Tuesday, April 07, 2020



Anonymous said...

Me and buddy finished building 3 miles of 5 strand barb wire fence and 9 gates in AZ high country. Not fun.
100 points?? Do we split points between us or what?

Anonymous said...

That's what I did on the wife's car two days ago... A lovely brake job. Mechanical work: It's a love/hate relationship...

John Wilder said...

Had 14 year old son do it.

Plus 10,000.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cappy,

When are you going to make a list on the amount of man points earned per task?

Tucanae Services said...

Ok I can do brakes and pads in my sleep. What about --

* Bleeding brake system.
* Dropping a tree.
* Rewiring a house.
* Install a new toilet.
* Replace a sink.
* Maintain livestock.
* Birth a calf.
* Doing your taxes.
* Install a IP network.
* Remove a virus.
* Build a PC from scratch.
* Start a business.

I have done all that too. So what's the total?

Red Pill Wisdom said...

There is probably no greater satisfaction than being able to do such things yourself. It gives you confidence and pride, and makes you feel capable.
I don't doubt that feminists and their lackeys hate it (especially when they can't derive any benefit or advantage from it).

Birdchaser said...

I destroyed a 350hp $25,000 outboard motor yesterday. During a fast run the top end bearing seized, broke the crank at the flywheel & destroyed it's self. Won't be any racing this year anyway.