Monday, September 08, 2008

Dirty Disgusting Men

Apparently, according to a poll women are more honest, more creative more out-going and more intelligent than men. Yet, we still prefer men to lead.

Arguably why Bill Clinton got elected.

In the meantime I'm going to go bang some rocks with sticks and have a feces throwing contest with some of my other crude, boorish, moronic male friends.


Anonymous said...

The Gramscian Whores of Hollywood and the MSM are smiling at this data.

The effort to bash men has paid off.

Anonymous said...

Did they happen to mention who they polled, how many they polled and all the usual polling boilerplate?

Rob Miller, Ph.D. said...

Honesty: In what sense? If we're talking about politics, business, sales, etc., women are just as capable at lying (e.g. Hillary), but because these fields are dominated by men and we notice dishonesty more than honesty, men are more often associated with dishonesty.

Creativity: an admirable trait to be sure, but not the #1 desirable quality for a President. Would you want an artist or a Hollywood writer as president?

Intelligence: in my 14 years of teaching experience, women dominate the top 50% of my classes, however men dominate the top 5%. I submit that good work habits contribute more to the women's performance and sheer intellect contributes to the men's performance. Woman may be smarter, more educated, and have better study skills than men, on average, but the top tier of intelligent people is composed primarily of men - particularly when it comes to mathematics, science, engineering, etc.

History has shown that we want our presidents to be real men: tough brutes during war and caring dads during peace.


I cannot tell you how important it is for you to get your friends out to vote. If all else on the electoral map stays the same as 2004 but Obama wins Iowa, Colorado, and New Mexico, he will win the election.

He's leading big in Iowa and comfortably in New Mexico. It's a toss-up in Colorado. However, if McCain wins either Minnesota or Michigan, then the Iowa-Colorado-New Mexico strategy fails for Obama.

You need to get every hunter, hockey mom, snowmobiler, conservative, business man, service-member and undecided voter registered and voting for McCain. Literally every vote in Minnesota will count!

I was just in Colorado and I saw Obama's people all over Denver, Parker, Golden, and Steamboat. If he wins in Colorado, it's over!

Ohio, Virginia, Florida...none of them will matter anymore.

Wellstone's pot-smoking, long-haired screaming brat is working hard. Are you?

WE HAVE GOT TO WIN MINNESOTA to shut that door for an Obama victory! I'll work on Colorado. Get things going in Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

But at least you'll do it decisively, and with a modicum of ambition....:^))


randian said...

Indeed, women are rated better in every category except decisiveness. I welcome our new matriarchal overlords.