Saturday, July 15, 2017


They just loves the childrens.


One Fat Oz Guy said...

I love how the media falls over itself not to call female offenders as paedophile, even when men are involved.

Mike said...

I'll reserve my judgement until we get some more details. There's a sentence buried in there stating that the charges were initially dropped but then brought to a grand jury. There are some weird statements attributed to the accused, but news media is notorious for taking words out of context and twisting them to make you look like a fool, or a felon.

As for the accuser, well it isn't like I haven't seen false rape accusations happen before in the news, in personal life, and so on. Oh, and standard operating procedure, unlike other crimes, is that a rape accuser's words are always treated as 100% gospel. So as much as I hate the institution of modern education, I can't bring myself to join the mob calling for the accused to be locked up in prison. The legal system has even less credibility IMHO.

YIH said...

Did he do anything inappropriate? I'm more cynical these days than I used to be, but I'm not dismissing the claim out of hand either. It has been brought to the legal system (no thanks to her, and she should have known better) and in time they will both be dealt with.
If there is anything (real or imagined) to his case, he's screwed. He'll be lucky to stay out jail. At worst she might get probation and probably little else - in fact may wind up skating altogether depending on how eager she is to throw hubby under the bus and how good a sob story she concocts. Time will tell.

liberranter said...

To be perfectly blunt, any man who, in this day and age, would work in a profession requiring contact with children is an idiot. I have no idea whether or not Patrick O'Donnell is guilty of what he's accused of (like others here, I'm deeply skeptical; "wolf!" has been cried too often), but he should have seen this coming years ago.

And yes, you can safely bet a year's salary that his wife WILL throw him under the bus, whether or not he's guilty of anything. When it comes down to a question of her neck or his (and the State WILL get SOMEBODY's neck in a case like this one), there is ZE-RO question as to whose neck she will save.

Un Americano said...

Two words: false accuser.

YIH said...

Something to brighten your day: Columbia Pays Off Student Falsely Accused of 'Mattress Girl' Rape.
Nobody can disclose how big a settlement he got, so I'm thinking 6, maybe 7 figures.
In fact, that's why I'm really skeptical of the girl's claims, and once the grand jury indicts (an old saying: a decent prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich) this will churn through the legal system. And just like this guy who got shafted by Columbia, he'll be presumed guilty until proven innocent. That goes double for minors, the guy fucked up by even being in a position where any such claim could even seem believable.

Take The Red Pill said...

And some school systems actually wonder why there are NO MEN in teaching, or school administration.
Gee, with the current societal attitude of "men are ALWAYS guilty when accused" -- I WONDER WHY?