Thursday, November 08, 2018

Owning a Boat Won't Get You Laid

And more wisdom from Asshole Consulting.


MoonShadow said...

While no boat worth less than 7 figures is going to improve your odds of getting laid, there is one notable exception to your rule that a boat is just an expensive, high maintenance money pit; and that is as a housing hack. If you are single anyway, and can live on a boat of less than 30 feet in length overall, this is a very good way to avoid property taxes and high rents in downtown districts. This is especially true if you are nomadic, and like to move from one major urban area to another; so long as those urban areas have a waterfront. Renting a marina slip in Chicago is generally cheaper than renting a small flat in the same area. Plus there is a high degree of mobility. Also, living on a boat doesn't require renting a slip, as it's quite possible to live "on the hook" (anchored out in nature or lease a mooring ball) nearly anywhere on the Great Lakes, the river systems of the Eastern United States, or anywhere along the Eastern seaboard or Gulf of Mexico.

Granted, it's likely still cheaper living in the country of most parts of this country, but then I couldn't visit Manhattan for under $1000 per month...

Anonymous said...

"Wood, water and wine to woo women" is a phrase I heard from some men in my life- and the combination worked.
Wood as in fire, (fire place, campfire, etc -- and a bit of an innuendo there...)
Water: Hot springs, lake, ocean, etc -- (keep in mind minimal clothing when going in said water)
Wine: Obvious.

If you orchestrate it right, it's a pretty cheap date and the odds of getting laid are better than a lot of other date ideas (according to past men in my life)

Paul, Dammit! said...

Hah! Good vid tonight.

Standard rule for a boat is that you will need to spend at a minimum 10% of the purchase cost WHEN NEW on maintenance and upkeep each year unless the service life of the boat is less than 10 year

And yeah, you're not going to get laid any more than you would otherwise.
From experience I can tell you that it is easier to get laid in a $500 pickup truck than in a $500,000 boat.

Red Pill Wisdom said...

What's that old saying about 'boats' and 'holes in water?
And (looking at video) speaking about 'holes in water'...