Friday, April 28, 2006

Aboslutely Needed to Repost This

OK, one more time here you idiots;

Take this

and a little of this

and let's not forget this

Did I forget to mention this?

and mix it all in with a little of this;

is there any wonder why this

is happening?

But you idiots out there think this;

And that this

is a good thing.

What is it with you leftists and your utter impotence when it comes to understanding
basic economics laws like supply and demand.

Does your desire to be a crusader to defile oil companies trump any inkling you have to
find out what might actually be going on????

Oh, wait, I forgot who I was talking about.


Frank said...

Damn you're good!

You should have your own TV station dude.

Anyway, perhaps China should try and use Ethanol instead. Or maybe we'll get our super-fast electric cars from there. Don't believe that'll happen? Check out - their tzero sucks the doors off a Ferrari or a Porsche, you might still find a video clip of that on their site.

Frank said...

One other thing I might add is that you could put me in that mob of idiots (although the only protests that i make are when i'm bitching about pumping petrol into my tank) - thanks for the education. So much for the "bourgeois media only serving the capitalists", you tend to hear in the news that oil prices are going up _only_ because some a-holes are being greedy - i wonder where that information comes from?

1Cor3:19 said...

You will never get chicks with that tzero though. I also wonder how much it cost to produce. While its acceleration is quick, sue to having an electronic motor which is instantaneous, its top speed sucks. It also take 1 hour to fully charge and only has a 100 mile range! And is there a law that fuel efficient/electric cars have to be ugly. I not a fan of Italian or German cars, but I don't think Ferrari or Porche have anything to worry about.

Frank said...

You don't need to have it in a tzero - you could always convert any ordinary car to use its 150kw motor - far more powerful than any naturally aspirated 4 cylinder on the market.

Its top speed, yes, it does suck, but who needs to go over 160km/h anyway? if you wanna go faster, another gear ratio would solve that problem. a stock tzero only has one gear.

The time to charge and range becomes irrelevant if you're just doing city/suburban driving. just park the car at home and it'll charge over night. I dunno, perhaps I might prefer that to standing there like an idiot pouring stinky petrol into my car whilst at the counter you get asked by the attendant if you wanna feed your fat face with chocolates when all you wanna do is pay and get the hell out of there.

God dammit i can rant.

Obviously it's not for everyone. Battery technology is pretty slow advancing but it is getting better (charge time, capacity, production cost) - i'd say this would be the main cost for an electric car.

the only thing i'll miss is the sound of my 2 litre turbo 6.
electric cars sound like pissy electric cars. bah.

Captain Capitalism said...

You can get some liberal, hairy chicks that don't use chemicals to go out with you if you drive one of those things.

Derek Jensen said...

The "crunch time" chart is misleading. One cannot speak in terms of daily demand without also mentioning price. There is a strong substitution effect at high prices.

Frank said...

You can easily get rid of those liberal hairy chicks by telling 'em that it's charged overnight by a freakin' NUCLEAR powerplant!

Captain Capitalism said...


Yes you're right, but I was primarily showing that demand was going up, while supply was restricted, thereby increasing the price of oil.


Yeah, but that would be if a leftist took the time to think one or two steps beyond their beliefs. I don't know if you have noticed or not, but the most common tactic I've seen leftists use in debate would be to go off on as many tangents and bring up as many topics as possible, kind of like chaff, to throw you off. You gotta make them stick to the original topic and follow it to a point of conclusion.

Frank said...


You're right - here's a great example of it:,9321,1671055,00.html

Don't like speed cameras? Oops, you're a liberatarian.

Freakin' retard.

Nice to see that he can pick and choose which government studies suit him and then bag the government when he doesn't like it.

Brandon Berg said...

Why is demand presented as a scalar? I'm not even sure what that means. Is it supposed to be the number of barrels of oil sold? Refined?

Captain Capitalism said...

It's not a traditional supply and demand chart. They're just showing demand by representing it with consumption.

Al said...


from the post you recommended, "The car is slowly turning us, like the Americans and the Australians, into a nation that recognises only the freedom to act, and not the freedom from the consequences of other people's actions."

Libertarians insist that people act with a knowledge of the consequences of there actions. They'd get that if "Liberals" weren't in charge of our education.