Sunday, October 09, 2011

Herman Cain the Real Conservative

Anybody who is intellectually honest knows the real racists in the country are liberals and leftists. And I don't say that to be accusatory or a partisan. I say it because it's true. The reason why is liberals and leftists are obsessed with race. You have to fill out EEOC forms, declare what race you are, when reporters interview people "race" is always a factor.

Race race race race.

Whether they are NEGATIVELY or POSITIVELY disrciminating does not matter, the definition of racism is treating somebody differently (for better or worse) based on their race.

So when polls like this one come out, it once again shines a bright light as to who the real racists are (not to mention hypocrites).

The reason Herman Cain is very popular amongst conservatives is not the color of his skin. It's his character. He is the only non-politician out there. He is a real man who has had a real job. He didn't inherit the world like Romney. And he speaks bluntly and truthfully and doesn't sugar coat anything. He is honest. And it is because of these things he SHOULD be the Republican nominee.

He just happens to be black.

And it doesn't phase one conservative.

It does however show who is judging people by the color of their skin and not their character. It also belies the hypocrisy of anyone using the insepid term "Uncle Tom."


CBMTTek said...

The day people stop mentioning skin color is the day racism ends in the US.

Please explain to me why it is so important to mention that Halle Berry is the first black actress to win a best actress Oscar? Why is it necessary to state that Coach Dungy is the first black head coach to win a Super Bowl. And, please, please please explain to me why Obama's skin color is mentioned again and again?

Treat them like people, not skin and racism will end.

Anonymous said...

Capt. I agree with you 99.8%, but this is not one of those times. Further research this man. He was a former Fed chairman.

I'm afraid he's a smooth-talking insider, Capt.


Anonymous said...

Truth is there's a very successful business model for seeing "racism" everywhere, including places where it doesn't exist.

Just ask Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton,

The political benefits are just the icing on the cake.

Just keep in mind that when pretty much anyone who accuses you of racism or being hateful, the real racist or hatemonger is the accuser.

Sonny Ortega said...

By the way, your opinion on Ron Paul?

Captain Capitalism said...


Tell the democrats and socialists that.

Sedulous said...

Ron Paul is the only real conservative in the line-up, yet he's continually ignored by the MSM no matter how high he scores in the straw polls.

Herman Cain's recent remarks against the protesters are very disturbing. Is it really fair to blame the unemployed because they can't find jobs. Or that protesters are trying to steal someone else's Cadillac?

Joseph said...

"He is the only non-politician out there. He is a real man who has had a real job."

Sorry Captain, have to disagree with you on this one. Compared to Ron Paul, Herman Cain is an ugly redheaded stepchild in terms of both character and political steadiness.

JJ said...

I like Cain better than any of the other contenders (Perry, Romney, Paul, Bachman, Gingrich, etc) precisely because he speaks his mind, and is not afraid to challenge the status quo. So what if he was Fed Chairman...did he do any damage while he held that position? He is resonating with the moderates and that's all that matters.

I like that he is pro-America, pro-free enterprise, and pro-self reliance and at the same time he is anti-statism, anti-racism and anti-victimizationalism. (I just coined a new word! Yay!)

He is the most Reaganesque candidate to appear in the last 30 years, and like Reagan is widely considered to be extreme, inexperienced and an outsider who cannot possibly win. I have news for you, he CAN WIN and he WILL WIN, because we are fed up with business as usual (cut the rate of growth of the deficit equals debt reduction...give me a break!) crowd on Capitol Hill!

I may end up paying more in taxes under Cain's 999 plan but it will be worth it IF the Feds are scaled back to their proper constitutionally limited function and federal spending is brought back to pre-Obama levels as a % of GDP.

So he's black. So what? He's an American patriot!

Aaron said...

The official Tea Party website outlines its three core values: fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets. Herman Cain asserts that as a former business executive he endorses the Tea Party’s mission.

However, on Cain’s official website, his bio states that he was a member of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Board of Directors and became its chairman in the 1990s. Yet, on Cain’s 999 Plan page under the header, “This is Herman Cain,” there is no mention, nada, zilch, that he was an insider of one of the most exclusive, powerful, unconstitutional, anti- free market institutions in the United States, the Federal Reserve.

In short, Cain is endearing himself to the Tea Party by downplaying his support for the Federal Reserve’s anti-free market policies.

Anonymous said...

I like the ideas he is talking about. You also get the feeling he has some integrity, and will have the conviction needed to run the White House.
Cain also has a proven track record of turning around businesses, that were not running well. This is exactly the type of skill, now required in Washington.

Joseph said...

The problem I see with Cain and all the other GOP hopefuls, except Paul, is their lack of understanding of the Constitution. They don't want to be the President of the United States, but instead the next dictator for 4 years.

We don't stand a chance of recovering our former glory unless we take the aweful plunge back into being an actual Constitutional Republic instead of a Democracy. Democracies ALWAYS turn into dictatorships. I don't see Cain helping in this regard at all.

Sedulous said...

"I like that he reliance..."

Yet he never criticized the banks for taking taxpayer bailout money or businesses for taking Obama's stimulus cash.

"I like that he is...anti-victimizationalism."

He portrays the rich as the new victim class -- the rich 1% being persecuted by the jealous 99%.

You think he'll be outspoken on behalf of men against the damage caused by feminism?

Is he "free market" to the point of abolishing corporate subsidies and tariffs?

He just has a big mouth, like Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Sedulous`s big mouth comment, that is what one does in a campaign. Candidates discuss their ideas with the public. What would you prefer Morse Code instead of open discussion?

Also check out the man`s resume, he has many accomplishments.
Someone running for public office must be able to communicate in an effective manor. This is and always has been, an essential aspect of free elections.

Anonymous said...

What. No Ron Paul?

Something interesting for you:

sth_txs said...

I"m not too impressed with Cain. However, even RP got elected, he would be 'taken care of' muy pronto.

Sedulous said...

"...Candidates discuss their ideas with the public. What would you prefer Morse Code instead of open discussion?"

My big mouth comment has nothing to do with the free and open exchange of ideas. All the candidates do that, including Ron Paul.

I'm referring to his incendiary remarks about the Wall St. protesters, the unemployed, etc.
His personal background and church ministry should make him a bit more compassionate towards the unfortunate instead of demonizing them. Remember "Compassionate Conservatism" in 2000?

Likewise Sarah Palin made similar hateful remarks about Obama in 2008 and was ordered to tone it down because the Secret Service noted an increase in death threats against Obama.

Verbal communication skills are important, but without character and compassion they can become dangerous; aka Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Radio Rwanda.

Cain's educational and business accomplishments are admirable, I respect that. But his involvement with the FED also concerns me.


Glenfilthie said...

I like him too but Perry is the better man for the job.

It does not follow that a good business leader will make a good political leader - a good business man is not necessarily a good statesman.

It goes without saying that he is light years better than the current chimp in the Whitehouse...but that could be said of any of us as well!

In truth I would be happy with either of them but would prefer Perry.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer Cain. I am not on board with 9-9-9, but Cain at least appears to be pragamtic about what must be done, and he has no particular interest in preserving any part of the current status quo at all costs. If he can elequently and consistently speak and act against crony capitalism then I could be on board fully.

Aaron said...

Cain's character has been exposed in the latest debate. He flat out lied when Paul brought up his opposition to auditing the federal reserve.

I guess it also shows he's not too smart - he should have realized there are recordings of him saying "it's just ridiculous" to want to audit the fed.

You can find it on youtube no doubt.

mcmagi said...

I have a real problem with 9-9-9, primarily because it adds a new form of taxation without eliminating the others. Once in effect, what's to say some future left-leaning Congress won't raise all three. We could be looking at 20-20-20 someday. Remember, the income tax was once only 2%.

Also, I don't agree that a "revenue neutral" tax plan is in conservatives' best interest. I feel we should be reducing or eliminating taxes in tandem with reduced government spending, not re-balancing existing taxes while adding new ones.

I'm not sure what your view of Ron Paul is, but contrast the following two videos.

Cain on 999, the housing bubble and TARP:

Ron Paul on Clinton's impeachment, growing government spending, and the housing bubble:

In my opinion, I feel RP has a more complete picture of our problems and has seen this coming for some time. I'm looking forward to seeing what his plans are more specifically.