Saturday, January 23, 2016

Why Are Women Always Late?

We here at Cappy Cap used our patented "SAEG" (TM) to finally solve this problem:


Anonymous said...

Another genius explanation Captain. And you are correct, if you are the master of your universe, the best pussy will hang around out of either curiosity or respect. Women are cats. Men are dogs... Don't be the neutered dog; no one respects it.

I am an airline Captain. Most new flight attendants are smoking hot young women who are so badly afflicted by this problem it is the number one reason for their termination. The washout rate is astounding. Up until now, they simply have never had to be punctual because they have the platinum pussy and bountiful breasts. Fortunately their immediate boss is always a smoking hot middle-aged woman who, like a lady police sergeant, is never impressed with wiggles and giggles.

Tucanae Services said...


Do you do stand up comedy. You have the germ of a funny damn routine. Factual for sure, but still friggin' funny.