Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Visit Sunny North Korea!

Well, good news, got my computer. Bad news is I'm still tranferring all the old files to the new computer and have been pre-occupied subbing for Dave Thompson last night. Thus I'm still stuck with non-large-image posts.

So when bored what better for economists in the off season than to post pictures from that place we'll never visit;


Here's some pics, unfortunately, they're all copyrighted, but it's worth a click.

My favorites are the empty streets. Almost eerie, like a bad British zombie movie or something. Only communism could pull off a real-life zombie movie.

Yeah, right, and Bush is the fascist here;


Frank said...

Check out Pyongyang in google earth.

See? Socialism works! No traffic and no problems finding parking!

Mulk said...

jesus, creepy yet peaceful reminds me of all the stories I read as a child of what the world would be like post nuclear war ex a boy and his dog of course this is a much much nicer world with obvious low levels of radiation.