Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Why I Didn't Buy You a Drink"

When I was teaching economics at the local community college I used "buying girls drinks at the bar" to display an asymmetric market. I also made the male students infinitely wiser and more austere in their personal finances.


Anonymous said...

Good advice dude.

I already told you the story of the rich Hollywood actress who aske ME out to dinner, chided me for holding the door for her, but then let me pay for dinner without the slightest movement or glance toward the bill.

I didn't buy drinks for women very often, but I wasted a lot of money on meals for "dinner whores" and flowers for birthdays or V day.

Yes, when women asked me out or bought me drinks it was a major plus. Even if a woman wasn't great looking, she earned my attention and I showed appreciation. At least once it turned into a good relationship that ended only because I moved 2000 miles away.

Make them earn it guys! Be patient too. I wish I could give back most of my "conquests." They didn't earn that either and they were nothing but headaches, heartaches, and lost sleep. Don't allow yourself to get caught in the Friend Zone either.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a great piece and right on the money.

Anonymous said...

Good read. I once had a woman hint to me during a date (a first date as it was) that she wanted me to pick up a month's rent because she was having financial problems. I didn't say no outright, but the negotiations went downhill when I hinted I might want to stay at her place for that particular month.

She was bad at negotiating, because I would have given her the money for just a weekend stay.