Saturday, May 02, 2020

Speaking Womanese

So Donovan Sharpe is offering an online class on translating what women say into English.  The majority of my readers/listeners are veterans and experienced enough the course would not offering anything new to you, but IF YOU ARE A YOUNG MAN AND DO NOT HAVE MUCH EXPERIENCE DATING WOMEN it's worth the $597 price tag to learn this shit EARLY on.

I sampled the course and it isn't long, plus it's all video and pretty simple.  And it's not a ton of information.  But it is clear, short, and concise and is information you need.  I would not take this course if you have a modicum of experience dating women and know that women lie/spin the truth to their advantage in nearly every situation when it comes to dating.  But I would have GLADLY paid the $600 when I was 18 to know this as it would have prevented a ton of pain and frustration in the past.

Again, not for everybody, but if you're a noob and don't have that much experience with women, you should consider taking the course.

Use discount code "CAPITALISM25" to get 25% off.

@DonovansDen is offering a class on "Speaking #Womanese"  If you are TRUE NOOB to dating it would be worth the price to learn these basics.  Use "CAPITALISM25" to get 25% off.


Anonymous said...

" ... it's worth the $597 price tag ..."

I chuckled at the missing decimal place, and then, "... But I would have GLADLY paid the $600 ..."

WTF? Oh hell no. That is just delusional pricing. And if that is a problem for you then Fuck You. The customer is always right.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Just another band aid solution from the Boyosphere. Nothing, but totally banning women from the workforce and making Feminism illegal are the real solutions.

Anonymous said...

You're half heartedly shilling a $600 course? Pull your head in.

Anonymous said...

$600 just to learn women lie all the time about everything. Anon@ 10:11am is right, it should be $6.00 Hard pass on this one, Cappy.

Mr Deeds said...

Or those 18-year-olds can take advantage of Youtube and Return of Kings and get 95% of this same information for free.

I GET IT. Manosphere creators want to make easy money. Don't we all.

But one of the most laughable elements of our sphere is this whole obsession with absurdly priced "courses", and how they all have to be priced ending with the number "7".

vok3 said...

That's definitely a Fuck You price tag. You could get the same information by browsing r/whereareallthegoodmen, Rational Male, and Heartiste for a few hours each day for a week or two.

On second thought, it wouldn't be the same, it'd be better.

And before you bring in the economics bullshit about opportunity cost and how 600 bucks is a small price to pay to avoid getting cheated on and/or taken to family court cleaners and so on: yeah, all of that is true, BUT IT WILL HAPPEN ANYWAY to anybody who doesn't have the basic get-off-your-ass-ness to look into matters for himself.

Paying 600 bucks to someone is a way to offload the problem and the responsibility elsewhere, rather than doing the homework yourself, and then saying "hey, I took the course, I paid good money, the problem is handled". And no, it isn't, and it won't be, and the 600 dollars will be totally wasted, because that's a guy who can't be bothered to take responsibility for his own actions and his own problems and fixing his own attitudes, and he won't retain and internalize any of the information, whereas he WOULD do so if constantly and repeatedly exposed to it in regular browser visits and social interactions over an extended period of time. Throwing money at a problem doesn't solve it.

And as a high cost of entry, it'll drive away precisely the guys who aren't too sure about any of this stuff - who are the very guys who need it the most.


favill said...

There's a sucker born every minute. (P.T. Barnum)