incredibly hard exercise in stoicism is to get stuck in traffic and get stuck behind some old lady driving in the left lane.  Infuriating as that may be, you do not control it.  You do not control that woman.  You do not control the traffic.  So why get angry or your blood pressure up over it?  All you control is your reaction to it and to realize that is the ultimate goal of the exercise.

Another example is the previously discussed Zen one can achieve at work. You can go to school all you want, train up in certifications and skills, but at the end of the day your boss is so incompetent you end up filing and faxing when you’re capable of so much more.  Do you control that?  Do you want to get angry over it?  Or do you have the Herculean resolve to realize you don’t control the situation, you’re getting paid the same amount of money no matter what you do, you’re not getting those eight hours of life back, so in the end you might as well chill out and accept your fate?  Stoicism is no easy feat to accomplish.

But whether it’s Tilly driving in the left lane, Boomer Boss Karen assigning you fax duty, or Communist Cortez putting you on cattle cars, stoicism clearly breaks down the world into two things.  Things you do control and things you do not control.  And if you’re smart you will not even consider the things you don’t control in life simply because you cannot control them.  Why waste the time?  Why waste the energy or stress?  It is certainly in your control to respond to these uncontrolled variables.  It’s certainly within your control to forecast the communists will hunt you down, put you in a cattle car, and so you better move to Morocco before they come knocking on your door.  But you do not control those variables themselves, only your reaction to them.  So do not fret.  Do not get angry.  Do not rue the injustice of life.  Accept.  Predict.  Forecast.  Maneuver.  Adapt.  Even profit off of it.

The end result of practicing stoicism and living in The World That “Is” is an approach to life that is as practical as it can possibly be.  A life that is very much like a poker hand.  It doesn’t matter what cards you were dealt.  That was not under your control.  What is under your control, no matter how crappy the cards, is how you play the game.  And what results is not some whiny, naïve, wishy-washy entitled brat complaining about how bad their life is or how unlucky they are, who prostrates themselves in front of fate hoping the government bails them out or some other person comes saves them.  But instead a “best possible outcome” scenario where an empowered individual took control of their own fate to the maximum extent possible, accepted and acknowledged reality, made shrewd, often painful and sacrificing decisions, but in the end “won at life,” drastically improving upon the shitty hand they were originally dealt.  

This is the correct approach to life.  This is the best option people have no matter how good or bad their starting point in life.  And the sooner you realize that, the sooner you’ll be better off than the whiners in “Shoulda-Land” who are still waiting for a bailout, still waiting for men to like fat chicks, still waiting to get unfriendzoned, and still waiting for BGI to make them rich.

Live in a Van Down By the River

The question is simply do you want to take command of your life and make it as great as possible?  Or do you want to once again believe in the false promises of laziness and “Shoulda-Land?”  Do you want to own your decisions in life, take responsibility, do the hard work that is necessary to improve in life?  Or vote and hope maybe Yang gives you a $1,000/month welfare check or a 10% forgiveness on your student loan balance?  

I am often reminded of that Iranian client I had who came to the US to become a doctor.  The one who couldn’t stand the site of blood, switched to Chemical Engineering, and his parents consequently disowned him.  Instead of whining or going to the government or returning home, heeling under the tyranny of his parents, he chose instead to live out of his SUV, shower at the gym, continue his Chemical Engineering degree and make a living as a chemical engineer.  I do not know what happened to him later in life, but I can guarantee he is doing better than any man demanding a student loan bailout, free Medicare, government-guaranteed jobs, or any other person living in “Shoulda-Land.”


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Revenge of the Employers

First it was Millennials and Zoomers ghosting on job offers.

Now employers are striking back.

"We're Not Sleeping Together" - The FINAL Explanation of What That Means

Below you will find a book review of Rian Stone's "The FuccFiles."  It's a memoir and derivative lessons he learned from chasing skirts for 10 years.  However, though perhaps he didn't intend on it, he explained why woman say "we're not sleeping together"....but then you sleep together. 

I didn't realize I had the answer at the same time, but from a different angle and to solve a different topic.  I was wondering why people insist on living in La La Land, also called "The Land of Lies."  Why were lies so preferable over reality?  Don't people realize living lies causes long term, often irrecoverable, damage to your life?  And what coward lives lies?  Wouldn't you logically conclude it's best to live in the real world.  And thus I epiphanized the concept of "The Last and Final Luxury Good in America," wherein the final luxury good we can consume is living a lie that is better than any life we can have in the real world.

This "Last and Final Luxury Good" and "We're Not Sleeping Together" are correlated and explained in this book review.

The book itself is very much worth a purchase and read, especially for younger men who have no game.  But for veterans the philosophical insight of the book is very much worth it, especially if you never understood why certain things worked with women, but never questioned it, you just went along with it.

The Clarey Podcast #331


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Thursday, August 27, 2020

How The University of Colorado Boulder's "Hip Hop Studies" Certificate Proves Higher Education is Worthless

To be honest, I don't need to explain "how."

The average person of average intelligence can immediately deduce why a "certificate" in what is a hobby or enjoyable activity is worthless.

The average person of average intelligence should be FUMING that an "accredited institution" like the U of Colorado system would dare waste the taxpayers money and the students' tuition on such a joke of a class.

And the slightly smarter than average person would realize this is actually racist as it will disproportionately attract black students who - having already come from a disadvantaged background - will waste precious time and money on a "certificate" that will not only fail to land them a job, but make they look like complete idiots to the rest of the world (a la - "hey, look at this kid.  This idiot actually put "Hip Hop Certificate" on his resume!")

I have long ago given up on getting younger people, let alone their unfathomably student parents, to wake the fuck up and stop blowing $500 a credit on degrees and classes that are completely worthless.  But if you are so inclined to either save yourself from a worthless degree or save your child from the same, please consider buying the book below:

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The Millennial Suicide Rate Cometh

With the expansion of bandwidth pulling me into the world of podcasting and now video/streaming, much like a journalist of old who started in the papers and got pulled into radio and television, my "career" has largely been the same.  And while I try to bang out some really good posts, there just isn't the time in the day, and so I try to do one a week.  Emphasis on try.

However, and additionally, sometimes important topics just don't need a full, eloquent, and thorough post.  Sometimes they just need some bullet points and a chart, and I can rely on the intelligence of my readers to get the point or fill in the finer points, thus "deaths from despair" by age cohort.

"Deaths by despair" are considered a suicide-lite type of death.  Including suicide itself, "Deaths By Despair" also include death by alcoholism, drugs, suspected suicide, etc. etc.  And in this particular study/chart above, they have decided to focus on white people as the general trend in suicide is that EVERYBODY is committing suicide, but whites more in particular.

However, ignore that this chart is about whites, and let us focus on the ago cohort, and what you will find is younger people are dying earlier due to "despair" as they approach middle age, Gen X'ers currently leading the charge.

And while we can all speculate as to why this is (I would throw in an official hatred of/and bigotry towards white people on the part of education, government, schools, media, and above all else white women (some white women's hatred of white men is especially pronounced, but this is a topic for another time)), what I argue is it has been replacing traditional human roles with the government, and humans (programmed by 2 million years of evolution) don't know how to handle this roughly 60 year old experiment where their roles are ultimately replaced.

Men are particularly affected as their whole point and purpose in life has been replaced by a government check.  While women are hopelessly angry and frustrated trying to find out why they're not happy being spinsterific, barren, man-hating, corporate slaves as they date their soyboy democrat-voting pansy of a man.  And various institutions in America (school, media, government, internet) are driving them further apart, even weaponizing them against one another, all for a hate-filled ideology that can be described as only "feminism." 
But what's particularly entertaining is how people act "shocked" or "don't know why" people are offing themselves either explicitly through suicide, or suicide lite measures like drinking or despair.  You've literally taken fish out of water and then wonder why they're not growing wings to fly (*cough cough* - kind like feminists expecting women to be men and being confused/angry when they fail).  And people even get pissed if the fish dare to die on them in an environment that just wasn't made for them.  
You took away the only thing that matters in humans lives - love - and you replaced it with a government check.

But American's stupidity aside, this leaves a foreboding trend for Millennials and their on-deck generation, Gen Z.  For while Boomers and X'ers did vote for Reagan, or at least weren't looking to get people fired for having a different opinion on the internet, the Millennials have doubled down, in spades, with all that and a bag of chips on socialism.  And though Trump is president, in their personal lives and the parts of their lives that matter most - love - younger generations have made their socialist politics ALL they have in their lives.  Young women do not put men at the center of their lives, because that would not be being a proper women or feminist.  Men have retreated from their traditional duty to provide and support their theoretical wives/families because...well...why would they?  That's the government's job.  And they're all more focused on being good environmentalists, supporting the right causes, eating only farm to table, and recycling than they are being the best person they can be to the best person they can find in their lives.  All the Millennials have is their politics, not love, not even comradery, which is kind of like not only take a fish out of water, but chucking it into outer space.

Thus, with some confidence, I predict this trend will continue, if it hasn't already.  In the book "How Not to Become a MIllennial" an entire chapter is dedicated to the horrific and rapidly decaying mental health of the Millennial generation.  And corroborating those statistics are additional statistics that show record use of psychotherapeutic drugs to treat anxiety, depression, bi-polar, etc. etc.  And with youth rapidly leaving the now-approaching 40something Millennials, whatever idealism and hope this youth afforded them will leave, leaving them highly susceptible to despair and the premature death it causes.

I am now becoming an old man who has dedicated the majority of his life to economics.  But economics is ensconced with the largely study of philosophy.  And for the life of me, I cannot understand why people the past 4 generations have chosen a life of socialism, taxes, commutes, slavery, identity politics, virtue signaling, careers, and plain ole politics over love.  

You think life is about going vegan?
You think life is about getting masters degrees and slaving away for 50 years?
You think your political posts on facebook are more important than spending time with your kids or going to the gym for your spouse?

Good, you all deserve despair and you all deserve to die.  Because to be honest, death would be preferable to the miserable lives you're going to live with such warped priorities.


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And if you don't want to live
the life of a miserable Millennial,
maybe read this book instead
of watching television or some
other low-IQ, dumb-ass slop
your masters told you to watch?


Oh No!!! What Will We Do Without Our "SPORTBALL!!!!???"

This is like reality TV show producers saying they'll stop producing their shit because bad things happen in society.  By all means, don't play.  Americans don't need to get any dumber.

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Why I Need Feminism

The Forced Lemonade Stand

Let me tell you the horrifically inefficient, expensive, and painful route I took to get here.

First, there was wasting 13 years in K-12 school where I learned nothing, was taught nothing, and was a solid C student as my mind was put to sleep by low-IQ, overpaid babysitters in the form of teachers.

Then, like every idiot raised by Boomers, I went to college because I would fail miserably and never amount to anything unless I attended otherwise. 

I additionally and idiotically majored in something I enjoyed, and though ostensibly "Finance" was an employable degree on paper, it was a completely worthless business degree that nearly all business degrees are.

Still, I was good at finance, math, and economics, so good in fact I graduated 5th in my class while working full time and graduating 6 months early, AND with no parental or govermental support.  This doomed me to keep trying to work in finance/banking as I mistook the corrupt, inefficient banks I worked for as bad luck, and not something endemic to the entire industry I was employed in.  It would not be until the housing crash of 2008 would I realize that while my degree was an otherwise fine degree, it was only employable in a dysfunctional industry and I had effectively wasted 17 years of education.

Since my employment was never secure (always ramming heads with management about not approving doomed-to-fail loans, etc.) I had to be on the constant lookout for alternative forms of employment, ranging from everything from security work to ballroom dance instruction to online classes to being a radio show host.  But a more curious development was the advent of self-publishing, wherein I was able to predict the housing collapse of 2008 and published my first book.

This "forced entrepreneurship" (along with increasing bandwidth on the internet) was unknowingly laying down the foundation for what would become my "career" today.  Once I learned that the Boomer managerial class had no clue what it was doing (bank bailouts, forcing everybody to go to college, their own failure to save for retirement, their olympic performance in divorce, etc.) an incredible anger, rage, hatred and desire for revenge took over.  And after having not one thing I was promised by my Boomer predecessors materialize in my life, I would never again "do what I was told," but would instead lash out at this generation by speaking the truth, pointing out their lies, mocking and ridiculing the hypocrites of society, and spitting in their face.  This was my now my "new profession," unprofessional as it was.

Thinking such blunt-force-trauma-truth would ensure I would never be employed again, it had quite the opposite effect.  Turns out many people were also sick and tired of being lied to by parents, boomers, politicians, and their teachers.  Like me they had gone down a tortuous path of doing what they were told, never getting what they were promised, and realizing they had wasted nothing short of their youth.  And though not the economist or credit analyst career I had hoped to have, these people would pay to hear the truth, hear how to salvage their lives, how to make it count, or just hear me rant and ridicule against the boomers, teachers, socialists, professors, journalists, and politicians who led them to waste their lives.  This resulted in a suite of books that sell pretty well for a self-published guy, cathartic podcasts that at least provide sanity to its listeners, and a consulting company that is the only consulting company in the world that markets truth. 
It wasn't the career I was aiming for, but it was a Lee Iococcan turn around story that made one heck of a lemonade stand out of a bucket full of lemons.

Sex Is Economics

But while it was predominantly economics, finance, and politics that forced me down this path, an interesting phenomenon occurred.  Yes, people were interested in their personal finances, wealth, and overall economic situation.  Yes, people were terribly worried about the housing crash and the ensuing "Great Recession.".  And one of my books pre-addressed one of the largest financial crises/lies-told-by-boomers to face the US (student loans).  But understand there was a much larger, underlying economic force driving all of these financial concerns and phenomenon.  A force that was responsible for nearly all economic actions, all economic production, and all my clients' questions.  And though it took some time to suss it out, it made crystal clear sense once it did.  Because all my clients' questions were not so much about "401k's" or "which degree should I major in" or "what lie did Boomers tell me this time," but something much more fundamental.  So fundamental in fact, it's what drives TOTAL GLOBAL ECONOMIC PRODUCTION, even the existence of the human race.  And so whether the questions were are about retirement, personal budgeting, or how to buy a car, all of them were ultimately about one thing and one thing only - sex.

Admittedly, this large, underlying economic force is more than just mere "sex."  It certainly is the sex that leads to family formation which keeps the human race going.  And without this human race there would be no "economics," just animals eating each other on the planet.  We could also say "love" as it is love that prompts men to propose, start families, and propagate the species (though with divorce at 50% and illegitimate births at 42%, I'd argue it's more "sex" than "love" or "family").  But regardless of how euphemistically you want to spin it, "sex/love/family creation" was the number one thing on nearly all my clients' minds.  Nearly ALL of their decisions led to that.  And since sex/love/family is really the only thing for humans to do on this planet before they die, the pursuit of the opposite sex is the epitome of economics.  And so what you would have noticed over the course of my haphazard "career" was a slow shift in focus from student loan bubbles, housing bubbles, federal deficits, and recessions to that of the pursuit of the opposite sex - namely men pursuing women (because - let's just be honest - men take agency in this pursuit, women, just sit there).

I understood this "ultimate economic" pursuit because I am afterall a man.  But what I couldn't understand was the volume of men seeking my advice. Why there were so many men not only asking me about financial matters (which in reality was ultimately to "get da girlz"), but twice that asking me about women?  What also confused me was just how bad, misinformed, and otherwise completely hopeless many of these men were when it came to women.  Many of them were fat, never hit the gym, lived at home, and the worst cardinal sin, some were short!  But no matter how desperate, they kept coming in droves, asking me time and time again: 
"How to get da girlz?"

Inevitably, this never-ending volume of clueless men started to anger me because there seemed no end to them.  Additionally, I was enraged at the intellectual-dishonesty of some of these men as they cowardly and vainly searched for ways to get women, without putting in the necessary work of hitting the gym, getting in shape, making good money, and working on their personalities/charm.  They wanted to "get da girlz," but were too lazy to work for it, hoping I had the cheat code and would share such a thing with them if I had.  Regardless, as my contempt started to grow for this cabal of men seeking to get girls by "avoiding the gym," it wasn't until I had a spate of young men who came from particularly disadvantaged backgrounds did I realize what was really going on.  And these unfortunate men all had something in common and this commonality explained their utter cluelessness when it came to women.  They all hailed from single-mom homes.  And not just single-mom homes, but broken homes where their mothers would do anything from:
  • stealing their childrens' social security numbers to open up credit cards in their names
  • threaten to kick their children out of the home if they joined the military or entered college as they would lose section 8 housing allowances
  • threaten to disown their children if they didn't send money back ome
  • to bring abusive new boyfriends/husbands into the family when these men were boys
Admittedly, these were the more-extreme cases.  But it highlighted a common variable across nearly all my male clients - they were all raised by their moms.  Not necessarily single-moms, but "raised by moms" as the father could be present in the household, but the children still predominantly raised by the mother.

Here, nearly every client of mine fell into this spectrum.  Be it an abusive, ghetto trash single-mom kicking her son out because he wanted to attend college and she would lose section 8 money.  Or the presumably squeaky clean nuclear family where behind closed doors the ball-busting wife called the shots as the timid husband let her have the reigns to the family in fear of divorce.  Regardless of where they fell, they were all raised by their moms.  But it wasn't just my clients who fell into this spectrum, but nearly all generations of men today, as another interesting, underlying sociological force was at play.  And this underlying, sociological force was what was driving all these helpless, clueless men to my front door and in the incomprehensible numbers I was witnessing.



Much as you may or may not detest feminism, you have to give it one thing.  It's certainly popular and very successful within western civilization.  Nearly every woman (and man) will claim to be a feminist.  Law has been created to give women preferential treatment in society via affirmative action, lowering of standards, and quotas.  They're still not getting drafted.  They receive 5 times the amount in scholarship aid for college.  They have total and complete control of reproduction.  And the judicial system is heavily biased in their favor when it comes to family/divorce (check out the "Duluth Model").

And this says nothing of the social acceptance, celebration, even enforcement of feminism at nearly every stage and aspect in western life.

You cannot hear anything but applause and accolades about women from kindergarten-till-death.  Women are encouraged to do anything and everything, with no regards to reality or feasibility.  Corporate America, the education system, media, and all our institutions celebrate women and feminism.  Single moms are heroic.  Fat women are beautiful.  We even tax our population to create entire educational programs and work programs so that women can be employed in completely fabricated industries (social work, academia, non-profits, activists, etc.) so society's unproductive women can feel good about themselves too.  Feminism has gotten so popular, so imperative, that when Blasey-Ford accused Justice Kavanaugh of sexual assault, we were told to ignore the lack of evidence, let alone the concept of innocent-until-proven-guilty, and just "believe all women."  Feminism is not just "very popular."  It is totally and completely popular as it now trumps reality, sanity, and ethics in many cases.

But there are costs to such a skewed, warped, and ultimately, wrong, environment.  You can't have a binary species where one sex is exalted and the other vilified, one sex celebrated and the other ignored, or one sex living at the expense of the other.  Because no matter what hack social theories these social scientists and feminists pulled out of their privileged suburbanite asses these past 50 years, it doesn't undo 2 million years of human evolution.  Men and male nature have to be considered for society to function.  And so what has happened is our matriarchal-skewed society has raised generations of men in the eyes of what women want...just not what they want to fuck or fall in love with.
And I need to state that again, because it's very important.
Feminism has successfully raised several generations of men that they want, NOT what they want to fuck or fall in love with.  And here is where the men are beating a path to my Lucy-Lemonade-Stand door.  
Because men are truly not interested in becoming what women want.  They only want to fuck and (maybe if the right girl comes along) fall in love.  But men make the understandable error of thinking if they become what women say they want, they will get laid and ultimately find love.  When in reality, feminism is so myopic, and never considers men in their social science calculations, that the prescription they give men to fill is wrong, and thus does not tickle the sexual fancies of women or compel them to fall in love with said men.  Thus, you have a bunch of agreeable, sensitive, effeminate, politically correct, doormats.  Not the honest to god real men women want to fuck or fall in love with.  But precisely what feminists ordered.

This confuses the effeminate, politically correct doormats because from the age of 0 on they've had their:

teachers (mostly women, btw)
television, and

tell them to be agreeable, effeminate, politically correct doormats.  And so when they ask out dozens, hundreds, arguably thousands of women over their lives, but none of these women go out with them, let alone fuck them, let alone fall in love with them, they are horrifically confused.  They were TOLD to be sensitive, kind, and nice.  They were told to be socialists or socialist lites.  They were told to defer to women in nearly every regard.  And never once were they told to go to the gym.  Much like every generation under the tutelage of the baby boomers, they did precisely what women told them to do, but were never delivered anything they were promised.  And so ultimately confused, sexually frustrated, and running low on time, they inevitably search the internet for answers...

which lands them at my doorstep.

And I get to charge them $100/hour to tell them what society, feminists, their mothers, their sisters, their fathers, their professors, their teachers, and the politicians won't tell them.  The truth.

Look on the Bright Side

To this day it still angers me the totality of lies we tell young men and women about the sexes.  Feminism has ruined the best thing in men's and women's lives (each other) for one another.  Feminism is in practice the hatred and discrimination against men.  Feminism has caused immeasurable psychological frustration amongst men and women.  And on simple principle, it grinds my gears when a group of people use a trait they were born with (not earned) to extrapolate special treatment at the expense of society.  Thus, like all lies, feminism is a disease, it is a cancer, it is a scourge upon society, and it has cost generations of the most important thing in life - love.

But bad as they are, scourges are a benefit to some, and not just the individuals propagating the scourge.

For example, crime. 

Unfortunate and costly as crime is, it is a fact of human nature.  Some humans (much like feminists) are going to want to advance themselves at the expense of innocent others.  But in crime being a scourge upon society, society reacts to it with the formation of a legal system, a judicial system, and police.  And though these people/systems are not contributing anything new or good to society, they are preventing bad things from happening to society  And though we'd like to live in a world without crime, a consolation prize to the fact we can't is millions of people are therefore employed as a consequence of crime.

The same thing can be said of disease.

Nobody likes cancer.  Nobody likes the common cold.  And certainly nobody likes COVID.  But without these poxes upon society, we would have no doctors, no nurses, no surgeons, nor medical researchers.  And since we have no choice in whether or not we live in a world without disease, we thankfully have medical professionals there to fight disease.  And as a benefit to them, they find gainful and productive employment.

And this is why I desperately need feminism.

Because for all of its drawbacks, for all of the pain its inflicted upon society, for all of the generations of women it's duped into wasting their lives on careers, commutes, and taxes, instead of love, children, and spouses, like cancer, it's an undeniable fact feminism is here.  It is a reality.  It is a pox currently scourging society.  And while originally I did want to become an economist, helping society advance itself to incredible standards of living, eliminating poverty, and extending life expectancies, life had different plans for me.  And thus instead of pouring over spreadsheets and doing mathematical calculations while programming boring computer models, I get to...

yell at the internet.

Instead of commuting to an office, paying for parking, and working in a cubicble, I get from home in my pajamas after I wake up at 10AM and have my morning coffee.

Instead of sitting in meetings getting yelled at because the numbers didn't come in the way my corrupt boomer boss needed them to come in at so he could collect a send me thank you letters for preventing them from majoring in a worthless degree.

And instead of having to sit through CPE classes, MBA courses, buck for promotion, and tolerate mandatory "diversity/sexual harassment training," I get to...grab a cigar, sit at a bar, and outline my next book warning men and women about the future lies feminism is guaranteed to be telling them in the future.

Yes.  Society is going to hell in a hand basket.
Yes.  Feminism is ruining the lives of millions of people, women especially.
Yes.  I don't produce any new, advancing, or of progress to society.  My career is simply preventing bad shit from happening to society.

But if it weren't for feminism, I wouldn't have the great job I got now.

Thankfully (or if you have ethics "unfortunately"), it looks like I got life-long employment.  Feminism is as strong as it ever was and young people today swallow it whole.  Gen Z men are looking just as "soy-y" as their Millennial siblings.  And Gen Z women just as tatted up, purple haired-feminist as their Millennial sisters.  Younger generations are majoring in stupid subjects at the same 80% rate as previous generations.  And all young Americans are being brainwashed to value themselves based on traits, politics, and not accomplishments.  As in generations past, teachers, parents, guidance counselors are doing the same shitty job they've always done raising the young boys and girls today who will become the future tomorrow.  And it is a guarantee today's mothers will be divorcing today's fathers at rates on par with boomers, destroying today's young children in the process.  And through all these lies, chaos, feminism, broken homes, student debt, impoverishment, divorce, and just plain evil, will come a consistent stream of horribly pained and confused clients.  And they will be so pained and confused, they will become desperate enough to question everything they were told by feminists, socialists, parents, and teachers, they will search some key questions on the internet, and walk into my digital office more than happy to pay my fee to make the pain go away.

I want to thank the feminists.
I want to thank the boomers.
I want to thank the single mothers and deadbeat dads.
I want to thank the marxist teachers.
I want to thank the usurious professors who charged their students $600/credit for worthless degrees.
I want to thank the socialists.

I want to thank all of you.  Because without you, but especially the feminists, I'd have to work a real job.


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