Monday, May 07, 2018

The Increasing Chance You'll Never Marry

I had a client that for all points and purposes played his cards right.  A nip and a tuck here might have helped, but no major flaws or errors on his part.  Matter of fact, he's an incredibly good looking man, with no debt, a condo, a career, and several trades and skills that would make him a "most eligible bachelor" type. 

Just one problem.

The country he's from (Scandinavian) has so indoctrinated women into putting their careers and educations above marriage and children, it pretty statistically likely he's just not going to find a marriageable woman. And this is a lesson many men (and women) need to learn.

There's an increasing chance you're never going to marry.  Nothing by your own fault, but by how replacing men with the state, eliminating masculinity from society, and putting careers and educations above people have ruined everyone for everybody else.


Anonymous said...

Here's a chilling fact:

They say 50% of marriages end in divorce right?

Well, that statistic applies for every year. So every year, 50% of marriages end in divorce.

That means the chances of you having a lasting marriage is very slim to none nowadays. In fact, 1 in 15 marriages make it past 10 years.


Raghav Hegde said...

Haha, same here brother.

JK Brown said...

I remember a report, I believe in The Daily Mail (UK), when Britain was commemorating The Great War. It was an interview with women who were leaving school during the war. One related when the Head Mistress got all the girls in an assembly and bluntly stated "Most of you will never marry. To many men have died in the war"

WWI was a great slaughter of a generation. It pales in comparison.

Evil Dictator Guy said...

Hmmm, are you sure Captain? From what I've read on manosphere sites, all he needs to do is stand in a dominant way and all of his problems will be knocked out. You need to go back and check, because "availability" comes down to some 'number's voodoo. In reality he should use his dominant eye contact, that will bring about a society full of marriageable women.

Seriously now, this experiment in "freedom" has gone far enough, it is making everyone miserable. Worse still, it is literally disappearing the population is supposed to serve. You are miserable because you are "free."

Anonymous said...

Scandanavia is toast. If he really wants to ground a family, he should look at heading to Eastern Europe or Russia -- preferably on an expat package. If he is really desperate, there are agencies that will gladly assit on his search. Women there are still conditioned to seek a husband and have kids before 30, so plenty of women will give him the time of day. Granted the only check against him is that most of those women probably do not want to live in Norway, so he might consider pulling up stakes and hitting the road.

Stewart Hawkins said...

Agree, Belgium and Sweden are soon done for. All the women will be fully covered in "Guess which one you're getting?" Islamic style. Norway and Finland will last longer. Go to Russia and the Ukraine. The women are as hot as hell and the local men no competition.

Anonymous said...

Uh... considering the climate change he might be on the lucky side if he never marries. Look around. Do you see fathers with family? Nope. What you do see, are men who have children and women that they are paying the bills for.
Honestly, as a woman, I am shocked at how women play men and how men STILL fall for it again amd again and again whilst knowing that their life will be toast once this woman bears a child.
Men really have to come to terms with this hateful thievish political climate. Think twice or better thrice. Once you father a child you have no future. You belong to the state, your paycheck (or more than that!) goes to pay for the mother and the child who will not live with you but want their own "adequate" home. No one cares if you can hardly afford the rent for a small condo in the worst part of town for the rest of your life. If you can't pay the exorbitant costs the state grants mother and child, no worry, the state will pay and you will have to pay it back with interest for the rest of your miserable life.
I find this disgusting. To say the least. But can anyone explain to me why men still don't smart up?
Women with children are about the most ruinous of pastimes you can imagine. And you will have to keep on paying long past the point where it's "nice" to have known each other.
Look rather to find a someone to share valuable time with and, if you are so inclined, finance her a special hobby or passion or whatever -but on your own terms. Feel free to give but stay the hell out of the trap of marriage and family where the state is always out to get you. Don't ruin your life. Remain a free man.

Purge187 said...

I'm pretty much the only single person at the dinner table on holidays and family get-togethers. Nobody asks why; they just sort of "know."

Red Pill Wisdom said...

So long as the West has biased 'Family Courts' and supports feminism and its man-hating 'philosophy' of "the accusation is more important than the Truth or even Justice", then there isn't any sense whatsoever for men to interact with (let alone marry) women on any level more than a superficial basis as necessity dictates.
Women now have their feminist Utopia, so let them enjoy it.