Monday, March 05, 2007

Perspective as to the Cost of War

It reminds me of an episode from "Star Trek the Next Generation" where the character Q said to Cpt Pickard, "If you can't handle a bloody nose, then why are you out here?"


The_Bad said...

Don’t forget that most lefties voted for the bloody nose before they voted against it.

Mahan said...

I want to know if the current crop of people in government and the media even remember what a military is for?

Hint: look under "Destruction".

The uncomfortable truth we need to recall is that militaries kill people and destroy things; that the current Iraq conflict hasn't even compared to the earlier conflicts is a testimony to the discipline of the Western forces currently engaged there, in a nasty counterinsurgency situation.

It bears repeating that the United States has lost fewer soldiers in four years in Iraq than in a single day of fighting during our own Civil War.