Sunday, January 24, 2016

Essay Entry #1 - Do Western Women Deserve the Protection of Western Men?

From "Grumbles."  You can read up on the essay competition here.

Do Western women deserve Ronald Spiers? No, we don't. We deserve to be left to our own devices to see if we could survive without men (we can't). But the very salvation of us and all of the West relies on men taking back their masculinity. Men gave in and let us have our play time, it's time for us to give it back. Man giveth and man taketh away. Please, take it away. 

The women of today truly know no better. How many notice the sitcoms with the overweight, stupid, helpless husband being constantly beat down and given dirty looks by his good-looking wife? The popular blogs written by whipped husbands, apologizing for not doing enough housework or forgetting to bring home chocolate? The comments from women are typically, 'oh, I wish you were friends with my husband!' Weak men are like sluts for women. We want them now, to use up, but they aren't what we respect in the long run. 

We need masculinity. We need our men to put their foot down and tell us what the plan is. Tell. Not ask. Women leave their wussy husbands for assholes. Why? Because they have spine. They can't be pushed around. The women with the hardest heads are often the ones who fall head-over-heels for the abusive asshole. Why? He's even tougher than she is. We WANT our men to be strong, decisive, leaders. We crave it. It's in our evolutionary make-up. It gives us security. When we get hysterical over something stupid, we NEED our men to pull us back to reason and tell us he's got it under control. Even feminists need this. 

Now, I'm not saying for men to become abusive assholes. I'm saying that just as men like a wife who is Doris Day in public and Betty Page in the bedroom, women like a man who is John Wayne in day-to-day and Dennis Morgan when no one is looking. You know, that big burly guy who gives a goofy grin and finger wave to babies at restaurants. Even a staunch feminist would melt away if a man stood strong and impervious to her shaming tactics. Don't let them get to you anymore. You're the bosses, men. Don't forget that.

The problem is that we don't know what we're missing. We need our men to show us. Show us what's good for us. Tell us what we need. Pull our reigns in and tell us, 'okay, you've had your fun, but let a man show you how it's done.'

For the sake of humanity, men, please PLEASE take the power and show us how it's done.


Anonymous said...

As men, what is in it for us? Trying to tame a modern woman in this type of cultural environment is simply not worth it. I personally would rather just walk away. Let some other asshole deal with this generation of ruined women. Some things cannot be fixed. If and when this civilization disintegrates, life will be dramatically different for all people, men and women alike. I suspect that future generations of women will be different that this current one. Lack of clean water in a survival situation will put an entire generation of women in check very quickly.

As usual, this woman is advocating that men step up, do everything, and clean up all the mistakes. Not surprisingly she is offering NOTHING in return. Not a thing. There are currently 3.5 billion women on this planet. This number is growing rapidly. I'll just move elsewhere, like people have done throughout history.

youngin said...

Well ill be damned. I hope a woman wrote that

The Shrug said...

"We need our men..."

Your owners have spoken! Man Up© and Do Something About It© or you're not Real Men©!

Maple Curtain said...

Disqualified. She didn't answer the question.

Anonymous said...

What's in it for me?

No. Nothing is going to change until civilisation as we know it collapses.

The biased and unconstitutional "family" laws. The 50 years of unfettered hatred. The state sanctioned theft and alienation of children from their fathers. The cock carousel culture.

Sorry. A price has to be paid. I fully intend to continue enjoying the decline, as Aaron puts it, but I'll be damned if I lift a finger to help fix the mess which modern western women have brought upon us all.

When shit gets nasty, I'll run, rather than fight for a country which hates me.


liberranter said...

"The women of today truly know no better."

In a word, BULLSHIT.

Yet another self-serving (and patently ridiculous) claim that women are without moral agency.

Anonymous said...

Nope, she remains perched to adjudicate the mans actions. If she's not happy she will escalate to remain in control. I don't she that she's made any kind of capitulation. She's identified the problem same as we have, but that's all.

Anonymous said...

Cappy, I don't think your rhetorical question will work the way you intend it to. You want more than speeches, don't you?

Or are you merely looking to gain win back the monopoly on truth, the monopoly feminism currently has? So that they have to start being hidden and deceptive, instead of us doing it?

262 said...

Agree with first anonymous.

Why look for a needle in a haystack when you can go to the needle factories abroad?

Jones said...

Play time is only made safe with the willing efforts of reasonable adults, hoping to prevent savagery among the innocent ...

What you propose is anything but innocent: you wish for men to remain blinkered in the hopes that a token recognition of "masculinity" will suffice to keep those you would hold as emotional hostages in line.

Men have recognised the potential for a better deal, and that is why many men are staying away in droves.

Play time is over -- consequences are soon to arrive.

I would commend your honesty, but this is nothing of the kind, so I must instead admire your brazen arrogance insofar as it exposes the truth ...

"Man up and marry those sluts" indeed.

Anonymous said...

I haven't become an abusive arsehole; I've become an indifferent one. I'm done with them and have moved on to bigger and better things, like self development, spirituality, and exploring the mysteries of the universe from the outside to the inside of my own being. It's quite the adventure.

When I pass women, that's what I do, pass them without word or thought. I'm done with them.

Until and unless one demonstrates to me how she can be an asset and not a complication to my life, I'm very good without one.

Anonymous said...

The toothpaste is out of the tube.

Men allowed women full reign in raising children, eliminating men from teaching. Thus, boys were raised to be women, and girls were raised to be men, because...sensitivity, and...girl power!!

So when women like this look around for real men, she's not going to find many her age, because they simply don't exist.

Anonymous said...

This is a multi-generational problem with no immediate solution. This woman is basically crying, "save me." It's not going to work. There will be tremendous pain for either this or the next generation of women; possibly both.

At the end of WW2, estimates suggest that millions of German women were raped by the Red Army. MILLIONS!!!! Are you bitches listening? When societies crumble, the men and children suffer first, and usually most. But the women WILL suffer too. I strongly suspect a reckoning is coming.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is MEN no longer being afraid of authority.

Back in Cappy's good old days, MEN were afraid of their bosses and afraid of their lawmakers and afraid of each other. There was a respect, a civility.

Today, men think that they are in a dominance hierarchy contest. Anarchism rathet than feminism is the problem.

Feminism is a byproduct of anarchism.

Anonymous said...

I wrote this. Yes, I'm a woman. I did make a few assumptions as I wrote it. First assumption would be that today's men know that today's women suck at being women. We need to return to our intended roles. What I meant by 'our men' (since the sensitivity runs deep in this generation) was 'our men to back, to support and to take care of).

What's in it for you?
As it stands, nothing. Women require much and offer little (as result of rotten feminism). Our job as women is to provide a comfortable and relaxing home, well-raised children who honor and respect their father (learned through example from the mother), and to manage our husband's hard-earned money (the portion set aside for household expenses, as the rest is his) with thrift and sense. We have also always (excluding demented feminist households) been charged with the care of health, through nutrition, basic first aid and illness treatment, doctor scheduling, and caring for ill family members. This is the role we function best in and it is the role that allows our men to be our leaders and to pursue his talents without worry of what happens at home. Our job is to be dedicated and caring wives and mothers.

What I meant by 'playtime is over' is that we've played in man's world, and ruined it. We've made a huge mess. The only way we can fix it is by stepping back and giving the reigns back to those who are biologically built for correctly running the operations of the world. We've bitched and cried our way into everything men made great, and we corrupted it. We can't fix it by being directly involved. Which is why I say we need our men to take it back. Take it and show us what this world is supposed to look like. Since we are a few generations removed from our roles, from productive societal growth, from seeing our men flourish in the role that was made by them and for them, we don't know better, meaning we don't know what we're missing.

Yes, it could have been written better it came out as a plea. I don't like the world women have corrupted. We need our men to tell us 'that's enough'.

Anonymous said...

I meant that since we are so far removed from how it's supposed to be, we don't know what the world should look like. Not that we aren't moral agency, but that we have no basis with which to compare. We don't know that things could be better.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did. I said, 'no'.

R. J. Moore II said...

Women really do lack agency compared to men (as most people lack agency compared to John D. Rockefeller or Frederick Barbarossa). However, I still blame them because I hate people without agency. As it is, Western women are already fat, conceited, and a legal nightmare. Why would I waste time and energy on some fat cunt when I could bride a Korean or Bulgarian woman who is still young, attractive, thin and knows how to cook and raise children? Fuck Western bitches, go extinct.

Anonymous said...

You see, that's the problem; you assume that because you can be aggressive without consequences men can too. This is nothing more than pure solipsism. Your gender has criminalized masculinity to the point that rescuing you is impossible. You reap what you sow, and once again that will end up being the fall of rome.
And, honestly, if an 18-20 year old virgin who will faithfully bear me 8+ kids doesn't come with this, leaving and finding it elsewhere is much easier than fighting a poisonous leviathan of a million heads.