Sunday, February 16, 2020

Democrats Going So Far as to Have Government Wipe Your Ass for You

This is a bit dated of an article, but what I want you to do is to read through just how arduous the process is to report a homeless camp in Portland, and then the number of sites they cleaned up and the number of gallons of human waste they disposed of.

Now imagine who's bidding on the contract to clean up Portland's homeless fecal material.

That is the type of jobs that will exist in the future in socialism combined with AI.  If we get productive enough that a parasitic class can permanently exist, to the point the democrats will pay government workers to clean up your shit and needles after you, an increasing share of the jobs out there will be to metaphorically (and perhaps literally) wipe the asses of the parasitic classes.

You social scientists don't know jack shit. You just want to advocate for free everything so you can be popular, get government funding, professor jobs, and avoid real work, even if it means we will be cleaning up full grown adults' shit on the streets.


Nikolai Vladivostok said...

The article states that the homeless were complaining about how they were being treated by those paid to clean up their mess.

Imagine that: shit everywhere then complain about the attitude of those who have to clean it up.

Commenters on the article are clearly unhappy about the situation. This is the kind of outrage that drives normally mild-mannered people into extreme attitudes. Has done to me.

DocVinny said...

This is the alternate reality they live in. It's up to the people who clean up the mess to be outreach workers. Next step will be bringing breakfast to the campers.