Friday, March 15, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #283 - The "Cappy's Dream Home No More" Episode

Cappy and DT broadcast from the Hunker Bunker as they discuss

DT's framed Jennifer Aniston picture from college
AOC is not attractive.
"He'll Land on His Feet."
escaping Minnesota,
Cappy's dream home dreams destroyed,
self-loathing white people and more!

in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!
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A Texan said...

AOC would have done more good for society a low level porno whore. She is astoundingly stupid but that is what happens when you have a country filled 'duh-versity' and too much equality to people who don't deserve it.

Alt London said...

I've missed DT... he sounded kinda like a weight had lifted from his shoulders today.

But seriously, Cappy.. how can you be surprised by the property developer's business model?

Buy the basic bitch version of the house and make your own changes in your own time. Trust me, taking apart the legos of a brand new house is a hell of a lot less painful than adapting a 30 year old property.

Anonymous said...

Rent an apartment in town and build the house yourself. The kit/materials will probably cost you $100K. Hire a plumber and electrician.