Friday, September 08, 2006

A Couple Posts Before I Go

Saw this movie.

Great movie, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't anything I didn't already know, but it just made things much more clear.

The footage alone of a 3 year old Muslim girl telling the interviewer she thinks Jews come from apes and monkeys, or literally the DOZEN of different 5-8 year old girls saying they want to kill Bush and see Sharon burn, makes it worth seeing just to see how effed up these people are.

Additionally to see how they portray Jews making "matzo" (I think) in a movie where the Jews sacrifice a Christian boy for his blood to make this food (which presumably is accepted lore in the Arabic world) AND the borderline identical hate-propaganda of the Nazis and the Muslims against the Jews was just amazing.

Regardless, if you are not a Neville Chamberlain type and have your head out of your ass, it will just remind you of the severity of the situation (that are you can just have your jaw drop when you see Brigitte Gabriel come on screen - show looks better in the movie)

Where it would be particularly moving is if you showed it to some of these brainwashed sheople protestor types who think "George Bush is the real terrorist."

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Alfred T. Mahan said...

Be fair to Mr. Chamberlain. Once he recognized he'd been duped, and war came, although it wrecked his dreams, he did all he could to fight on behalf of Poland, and sent troops to fight in France (for all the good that did).

We're still asleep, because we refuse to see the threat of the Islamic totalitarians for what it really is. The word needs to get out, and this movie is only the first real step.

The trouble is, showing it to the people who DO think that the current administration is the root of the problem won't make much of a difference. Why, you may ask? Because (and call me cynical if you like) they are so rooted in their own ideology that they cannot accept that an outside force actually does want to destroy/subjugate them, and they would, more than likely, rather live in that regime, thinking that would be perfectly "authentic", than to resist it and uphold the "barbarian" West.