Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Happy Ending for Antioch College

A short but happy piece.

But what is even better is the first three comments so do click and read below. It will give you your daily laugh.


Meridian13113 said...

The happy ending is because the alums wrested the campus away from Antioch University, which had sucked it dry of cash and other resources over the years.

My daughter graduated from Antioch as part of its last class in 2008. Her experience was a terrific one. The co-op that has been a part of the Antioch experience for over 80 years gave her a full-length professional resume when she finished school, achieved alongside an excellent liberal arts education. She was hired in her chosen field immediately after graduation, well-prepared for the world around her.

Antioch's social consciousness (based on the philsophy of its first president, Horace Mann, who urged Antiochians to "be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity") has become an integral part of her life as well as of the lives of her fellow graduates.

Antioch may have been small at the end of its last incarnation, but it was mighty.

It will reopen this fall, and the early admissions process has already yielded students for the freshman class of the new incarnation of an important institution.

Captain Capitalism said...

OK Meridian,

1. "excellent liberal arts education" is contradictory.

2. Can i guess she "job she got in her field" was either
a Government
b Non profit

In other words money is either forced to pay for her job via taxation or people feel sorry and donate money to a NP to employ her.

3. Is she producing anything people in the free market would want? Like an IPod? Or gasoline? Or some kind of genuine economic production? Or is it some kind of "social work" or "activism" or some other such "profession" people pursue to make themselves feel productive when in reality they're just avoiding real work altogether.

Am I anywhere near in the ballpark?

Anonymous said...

Capt, close but no cigar.

A quick search of this person's blogs finds this from an 8/7/2009 entry:

"Here in Cincinnati I raised my daughter, who attended Cincinnati Public Schools. Here in Cincinnati is where she returned last year after college to begin her career. Here in Cincinnati she works hard to make Over the Rhine a vibrant and improving community as the Marketing and Development Manager for the Know Theatre."

Captain Capitalism said...

Close but no cigar???

Come on, I hit that one out of the park!

No doubt the Ohio taxpayers are subsidizing her and the "Know" theater. Or at least it relies on donations, once again proving the liberal arts produces nothing people want and are willing to pay for.

Not one genuine ounce of economic production. But no problem parasiting off of others as we play "make believe independent adult professional."

Outstanding research though by the way.

PeppermintPanda said...

One thing I have yet to see many people comment on is how brutalized people with "liberal arts" degrees will be over the next several years. Whether or not people are aware of it or not, a large portion of the careers in these fields depend heavily on direct or indirect funding from the government; and the programs that employ these graduates will be disproportionately hit by state and federal budget cuts because they are far less politically important.

On top of that, many “community organizations” are really low level political groups, and as public sector unions see their income fall (either due to wage cuts or layoffs of their members) it is highly likely that many of these organizations will see the bulk of their funding disappear.

Anonymous said...

From the Know Theatre Website:

"As a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Organization, we rely on donations each year to continue to produce our mainstage season, Know-to-Go Education Series, and the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. Ticket sales only account for 25% of Know Theatre’s annual budget."

The Captain is right again.

Captain Capitalism said...

To quote my father;

"You only think I'm good looks and charm."

Anonymous said...

"No doubt the Ohio taxpayers are subsidizing her and the "Know" theater"
No doubt. Their single largest $ source is the
"Ohio Arts Council, a State Agency that supports Public Programs in The Arts"

Grab the Cigar of your choice!

Anonymous said...

I read that article about Antioch and was greatly saddened.

Why, oh, why, couldn't it have happened to Columbia, Harvard, Berkeley, and Oberlin instead?

Oh well. A man can hope.

Pulp Herb said...

"excellent liberal arts education" is contradictory.

While very true this is perhaps the saddest thing I've read on your blog. After all the liberal arts as we understand them were systematized to both preserve the glory of classic civilization and prepare people for a world of large and continuous change.

If we had true liberal arts education I think we'd avoid 75% of our current problems because those in senior positions would have a clue.

For parents getting ready to send their kids off to college, if the breadth requirements at their school include real math and science courses (one that count towards a degree in mathematics or that science) you might be looking at real liberal arts education. If the math and science breadth courses are without math (yes, my sister got science credit for physics without any math) then you have modern 'liberal arts'.