Monday, December 04, 2006

"Iceland Has No Military"

I've often opined what the US could spend its money on if it wasn't effectively subsidizing the rest of the free worlds' militaries. Latest figures on military spending as a percent of GDP.

My favorite is the footnote at the bottom "Iceland has no military."

I demand Ms. Iceland as recompense.


Mahan said...

To be fair to those countries in the former Warsaw Pact, they're economically hurtin' cowpokes after fifty years of Communism, and then they have to put up with all the EU crap on top of it? Ugh. I'm frankly amazed they're sending anyone to fight alongside the US, let alone a thousand soldiers who seem willing to kill jihadis.

What's the excuse of the big, soft Western Europeans? Admittedly, some of Scandihoovia's waking up, but Germany and France have no excuse whatsoever. None.

Cripes, France nearly had a civil war over Algeria forty years ago; you'd think they, of all countries, would be willing to stand up to this sort of thing, but I guess they're going to go under with less of a fight than in 1940.

P.S.: I know you dislike reading "books" that don't have pop-up tabs or words with more than one syllable, but I strongly suggest, re: Iceland, you at least look at Red Storm Rising, by Tom "Rich Hack" Clancy, early on, for the USAF's attitude toward that scenic duty spot.

Anonymous said...

"I demand Ms. Iceland as recompense."

I don't think the price is high enough. I'll donate an arm.

Anonymous said...

mahan: Hear Hear...nice show chap, I couldn't say it much better my self.
"pop-up tabs" come on; at lest the guy is trying.