Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Putin Was a Bad Ass

I love how the media and the world hate a man who was...well...manly.  He may not have been on the "good side"(though democrats could not masturbate enough to communist Russia or the GDR in the 80's), but there is no doubt Putin is a real man.  And not only a real man, but a judo champion and agent of the KGB.  He's a guy men can trust.  Not to NOT be a tyrant or dictator, but to be a man.  THAT is what really scares the global media left about Putin.  A man with zero fucks to give and a "go fuck yourself" attitude.  Russia has not been better served since Peter the Great.


Mark Matis said...

Putin is indeed the best leader of Russia since Peter the Great. But what really scares the Media and the One World Government crowd is that he believes in Russia as an independent sovereign nation, and thinks that Western culture should be preserved. And they are deathly afraid that Trump and Putin could come to an accommodation turning both countries into friendly competitors willing to stand together against the true evil in this world. Which would not be good for Islam, nor for Davos and the Bilderbergs.

But it sure would be good for decent people everywhere!

Anonymous said...

"THAT is what really scares the global media left about Putin."

My wife is Russian and she, and most of our Russian friends, support him. He works with the tools given him and puts his people first and is unapologetic about it. When terrorists murder his citizens he goes on national television and states, "we will hunt down and kill all those responsible." And means it. Is there corruption in the Duma? Absolutely. Does Putin have offshore accounts? Sure. But as a Russian friend once told me, "If not him, than who? It isn't like we have a large talaent pool of men who can do this." Funny, but very true. The big worry on the street in Moscow these days is who will lead after he leaves. And no, they don't want any Yeltsin or Euro soy boy types.

Disclaimer: Wife is from Moscow and we have Russian friends.

Anonymous said...

"...and puts his people first and is unapologetic about it." - if by "his people" you mean "his friends, who, by some miraclous coincidence, all became filthy rich in recent years", then yes, sure, he puts them first like your typical dictator does. And, like most of the dictators, he has trampled rights and freedoms of his people, and put his country into deep economic hole. But he is manly, so let's praise him, right?

"Disclaimer: Wife is from Moscow" - in other words, she's fled from Russia and now prefers to love Russia and Putin while living at safe distance from them. Always look at what they do, and not at what they say.

Disclaimer - I am from Moscow

Anonymous said...

Former Russian citizen here. Lived in Moscow as well as smaller cities and towns. Putin IS NOT a good guy by any stretch of imagination.
He is out for his own interests, not for interest of the people. In Putin's Russia you get arrested for social network repost.
He is a great leader if you are stupid enough to each shit off of the spoon of Russian media.
To the poster above, yeah the biggest fans of Putin I have encountered were Russians from UK and USA. Dumb fucks.