Sunday, August 24, 2014

Zoe Quinn for Non-Geeks

As mentioned in a previous post, I did not fully understand the "conflict" that has arisen in the gamer/geek/comicon/video game industry with the likes of Anita Sarkeesian, Adria Richards, and (most recently) Zoe Quinn.  Even though I am an avid gamer and 80's nerd, I still was not able to understand why there is so much hubbub about a bunch of feminists trying to ruin a good time in geek culture.  In my layman eye I didn't see any true threat or scandal except for a bunch of hate-filled feminists wishing to either capitalize or vainly attempt to destroy an otherwise happy and predominantly male-enclave of society so they could boost their egos without the rigor and effort of accomplishing anything of genuine merit or worth.

However, because of the sheer volume and visceral backlash against these women, I knew there must have been more than what my novice eye was seeing.  And thusly I requested our resident expert in all things Geekery, Chris Bechtloff, to connect the dots for us non-geeks so we can understand the threat these sub-humans pose to society.

I personally know Chris and his podcast is one I tune into regularly.  I'm not recommending it because "he's a friend and I'm just trying to help out a friend," but because the dude has a GREAT geek podcast and has the ability to translate the happenings in geek culture to how it affects "normal boring us" culture.  You may find his podcast here and the traffic would be appreciated.

Hello there Lieutenants, this is The Bechtloff and the good Captain has asked me to step in and explain, as simply as possible, who the hell Zoe Quinn is, what this controversy is all about, and most importantly, why you should care.

Zoe Quinn is the feminist social justice warrior who made a little video game called Depression Quest on an independent video game distributing site called Steam. Depression Quest is a text based game about having depression. If that sounds like a terrible idea for a video game, it's only because it is. Ms. Quinn's game was, as you might imagine, mocked by many a gamer. A fact that Quinn was able to use to able to use to garner sympathy and even donations via crowd funding. So to recap, Zoe Quinn's original claim to fame was making a terrible excuse for a video game, and then playing the professional victim.

Now recently Zoe Quinn's ex boyfriend published a very lengthy blog in which he accused her of cheating on him with at least five different guys, which is where she earned her new nickname of "Five Guys Burgers and Lies". Now it seems most if not all of these men were fellow video game developers and video game journalists who worked at sites that were giving her favorable coverage as well as covering up negative stories on her that came out. So obviously serious questions regarding journalistic integrity have been raised. All of this is covered extremely well in videos by the Youtuber Internet Aristocrat. I would suggest checking them out for more on it.

Now I don't want to go into extensive detail, but there are a lot of factors here. The identity of all five of these men, or even if it is indeed only five are unknown as of now. Also a staunch Zoe Quinn defender by the name of Phil Fish is claiming his website has been hacked by Zoe's enemies, although there is considerable evidence that he faked that. I'm struggling with how much to even mention here because I really want to keep this as brief as possible. As I said, there is a lot going on here, and this story continues to unfold even as I type this. But what is clear is that geek and gaming sites like Kotaku are desperately trying to sweep things under the rug on this. In a very Nixon like turn of events the cover up is rapidly becoming far worse than the crime.

Now the real question is why does this matter. Well, this is far more important than the whorishness of Zoe Quinn. This is about how unbelievably corrupt and bias the geek and gaming media has become. Put simply, we have allegations that gaming developers were sleeping with game critics in exchange for positive coverage, and the response from those in charge of these sites has been "Move along, nothing to see here folks.". We have journalists literally in bed with the industry they are charged with covering. It is clear that the gaming and geek media have become completely overrun by corrupt whores who care about nothing but pushing their insane liberal agenda and scratching each others backs in the process, or in this case, scratching each others naughty bits. And if Zoe Quinn and everyone else involved can get away with this, then that means these people can basically get away with anything. Now some of you reading this might think this doesn't matter. Maybe you don't play video games, or read comic books, or indulge in any other aspect of geek culture. But it still matters. Geek culture is the imagination of our culture. It is from geek culture that so much of our technological innovation and our art and entertainment spring. We cannot afford to let these soulless liberal whores snuff that flame of creativity out.

Thanks folks. And now back to your regularly scheduled Cappy Cap blogging.


Anonymous said...

It's worse than "Move along, nothing to see here." The people in power are actually censoring reddit threads and shadowbanning users. 4chan, which I've always seen as an almost "anything goes" forum censored this story. What was essentially a scorned lover making a claim about journalistic integrity turned into a massive display of how much people running these different sites are colluding to keep people from talking about things they don't like. That’s why this matters. It's way, way more important than merely geek culture.

Anon1 said...

I think geek is culture is dying or dead. This is one of last male bastions that escaped feminist territory marking has now been targeted for the "delete" button. What we are witnessing is the last gasps of technological innovation and creativity as the AA/PC crowd takes over and destroy it. Former dean of admissions at MIT remarked sometime ago that once she brought the male/female ratio to 50/50, all innovation and creativity that used to come from "rogue labs" by "rogue students" have come a screeching halt.

Wandering MGTOW said...

Message to: Anonymous

Start your own blog. You be the censor.

Anonymous said...

What is scary is asking the question "if this happened in the video game industry, where else did this happen?" I remember when climategate happened thinking the same thing. Sure enough a few years later nature announced that amgen had discovered wide spread fraud in cancer research in academia.

I shudder to think of this going in places like aerospace, medicine, the military and law enforcement.

Not to mention it makes me wonder who is sleeping w whom to keep scandals like benghazi and the irs from being investigated by the msm.

Karl said...

AHHH!! Thank you Captain and Chris!!

I was watching Aurini's video yesterday about his efforts to put this burning issue into a documentary which would include interviews with those impacted by the Social Justice crowd. I did not understand that reference and this post has helped immensely.

Aurini's video:

Anonymous said...

I've had a video game blog since 2009. This issue of gaming being taken over by the socialist nutbag crowd has been going on for a while now. I formally identified it back in 2010, and was hounded like crazy for a few weeks until the majority of bloggers boycotted me, (one of my posts on this issue got over 100 comments back then, when my normal run at the time was for half a dozen).

What I was protesting at the time was that these halfwits wanted more female statues in city squares in World of Warcraft. From there it has progressed to more in-game representation for gays, minorities, etc etc. Gaming companies pandering to this crap are finding their numbers going through the floor.

I hope this Zoe Quinn cretin will finally break this all open, but I doubt it. Too much control in the hands of the leftists on the so-called "journalism" sites.

Anonymous said...

great summary for non-gamers, thanks for posting that.

love your blog btw.


Anon1 said...

I think sitcoms like the Big Bang Theory has helped glamorize geekyness and the girls want in. When they get in and realize what geek culture is and how beta the men are, they start screaming sexism,discrimination etc and feminize it to their own vim and fancy.So, now the geeky awkward guys aren't left alone and they will be hounded out and the whole geek culture will be "pinkified". There is no place for men to be men anymore, be it geek or be it otherwise. So, we as men, where do we go from here and where in the world do we carve out our own space without the invasion of the pink shirts? Next year it is the NAVY seals and I wonder what will be next?

Faithless Cynic said...

I was the slow kid in school ( undiagnosed ADD ) Let me see if I understand this.

A woman is using sex to get ahead.

If the above statement is true, how is this different from all the other times women used sex to get ahead?

Can somebody help the slow kid out?

Thank You

Anonymous said...

An important fact that was left out:
Zoe Quinn was part of a game jam that she helped destroy and was in a relation ship with at least one of the participants. On the same day the "journos" she slept with published articles on the game jam failing, she launched her own game jam. This game jam has so far never happened and the donation link links directly to her personal paypal account. She has then subsequently tried to shut down a real crowd sourced initiative to get women in gaming, that initiative now counts 4chan as its number one contributor for at least 3 days in a row.

I've been following this from the beginning and it's a real clusterfuck.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of all the SJW calling for The Doctor (Doctor Who) to change to a woman.

The Bechtloff said...

Faithless, the real problem isn't Zoe Quinn being a whore, the real villains of this story are the game media personalities who sold their integrity and souls for a piece of her skank ass.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha.

Tail always gets desperate guys in trouble. This is rule 101 and the geeks violated it big time and paid the price.

Look, the geeks weren't were easy prey, lonely, homely and desperate for female attention like no other. So some gal wiggles her butt and eyes and the geek needs a fainting couch.

It's rather amusing that a couple of pedestrian females can rock the world of gaming. The guys need to get out more.