Monday, April 10, 2017

Diversifying Out of YouTube

Inevitably you knew the day would come and that day is more or less here - time to diversity out and away from YouTube. 

Starting this week I will be experimenting with having my Asshole Consulting (and original) videos put on two new platforms.  Dailymotion and Vidme. 

My Vidme channel you can find here and my Dailymotion channel you can find here.

To be honest I do not know which one I will go with next, but that is the reason for the experimental phase.  Already I like the Vidme layout and user friendliness more, and it already blows away DailyMotion in terms of upload capacities and speed.  Though, as you know, it will take time to see which platform is best.

Still, if you would be kind enough to subscribe to me on both platforms if you happen to have an account with them yourself, that would not only be great, but also necessary as I think both require a certain following before they allow you to monetize your channel.

Also, this week ALL Asshole Consulting videos will be done on Vidme, so if you want to tune in, do NOT go to YouTube.  Go to my Vidme channel.

Many thanks,



heresolong said...

Done on both. I hope you will spend some time migrating your youTube videos over to the new site once you've chosen. I know it is a hassle but there is a lot of good stuff there and will be key, imho, to drawing a new fan base.

YIH said...

In hindsight, I can't be surprised YouTube has 'demonetized'. About two months ago, I stopped seeing (YouTube inserted, often with the 'click here to skip' after 5 sec.) ads. Some 'targeted' by subject (click on a vid about cars, get a car ad) and/or IP (the car ad's a local dealer). Not due to blocking, because those YouTube inserts are pretty much unblockable, but apparently because no fish are biting. Not that surprised, if most are like me, they skip the annoyance ASAP. No ad revenue coming in, no 'monetization' to go out. Obviously YouTube is thinking that if they curtail the ''controversial'' (such as 'red-pilled' and non-SJW friendly) stuff the advertisers will come back. I have my doubts, when it comes to ads, YouTube's between a rock and a hard place, remove the 'click to skip' and many will likely just click 'close tab', but with the 'click to skip' advertisers look at it and say ''5 seconds? That isn't enough to matter'' IOW, welcome to ''the new normal''. Sucks for them.
PS, yes, I know, but at least yours aren't obnoxious TV-style ads.

Take The Red Pill said...

This is the heart of capitalism: if you aren't happy with a current business, leave them and do business with their competition.