Monday, January 31, 2011

Top 10 Worthless Degrees


Should be forwarded to any youth contemplating going to college, just as this book should be mandatory reading for all kids considering college.

But what I particularly like is the comments section where the veritable morons with these degrees come to defend them. Oh, it's priceless!

Enjoy that decline!


Simon Grey said...

Nice link, Cap'n. Sort of makes you wonder why anyone would want to go to college.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but notice that the author of the sarcastic post didn't have the nerve to list the ______ Studies.

He is PC and gutless.

Rosalys said...

Missing from the list is a degree in "Astro-Biology". The study of something that does not exist in the hope that someday someone discovers that Star Trek is not fiction.

randian said...

I noticed the author mentioned "American Studies", without bothering to mention "Black Studies", "Hispanic Studies", or "Critical Studies" as equally worthless. I supposed that wouldn't have been PC, though.

Ryan Fuller said...

It's funny how they show a picture of two Mormon missionaries for the "religion" degree.

Mormon missionaries typically start when they're 19 and proselyte for two years. Some have a year of college behind them before they go. Almost none of them have degrees at that point, and certainly not in "religion."

John said...

An economic analysis is useful. Every student knows of very successful musicians. However, the overall amount of music going into, let's say, opera, is very limited overall. And that economic fact is not well understood by undergrads - together with the fact that what money there is goes disproportionately to the best performers. So if you are Anna Netrebko you make piles of money. If you are almost as good as Anna Netrebko, you make squat.
If you were Herbert von Karajan you made as much as the rest of the Berlin Philharmonic combined.
And if you are Mick Jagger, you can buy most of southern England, while the almost-as-good works for beer and blowjobs in sleazy bars.