Friday, October 14, 2011

99% Morons

Sadly, I wanted to mock these people, but they do such a good job of it themselves.

These people really are that stupid that even the mockery I set forth below cannot do justice because they ACTUALLY BELIEVE taking 7 years and going $150,000 into debt to get a worthless degree is something that other people should pay for.

Anyway, here's my attempt to be as stupid as the Flea party. Please feel free to e-mail your self-pitying sobfest of Occupy Wallstreet stupidity to captcapitalism -at) yahoo dut com;

PS- IT chicks are hot.

Update - New addition

Update New addition. Can't tell if it's real or fake. The sad thing is these children are so brainwashed, even if you tried to spoof it, it could be just as real.


Anonymous said...

I like it, Cap!

I'm tempted to write one myself, but I think I'd be one of the 53%. yes, the 53% that pay income taxes and support the other 47%.

Or maybe as the "Millionaire Next Door"

Anonymous said...
Enjoy some hardstyle for the proletariat.
A majority of the americans support occupy wallstreet, according to polls (not sure if those polls weren't rigged).
USCCCP? it's more likely than you think.
And we sat and laughed while rome burned.

Glenfilthie said...

Well the way I see it - nobody wants to voice the blatantly obvious:

Any human society that we can devise is going to need an underclass to do the shitty jobs.

Without those shitty jobs, our nation's young fornicators, druggies, turdies and honestly stupid people would have NOTHING to do.

To date, capitalism is the only system that has significantly reduced the size of that underclass to operate.

Ryan Fuller said...

I give you bonus points for referring to them as "the Flea party". Enjoy them, sir; they are well earned.

Anonymous said...

Too bad this country's media supports this shit and reports it. They should have been completely ignored. You didn't help by giving it consideration in this blog.

Sedulous said...

The Wall St. protesters are a fairly diverse group that can't be painted with the same brush.

I agree that there's plenty of whiners out there looking for someone to blame for their bad choices, but there's also plenty of people who made good decisions, live within their means, etc., but are being squeezed beyond measure through circumstances beyond their control.

OT a bit but relevant.
The photographer who took the infamous poop photo posted his side of the story on his blog. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

By the way, want to rattle a liberal's gears?
Tell him the following:
Capitalism is not an ideology, but rather a theory about how markets function in the absence of regulation.
The absence of regulation is the absence of coercion. The absence of coercion is freedom.
You aren't against freedom, now are you?
Because freedom, and thus free trade, will find a way.

Anonymous said...

I love the list of demands they published last week. It is right out of the Bolshevik playbook. These guys want everything Lenin and the boys wanted back in 1917.

The kid that wants his student loans paid off was pathetic. What exactly did he learn in school? Did he take a class in stupidity 101? He appeared to have no ability to reason, and lacked any insights into how a society functions. I actually felt sorry for the guy.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that should be coming out of these protestors mouths is:
"I am really sorry for what I have done to this Country by voting for Obama."

Alfred T. Mahan said...

Because it hasn't gotten ridiculous enough, I give you...

Occupy Aspen!

jaericho said...

This one is beautiful. She *choses* to be apart of the 99%. She had every opportunity, ignored the opportunities and now lives off the gov, but this makes her a "better person". These people are incredible. What is going to happein the future when she has no savings?

S. Harvey said...

I really with they would stop the whole "I'm the 99%" thing, its more like I'm the 10-80%. The 80-99%ers are at work paying taxes. While the 0-10%ers are the smelly homeless people the '99%ers' stepped over getting into the park.

Anonymous said...
Apparently.. These are our scientists on Antarctica.
I give up. We are fucked. America is already down the shitter, we're just witnessing it's death throes.

Sedulous said...

"These people really are that stupid that even the mockery I set forth below cannot do justice because they ACTUALLY BELIEVE taking 7 years and going $150,000 into debt to get a worthless degree is something that other people should pay for."

So what's the difference between an Occupy protester demanding a government bailout from their stupid decisions, and a Wall St. banker doing the same?

CL said...

I kind of wish I hadn't watched that video.