Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Marginal Costs of Time

I get a temporary radio gig where I get to sub for a reasonably well known radio host.

Of course, never being on radio before, I have to dedicate significant resources to ensure the topics are good, engaging and fresh. This wipes out any free time I had two weeks ago and thus keeps me from my blog.

Then comes my annual vacation to South Dakota which involves an eclectic mix of hiking, fishing, fossil hunting and hitting on an insanely cute park ranger. The preparation, researching of fossil sites, not to mention a 26 mile hike straight through the gorgeous backcountry of Badlands National Park, all of which wiped out any free time I had last week.

Which brings me to today, 48 hours after my return and three Bengay bottles later, and I'm just catching up with all I had left behind. Sadly though the marginal utility I receive from expending one additional unit of time on my blog is not enough to compensate me for other things (paying the mortgage, paying the bills) and thus I have to delay any serious posting of economic wit. However, (while waiting to get some research back from the University of Minnesota) I will be making a post that will prove worthwhile and certainly raise the ire of women.

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