Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Minnesota State Budget

I figured the knee jerk reaction from the left will be to capitalize on this tragedy as a way to increase taxes because we don't spend enough on transportation. Therefore, to preemptively strike this argument I dug up one of my old charts showing where we spend all of our money in Minnesota.

I suggest we transfer some money from health care, welfare and education to transportation.


dtrum said...

What is "Economic Workforce"?

Ryan Fuller said...

The "Health Care" and "Education" categories should be renamed "Bread" and "Circuses", respectively. Whenever I see a government budget I find it pretty easy to mentally replace most entries with one of two categories.

Scott said...

Capt'n, Neal Boortz is on the case, too. He has a nice little rant, here.

BTW, Boortz linked to one of your blog entries at some point in the past. This is how you became daily reading for me.

Captain Capitalism said...

Dtrum - It's a work program. Training, unemployment, etc. all wrapped into one.

Ryan - Again your cynicism rivals mine, I salute you sir.

Scott - Hey, thanks, I remember that. I woke up and saw 12,000 hits and thought I had misplaced a decimal. Feel free to recommend more stuff to Boortz!

Richard said...

So why doesn't the State want us to know what K-12 is?

Tom said...

...what I don't get is all the spending on Edumacation and most American's still don't know where Toronto, Canada is. Let alone know Toronto isn't Canada.

Oh, gotta go, my mukluks are warming up.

John said...

I am in Canada where we spend unbelievable amounts of tax dollars on the most inefficient and slovenly educational system you can imagine. Schools here have become socialist brainwashing centers run by teachers unions. I think you have some of that too.

Our universal health care system is a similar money pit providing everyone with 'FREE BUT NOT AVAILABLE' health care staffed by doctors and nurses who failed to get a better career going in your country.

Meanwhile we are facing similar infrastructure collapse. In Eastern Canada where the weather is really bad, the cars and trucks are collapsing from driving on streets with backyard swimming pool sized pot holes and more heaves than Lindsay Lohan's morning bathroom time.

And quit your whining down there, are taxes are twice as high as yours and about a third our politicians are French. Need I say more?