Tuesday, May 09, 2017

"Poor Richard's Retirement" Now for Sale!

Greetings All!

"Poor Richard's Retirement" is now available for sale in paperback with Kindle and Audible coming shortly!  IN FULL DISCLOSURE it is an ESSAY, not a book, coming in at only 140 pages.  Additionally, it covers ground most regular readers are already familiar with (that humans are the most important thing in life), and expands upon that ground forming an entirely new retirement system upon it. 

If you already know humans are the most important thing in life, and have implemented that into your life philosophy, pursuing a financial life of minimalism, you likely do NOT need to read this essay.  One of the larger goals of this book was to garner new readers, and the poor state of American's retirement planning was the venue by which I'd achieve that, but most of you guys already practice what is preached here.

Regardless, you may find the book interesting and practical, and it CERTAINLY is philosophical.  I just wanted to fully disclose about 50% of it will be material you're already familiar with.


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Stumpjumper said...

Just bought it on Amazon. Paperback.