Friday, April 01, 2011

What Do Men Want?

Well, more or less this;

I know, I know, it's a movie.

Enjoy the decline!


Frost said...

Very moving clip.

Ever read this post by Gonzalo Lira?

Something about pessimistic polymathematical economists and Pixar, I guess...

Anonymous said...

When I watched that movie the DVD we were watching it on skipped that entire scene.

Anonymous said...

that. ....AND Sex.

Herb said...

It's in the same vein as one of the handful of lines that make me thing High Fidelity is the most mature movie about love made in the past 20 years:

And I'm tired of it. And I'm tired of everything else for that matter. But I don't ever seem to get tired of you.

If more women would watch your clip and pay attention to that part of that movie (as well as the "top five things I miss about Laura" part) they'd probably find they could be a lot happier too.

CBMTTek said...

Do you see Ellie as being subservient to Carl in any way in that clip? I don't. In fact, I see her as the dominant one in the relationship. Not by force, but by understanding, patience, and love.

Of course, that clip is not reality. But then again, neither is sex in the city, eat pray love, or friends. Yet entirely too many people take that as examples of what they "should" do to become a fully realized individual.

Would the world be a much worse place is women (and men) took inspiration from Carl and Ellie instead?

grerp said...

That made me cry - twice.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the men who actually realize that this is what they want are already taken. They have been smart enough to grab it when they see it.

The ones who aren't in relationships already are too stubborn/stupid/weak/immature/chicken to admit or even realize how happy they would be if this is what they were shooting for rather than just a quick lay.

And, unfortunately, some of us girls really are intelligent and observant enough to know what we are missing out on.

Ping Jockey said...

"And, unfortunately, some of us girls really are intelligent and observant enough to know what we are missing out on."

And some of us men are intelligent and observant enough to know what we are missing out on with Marriage 2.0 and 'His-Fault' Divorce: a short span of years filled with nagging, selfishness, senseless drama, endless indebtedness, witholding of sexual relations/frigidity, and mental abuse -- which is followed by an acrimonious divorce conducted by a kangaroo court. This is succeeded by a lifetime of poverty by being forced to support the ex-wife's lifestyle, as well as the support of children that are probably not even ours.
And when all this happens, women gleefully say "You go, girl!" and smugly cheer each other on!
And don't say it doesn't happen! We men have seen it happen a multitude of times -- to our fathers, uncles, brothers, cousins, friends, and co-workers.

"What Do Men Want?"

Like this society gives a crap what men want?! Men are third-to-fourth-class citizens in this society nowadays -- after women, children, and sometimes pets.

And modern womyn wonder why men have no interest in marriage?

Herb said...

@Anonymous: You forgot another category: Men who thought they had this only to find out you scratch the surface and you have another hypergamous feminist princess who left you when something "better" came along vows be damned and now you're wondering if it's worth the risk of trying for it again.

sestamibi said...

The scene of Ellie crying at the obstetrician's office really got to me. Was it because she lost the baby or was it because the doctor told her she couldn't have kids?

Loki said...

They were simple and loyal partners, who enjoyed engaging with and taking care of each other.

Ellie is "full of sweetness and light", and the only type of woman that I could ever want.

I have never seen one, or even believe that any actually exist, even though the promise of her is occasionally attacked in feminist blogs.

The key is what is in Ellie's eyes, when she looks at Carl.

My awakening came when I looked into the eyes of a soulless resource vampire, a 9 or 10 who was pretending really hard and well, and realized that she was truly empty inside.

There hasn't been any going back from that.

Loki said...

My perfect woman is one who would find joy in meeting me 3/4 of the way, and would always look to make things better.

She would be like Ellie in the mailbox scene, when she added her hand print.

And I would treat her like she was the only woman on the planet, because to me she would be.

But don't think that I am naive.

It is just that after learning about the true nature of almost all women, and the basis and practice of game, and many other things, I have also learned that, when I am with a woman who needs to be "gamed" in a long term relationship, I am less than alone.