Friday, July 09, 2010

He's More or Less Got It Straight

But, oh oh oh, he's not being nice. And being nice is more important than being right


Ryan Fuller said...

"But, oh oh oh, he's not being nice. And being nice is more important than being nice."

What? This is kind of like how you were saying 'hooray, the cancer is spreading less slowly' a while ago.

Captain Capitalism said...

Sorry, changed it. "Being nice is more important than being right."

Which is what i get to deal with, with 60 year old clients that decide NOW they want to start saving for retirement.

"Oh, well gee Mr. and Mrs. Baby Boomer, it seems you have a WHOPPING $17,000 saved up for your retirement. I think you'll have to work until your 70, probably later, and that's assuming, OPTIMISTICALLY the FREAKING ECONOMY AND STOCK MARKET WILL GROW!"



I welcome the collapse on account I'm ready for it and will thrive.

Ryan Fuller said...

I hate the AARP so much.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, expanding NAFTA is evil. We are controlled by freemasonrys. We need Jack Bauer to save us.

You know who believes in conspiracy theories and who hates the "globalists" in Europe? The radical socialists.

I don't like globalists who wanna introduce more "Kyoto protocols", too. But opposing "globalists" in order to protect your own industry from foreign competition or to prevent immigration is certainly not part of a true fight for freedom. After 234 years, America finally has to get rid of Hamiltonianism.

Joe Bloggins said...

Indeed, the Ancient Romans never viewed themselves as the "Ancient" Romans. They viewed themselves as the "Contemporary" Romans. They couldn't see the hammer coming either.

Joe Bloggins said...

Indeed, the Ancient Romans did not view themselves as the "Ancient" Romans...they saw themselves as the "Contemporary" Romans. They didn't see the hammer coming either. The so-called "mainstream" media is to our society what lead was to the Romans.

Ryan said...

Something I know you'll like.

Anonymous said...

This guy is pretty much on the mark. Wonder how many who watch this video will nod in agreement and then do all the dumb things they just agreed with?

I've always said that everyone should be punched in the face at an early age so that they understand how unpleasant it is and won't allow it to happen again. I'll volunteer to deliver those punches!

Anonymous said...

It's time to get John Galt out of retirement. He needs a supplement to his social security.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think he was nasty nor did I think he not being nice, just direct and to the point.

I don't think he was nasty enough.

The USA and its citizens have lost all sense of priority and of values. The best and brightest used to become engineers and scientists, now they run brokerage firms, investment banks and hedge funds.

We used to prize the accomplishments of a Charles Kettering, Thomas Edison or an Albert Einstein, but now we don't give a rip about them, we lavish praise on the Lindsey Lohans, the Paris Hiltons, the Backstreet Boys, rappers of all ilk, Brett Favres, Joe Mauers and idiotarians like Al Gore and Barack Obama.

Not only do we no longer honor those who started from scratch and built vast businesses which meet human needs like Sam Walton and JC Penney, we now trash the successful for any spurious reason they can find - if you are rich, you're evil (unless you're a Democrat).

With the erosion of values like these, we are done, kaput, going down for the count.

And while the guy in the video rightfully blames our mass media for the problem, we also need to hold our schools accountable, as they no longer teach the values of work, of thrift, of planning for the future, of citizenship, of self-reliance and of economics, of history and many others.

You really couldn't plan a better scenario for the destruction of our nation -

a) you take over control of the media to establish a socialist/marxist philosophy and push focus from what made us great to triviality,

b) you take over the universities and establish a socialist/marxist anti-capitalist and anti-free thought system of doctrination,

c) you take over the news media so the lefties can be protected and supported, while destroying conservatism and conservatives and others who oppose the leftist agenda (example: what the press did to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party mmovement),

d) you drive this socialist/marxist/leftist, no judgement/valueless agenda into the churches so they become mere social clubs and stand for nothing,

e) you drive the socialist/marxist/leftist agenda to the lower levels of the educational system and the state and city government employees through unionism,

f) you (the socialist government) takes over industries (auto industry, financial industry, the heathcare industry and soon with cap/tax takes over the energy industry, then takes over the internet to thwart alternative media coverage),

and the whole thing spirals down into collapse, much like Hugo Chavez and what he's done in Venezuela.

I think it is time to start collecting survivalist equipment/supplies and start training in survivalist skills, for without a major change in direction, it's not "If" the USA collapses, it's "When" the US collaspes.

Be ready for when the shit hits the fan and the end of world as we know it happens.

Anonymous said...

If 50% of peope wake up to these facts and actually do something about it and make a stand... will America decend into a cival war?

Google for John Tutor. Supposedly he came from the future after some wierd computer part, which of course is probably all crap, but point is he was "questioned" by people on the internet in those days and he was predicting that the USA would decend into another cival war which would spread to a world war and how society is after that.