Sunday, December 19, 2021

Removing Beauty and Sex from Women's Value

Image below links to YouTube discussion about how women are now demanding men no longer like them for beauty, youth, or sex, but for anything but.

Cappy and the Rule Zero gang discuss what this means for men still interested in women, and opine what the ramifications are for women with this change in value system.


Paul, Dammit! said...

My wife has a good relationship with the teen girls at her church. They're all Brazilian immigrants, the girls born here, so there's a clash of values between these acculturated teen girls and their conservative evangelical parents. My wife is able to speak with the kids, who almost universally resent their parents' inability to prepare them for our broken-hearted culture, viewing it as a negative instead of a protective measure.

Point being, all this acceptance, demand for lack of judgement and no accountability and without regard for reality reduces women's value to that of the lukewarm hole between their legs, and nothing else, and if they fail to recognize that, then their actions become that of a commodities trader with only one item for sale.
The look on their faces when they realize that there's great harm in fat acceptance and all other false equivalencies when women enter the real world with no understanding of reality. It can be pretty painful for these kids to come to grips with how much they are lied to.

Maniac said...

Again, the Left is fueled by envy - envy of the male drive (Feminism), envy of the wealthy (Socialism), and in this case, envy of physical beauty.

Anonymous said...

"Women don't owe you pretty."


Why do women think they owe anyone anything at all?

Please. Choose to be fat. Choose to be unattractive. Choose to do nothing to appeal to men. That is fine by me.

But, do not demand men treat you the way you want to be treated if you are not willing to do anything in return. Do not get upset if an attractive guy walks right past your 500# ass, and starts up a conversation with a perfect size 6 in a LBD. Do not want to make yourself attractive to guys, do not be upset if guys do not find you attractive.

And, sorry honey. Claiming "big is beautiful" does not make it beautiful.

GregMan said...


liberranter said...

[W]omen are now demanding men no longer like them for beauty, youth, or sex, but for anything but.

The one silver lining here is that any woman who demands this of a man marks herself as mentally ill and thus is to be avoided at all costs.

Cingoldby said...

These women are going to be very disappointed. Reality isn't going to change just because they don't like it. No amount of whining and complaining is going to change biological reality.

Anonymous said...

Related (and hysterical) green text

Ed P said...

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, women cannot enforce their delusions.
Some men (i.e., potential hetero partners, I wouldn't wish to make assumptions) may be attracted to the larger woman, but personally I'm genetically programmed to desire the ones with child-bearings hips and not too much excess fat.
Telling me, 'I'm beautiful' when you're a size 20+ doesn't work on the desire level, although I appreciate and empathise with 'where you're coming from' (probably Greggs).
Possession of a vagina is not a carte blanche to behaving badly, or having expectations that just about anyone you like the look of will fancy you.
It's sad for so many youngsters that these mixed messages leave them confused and stressed.

Paul M. Jones said...

"Women don't owe you pretty."

And men don't owe you attention.