Friday, August 23, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #305 - The "Cappy Has No House" Episode

Cappy's house is no more.
Subtraction and addition for adults.
$45 off mowing
Ladies, give it up already.


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Anonymous said...

Cleary... they know the price. They want you invested and on the hook. And then they roll out the slightly higher price. 95% of the time it works for them. (Civil Engineer, deals with contractors and subs a lot.) 95% of them are human scum who will cheat as much as possible. My company has more lawyers on retainer to make sub contractors (your contractors) do what they say in writing then we do engineers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the house man. Unfortunately I know all too well how contractors play. Whenever you deal with them always ask for "turn key" price. Otherwise you invest a lot of time and then they drop the bomb on you. There is a reason most people don't try to build a new home....its a long process full of bullshit just like you experienced. Also, don't forget the fking realtors are in cahoots with all the contractors to artificially inflate the pricing.

After a quick look at Rapid City houses on Zillow it looks like things are on the high side. Ever consider another area? $200k can buy a new house in a lot of places.

Don't give up yet. Talk to other contractors and tell them the "turn key" price range you are looking for and see if you get any nibbles. Don't even bother asking your realtor anymore. If you cant get some interest by just calling homebuilders on your own then the market is overpriced plain and simple.

Hope you get the house man. Long time reader and listener.