Monday, August 27, 2012

12 Hours of Driving

So I'm on the road executing a logistical plan than rivals the D-Day invasion (3 vehicles, a minimalist amount of stuff, transported over 800 miles, in 3 or less trips, under $800 in expenses, with one driver and a regional airport, you do the calculus, I figured it out due to my SAEG(TM)).

Regardless, at my old job I could check in every 4 minutes to see if there was a new post, approve it and then get back to looking like I was working... that or doing the problem loan report for yet another chromosome-challenged Wyoming hick we lent money to for a 4th trailer home equity loan to put his sister and daughter (same thing out here) through salon school.  But don't worry, that "double wide" is going to appreciate in value.  I heard they're puttin' a McDonald's nearby!

Sorry, inside humor between me and the other 4 non-retarded people in this state, 2 of which have left.

ANYWAY, back at my old job I could check in every 4 minutes and approve comments.

Well 12 hours in the middle of nowhere SoDak, not a lot of internet access.  I finally pull into town, fire up the computer, magically get internet access in "these hayere parts" and BLAMO! 


Keep spreading the word lieutenants. I appreciate it.  Besides, I did some calculations and I can now officially live off of the money I make on this here pathetic blog you've all grown to love and hate.

More on that later, but it is good news.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Cap!

Rumbear said...

Hmmmm....I have been busy, uh, well, working. Reading has been light, as some are want to say. Thus, I interpose a are moving? Why? Did they find you? This can't be good. The southwestern bunker is open. Head south.

Izanpo said...

The financial independence is really great, Cappy! A lot of us slobs on the treadmill are living vicariously through you.

Don't let us down, man. Don't let some siren talk you into getting married and having 2.1 kids.

Did I ever mention to you that I was once an artist and writer for Mad Magazine....before being demoted to writer?

sisterbrat said...

Good luck with your move.

Captain Capitalism said...


Dude!? Seriously!!!? That' is so kick ass! You have to write a post about it and let me publish it here!


No, they didn't find me. But if they do, you will hear about it in the news.


All I ask is that I'm like Creasy. I take out a ratio of 6:1.


Will S. said...

Thought you might find this interesting: