Monday, March 16, 2020

Replace Teachers with YouTube


SimonJester said...

It works for Khan Academy...

Tucanae Services said...

Interesting video. Some observations from someone with 40yrs experience in IT and 20yrs teaching:

There are three kinds of students --

* One third, give them a book, an outline and leave them alone. They will consume it all in no time.
* One third, give them a book, an outline and a level of structure to learn and they will have a positive outcome.
* One third, give them a book, an outline and they will lose them both. They are incapable or unable to learn. This group are what I call the OCBs -- Other Careers Beckon, in say an In-n-Out.

The problem is this. As great as the Internet and YouTube are based on the observations above you lose 2/3rds of the people. The central rub is -- do your interests align with what the marketplace demands? Watching a MIT lecture series on SDN has high market value. Learning how to do basket weaving Celtic style has value but it won't pay the electric bill. One has to achieve a market value skillset.

As to the prison aspects, I have to agree. Walking thru metal detectors, school 'resource officers' walking halls, vid cameras in classrooms. The very environment is counter intuitive to the process of learning.

A little tidbit. The institution I teach at is going online. Self paced and will be provided as a subscription service. Eat as little or as much as you, the student, want.

Kirby said...

Teachers fought tooth and nail to argue that online can't replace classroom instructions. Corona Virus may prove them wrong on it. Entire elementary schools will be finishing the year online. Might be starting next year online too.

I think the kids will be ok.

Maniac said...

At least they won't have to worry about more Columbines.