Monday, January 06, 2020

More Proof Productive Americans Should Avoid Corporate Careers Like the Plague

To quote Tom Cruise's character, Les Grossman from the movie "Tropic Thunder:"

"What is it pecker-breath?  I'm incredibly fucking busy right now."

Which I am writing this damn book, so here's the short analysis of this article showing stupid people doing stupid things.

Corporate America's main strategy is to virtue signal to various groups, but specifically women.

Corporate America and some state and even national governments have made it policy to give women quotas at the executive and BOD, and preferential treatment over all.

But these women and younger women in general (though not all) have been heavily influenced, if not, outright indoctrinated into believing that identity politics not only has value, but is their religion.  And they will carry this pseudo-political religion into Corporate America.

And when enough women achieve positions of power, not through merit, but through their politics or outright sexual discrimination, a critical mass will be attained that corporations will not longer be able to function efficiently and effectively.  Matter of fact they will become office politics shit shows because, once again, notice how petty and pathetic these politically motivated women are amongst themselves.

Whether you are a male or female, straight or gay, and whatever your race, if you are reading this site you are smarter than the average bear and appreciate meritocracy, excellence, and hard work.  And if you appreciate those things, as well as have the simple self-respect not to work in a psychological hell hole, you will avoid corporate America like herpes and join the 1099 Superior Race.


dienw said...

Dear white women:
You cause immeasurable pain and damage to Black, Indigenous and brown women. We are here to sit down with you to candidly explain how *exactly* you cause this pain and damage.
The dinners are a starting point. A place to start thinking through how you actively uphold white supremacy every minute of every day.

I can only laugh at White women who are facing this. White women have been subverting White males and aiding in their destruction since the '60 and now they are finally being put up against the wall; I could not care less.

Tucanae Services said...

Hey Cappy,

Boeing has achieved that distinction of being materially dysfunctional and it did not even require women to do it. The whole 737Max debacle triggered by lowballing to H-1Bs MCAS a critical system on the plane. Imagine how screwed up they will be if women of grievance were running the place? A color matched interior but can't takeoff.

JK Brown said...

Mises wrote of what our corporations have become in his 'Bureaucracy". They are a place to be buried. They are places where Paul Graham's "The Lesson to Unlearn" is still practiced. That is the training to get good grades to the detriment of real learning. On you own, grades don't matter, but what you know and what you can do of your own initiative does.

"They do not talk about their being young and about the rights of youth; they act as young people must act. They do not boast about their own “dynamism”; they are dynamic and there is no need for them to emphasize this quality. They do not challenge the older generation with arrogant talk. They want to beat it by their deeds.

"But it is quite a different thing under the rising tide of bureaucratization. Government jobs offer no opportunity for the display of personal talents and gifts. Regimentation spells the doom of initiative. The young man has no illusions about his future. He knows what is in store for him. He will get a job with one of the innumerable bureaus, he will be but a cog in a huge machine the working of which is more or less mechanical. The routine of a bureaucratic technique will cripple his mind and tie his hands. He will enjoy security. But this security will be rather of the kind that the convict enjoys within the prison walls. He will never be free to make decisions and to shape his own fate. He will forever be a man taken care of by other people. He will never be a real man relying on his own strength. He shudders at the sight of the huge office buildings in which he will bury himself. "
--von Mises, Ludwig (1945). Bureaucracy

Anonymous said...

Full Clown.

BriarRabbit said...

I do not wish to be mistaken for a white supremacist.. so instead of howdy, fuck y'all.

Robert Pinkerton said...

Although I am retired now, before I did retire my attitude was that any firm big deenough to have a "Human 'resources'" department was too big for my comfort.

A Texan said...

If I could run for a Federal Congressional seat or senate, one of my campaign slogans will be 'F*&*& diversity already!' along with 'F*** the children', 'Guns, Guns, Guns'. It would not be liked, but I bet people would vote for more me just for being honest about my feelings.

Tony Trucano said...

I needed to comment that your link reminded of the poem, "First they came..."