Saturday, December 07, 2019

But Fuck Americans, Ammirite?

Couldn't find refugees to work there so they closed down instead of hiring Americans.



A Texan said...

I'm happy to hear that are few to none refugees being resettled at taxpayer expense. Now if we could only kick out most of the criminal Somalis and others that have come here and have been problems and will continue to be problems at taxpayer expense.

And it's long overdue to shutdown the greencard scam and H1's.

liberranter said...

An SJW-owned, converged, pseudo-business closing down? Music to my ears. If the central goal of its operations was to hire invaders, then it would've tanked soon anyway due to rampant theft, mismanagement, and a whole host of other obvious ills associated with virtue signaling. Thank God this cancer has been excised. May it remain in permanent remission.

Anonymous said...

You can identify as illegal, though right? To get that job? Just get a Mexican stache, paint yourself brown, and put a bandana over your head and be like ay, what up ese!

Post Alley Crackpot said...

What you're seeing is a well-known phenomenon in some circles: Leftists want to make "favoured pets" out of people they pretend they feel sorry for ...

But what these Leftists actually feel is contempt for everyone, including their "favoured pets", who isn't essentially a clone of what they happen to be.

So when this particular factory run of cloned Leftists couldn't realise their original feel-good plan of having "immigrants" work for them, they couldn't imagine being the actual employers of the people already around them, and so they folded up their plans like the hastily erected homeless tents that they always were.

Heaven forbid that they make an actual "friend" out of some Deplorable so they don't need to rely so much on buying people off and having "favoured pets" -- that would actually show that they are looking to be somewhat competent in life.

It's easy to feel good and to look good when you're quietly undermining anyone around you who happens to aspire to something resembling a reasonably decent and interesting life.

You'd think that level of life effort would be enough to sustain becoming independently aspirant, competent, and perhaps even interesting, but Leftists manage to fuck this up.

Anonymous Conservative may in fact be correct, in that there's something fundamentally broken about their brains. Instead of humouring them, we should be helping them with getting just enough medical care that they remain functional without bringing the entire enterprise crashing to the ground. They put paid to the notion that "participatory democracy" (i.e., voting for political parties) is a way in which they can bully people just enough to survive, whereas "free economic association" would most likely manage to kill most of them off.

As for Americans, there are enough economically aspirational half-wit and full fuckwit minions among you lot that you need not import any more, and I'm not saying this to beat on the Deplorables who have taken quite enough abuse: there are plenty of useful idiots who think they can avoid certain economic disaster by taking out educational loans on the basis that even they can pass through the employer's eye of the needle.

Largely this appears to be a Leftist strategy, which is why when Roger Scruton calmly suggested that the end of the era of universities could be soon at hand that he received applause.

Keep in mind a variation of this principle I've mentioned is the notion of "restaurant diversity": Leftists love it when they can import enough "authenticity" that they need not travel anywhere to visit their favourite kinds of restaurants.

Without the authenticity of the "refugee coffee experience", this totally shits all over the imported Civet catshit coffee they were probably going to serve to further their claims of being sensitive to authenticity. :-)

David said...

If these twits would rather virtue signal than to operate a profitable business, then good riddance. Besides, a sensible person would rather buy a can of Folgers and make many cups of coffee for the same price as one coffee from a coffee shop.