Friday, August 01, 2008

Obama and Oil

I finally got some time off. I'm going to the Badlands and Black Hills. In the meantime here's your mission.

You will read this.

Then you will read this.

Obama, having the oil companies pay $1,000 per family WILL NOT LOWER THE F^CKING PRICE OF OIL!!!!

Then again, I perhaps am letting him get to me, because he knows damn well it won't. He's just doing what he needs to, to get people to vote for him. Of course the people who fall for this tripe are genuine, quintessential idiots. But that is the only way him or Pelosi or the rest of the socialists can get elected. They rely on idiots, and I mean that in the meanest, coldest, truest sense. The people who fall for their BS are idiots. They are ignorant, emotional little creatures who could never muster up the intellectual capacity to set their emotions aside and have the nobility, let alone intellect to search for the truth and then vote, not for their best interests, but because they realize this is a democracy and they have a responsibility to look out for the best interests of the country.

On a side note, if there are any Captain Capitalismites out in the Rapid City area that are up for a drink shoot me an e-mail!


Anonymous said...

How much will the Federal government get (per barrel) if we open up oil drilling in ANWAR or off the coast? If we drill our way out of this mess, won't the Federal government be at least $700 Billion a year richer? Maybe the oil companies will get the money. That would pay for some more tax cuts if you ask me, or Obama's spending reforms.

thewitlessknower said...

Yes... let's make the oil companies give us money... as if they weren't paying enough in taxes. haha

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Anonymous said...

You're dead on! Why is it this country gives more attention to the drinking age than allowing these idiots to have the power to vote? My grandfather always said this country had more horse's asses and than horses, and this situation proves him right!!

freeman said...

A fine visual representation of Obama's plan on oil.