Saturday, September 27, 2008

Your Responsibility as an American

People are complaining a lot about the bailout.

And I have one simple point to make;

You are an American. It is therefore your responsibility AS YOU ARE A CITIZEN OF A DEMOCRACY to call your respective congressmen and scream at the top of your lungs that you do not want this bailout (or,maybe you do, I don't know).

But I think a lot of times we forget that we have a responsibility living in a democracy to tell our representatives what we think and what we want. And sometimes, especially if their job is on the line, they will listen.

Pretty much every senator and representative has web page contact info thing you can fill out. It takes about 15 seconds to fill out and then you've probably done more for democracy in those 15 seconds than most do in a year.


Alfred T. Mahan said...

I am going to suffer forehead damage from hitting it on my desk, because I do not know HOW many times I've told you, Captain; the United States is a REPUBLIC!

If we were, in fact, a democracy, we'd be in a LOT more trouble than we are. Your readers may think I am being a pedant; I assure you, the difference is gigantic.

Anonymous said...

Loved the book!

Hi Cappy,

I just finished reading your book. I ordered it on 9/16 but I'm too cheap to pay for fast shipping from Amazon. I can think of about 10 people I know who need to read it next. I hope you sell more books than Pelosi. I've done my part!

A Wife not living on KHOMA

Captain Capitalism said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks, I really appreciate it. CERTAINLY feel free to tell those 10 friends of yours that must read it. Also feel free to fill out an evaluation on Amazon. So far I may not have beat Pelosi in book sales, but I do have a better star rating than her ;)


Robert Miller said...

I'll send an e-mail to my representative, Nancy Pelosi, right now and tell her what a fool she is for this mess.

I'm casting my vote in November for change in Washington: Cindy Sheehan. The more votes Cindy gets, the more ridiculous San Fran will look.

Anonymous said...

Wow! - I just found your site. I have a BA in quantitative econ from the U of MN and an MBA with concentrations in finance & accounting from CSOM. I am so relieved to hear some sane talk about this horrible bailout plan!
Keep up the great work! I am going to order your book.