Sunday, July 05, 2015

Adam Kotsko - Why White Professors Sometimes Hate White People

Add Adam Kotsko to the growing list of professors (both white and non-white) who are blaming white males for all of the world's problems.  Their solutions range from demanding reparations (from people who had nothing to do with any of the world's past grievances) to calling for white males to kill themselves.  Of course Mr. Kotsko claims his demand white males commit suicide was a "joke," (and I'll let you be the judge of that), but it is clear that Mr. Kotsko is for effectively enslaving innocent white males for past transgressions (both real and made up) that they had nothing to do with.

In short, Mr. Kotsko hates white males...ironically, of which he is one.

Is Mr. Kotsko a worthless degreed academian with no real world experience?

Did he major in a worthless subject ensuring he never works a real job and only anti-male, anti-white, leftist authoritarian 4th tier degree mills will hire him?

Is this just another crusaderer leftist who is too lazy to work a real job and is just biding what little remains of his pointless, worthless life on this planet acting like he's morally superior to others?

But while this type of behavior is entirely predictable and expected among non-white racist professors, why are there white professors that seemingly hate themselves, even calling for their own race's enslavement or even suicide?

Well, strap yourselves in there fine lieutenants, economists and agents in the field, and pour yourself a hefty drink.  For the ole Captain is going to explain it to you.

A while ago I knew this guy called "Bob."  Bob had mommy and daddy pay for his masters in computer engineering and thusly never knew poverty, strife or what it took to make society work.  He was spoiled and consequently lived on the "top decks of the Titanic" never seeing the dirty, sweaty engine room below that made his luxurious life so possible.  Because he was never where the rubber hit the road in society, he was a staunch leftist.  He believed that taxes should be raised, George Bush was evil, blah blah blah.  However, when I asked him,

"What's it like forking over 50% of your income to people who don't work for a living?"

as he made well into the 6 figures he said,

"I prefer to pay them so they don't riot or revolt."

And that was the god's honest truth.

Go back considerably further in time and there's another similar example - danegeld.

"Danegeld" was simply money paid to the vikings in viking times so that they wouldn't raid northern mainland Europe.  It was "protection money," nothing more, nothing less, to protect then Holland, Belgium, Normandy, and Denmark from viking raiders.  And just like that wimp my old colleague "Bob," they'd rather effectively submit themselves to slavery than fight the parasites that were attempting to live off of them.

Now while the two aforementioned examples may not have any obvious link to Mr. Kotsko's hatred for the white race, there are some similarities and a shared seed between the two that explain why the likes of Mr. Kotsko call for/hate on their own race.  And that commonality is laziness.

I will say it again for the cheap seats.

All socialism and leftists are is lazy.

The ENTIRE doctrine of socialism, communism, liberalism, feminism and leftism can be summed up in one word - lazy.

They simply do not want to work and if given the choice between self-supportation or parasitism, they will choose parasitism.  This is why the vast majority of leftists are in academia, government, non-profits, or just on the government dole AND is also why the majority of their efforts are merely concocting reasons and lies as to why they are entitled to other people's work.

They are




And Mr. Kotsko (and the increasing number of - surprise surprise - leftist worthless liberal arts academians) are no exception.

However, laziness presents a problem for people who are defined by it and live by it.

It's hard to survive with that mentality.

Again, the majority of leftists' work is simply rationalizing and coming up with reasons you're entitled to other people's time in the form of money.  It is rationalizing slavery.  It is rationalizing their parasitism.

This is all well and good when there's a healthy host full of a lot of blood you care to leech off of.  But what if there isn't?  What if the host is dying or dead?  What if the host just plain doesn't have any more blood to give?  Or the host is under threat of being taken over and replaced with a new entity?

And this is where the laziness is combined with cowardice on the part of the left.

It is my humble opinion that these leftists professors' survivalist instincts are kicking in.   And because they are soooooo steeped in viewing the world through academically induce racial goggles, they see their own race "demographicing out," and non-white demographicing in.  By 2047 whites are expected to NOT account for half the population, and given the political movement to criminalize whites, blame whites for all problems, and use them as the scapegoat, these cowardly professors see the OWN WRITING on the wall and will gladly throw away any self respect they have, as long as they're on the "winning side."  This will hopefully "curry favor" with their new "overlords" and since they will have a track record of calling for the suicide of whites (and sometimes males) in their sad pathetic minds, their sad, pathetic, parasitic lives will be "spared."

There is however one problem.

In not even having the slightest bit of self-respect, and being so lazy you'll "submit" yourself to a new "tyrant," what kind of life will you live?  I mean, I know being a liberal arts profession at a worthless school in an industry that is bursting like the Dotcom bubble must suck.  But I cannot help but conclude your life will be like "The Toadie" from Mad Max 2.

Who is "The Toadie?"

Well, this guy who tries to catch the boomerang:

It doesn't matter how degrading the environment or his/her position in life is, leftists are so lazy they will accept ANY POSITION, as long as it avoids real work.  The Toadie is a weakling.  The Toadie doesn't care to work out.  The Toadie does not care to become a road warrior.  But that's OK.  Even if The Toadie's fingers get cut off and he is the butt end of all jokes, perhaps even Lord Humongous' bitch, it beats having to work a real job.  And that ultimately means having no self-respect, valuing yourself at 0, to the point you'd call for the suicide of your own kind.

The truth is this really has nothing to do with race.  This is 100% psychology, psychopathy, cowardice, and self-loathing.  These professors, who by their own "profession," are unconsciously admitting they do not care to be real men and women in this society, are the true and genuine fools in this world.  They are the weaklings that would rather enslave themselves by paying danegeld to perceived-future vikings than lifting weights, taking up arms, and training to fight them off.  They are the modern day incarnations of "Bob" who would rather bribe the parasitic masses than refuse them, fight them, or face them.  And sadly, they are the true racists for deep down inside they believe their own leftist, hate-filled propaganda that there's some knid of race war brewing or (more idiotically) "whites should commit suicide" when in reality most minorities and whites get along just fine and we'd miss some friendships and loved ones if half the population just up and killed itself.

So do yourself a favor.

Don't pay the danegeld.
Don't pay the protection money.
Don't be an Uncle Ruckus.
And don't suffer from "The Toadie Syndrome."


Robert What? said...

Don't great leaders lead by example? Kotsko should give us a lesson in leadership by self-terminating. I for one would give him kudos for it.

kurt9 said...

Adam Kotsko has a mixture of liberal guilt and the "toady" trait. He feels liberal guilt over slavery and what not. He also thinks that by condemning other white people, that he can somehow atone and suck-up to blacks and any other non-white ethnic group. He is worse than Uncle Tim (Tim Wise).

In the words of Steve Sailer, he is the "uncle Tim-est" of them all.

SM777 said...

Not only is it..."100% psychology, psychopathy,"...etc. It's also New World Order propoganda.

Black Poison Soul said...

A sight of deep self-loathing, unfortunately not deep enough for him to kill himself. Yet.

grey enlightenment said...

Don't great leaders lead by example? Kotsko should give us a lesson in leadership by self-terminating. I for one would give him kudos for it.

He or someone should make a kickstarter for him to do just that.

Anonymous said...

Rudyard Kipling:

And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
But we've proved it again and again,
That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
You never get rid of the Dane.