Monday, March 18, 2019

Go Fund Me So I Don't Have to Fund My Own Damn Hobbies

A go fund me account for fat wedding dresses.


No.  Absolutely not.  That would close the wage gap.

I want to make pretty dressies for fatties!!!  Then have cappacinos with biscotti's with my girlfriends at the cafe!  Tee hee! I 'm an entrepreneur!!!


Anonymous said...

Who is going to marry these fat bitches, their goddamn cats?

desertoakie said...

Holy chit! They have $88.4k raised so far! With the prospects of marriage deteriorating, I'm not sure this "wedding dresses for fatties" idea is viable. Of course, there are plenty of thirsty beta males that will wife up a livestock that is twice their size, so maybe these fat dresses will catch on. (BTW: would bang Samantha)

Anonymous said...

The most amazing part is that anyone would sign on the line for a fat chick.

Anonymous said...

There should be zero demand for this.

inthebriarpatch said...

I haven't fact-checked it, but I read somewhere that tenured plumbers in DC are making $200,000 a year.

The local McDonalds is paying chicks $9/hr. CLOSE MUH WAGE GAP!!

Best line I've heard this week: "The wage gap is a left-wing conspiracy theory."

Anonymous said...

And yet, they're actually out there giving something a try. Lighten up bro.

Also: The fucking multiple times you have to verify pictures in the anti spam thing is a pain in the arse.

David said...

If what she is saying is true and 68% of all American women are "plus size", then that is a pretty sad statistic. No wonder the marriage rate is spiraling down the toilet if 7 out of 10 women have already pulled the pin on the fat grenade as Terrance Popp would say before walking down the aisle. In the old days, women would wait until AFTER saying I DO before getting fat.

Joe BLow said...

Well you have to admit they have a good case for their business. They say 78% of American women are plus size. That's probably lowballing it actually. However, it will probably fail not because there is no market, but because it will be staffed by a bunch of artsy airheads that will not have the discipline to put in the long hours.

Anonymous said...

It's not charity for a hobby; it's an Online Public Offering for a wedding business. American bride customers are getting older, fatter, and richer. Divorces increase the market. Don't hate the business just because you hate the customers!

BriarRabbit said...

I believe his frustration is with WHAT they are trying.

I reckon our standards have fallen so low, anyone trying anything is admirable.

TheSickManOfEurope said...

The truly amazing and surprising part of this is NOT that there is a "need" for Fat Wedding Dresses...since most Americans/Westerners are disgustingly obese.
But that despite of all the evidence of how misandrist and hostile Family/Divorce courts are to men...some males are still willing to put a ring on it.
Being Divorce-Raped is what drives the high Male suicide rates (Divorced Men suicide rate is 100% higher than never married males).