Friday, December 14, 2007

I Delcare the Baby Boomer Rule Over

Their time has come and passed. Time to move on. I predict Hillary will not win the nomination and that America will move on past the Baby Boomer generation and start moving their gears towards the future and not the 60's.

Thank God.


Anonymous said...

What does Hillary have to do with Boomers?

Going Like Sixty said...

It would be interesting if the change of power in the U.S. should suddenly massively shift to everyone younger than mid 40's.

Of course that will never happen. And everybody that is running for president is baby boomer or older.

If you want to get power from boomers and older you have to take it, we aren't going to hand it over to you.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you are right. If she doesn't get the nomination, either Obama or Edwards will, both of whom I am scared of, although I believe Obama would be defeated by whatever Republican is nominated (Romney, Giuiliani, Huckabee, or Thompson).

Edwards though I am not sure, but who knows.

Anonymous said...

Baby boomers leading is over for the leading edge of that generation, those people born between 1946-50. Bommers born at the trailing edge from 1957 to 1064 are just now coming into their own, i.e. Barack Obama. The Boomers are classified and described as one generation when in fact it can be divided into three sperate generations. The trailing edge has cultural elements and mentaility of the Generation Y. They don't remember JFK, Vietnam, and have only vague recollections of Nixon and Watergate. They do remember Carter and the Iran hostage crisis, stagflation, and Reagan. These people came into their own in the 1980's and are much more practical and conservative. They served their country in uniform much more willingly than the leading edge of the Boomers. You are lumping to big of a generation into one big demagraphic bag, and one size dosen't fit all. I should know, I am one of them.

Danny L. McDaniel
Lafayette, Indiana

Anonymous said...

The traditional celebration to mark the end of a spoiled, self-serving tyranny is mass guillotining. Can we, Captain? Please?

Anonymous said...

Agree with the comments about the boomers being too long of a date range to be no longer be part of the ruling class.

Second, politicians seem to be significantly older than the demographics of the working class..

Third, consider how the seniority system works in Congress - the one has been there, the more power/influence they get. Think Robert Byrd.

Fourth, remember older people have greater turnout than younger voters.

However, it won't be long (maybe 10 years or so) before the politicians that are baby boomers start to lose their influence. It may even be 20 years. So Captain, I think you're a bit premature.

That said, none of this prevents a younger person from winning the Presidency. But look who is running and their ages. Geeze, we don't even see any relatively young candidates in the pipeline.

I agree that Hillary most likely is done. She doesn't have the warmth and inspiration that Obama has - she's a cold, calculating, ugly tempered person that cannot connect with people. The exact opposite of her husband Bill.

To make up for this, she will have to run an extremely negative campaign - first against Obama, then against the Republican nominee. She's already gotten nailed for going negative.

She has no personality, no vision, no specifics, no solid positions on the issues, no inspiring message or theme and 48% of the eligible voters detest here.

She's done - unless she irreparibly damages Obama, which her campaign team and cronies in the press are perfectly capable of doing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan, pull your head out of your ass. If any generation is spoiled it's the little pukes currently 18-40, which I think you're one based on all your comments in this blog. I shudder to think about this ilk running the country some day. Glad I'll be on my last legs or possibly gone by then, because the US will be ripe for the taking with this bunch in control!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's me; totally spoiled.

Other than all that stuff about working my own way through college and getting a job like a responsible adult and supporting myself without handouts of any kind from anybody, and without having any kind of debt whatsoever because I live within my means, I've practically had the world handed to me on a silver platter.

So, how about them baby boomers? They've done a great job of staying out of debt, being responsible with their money, and avoiding social ills like divorce, promiscuity, and drug use. Oh wait! You're the bastards who went all ape shit on drugs and sex in the 60s, spiked divorce rates, and turned America's savings rates negative. I should really be looking up to you people for inspiration and guidance. At least, I would if I wanted to end up as worthless human trash like so many of your generation have.

Why do I have so much scorn for the baby boomers? Because they're more irresponsible than I am. They demand the government do things for them. They manage their money like children. They get divorced like it's a sport. I respect their parents, who had a hell of a time growing up during the Great Depression and have learned responsibility for it, but sadly their children are the whiniest bunch of self serving bastards I've ever come across. I think you're garbage because I'm better than you, even with your decades-long head start.